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What is your purpose?Love, it’s about love. That’s what its always been about. You search for your individual purposes, but there is none beyond the word love. Your purpose is to love. Love one another, love what you do, love your life, love your family, love your friends, love the people in the streets, love the amazing brilliant minds that have blessed you with invention, and creativity, love everyone and everything!You know why artists are so happy, why they are so content with life whether they have made millions or not? It is because they live their life trusting in there passion & love for what they do. No matter if great minds of the past faced persecution or even death for what they believed in they still pursued what they loved to do. They lived for what they were passionate for. Their theories and ideas live on forever. Forever is the time in which love lives, it is there that we all must live.To live a life of love is to live a life in which we will never truly die, our legacy, our memory, our love will live on eternally. We must simply do what we love, live to love. Look at the words in your dictionaries; there is no greater word then ‘love’! It is the true embodiment of everything; everything was put here to love. Appreciate the things in your life and more will come to you. Love more things in your life, say it, be it, put it out into the world.This is your life; you need to love it. Love everything, love everyone. It may seem hard to start along the path with all the negativity in the world, all the struggle & pain that can be experienced in life, but trust in it. Start by loving yourself completely. Love everything that you are, embracing yourself so that you can open yourself up to the world. What else makes sense, out of everything you can think of? Negativity, evil, pain, suffering, everything we deem as bad can be chalked up to a lack of love. To me it is clear, and I hope that as you move forward in your life that you see the same, for if we all come from a true place of love we can learn to love each other unconditionally. We will be able to shed our prejudice, our stereotypes & our need for division. We will finally be able to just love one another.Be assured as love grows so will peace after all that is what we are all striving for isn’t it?
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Our Lives Should Define Freedom



Our lives Should Define Freedom. Freedom is the choice to live our lives in whatever fashion we so choose without any judgments from anyone, especially our government. A government is suppose to insure the necessities of life for everyone & constantly make its country a better place to live for all of its citizens. It is suppose to be a tool for the people to organize themselves into the best civilization possible. We must take back our government, we must take our world. We must once again reclaim our humanity. We must reclaim love, equality & peace among ourselves.

This is not freedom, this way of life we lead now. It isn't even living, it is merely surviving. We must realize our own strength, our own power which manifest when we learn to love each other. When we learn that our differences no longer matter, because we are all striving for the same thing. All of humanity allows itself to live in an illusion of freedom because we ourselves do not fully realize what it is. Freedom is the ability to love one another without manipulation, it is excepting the fact that you do not end where the world begins, you are the world. You are the starving child in Africa, you are the victim of rape in the middle east, you are the corporate slave in America, you are the communist country of China. You are them because it is you who has chosen to do nothing to help the situation get better. It is you who stays silent on these subjects instead of raising your voice in defiance of inequality and pain being inflicted upon your fellow human souls.

There truly needs to be a time when we don't just talk about how the differences in our skin colour, nationality & religions are no longer important, but rather take that information and viewpoint and act upon it. We must now only see this new state of consciousness but also be it, fight for it, stand up for it. Standing up for other people being treated unfairly and unjust for any stupid reason is really you defending yourself. It is you standing up for your humanity. It is you making a conscious choice to take your knowledge of the world and trying to make it a better place for everyone. I hope we come to that point soon. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so how about we empower that weak link and grow stronger together.

Support the revolutions around the world, in doing so you are empowering your own human spirit and drive for true freedom. Maybe you will realize that we have problems here at home too. Our governments may not be as corrupt but they certainly aren't doing whats in the best interest of the people. Are we gonna wait until our governments get as bad as theirs, or will you stand up now?

Free Your Soul, it's time to create Peace on earth, it's time for the people of the world to come together & unite in the name of Peace. It's just a choice.


Christopher 'Nova' Sousa Lambe

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Interrelated Structure of Reality

martin-luther-king-hoboken-january-2008.jpgWhatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. I can never be what I ought to be until you are what you ought to be. This is the interrelated structure of reality. -- Martin Luther King Jr.

This is so very true. We can not fully be love until we have all made the choice. We can present the option, the way of thinking but until that option becomes natural within the system as it gets accepted by more people, peace will continue to allude us. Peace is simple, it's just love.

When we all make the choice to love each other as one. When we see the similarities instead of the differences. When we no longer give credence to a label defining a person. That day, this moment when we together see that the choice to be better, the choice to be loving, the choice to shape a more peaceful world is only that; a choice, we will live it. That will be our reality because that will be our choice.

We are all the same, we all want the same thing; to be happy & to be loved. We each come and try to reach that potential a different way. We seek different paths and religions,some of us even get lost along the way in our own sorrow & desperation. Regardless we all started on whatever path we chose with the same intention; learn to be happy, live peacefully & spread love. That should be all that matters, let us shape a world within our lifetime that will allow every human being to reach their full potential. Let us shape a world where it doesn't matter how much money you have, you still have the right to live comfortably & healthy. Let us have no shame for who we are and what we want the world to be. Let us spread our thoughts through just being us. Let us be the generation that adds to the wave of love & equality that has been rippling through our humanity for centuries. Let us be the generation of humanity that tips the pendulum our way.

When humanity looks back on our past they are not interested in everyone's individual life, they are interested in what the collective humanity accomplished in its time. Let us be remembered for the era that created heaven on earth, the era who brought peace into reality.

It can happen, & it will happen, we just need to stop thinking its coming in the future & realize it is ours to create now!?

Be yourself, love everything that you are, love everyone around you, make a conscious effort to walk away from every shared experience with a good memory. Consciously choose to affect every person you encounter during your day in a positive way. Say I love you more often! Talk to each other about things that truly matter, talk about your lives, share yourself with people, teach the people you care about what you have learned in your life. Teach each other to be more loving by teaching yourself to be proud of your own experiences.

Love who you are, love what has shaped you into the person you are today. Love every individual in your life for having a hand in that whether the experience was initially good or bad. Remove the thought of it even being a negative experience by seeing it for what it has taught you. Negate negativity by seeing the positive effect it has on your awareness once you see the experience for what it was; a moment in your life that helped you grow. It has shaped you into who you are today & at any moment you can choose to see the lesson in that. Just as you can choose to look out into the worlds reality as we know it and see the lesson waiting to be learned within that as well.

Love does not stop at the DNA of your family, we are all family! We are all from this one place we call Earth & we all just want to be happy. So lets give ourselves the chance. Lets start making a conscious effort.

Tomorrow never comes, so lets start planning for Today!

May your dreams only be the beginning,

"To live for some future goal is shallow. It's the sides of the mountain that sustain life; not the top." Robert M. Pirsig

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I am God & so are you.

This experience of life gets more and more exciting everyday. I can not
help but to think the things I do, have the feelings I have or know the
truths that come to me. They have become who I am, in a sense they are
who I always was I just kept the feelings and thoughts to myself, it's
why I was so shy. But now all I feel is love, All I am is Love, because
I'm being me.

You all want to believe in god, something that will save you from your
problems, yet if he walked out into the streets and started proclaiming
it, you would label the man crazy & lock your doors. God has always
told you the most important thing was believing in him but would you if
he came knocking on your door? Probably not, you would choose to judge him. I am of god & so are you.

Have you labelled me yet? Thought that all these positive messages were
crazy talk? Why? All I am ever talking about is spreading love,
spreading equality, how is that a bad thing? You know what I think is a
bad thing, defending a society structure that allows people to be poor
and hungry. A society filled with labels &... division. You are all
love, you all want happiness. Why the hate?

So you wanna know why there is hate, why there is negativity? Because of
money, if there is one thing in this world that you can look at as
shaping the society is that not what comes to mind first? Why must 1% of
the worlds population own over 50% of the worlds wealth? Why can we not
just provide for each other & help each other? Cause the world is to focused on money. Who needs peace when we can have money right?

We have the technology to eliminate most factory jobs. That's one reason
the economy is doing so bad. Machines are replacing people. But if
people don't work, they don't have money. With no money, they don't have
purchasing power. So we are stuck in a limbo. We have a middle class
that is dying on credit, the divisions... in wealth increasing, and no
money to fix it all by investing in our citizens to go to school.

What as a species is the most valuable resource we have? If you answered oil, congratulations you're part of the sheeple.
It is not oil! Oil is not going to get us out of the ecological trouble
we are currently in, our the economical one, or help with equality. Our
greatest resource is our mind! So why are we not mining our mind and providing free education to those trying to reach there full potential!?

So why when we can eliminate most factory work, and be re educating our
society & fixing our structure do we still have to pay to continue
education? The answer again is simple; why not make money off it? Do you
see the fallacies in society yet? Then you wonder why people deal
drugs, because they aren't making enough t...o feed there family making
minimum wage at a job that destroys there body.

Then you wonder why marijuana isn't legal yet, fuck do you know how many
people would go out of business on the streets slinging, or middle wage
earners earning money on the side. Things wouldn't look good on the
streets. So why do people so drugs? Because this reality of life isn't
good enough, they do it to escape there life to open them up to more.

You ever wonder why someone high tends to laugh so much, at the simplest
of things. That's because they are finally able to see the beauty in
this all. The drug slows there mind down, it releases them from time, it
puts them in the now, in the moment. They forget there problems, and
appreciate what is in front of them.... They feel more love. I beg to
say that it is a spiritual thing.

So do the drugs that are legal do that to you? How about beer? I would
have to say that has some adverse affects when consumed, none of which
would I include spiritual or euphoric. A majority get depressed. How
about Tobacco? Insanely dosed with nicotine, used as a vice when you are
stressed... and both tobacco & alcohol give you severe cancer!!.

So why are Alcohol & tobacco legal & the others not, because you
are more useful to a society based on greed & power dumbed down,
not wide awake to the issues. Wake up world, wake up! If what I say
throughout my life resonates with you then hold onto it and seek more
wisdom from wherever you may find it, but remember to look within first.

The answers to our lives lie within our own experience, figure them out
and let go of the negative, come into now. If you are focused on
something in the past, if you complain, realize that you do so because
you have already made the choice to accept it and do nothing to improve
it. When does that end? If you are god and god is love, then to love god you must be love, love is not negative so why think that way?

You shape your life, it is said god knows your destiny, well you are
god, you know what will make you happy & only you can make the
choice to pursue it. If you want believe in god look no further then
that fact. You have always heard that it is important to believe in
yourself right? So does this all not make sense?

Every major messenger of god has told you the same very important thing.
I am of god, I am a manifestation of god, and you are my brother &
sister. Every religion! They have all taught equality, they have all
taught that god, the universe is all and is love! Yet you choose to
focus on things not of love during your lifetime. You choose to separate yourself from god & each other. With fear.

You judge yourself by judging your experience, you focus on the negative
& so you create your hell. Just as I focus on all the feelings of
love and my ambitions and what makes me happy, I am now going after it
with all my heart, that ambition being this. I've been writing a book
for over a year now, I have even been going to small speaking events to help me overcome my shyness & even have setup a website for articles

I am working on my issues only because I let go of fear & doubt. I
spent time to reflect on my life, to find the lessons in all the issues
of my past that I replayed in my mind over and over again when I got
depressed. Once I dissected all of this & had turned all of those
negative moments into positive experiences by ...realizing I had learnt
from them, and thus they shaped me into who I was. It changed

You see thinking negatively about anything you have experienced in the
past is only thinking negatively about yourself. It is not loving who
you are since in this reality you define who you are by the experiences
you share with others, essentially how other people perceive you. You
see yourself as an image, instead of ...what you really are. Of course
not everyone, but the majority

Remember if anything you read hereresonates with you, I suggest you begin to reflect on your life &
seek more wisdom. You don't need to believe everything I say, it is
merely my truth & the answers to my life,... you will find your own
through your own experience. Point is, this is heaven if you see it that

P.S. Any mention of god that I make can also be substituted for the
universe, everything, the one, one consciousness, Jesus consciousness,
you, me, I. All that good stuff, it's all the same. Am I crazy Yep! But
to society most people who ever did anything worth reporting in history
were to.
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Today is Beautiful

Today is Beautiful
September 8, 2010
by Christopher W. Lambe

Today is Beautiful. Every day is beautiful, but none more than today. Today is really the only day there ever is. That’s the funny thing people sometimes don’t stop to think about. We talk about our life in todays, tomorrows, yesterdays, next weeks and last months. But when you really look at it there is only ever today. You don’t wake up in tomorrow. You never experience life in last week. It’s always now. It’s always today.

Now as I’ve come to understand it there are 3 ways to live your life, you can live in the past, you can live in the future or you can live in the present. Obviously the goal is to be living in the present. Unfortunately the majority of people don’t realize the differences. People tend to get stuck living in there past by thinking about all the things they regret in there life or wish they still had. While others are to busy constantly planning and thinking about all the things they want to do with there life to the point where they never actually spend there time doing what’s needed to be done to get there. In this blog though I will be focusing on the latter the people who live in there past, more specifically relating it to my own story of living in the past. I hope that it can inspire others to start taking a look at there own life and bringing themselves into the now moment.

I’ve let go of all my yesterdays, last months, last weeks, because I realized the only moment that is ever truly worth thinking about is today, it’s now. Now is the moment that defines you. You shape who you are in every moment, even by reading this you are making a choice to continue and open your mind to an idea that may make you better. You are making a choice to improve yourself, to allow yourself to be inspired & that is truly the most inspiring thing of all; you choose what your experience becomes by what you spend your moments doing. If you are to caught up in what you did or didn’t do in the last moment then you are never able to do the right thing now!

Thinking and complaining about anything that has ever happened in your past is only bringing you into each moment now with that negative sentiment in mind influencing how you react to the situations you are currently experiencing. You have to shed that extra baggage, that past feeling of negativity and allow yourself to come into every experience you live now with a clear mind. This is the only way you can take advantage of your own life to properly respond to each and every situation. Don’t let past experiences dictate how you shape your life.

I didn’t get over this hump until the day I got lost and had a long time to think about what got me into that situation. I came to realize some things when I began to think about what had brought me to that point, what I had done to put myself in that situation? I had let my anger directed at my past build up for so long that every situation I came across I only found the negative points to concentrate on. This led me to over react to a situation at work and I walked off the construction site even though I had no idea where I was since we had carpooled into site & I slept on the way. I didn’t have my cell phone or my wallet, yet I was so enraged that I neglected the very thing that should’ve been precious to me, my life. I didn’t ask how to get home, I just kept walking, I was too angry to ask, and unfortunately for me I was also to shy to “bother” a stranger for the answer.

As I began to dissect the direct situation that had brought me there I realized that it was really my entire life that led me to that point. I had been so concentrated on my past that I never allowed myself to actually make any right decisions to make my life better then what it was. The situations that were constantly on my mind throughout my life, I blamed for where I was at every moment, every stage of my life including this one. When I was thirteen I set a goal to be a millionaire by the time I was nineteen. I was a bright kid, with the right mindsetI probably could’ve done it but I let my inner demons, my negative memories tear me apart as I got older. It was a thought pattern that only grew.

As I tried to find my way home I made the decision that I would use the time to figure my life out. I was determined to get home a new man. I decided to continue breaking down all the crappy situations in my life that I had deemed brought me to where I was. I thought about my parents divorce, my mom having an affair, my mom not taking me out much growing up leading to extreme shyness, my stepfathers negative attitude towards my father, my failed relationships, dropping out of college due to moving out of my parents house. The list was long and fortunately for me the walk was longer and it was exactly what I needed. I was able to think them all through and the common thread I found was that I was blaming other people for every situation I deemed as negative.

I didn’t take responsibility for my own life. In reality it was all how I reacted to each and every situation in my life that resulted in the next set of options and paths that were laid in front of me. Growing up constantly holding a grudge about my parents divorce just led me to think negatively about every situation I didn’t deem as appropriate in my head that occurred with my stepfather and mother. That feeling only ever snowballed because that is the feeling that I held dominantly in my mind. For instance I may have not developed good social skills from not having the best teachers, but I ultimately held that trait years later myself. Even though I knew it was an issue I preferred to blame it on someone else instead of working on overcoming it. The choice was made by me to remain that way, not by anyone else.

This realization changed my life. I understood why I was so unhappy. I finally realized what being happy was, or at least a step to attaining it. Happiness for me was realizing that I was in ultimate control of my own life, no one else. Once I came to this conclusion I was able to let go of it all. I haven’t thought negatively about my past since. I hold no grudges with my parents anymore and actually have a much better relationship with them then I ever have. We still may not see eye to eye but I don’t let that come between my love for them like I once did. The things I spent my time thinking about were only holding me back, causing me to make more and more bad decisions. Once you learn that thinking negatively about your past is thinking negatively about what has shaped you into who you are today, only then will you be able to overcome the issues and create the life you love. That’s how I did it. Essentially thinking negatively aboutyour past experience is thinking negatively about yourself. When you can catch your mind up to where your body is living… it’s a profound thing. You’ll finally be living in now in every sense of the word. You will truly be able to take advantage of today!

On a small scale you can think of The Secrets example of waking up in the morning and stubbing your toe, that negative sentiment if you allow it to only begins to snow ball the way you look at the rest of your day, and how it goes. That frustration only leads you to have more negative feelings that can affect the rest of your day’s outcome. Just imagine how your day would go if you were brought your favorite breakfast in bed in the morning by the man or woman of your dreams. It would probably end up being a great day, because you’d be carrying a completely different energy with you. Now take the small scale and widen your perspective over the full course of your life like I was able to on my extremely long walk. It can snowball or build up in just the same way. I picked a negative point in my life being my parents divorce and let it effect my perception on my experiences from that moment forward, and the feelings of negativity only grew effecting my outlook and response to every situation.

Now I take the time to ensure my moments are spent doing exactly what I love. I’ve positioned myself in life, to be exactly where I feel I need to be in order to sustain my happiness, in each and every today I experience. That isn’t to say my life is perfect, I’ve just focused myself on my ambition & have begun to work towards them every moment. So in my perception I guess my life is perfect, cause I’m no longer focusing on negative experience.

What matters is that I am working towards my goals, you see as crazy as it might sound my ambition cut down to the bare bone is that I want to be happy. I’ve realized that happiness is going after my ambitions, doing what I love. I love business, always have always will, but I also have an uncanny desire to help the people around me. To spread happiness, to spread love, to spread a smile! I feel like the only thing I want to do in this world is help make the lives of everyone happier. I want to be someone who spreads a message of hope, of love, of a peaceful existence. I lived my life is despair for so long, trapped in my own mind, I want nothing more then to help others overcome that same struggle. So I set up this blog and now I write (along with many other things), to start off it might not be that good but I know as I continue it will only get better. I realize that if I just sit here thinking about what I want to do instead of taking any initiative and doing it, I’m never going to get anywhere. Thinking about what you want to do instead of doing it is only putting your mind in tomorrow, without actually taking advantage of today.

Realizations that change the way you live your life and ultimately shape your life don’t come by often, but when they do I feel it’s our duty to try and spread what we’ve learned through our experience to help others attain that same happiness or realization. What I speak of on this blog is all going to be what I have come to learn from the experiences of my life that have led to my own peace of mind and happiness. I look at the world with a new sense of awe. I have a completely new perception of the world around me and I want to share it. I feel like if we all allow ourselves to be completely happy, to love who we are, we could each achieve anything we set our minds to. Life is too precious to waste regretting our past; more people need to realize the only moment that matters is right now.

You are who you think you are. So stop thinking that someone else is to blame for you not being happy, stop thinking about the “bad” moments in your life and think about what you need to do to make it better. What you think about creates your emotions, think about what you love, what you are passionate about, what you really want to do with your life, and do it! Thinking about it, will motivate you, and motivating yourself helps you take action, even if the actions are small. Every step closer means that much more to you and keeps fueling the inner desire, the fire, and the ambition inside of you to keep going. People become great at things in this world not because they are driven by money, but because they are driven by passion, by their true desire to do what they love, they are driven by there inner desire to attain there own happiness.

Life is too short to waste it on anything but making yourself happy. Don’t let the negativity around you bring you down, don’t listen to people who tell you that you can’t do something, that you aren’t good enough, that you aren’t special. You are special, you can do anything you set your mind to, and you are good enough! You just have to live for what you love and believe it! We are all here for the same reason. We all want the same thing: we all want to be happy. The key to it though is realizing you shape that happiness; it’s up to you. You achieve it by giving into your true emotion for things, your ambitions, your passions, all the feelings of love. Follow those feelings and no matter what anyone tells you, you will be successful. Living your life that way will bring you everything you desire.

Love yourself, embrace what has brought you to this moment, and realize it has helped shape your perspective on the world. See the lessons in your experiences and bring that positive knowledge into your current moments while you work towards bringing more of what you love into your life.

Changing yourself is changing the world around you. So if you want a more loving, passionate, happy world filled with peace; you must bring that into your own mind. Get rid of the chaos and struggle that is doubt and regret. As we all come to an understanding of this, the world will begin to change because with this comes a larger understanding of life, a greater appreciation for everyone and everything. We are all seeking the same thing.

Some spend their lives wondering about their purpose, yet we all have the inner desire to attain happiness. I believe that IS our purpose if one is to exist. To simply be happy! Because being happy is allowing yourself to be who you are, to do what you love and that can only ever lead to good things. As we attain peace of mind, peace in the world will follow.

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