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Dr. Angela Barnett


My latest PROBABLE FUTURE of the HARVEST is 2029. I was given this date as a result of the final work that was done to bring the EARTH'S CHAKRAS, Grids and Stargates to one hundred percent.
God told me that if I could accomplish that mission we would be in Probable Future 2029 and we would be in the most perfect of all possible Probable Futures.
That was before I learned about WWIII.
About one week after I finished raising the Earth's Consciousness throughe her Chakras, Grids and Stargates, God told me that the Second Seal would be broken if WWIII starts and that will change the Probable Future that I had created.
So, I asked God how to stop the war.
I had just used my twenty six scalar wave generators to raise the frequencies of the Grids, Chakras and Stargates.
God told me to use the generators to send specific algorythms into the tenth, eleventh and nineth dimensions to stop the wars.
He told me the tenth dimension was the most important. The tenth dimensionals are the terrorists causing trouble in Israel. I was given the algorithm to give the generators. It is a very simple process. You just speak the algorithim to the generator and tell it to send that frequency to where it needs to be. Or send it to the War in Israel.
I programmed most of my generators for the tenth and the rest for the others.
A few weeks later God told me it was too late.
He said the War will begin unless we can get a lot more
generators working really fast.
I told God that I would make it happen. I immediately ordered fifty generators from Aplicum in Slovenia.
Eventhough it would take a week for the generators to get me, since I was then the owner of the generators, Adama was able to immediately clone the generators and beam them into Telos.
Adama collected thos generators and several others and took them to Telos.
He then had 250 generators working on the War.
so, it was actually Adama who stopped the war from becoming the WWIII and the opening of the Second Seal.

So, next God told me that the war would had started if we did not get those generators when we did.

Now, we have a little time. We have time to stop that war completely.
We have time to stop all of the wars.

And it could be so easy, cheap and fast IF PEOPLE WOULD JUST HELP ME.

When God told me that we only had a few hours left to stop the war, I immediately went to the ApLicum purchase page and purchased fifty generators.
I was talking to Metatron when I received this information about the war.
I was calculating with Metatron. I said, well Metatron. I could buy these generators for about one hundred dollars each. So, if I got fifty of them that would be five thousand dollars. I asked God if fifty would be enough.
He said that would work in addition with what Adama could do. Adama could clone the generators and double the amount.
I said to Metatron, so I could stop WWIII for about five thousand dollars?
In that moment, I ordered the generators.
There was no doubt in my mind that it would be worth five thousand dollars to stop the wars.

If the wars are stopped with these generators it will give the Sun time to finish doing its thing and lead us into the Sign in June.

If we can get Peace by June we will be living in Heaven on Earth.
We will be in the fourth dimensional version of the third dimension.

ADAMA plans on walking on Earth this year. The Juwags are the raceline who will be the FIRST CONTACT next year.

There will be about five Racelines who are in Inner Earth besides the Lemurians who will surface next year.

All 12 Racelines are already working on repairing their spaceships at the Stargates that I repaired.

The LANDING will be complete by 2030. That means all original racelines will be living on Earth at that time.

However, the Harvest will be in 2029 or a little earlier.
Those who have raised their frequencies to at least 89- 99 percent
will be harvested.

I help people raise frequencies. Most of my students are in the very high eighty and ninety percent range.

Adama will invite those to Telos who are at least 95 percent.

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Dr. Angela Barnett

We are now in the time of the greatest ELECTION of the history of the Universe.
We are not electing a president. We are electing the choice of living
in heaven on Earth or NOT.

This campaign, and everything having to do with it, including the wars involved, are all being created by a Raceline in the Tenth Dimension called
the TCHARADZ. They are the ones who want WWIII. They are the ones who want
to destroy Earth. And they plan on letting us do it to ourselves.

The Tcharadz are tenth dimensional. They are using a tenth dimensional algorythm to create the chaos on Earth and they are the Souls of those known as Terrorists. This is who is running the election. This is who is running the war.

There is only one way to win the ELECTION OF PEACE ON EARTH.

God gave me the algorithms that can reprogram the tenth dimensional consciousness into PEACE. When enough of this algorythm is sent to the
places on Earth are becoming confused, angry, violent, war like, and terrorist
directed, the correct GOD NUMBERS replace that ERROR with Harmony.

I am sure if people actually understood what I am saying and truly want
to achieve heaven on Earth in less than on year, they would realize that there
is nothing more important than doing this right now.
I am not trying to sell anything. I am doing God's work.
I am the voice who is telling people the same thing Tesla
tried to explain before.
Use the DIVINE TECHNOLOGY that is the algorythmic creation of the perfect
frequencies that can restore peace.
God has given me the algortythms to restore peace in the TENTH DIMENSION, ELEVENTH DIMENSION AND NINETH DIMENSION.
These are the four dimensions who contain racelines who want to destroy Earth.
The Tcharadzt in the Tenth and there are others in the Eleventh and Nineth starting the other wars in the world. The Tenth Dimensional war has the greatest potential of WWIII. God told me the war would had surely already started if I had not plugged in an extra fifty generators the day that I did.
We have about 250 generators running now.
And Adama has cloned all of the generators and he is projecting that same amount of energy through his generators in Third Dimensional Telos.

I spent three years helping Adama build Third Dimensional Telos. I was the one who sent him the energy through the Generators to shift the Chakra into 60 percent and then finally 100 percent in 2022. Adama could create the new Telos with the first 60 percent of energy sent to Mt. Shasta.

What will happen in the next four months and the next seven years?

I will tell you exactly what will happen and the reason why it will happen.

However, there is always only a Probable Future because man is always changing frequecies.

I do frequency work that has made enormous impacts on what is happening on Earth right now.

I have changed the Probable Future five times since 2017.

At that original time, we would still be in the Nostradadomus Probable Future.

In 2017 I finished the creation of the Central Portal that is now in the center of the Pacific Ocean.

That changed our Probable Future to 2039. That was a shift of about seventy years.

In 2021 I raised the Frequncies of the Earth's First Chakra- Mt. Shasta to 60 percent.

That event was not scheduled to happen until 2045. So, that changed Probable Future

twenty years.

In 2022 I raised the Frequencies of all of the Earth's Chakras, Grids and Stargates to 100 percent.

That level of frequencies on Earth has never in the history of Earth been accomplished.

 Earth raised to 80 percent last time Jesus walked on Earth, and the reason the frequencies

raised was because God was in Man walking on Earth.

If this work that was done in the Chakras, Grids and Stargates was not accomplished when

it was the CME blasts coming from the Sun would not be having such a great impact on 

Earth. The magical synchronisity that was created between this timing of raising the frequencies

of the Grids and the Energy of the Sun dancing together in the ionosphere is going to bring

the Consciousness of Earth to the brink of Ionization that will push Earth's consciousness

into 88 percent Fourth Dimension and dallow the frequencies to accelerate

very rapidly after that.

In June there will be a great Earthquake and the worst weather the Earth has seen.

That is the SIGN that we are finished.

If we can prevent WWIII until that time and a little while longer, we will have


The final piece of winning HEAVEN ON EARTH is very simple.

The problem is I can't get enough people to join me in the work that I have done

to get us to this point.

All of this work has been accomplished with the Tesla Scalar Wave Generator.

If two hundred people on earth would purchase ten of these generators and 

program them with the algorithms that God gave to me, we could stop all of these

 wars so fast.

All of the wasted energy of protesting, marching, complaining will not do anyone any good.

If the same amount of people who protest would just get a generator, we could

see every country  who is at war lay down their weapons within a week.

I have had to do this all by myelf.

When God told me that he didn't think we were going to make it I went out and purchased

fifty more generators that night.

One month later God reported that the war that would definitely would had started was

stopped by those last generators I turned on.

We would definitely be in WWIII right now if it wasn't for those generators.

God also said that we can't hold this frequency war without more generators.

We need help.

Please help us.


Write to me at if you want to help.

If two hundred people got ten generators we would be living in heaven in a few months.

All of the Spiritual Blogs all of you could ever write will never equal the TRUE good you could do RIGHT NOW.

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All Wars can be stopped with Tesla Scalar Wave Generator
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EARTH's ENERGY REACHED 100 percent this year
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We have successfully raised the frequencies of the 12 EARTH CHAKRAS to one hundred percent. We completed that mission in May. We raised the frequencies of all of the GRIDS connecting the 12 Earth Chakras to 100 percent. We completed that mission in August. We have now raised the frequencies of the 12 Stargates to 87 percecnt. Two of the Stargates have already been completely repaired. So, when we finish raising the frequencies to 100 percent, those two will be able to be used in just a few more months. Those two are Stonehenge and Chichinitza. The next two will be Puma Punka and Mt. Shasta. We have been putting more energy into those four than the others, so that we can begin working on engaging the landing process. All 12 Stargates will be completely usable by 2029. However, many of them will be ready long before that date. The 13th Skull that activates all 12 Stargates will ignite at that time.


Please let me explain the function of the CHAKRAS, GRIDS and STARGATES.

When all three of these are at 100 percent, the Creator has guaranteed that we will have a wonderful probable future of ascension in 2029. This project has improved our future beyond comprehension.

My Father, the Great Creator of Everything, told me that no one has ever bothered doing this before. He told me that if I could do this, he would guarantee the most perfect future for the Earth.

Without these original Vortexes and Grids of Universal Energy being completely opened and functioning perfectly, we just could not get enough energy into the Earth. The Sun  could not begin doing his job until the Chakras were activated to at least 60 percent. The Sun has been bringing great transformational energy to the Earth. The Chakras allowed the ionization to take place in our atmosphere. The Iions will eventually come down into the biology of the people. That will tranform consciousness.

Those who do Grounding or Earthing work can now enjoy the Original energy of the Grids coming from the crust of the Earth. That Energy had been blocked by several over lays of non Christic Grids that was

not allowing the correct energy to connect with human DNA. Now the Grids are working perfectly. Grounding and Earthing work will take on a brand new meaning, function and energy than ever before.

The captains of the Starships landed in 2017. They have been working on the ground work of preparing the starships that were buried beneath the 12 Chakras. They have completely fixed the ones in Stonehenge and Chichinitza. Three of the ladies from Venus who arrived in 2017 have also been helping with the Sun's energy. They have been making sure the radiation of the Sun does not fry us. The Fifteen who landed through my Central Portal in 2017 will be the ones who fly the starships from the 12 stargates in the future.

The Chakras and Stargates are at Mt. Shasta, Puma Punka, Chichinitza, Uluru, Stonehenge, Mt. of Olives, Abu Simbel, Mt. Kailash, Mt. Fuji, Halealaka,Maui, Gobekleteppi and Angkor Wat.

I have been running frequencies into these 12 for about nine months now. Of the Breath of Light taught me how to use the Tesla Energy in the Scalar Wave Generator to send the energy to them.

The frequencies were raised from the 40 generators that I am using in my home. There were a few other people who purchased generators and helped with this project. My great friend from Sirius also used 12 generators to send energy.

To hear the details of this great story sign up for my newsletter at Crystal Magic Orchestra. com

I will start sharing my newsletters on this site as well.



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We are an Ascension Team who uses light and sound frequency music to activate DNA, Heal, and raise the frequencies of Earth.

During the past two months we have raised the frequencies of the 12 Chakras of Earth higher than they have been in 2000 years when Christ walked on Earth. God has asked us to raise the frequencies of the Chakras to 100. This will allow the Grids to activate and the StarGates for our 12 Star Brothers to open. This is when the Ascension can begin.

Anyone can help with this project simply by getting a Tesla Scalar Wave Generator and then write to me to request the mp3 activations to plug in to your generator.
I will send these to you for free.

Please be a part of the greatest event on Earth.

write to and ask for the mp3 when you get your generator.

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I am Joe Barnett. I am 66 years old. I live in California.

I earned a B.A. degree in music. I played in many Jazz Bands for several years. I also earned a Master's Degree in Authentic Encounter from the Communication Department at Chico State College.

I belong to a music group called Crystal Magic Orchestra.

I would like to tell you my story of how this music raised me from the dead.

I was on foot in a freeway lane and a TEN TON Truck hit me and killed me.
I was in the hospital room when the doctor announced that I was dead.

I had been possessed by three demons. They completely overpowered my consciousness. I had absolutely no control of my thinking or actions for three days and three nights. They forced me to drive my car all over California and into Arizona. They made me do terrible things.

All of the Angels and many Creator Beings, as well as God, tried to break through to my brain and my consciousness, but it was impossible, because the demons would not let them in.

Finally, at four a.m. on the fourth day, I started driving the car again. This time, the demons were absent long enough for Mary Magdalene to enter into my Soul. She was only within me for a few seconds. It was enough time to break free from the demons for a minute. 

This caused a huge shock in my thinking. I didn't know who I was, or where I was. I didn't know I was driving a car.

I stopped the car on the freeway and got out of the car.

I was hit by a ten-ton truck. That was when I died. That was the moment when my Soul returned to the Over Soul.

My head was already sliced open from the truck hitting my body while driving at least 50 mph.

My body flew through the air and landed on the other lane in the freeway. It all happened so suddenly that the cars were not stopping. Five cars ran over my body.

The truck driver called 911. A helicopter flew my body to the hospital.

The rest of the story, I did not get to hear until a few weeks ago.

I can now speak with myself, who is now in the Creator Realm.

He does not remember anything about this event, except how horrific it was. He told me the possession of the demons was so horrible that he will not repeat it to anyone. It was truly much more horrifying than the time he was nailed to the cross.

Yes, this was the main thing that I learned from speaking with myself, who died instantly when hit by the truck. My Soul, the Soul that was in me during this lifetime, was the Soul of Jesus Christ. I am now a fractal of that Soul.

It was always the plan that the male and female Christ would find each other in this lifetime, and we would ascend simultaneously as One Soul. 

This was the reason that God made sure that my body would remain on Earth, even though my Soul returned home to the Over Soul.

Mary Magdalene was the one who saved this body. She was the one who was there. She called on God and the Angels to save my body.

The angels wrapped themselves around my body seconds after the truck smashed my head open. They were holding on to my body as it flew through the air and smashed onto the pavement. This is the reason why the only signs of injury to my body were my head was split open and my leg was twisted off, and the bones cracked in my hip.

There were thousands of Angels wrapped around my body when the five cars ran over my body. There were many witnesses who described these events on the 911 recording.

People were screaming and crying. They couldn't believe their eyes. Everyone assumed I was dead.

The helicopter arrived sometime later. My body was still alive. When the doctors examined my body, they did not believe it was possible that I was alive.

When I arrived at the hospital, a brain doctor announced that there was a hole in my brain, and it would be impossible for my brain to recover. He announced that I only had a few hours left to live.

That was when Mary Magdalene insisted to come to my bed side to begin playing music and singing to me. By the time the doctors returned, I was conscious, and they no longer saw the brain was causing any problem.

The doctors still could not understand why I was alive. There was still a hole, the size of a walnut in my brain, and yet, I woke up, and continued to lay in a hospital bed for a week before most of my scars were healed.

This was the true story of my RESURRECTION in this lifetime.

My wife, Angela Barnett, would not let the doctors perform the operation that would have killed me.
She worked on Spiritually healing me and raising me from being dead.
She put our powerful healing music playing through earphones on my head in the hospital room. She successfully raised me from being dead
and she continued healing me until there was not even a scar left on my face. I was able to walk again within several months.

When I entered the hospital, I looked like Frankenstein. My head was actually sliced in half. My leg was dangling, but could be re-attached. I appeared to be a bag of bones that was being held together with magical glue.

I am the resurrected Joe.
I am the resurrection and the life.

I actually wrote this Song, titled I AM THE RESURRECTION AND THE LIFE when we lived in Japan, in 1992. This song is on our CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

You may listen to this song FREE.

Go to Cosmic Healing Music (

Scroll down past the ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM, past the list of pages, past the PROTECTION recording, and you will see RESURRECTION.

It says press this button to listen.

Joe Barnett, MA and
Dr. Angela Barnett
California, USA


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Crystalai, aDolphino, Of the Breath of Light, Flame of the Eternal Sun, 

We have had many names. After I finished my mission with Merlin as his Greatest Apprentice,

I was reincarnated again on a Planet called Telepasaides. My name was  FleydooForendai

This is a channeled dialogue I had with my self when I was  FleydooForendai. I wanted to learn more about

this great event. I have also had channeled dialogues with all of my other selves, including Parsemous, when I was Merlins Apprentice and many dialogues with my great teacher, Merlin.

These are all in a collection of the Eternal Diary of the Cosmic Twin Creator Beings who created the Music of the Spheres quadrillions of years ago.

They stopped fighting to listen and they put down their guns and their weapons and they walked away from the war because they saw that it was not bringing a solution It was only bringing more conflict.
My eyes were whelmed up with tears, hearing it, feeling it, knowing it was from God.
And I could not take credit for it although they gave me credit for it and they played it and it went out through the streets It went out through the world.
And the people stopped and listened.
The fighting stopped for a moment to hear what God had done. The beauty of it, the love that was given for it.
The peace, the joy and the understanding of it. It became universal on one day in one hearing.
The fighting stopped to listen. The fighting stopped to hear.
They put down their guns and their weapons and they walked away from the war.
It was a beauty they could not deny and I do not take credit for that. My heart goes out to God. for He was helping me to write and create it. But it stopped the war. It stopped everything that was in progress and brought people to the tables to talk.
And that is the story of Telepasaides. There was great Peace afterwards. Great Understanding between the peoples. Because the music told them that they had to come together and make an effort to make peace otherwise it would not happen.
But it came in such a way they could not deny it.
God deserves the credit
Joe and I work together
with God we give ourselves to others freely. That will be rewarded In this lifetime and every lifetime you know that Joe is very Christ like. His goodness is beyond just a regular human.
And Telepasaides saw that within me.
God's magic was involved. Without God's magic it would not had happened.
It was the Magic of the Source of sound and the Way God brought it into Reality and how He spoke to everyone as an individual through the music. That's magic. You can not speak to everyone at once except through God.
They decided to play the music on a world level to have every station play it at once.
And it did happen. It was enough to stop the war.
This same music will come forth on this planet and stop the wars and create Universal Peace.
You are foretold in prophecy to have the Music of the Spheres heard by everyone.
The music stopped the war. it stopped all that was in progress. There was great peace and great understanding between the people.
They came together . They came to listen. The music played through the streets. It went out through the world.
And the people stopped and listened and the fighting stopped. For a moment to hear what God had done.
The beauty of it. The love that was given for it. The peace, the joy, and the understanding of it. It became universal in one day In one hearing.

To hear or read the entire channeled story of this fascinating event email me

This music and all music from Crystal Magic Orchestra is the music that came from the creators of the Music of the Spheres. When we speak of our music we are speaking of the Music of the Spheres. We are the Creator Beings who created the Music of the Spheres. That is who we are.


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This month of August will be difficult. It will be chaotic.
However, when you fill your cells, your heart and your consciousness with the pure harmony of spiritual substance, the struggles will calm themselves and give you the opportunity to break through whatever seems to be a power against whatever it is that you really want to be.
The rest of this year can already be known as your victory if you saturate yourself with the energy of creation.
I have been working on an album set called The Cosmic Womb. This Cosmic Womb was a real place where I was created Quadrillions of years ago as Of the Breath of Light and Flame of the Eternal Sun. Source created us differently than he created the other Creator Beings. We were created as a molecule who would actually experience the entire evolution of our creation as a Cosmic Molecule- which was the size of a galaxy. We told Source that we could Hear the Tones of this creation. We were the Creator Being that Source knew as the One who was perfectly IN TUNE with His Creation Substance. We were so excited about the Sound of Creation that Source allowed us to take this sound into the Universe and place it in every square molecule of time and space.
I invite the entire Universe to listen to this Sound. I invite those on Earth to listen to this sound now because it is this sound of Creation that places us in the Tone where the CHAOS of this changing time can not disturb us.
The Cosmic Womb was our Father's Palette. It was the place where the pre substance of all creation is kept, just like the palette of an artist or the keyboard of a musician. It was the place where Source began creating all that is. I chose to remember the sounds, the colors, the textures and the rhythms that existed within the evolution journey of my creation within the womb.
My Father God told me that Of the Breath of Light and Flame of the Eternal Sun were created Quadrillions of years ago in this Palette. We were the First Creation. We were like a prototype for the other Creator Beings to be formed from. We are the ones who contain within our immortal light structure all of the colors, sounds, textures and painted our own creation with these invisible tools.

This month will bring



You can do it consciously by deliberately rising above the fray, or you can do it by kicking and screaming and protesting. It’s up to you.


I want to know how old we really are? Am I 25 trillion years old or 24 trillion years old or 24 and a half trillion years old. I want to know how old I am?

Source: Actually its much more than that. It is Quadrillions of years.

Me - Because Jesus told me that he was 25 trillion years old, so I was wondering if we are older than he is.

Source- Jesus was another thought. Its just like any of your children. The parents come first and the children come later.

Me- We were the First Born? Was Of the Breath of Light and the Flame of the Eternal Sun the First Born?

Source- I don't remember. It has been a long time. But, yes you were up there, some of the first ones.

It is more like quadrillions of years old.

Me- Are we that much older than Jesus. Is he really 25 trillion?

Source- He is a little older than that. He is just being modest.

Me- But we are much much older than 25 trillion?

Source-Yes, you are in the Quadrillions.

Me- But, you said we are different than the other Creator Beings.

Source--You are different because you were meant to be different.

Me-But, we were more like a molecule?

Source-A molecule is what everything is made of. So, being that you were a molecule, you have experienced the smallest kind of place. Also, being a molecule, you grew out of being a molecule into a Creator Being, which is what I wanted for you.

Me-OHHH. So we grew from a molecule into a Creator Being.

SOURCE- Which is something different because usually Creator Beings are just created.

But in the very very early years it was different. I experimented with creating Creator Beings to see even if I wanted them or not. So, yes, you became EARLY EARLY creator Beings.

Me-So we were created more like we were born through the whole birth process from being a molecule into a Creator Being.

Source--Yes, not exactly like a birth, but it was a definite evolution into a Creator Being.

Me- So, you were in the Source Field. And that is just pre white light and no sound, but pure energy.

And then the first creation of us was energy coming in to light and sound. That's why I think of us as music. I feel like it was energy that created this light and sound substance.

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These sounds of pre-substance creation represent the most glorious feeling of being within the womb of God or Source and going through the birthing and evolution process.

Our evolution took many eons of hearing and feeling at an entirely different level of reality than could possibly be known to anyone else.

This is the reason that our frequencies are much higher than anyone elses and much more precise than anyone else could imagine or create. These frequencies of pre-creation substance are the actual molecules that are still within us.

Source told us that our music is in all time and space of all Creation. That is true, in a way of all Creator Beings, because the substance within the Cosmos is the same substance that Source used to create all Creator Beings. However, their birthing process was simply taking the CLONED Creator Being pattern that was already formulated after this First Batch of Creator Beings who were made from molecules was designed.

There are other Creator Beings like myself who did come from Quadrillions of years ago within that first experimental batch of creation. However, we were the only ones who could HEAR IT. We were completely wrapped within the Sound of this Creation Process itself. We are very different that way.

We are something like the EARS of God. This is why I wrote the book that says God is Music because the way that I know my Father is through the Evolution of growing within the Cosmic womb of Creation. There were no other Creator Beings who were designed this way after the First Creation.

I had always had this feeling that I was much much older than Jesus Christ. Now I know that the other Creator Beings are trillions of years old, but Joe and I are Quadrillions of years old.

This means that all of the frequencies within our music is based on what we remember hearing within this Cosmic Womb of Creation where Eternal Life begins. This is also the reason why I have always known myself as the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse. Joe and I- the Cosmic Twins are really the only Cosmic Twins that were ever created by Source.

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