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How I Met My Twin Flame

I was 11 years old. It was dark outside-nearly midnight at my home in Tampa, Florida on the very wrong side of town. Something had woke me, urged me to get up and leave my house, walking all the way down to the end of the street where the main road was. It was all very surreal and confusing. It was as though there was something inside of me that was alive and pulling me, forcing me to do this. It was so quiet and even though I knew people got killed on that street all the time I wasn't afraid. That's when I saw him. A young man of maybe 25 or so, standing a little stiffly on the other side of the street, right across from me. It seemed at first he didn't know what to do with himself. I somehow knew he was waiting for me and I crossed the street to stand next to him. We had some kind of link and our essences communicated. Never had I seen the young man, before but we knew each other. He was kind of shy in a way you could say but I broke the ice and said "Well, I know you are waiting for me to meet you-is there something you need to say?" or something to that effect. He said a few things to me as we stood side by side, facing ahead and occasionally looked down at me and would smile slightly. Then he explained that this was not the form I would see him in when we met again. He said it would make him more comfortable to jump ahead in time to a later form. He said he would be right back in the form he would like me to see. He walked a ways down the street until he disappeared into the shadows and then I could see his figure returning, no longer a boy but a man somewhere in his forties with a grey-tinged beard and a charismatic aura. 

This time he was not shy at all. For some reason we had crossed the street to the other side, now-closer to my house thought I did not recall doing it. I remember standing there for what seemed like hours, perhaps. He talked and talked to me, telling me many things that are still deep in my subconscious. It was all compressed data-his voice became silent and I could just see his lips moving, his gestures. The greater meaning was comprehended but it was so much to take in that consciously downloading it did not happen at that time. I liked an element in his smile. Finally I told him that I needed to go home and that my mom wouldn't like me outside talking to a strange man. He understood and I headed back inside after saying bye. 

The next day I was extremely confused. It was disturbing to know that I had been out talking to a stranger in the middle of the night. Then I started to wonder how it could have happened-little details didn't add up. How did I get out without waking up my parents? Did I even remember unlocking the door? When I saw the man there were so many of these fast-forward moments and "magical" type things that just don't happen like the man going from a person in his twenties to a person in his forties in a matter of moments. The downloads, the communication link, the way it felt like so many different things were happening at once-the way we could alter our experience by suddenly appearing places like being on one side of the road one moment and then being on the other but not having to walk the distance while the environment was otherwise a perfect copy-it was indicative of the astral.

I did not know what the astral was. I chalked it up to a dream-a very, very strange and vivid dream that was really not a dream but what I had to basically pretend was a dream. Two weeks later I was in the car with my mom. His face kept appearing as the older man, smiling at me in anticipation. It was a little messed up to be honest. I told my mom I met this man outside but that I was sure it was a dream and then I said "no-it was not a dream-it was real but I know I didn't go outside. He is real somewhere. I wonder why he is smiling at me like that". It upset her like most things did and I forgot about him until I was 13 when I saw a vision of us together sitting on a bench talking. It upset me a lot because in the vision he had replaced this other man I was supposed to be with for the rest of my life. I was raised to believe in one love, one relationship forever. And he ruined all that in my vision. He had a darkness in him that was palpable. And he was old-much older than me. However, there was a certain tie there that I did not have with the other man. I cried and cried knowing I would be with two men when I grew up-there was no fairy tale ending for me because my first relationship would have been a mistake, something broken. Then I forgot the visions which was for my own good and my own choice.

I would be 23 when I saw him again in my mind's eye. I did not recognize him at the time but wondered why I was seeing him and why he looked so familiar. Then we met in person to make a long story short. Many horrible things happened to us before, during and after we met. It has been a long, treacherous ordeal, trying to make sense of our union. We met in 2011 and our worlds exploded into a million pieces. Everything we loved died away. We loved and hated the other with fervor. We tried to destroy one another. The mirroring effect has been the worst. 

He does not remember meeting me that night. At times it feels like a curse because I cannot shake the feeling that this cannot be broken, no matter how hard we try. In another way, I feel relieved that he is the last.

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Reptilians and Self-Denial

So we are always hearing about reptilians and how evil they are. Here are a few things I have discovered:

  • Some people (like power hungry royal family lines) purposely indulge dark, lower vibrational lifestyles and play out sick fantasies, carry out dark rituals and murder people in the name of reptilian gods, phallic worship, etc. Creepy stuff.
  • Rainbow chameleons are cute.
  • Boa constrictors are cool.
  • Snake mouths remind me of kitten mouths.
  • Some reptilian hybrids are mean.
  • Some rhesus monkeys are mean.
  • Some reptilians and dracos have a life and live on their own planets far away and don't think about us.
  • Some of them chose to stay here and torment/feed off of humans.
  • Some of them are guides to humans and starseeds.

I mean, really. I, even now feel so not good about talking about this because you know deep down in everybody there is this voice saying "reptilians are evil". I do agree it does tend to be the case here on earth but also think that mammals are equally so. They will gang up on reptile creatures and hybrids and torment them. I think this is just a breeding ground for this type of thing and it's easy for the two to fight because they have been doing it for so long.

It's good not to tell anybody (and I am just now "coming out") because they will treat you differently. Even if you never tell them they still know and will either worship you or oppose you violently. It's their natural instinct as slaves. And there is reptile-hate everywhere you look. All over youtube these videos about celebrities and how they have given in to the phallic worship Illuminati reptile agenda and now it's showing in their face and stuff. You know there are "evil" pleiadians, too. Some of them lie a lot. I notice some of them don't mind being unethical if it means they can get what they want. I think since service to self reptiles ruled this planet (and still kind of do in many ways but it will end, soon) for so long people have this built-in distrust of them because they are royalty. If you are reptilian you are royalty on this planet and you should be proud of who you are. Trust yourself to do the right thing and believe in yourself because you ARE good no matter what they say. I am proud.

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Angels Want to Talk to YOU.

I just wanted to clear something up. A lot of folks think that they need a go-between to talk to angels. Not so. Just say "hey, what's up" and they'll be there. I would start with AAMichael because he shows up real fast and Ashtar is good to start with, too. You don't need a guru, yogi, spiritual leader or whatever. If you want to know what's up, just ask they'll show up. You are your own spiritual guide. If you feel you don't have a good connection I assure you that it's all in your head and you just need to try to quiet your mind and silence doubts because when you call they are there :) That should be good news for us all because it means we are all capable and can enjoy all the same benefits of getting to know ourselves better if we so choose. It brings me joy to say this.

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This has ceased for a few months. I'll show you some pictures-I'd upload them now but they are on my tablet and I am sitting down drinking tea atm. Anyways it was going on for about a month. I couldn't sleep on my back at all because of it. Then I'd wake up and circular marks on my arms that almost look like bites but no incisor marks. No bugs in the house. The bites would have a strange slightly burning sensation and it would feel like they were filled with fiberglass when touched. Odd. This would also happen when I was getting certain information and it would happen right in front of my TF. It freaked him out and he started taking pictures of it. It happened on the inside of my right arm. They became inflamed for a few days and then went away. 

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8109218259?profile=originalOkay, I've been scouring the internet for a bit, now. I started seeing this bright purple symbol (no, no it's not when my eyes are closed or when I am doing a meditation-I don't do "meditations") usually at night but many times during the day as well. It is right in front of my face, BRIGHT PURPLE and it is a figure 8 sideways. I see it every single night, sometimes all night. It's static in my vision, just walking around, working, sitting, whatever. It's there. No, I am not diseased...I am not sick and I don't need vitamins.

This has been going on for months. My TF mentioned that it happened around the time our planet passed through that purple thing or whatever but I'm not sure it connects to that at all. Anyways, purple is my favorite color. But yeah. Totally weird. Not that this has anything to do with it, either but he said he saw a grey alien watching me sleep around the same time...I never saw it but a flipping space ship followed me down the road at night when I was taking a walk on an empty street around the time the alien showed up and the purple lemniscate appeared. The ship was doing all these strange things in the sky with 90 degree turns and trying to get my attention and showing off. I've never felt so small...nearly died of a heart attack when it came so close. The ship was hiding behind the misty clouds but it was huge-it could have housed thousands of people at least...why am I talking about this when I am supposed to be talking about the purple symbol?

So, I noticed that I see it when I am experiencing some form of higher thought. I did some reading about the meaning behind the infinity symbol, the lemniscate and of course, we all know that a helix is. When I saw the helix on the side of this site I thought-"hey! why don't you put this out there-maybe someone else will have had the same/similar experience to share!" Cool.

So, I am a Pleiadian starseed in a body born of Pleiadian, Reptilian and Sirian bloodlines. I was reading some posts by some Sirian starseeds a few weeks ago and FINALLY I found someone saying they saw the same symbol but that their's was red. She said her mentor told her it was a possibly a sign of ranking but for me it feels like something I am perhaps tapping into. I finally made an account with even though I am just too anti-social for these sites. I really hate talking about myself or talking to people at all, anymore. It just upsets me at this time in my life because it feels wrong to have any social interaction with anyone. Not really into these starseed sites for some reason. Just prefer to watch so deciding to write here was not easy to do but this symbol topic is of real intrigue. I am planning on talking to that chick who says she sees the red one. I am just so sensitive to energies anymore that any connection prove too much. Anyone else see this symbol? If you see it in a meditation that's cool, too but what I'm talking about here isn't visualization. I'm talking it just turns on like a iridescent colored purple thing right in front of your face at night like clockwork and no one else can see it but you can see it overlaying other objects around you. I didn't ask to see it or understand it consciously for a long time.

I think I understand it more as time goes by. It also morphs sometimes where I only see half of it or where it gets smaller, bigger or fades in and out. It's wild, really if I stop to think about it. I guess I'm just used to it. I don't talk about it much because no one will know what I'm talking about and it's not really that interesting. 

The symbol does seem to come about when I am on guard in some way, wanting to protect myself or others or having crystal clear, lucid thoughts that seem to pour in from nowhere at all as though they were even purer than first thoughts-more like pure information or knowing. Hmm. Hard to explain the place I am at mentally/emotionally/spiritually when the symbol appears but it is a specific state. I think it was always so much a part of me that seeing the symbol did not seem to correspond with a certain state since that state of awareness does tend to be a big part of my life, anyways. I notice it tends to fade out more if I am in this state, less. I wonder, will I see more symbols like this one? Remember, this looks just as tangible as anything else in the room. Also think it's funny that I don't see it nearly as much during the day! Maybe it goes to show I am more powered up at night. I do tend to be a night owl and get more of my best work (spiritual, mental and practical) done at night.

Something I have started to see over the past few weeks have been purple stars. They are made from the same material as the purple helix thing. Sometimes I see a lot, sometimes I see only one. It is strange. So the purple infinity/helix/lemniscate thing and now months later the purple stars show up. They are small, super bright and strangely glowing like the symbol and they are tiny like the stars in the sky. 

I don't do drugs, drink or get high in any way. It sounds a little trippy and it is but I know it signifies something deeper in my life. I thought it might go away and just ignored it for a few months but see it is here to stay and will become more of a manifestation in my life. 

Here are some meanings behind this symbol (s) 

From a site about jewelry:

Infinity jewelry is an extremely popular fashion trend today. Many people enjoy adding an infinity necklace or an infinity bracelet to their daily ensemble. The meaning behind an infinity necklace is actually quite beautiful – it symbolizes eternity, empowerment, and everlasting love. To anyone, the infinity symbol can mean different things. For example, popular beauty company Avon partnered with the United Nations Development Fund for Women to create jewelry featuring the infinity symbol to portray women’s empowerment and raise awareness of violence against women.

This simple image, which looks like the number 8 turned on its side, is actually known as the Lemniscate, which means “ribbon.” It was first introduced during the seventeenth century by John Wallis, an English mathematician who wanted to create a symbol to represent the idea of infinity – a sum that is larger than any number that can ever be created.

The completeness as well as permanence the infinity symbol represents weaves in and out of many different cultures and beliefs. The infinity symbol is often utilized in a variety of Celtic knot designs. Celtic knots, much like the infinity symbol, have no end or beginning. The Celtic Cross, for instance, which represents spiritual love, is based on the infinity symbol.

In Tarot cards, the infinity symbol can be seen on the Magician Card representing infinite possibility and power. Lastly, the Ouroborus, part of ancient Egyptian culture, designated as a snake biting its own tail, represents in the relation between beginnings and endings – one cannot exist without the other, creating an everlasting circle.

Often the simplest symbols are the ones with the richest meanings. The infinity sign, the figure of eight, and the mathematical lemniscate all refer to the same shape that contains a wealth of complex meaning within its fluid lines. This mysterious symbol is found on an everyday object, the camera, where it appears as the infinity lens focus.
As a mathematical device, the infinity sign was first "discovered" in 1655 by John Wallis, but its significance as a religious symbol is much older. The infinity sign has its origins in the Arabic numerals that actually came from India in the first place. The sign can be drawn in one continuous movement, making a seesaw movement of clockwise and counterclockwise loops. These loops reflect the balance of opposites; male and female,day and night,dark and light.
Because the circles of the lemniscate sit side by side, the sign implies equality between these opposing forces, with the connecting point in the center the convergent point. The sign epitomizes the idea of sex-ual union and of "two becoming one." The infinity sign stands for wholeness and completion.


The lemniscate appears in the elaborate curlicues in Arabic calligraphic renderings of the Name of God; the elegant loops providing a decorative device as well as pointing toward the idea of eternity.
The symbol appears in the Tarot, as part of the Magician card. In the Pamela Colman/Rider Waite version, the magician has the lemniscate floating boldly above his head; in other decks, the brim of his hat conceals the shape.
It has Egyptian and Grecian roots as well and is sometimes depicted as a snake eating itself. A silver snake eating itself ring was given to me as a present one time. I found it a bit odd but wore it anyways until it broke. When I was a child I always weirded out my mom by watching Greece and Egypt documentaries and bringing home huge stacks of library books about their architecture, burial methods, culture, gods and lifestyle, pyramids, myths, etc. To me none of it seemed strange. 

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Racism Against Reptiles

Inhabitants of earth are aware on a genetic level that reptiles have played their role on this planet. Humans are part reptiles, themselves and share many of their traits. However, some of us are more reptilian than others. Those reptilians are often rejected, feared and hated.

I personally love reptiles. I love snakes, turtles, lizards, dinosaurs. When I was a little girl I began to show interest in them early and feel a great love towards reptiles. In my opinion, they deserve the same love and respect that mammals do. What makes them any less?

It has disturbed me that even among seeds there is a hatred and fear of reptiles. Apparently some reptilians work with the Ashtar Command Crew to defend helpless people. Not all of them are bad. Something else I have noticed is that even among seeds there is a hatred of dark reptile energies. If these lower dimensional energies bother you I assure you I understand how freaky it is. But when you get mad at them they like stop. I'm not suggesting that you be their friend when they are trying to intimidate you but don't give them anger, fear and hate. That's kind of what they feed on, like a special treat.

It upsets me greatly when people say things like "snakes don't have feelings". It always shocked me to hear it. Isn't it ironic that a mammal based being would make such a cold and heartless accusation? Of course they have feelings! They just aren't the type of feelings that person has, themselves. I find it cowardly when a person enjoys killing a small snake who is harming no one and is not even in the garden or around pets or kids. Snakes are extremely beautiful and come in many exotic colors and patterns, just like cats. The snake energy manifests in the Kundalini energy. Serpents are a sign of wisdom, healing and regeneration and have been revered as such for ages. Maybe people who hate snakes need some healing and wisdom in their lives.

Reptiles are fun to cuddle with. I like to hug snakes, even extremely poisonous ones. They love to cuddle up next to you for warmth. They are a delight to me. 

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Genetic Dreams

I have this dream that I've had over and over (I call it a repeating dream) for years. I have many repeating dreams, some about flying, floating, anti-gravity jumping and a host of other things. But this one is the one that really gets my attention. For a long time it never did. I just kept...dreaming it over and over for years. Come to think of it, I hardly recall when it started. It's just always been there. And the dream is simple. 

I am chewing off my hand, nonchalant and all, and it just grows back. Like nothing. That's it.

It's pretty weird. The last time I had the dream it was staged with me at the table having tea outside with someone. "Excuse me," I said and began to chew my hand off, a few inches above my wrist like it was perfectly normal. And about 30 seconds later another hand grew to replace it. The hand I chewed off was on the table beside me and I just looked down at it and then went back to drinking tea. The same dream will play out in many difference scenarios; me on the bus, me walking down the street, me in my living room watching a movie. Just anywhere, really. 

What gets me though is that there isn't ever any blood. And in the dream it doesn't bother me or hurt. I am not sure why I do it-I get the idea in the dream I do it just because I can.

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