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Prometheus the Greek God is the MAHA-ASURA, the LUCIFER Hindustan who rebelled against BRAHMA the lord, for which reason SHIVA, the THIRD LOGOS, indignantly hurled him into the lower Patala.


Dante Florentino, illustrious disciple of Virgil, the excellent crowned bard of Mantua, in good time meets DITE, PROMETHEUS-LUCIFER in the NINTH SPHERE, obviously in the center of the earth, in the deep well of the universe, "in the place where the shadows were completely covered with ice and were transparent like glass straw."


The MAHA-ASURA, fatally chained to the severe rock of sex, cruelly goes through unspeakable bitterness; the fierce flames of lust torture him terribly; the insatiable vulture of useless reasoning gnaws at his entrails.


PROMETHEUS, LUCIFER, is a mysterious fire detached from the SOLAR LOGOS and wisely fixed in the center of the earth by the force of gravity and the weight of the atmosphere.


It is written in golden words in the book of life: "The superlative ingredient of ANIMA MUNDI is LUCIFERIC PHOSPHORUS".


As a sequel and corollary, it is here to assert, with great emphasis, the following: Mime's sterile work in its forge; the resounding failure of the creative powers comes when the fire goes out.


The ardent crackle of the elemental fire of the sages under the alchemist crucible is an axiom of Hermetic Philosophy.


INRI: (IGNIS NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRAM). Fire ceaselessly renews all nature. You know it...


Exclude LUCIFER the MAHA-ASURA in SEX-YOGA and then observe what happens ... contemplate the failure.


In the resplendent dawn of the MAHAMVANTARA, when the man and the terrestrial chain were to appear, an Angel (the shadow of the Lord) was produced as if by charm, full of progressive desire, and it is obvious that the Divine Architect of the Universe gave him the dominion of the WORLDS-HELLS.


Thus, it is unquestionable that the superior semblance of that vile worm that crosses the heart of the world is IOAN, SWAN, CHOAN, JOHN, JUAN, THE VERB, THE ARMY OF THE VOICE, THE LOGOS.


PROMETHEUS-LUCIFER descending to the bottom of Hell to free the victims from their tortures, reminds us of Hercules, the Solar God, descending to Hades or the Cave of Initiation to save lost souls.


LUCIFER, is the active and centrifugal energy of the universe, fire, life, self-independence, psychological rebellion.


The hell of its revolutionary momentum is the vital expansion of the nebula to become new planetary units.


PROMETTHEUS-LUCIFER courageously steals the Divine fire to help us on the path of spiritual insurrection.


LUCIFER is the Guardian of the door and of the mysterious keys of the Sanctuary so that it is not penetrated but by the anointed ones who possess the terrible secret of Hermes.


The resplendent Lord of the seven glorious mansions known by the holy names of LUCIFER-PROMETHEUS, MAHA-ASURA, etc., is certainly the splendid Minister of LOGOS-SOLAR.


The Seven Lords of Time (the seven Chronids) know well that LUCIFER-SABAOTH has been entrusted with the sword and the scales of Cosmic Justice, since he is the standard of weight, measure and number; the HORUS, the AHURA-MAZDA; etc etc.


PROMETHEUS-LUCIFER putting his Word in the mouth of the aching Titan, referring to the miserable mortals, exclaims with all the strength of his soul:


"So that they do not sink, snatched to the dark Hades. For this, terrible tortures oppress me. Cruel sacrifice, which moves with pity. I who felt sorry for mortals"...


The chorus observes very pertinently:


"Great Benefit was the one you bestowed on mortals!"





"Yes and I also gave them the fire."


CHORUS: "So the flaming fire do these ephemeral beings possess?"


PROMETHEUS: "Yes, and through him many arts with perfection would learn."


However, it is easy to understand that with the arts that self-exalt and dignify man, the Luciferic fire received has become the worst of curses.


The animal element and the consciousness of its possession have changed the periodic instinct into animalism and chronic sensuality.


This is what threatens humanity as a heavy burial mantle. Thus arises the responsibility of free will; the titanic passions that represent humanity in its darkest aspect.


 The LUCIFERINE FIRE, it only remains for us now to say that such Fire is neither good nor bad, it all depends on the use we make of it; It is precisely on this that sin and redemption are founded at the same time.


Ah! ... If Amfortas the King of the Grail, excellent successor of old Titurel, had seized the royal moment, the terrible moment of sexual passion, if in those moments of supreme voluptuousness he had firmly wielded his sacred spear, the Evil Magician  could not have snatched the Holy Lance from him.


However, that remarkable lord, despite knowing the secret of the ELOHIM, the Mystery of the CREATING FIRE, fell in the arms of KUNDRY, HERODIAS...



                                                                                                             CHAPTER XVIII

                                                                                                       ANGELS AND DEVILS


The ULTRA-MODERN LUCIFER-PROMETHEUS, hideously regressing in time, has now become EPIMETEUS: "He who sees only after the event" because the glorious universal philanthropy of the former has degenerated over many centuries into self-interest and adoration.


Oh Holy Gods! When can we break these chains that bind us to the abyss of mystery?


At what time in the history of the world will the brilliant free Titan of yesteryear resurface in the heart of every man?


Dying in oneself is radical, if we really yearn with all the strength of the soul to harmonize the two Divine and Human natures in each one of us.


Invulnerability before the lower titanic forces, impenetrability on a large scale, are only possible by completely eliminating our psychological defects, those horrible Red Devils mentioned in the book of the Hidden Dwelling...


SETH, the animal EGO, with all its sinister subjective aggregates, is usually terribly evil indeed.


It is written with burning coals in the tremendous book of the Mystery, that the Luciferic gift, terrible like none, later became and to our misfortune and that of all this afflicted world, but rather the main cause, the sole origin of evil. .


Stormy Zeus, the one who gathers the clouds, clearly represents the host of the primary progenitors, the PITRIS, the Fathers who created man in their image and likeness...


They are not ignore of the few wise men who have being in the world that LUCIFER-PROMETHEUS, MAHA-ASURA, the "Giver of fire and light" horribly chained to Mount Caucasus and condemned to the penalty of living, also represents the rebellious DEVAS who they fell into the animal generation at the dawn of life ...


It is worth mentioning in this book some of those Titans who fell at dawn...


Let us first remember Moloch, once luminous angel, horrible king stained with the blood of human sacrifices and with the tears of the desperate fathers and mothers, although, because of the sounds of drums and timpani, the cries of the children were hardly heard when they were, thrown into the fire, they ruthlessly sacrificed for  this  execrable monster, beautiful God of other times ......


The Ammonites worshiped him in Rabba and in its humid plain, in Argob and in Basam even the most remote streams of the Arno...


The legend of the centuries tells that Solomon son of David, King of Zion, built a temple to Moloch on the mount of reproach.


The seven lords of time say that later the old sage dedicated to such a fallen angel a sacred forest in the sweet valley of HINNOM...


It is a fruitful scented land that, for such a fatal reason, has since changed its name to Tophet and the black Gehenna, a true type of hell...


After MOLOCH, MAN-ANGEL of the archaic Volcanic Lemuria, where the rivers of pure water of life flowed milk and honey, then comes BAAL PEHOR the obscene terror of the children of MOAB, who inhabited from Aroer to NEBO and even far beyond. the southern part of the Abarim desert ...


People of HESEBOM and HERONAIM in the kingdom of Zion and beyond the flourishing valleys of SIBMA, carpeted with vineyards and in Elealé, to Lake ASFALTITES.


Frightening, left, dark BAAL PEHOR: In SITTIM he incited the Israelites during their march along the Nile to make him lubricious oblations, which brought so many evils ...


From there, this ELOHIM fallen among the red Luciferian fires, cunningly extended his lewd dark orgies to the very mountain of scandal, very close to the forest of the murderous MOLOCH...


It is obvious that this is how abominable concupiscence was established alongside hatred, until the pious JOSIAH cast them into hell...


With these terribly evil Divinities who in the old continent MU were truly exemplary men, humanized angels, came those who, from the delightful banks that bathe the stormy waters of the ancient Euphrates to the torrent that separates Egypt from the land of Syria, carry the undesirable names of BAAL and ASTAROTH...


Continuing afterwards in successive order appears BELIAL: From the EMPYREUS certainly has not fallen a spirit more impure nor more grossly inclined to vice than this creature who in ancient Lemurian times was really an angelic Master or Guru of ineffable splendors...


This Demon - Deidusus in former times - had no temples and no sacrifices were offered to him on any altar, and yet no one is more frequently in temples and altars.


When the priest becomes an atheist, like the sons of Eli, who unfortunately filled the house of the Lord with prostitution and violence, they in fact become BELIAL's slaves...


Sublime HIEROPHANT of the archaic times of our world, delicious angel, now evil Lucifer-Demon: He also reigns in the palaces and in the lavish courts and in dissolute cities, where the noise of scandal, lust and outrage rises above the tallest towers...


And when night darkens the streets, then BELIAL's children wander full of insolence and wine.


Witnesses of them are the streets of Sodom and that horrible night in which a matron exposed herself at a GAABA door to prevent a more disgusting abduction.


Inspire me Muses! Speak to me, Gods, so that my style does not detract from the nature of the matter...


And what shall we say now of AZAZEL, glorious Cherubim, extraordinary man of the ancient land?


Oh! Oh! Oh! How much pain ... This very excellent creature also fell into the animal generation ... How terrible is the thirst for sexual lust!


Deploy the fallen one of the shining shaft  the imperial ensign, which advanced, extended and shaken in the wind, shines like a  the imperial ensign meteor, with pearls and the rich shine of gold that seraphic weapons and trophies draw on it ...


And then comes MAMMOM, the least elevated of the ANGEL-MEN of ancient Arcadia, also fallen into the bestial generation...


He was the first to teach the inhabitants of the earth to plunder the center of the world, as they did by extracting treasures from his mother's womb that would be worth more than to remain hidden forever...


MAMMOM's greedy gang shortly opened a wide gash in the mountain and extracted large gold ingots from its bosom...


And as for the angel MULCIBER, what shall we say now? It was not truly less known, nor was it ever devoid of fanatical worshipers in ancient Greece. That is known to the Divines and the humans...


The classic fable tells how it was precipitated from Olympus, thrown by the angry Jupiter over the crystalline divine walls. It was useless then to have raised high towers in the sky...


Genius man of the purple race on the MU continent, fallen into the abyss of sexual passion...


And to conclude with this small list of Deiduses struck down by the ray of Cosmic Justice, it is necessary to say that they are in no way lacking in the PANDEMONIUM, the great capital of SATAN and his PAIRS, ANDRAMELECK, of which we have spoken so much in our past. Gnostic books, and ASMODEUS his brother...


Two resplendent THRONES of the starry sky of URANIA fallen also in the animal generation...


Exemplary MEN, GODS with human bodies in the land of MU, wallowing abjectly in the bed of PROCRUSTES...


The LUCIPHERIC-CHRISTIC host that incarnated in archaic Lemuria, induced by that NEMESIS or SUPERIOR KARMA (which controls to the ineffable ones and which is known as the law of KATANCIA), made the mistake of falling into the animal generation.


Nefarious was for the human species the sexual fall of the Divine Titans who did not know how to use the Gift of PROMETHEUS and rolled into the abyss.


Our Saviors, the AGNISHVATTAS, the superior Titans of the Luciferic fire, can never be deceived: They, the brilliant children of the dawn, know very well how to distinguish what is a fall from what is a descent.


Some sincerely mistaken ones are now determined to justify the angelic fall.


LUCIFER is, metaphorically, the driving torch that helps man find his way through the reefs and sandbars of life...


LUCIFER is the LOGOS in its highest aspect, and the "adversary" in its lower aspect, reflecting both in and within each one of us.


LACTANCIO, speaking of the nature of CHRIST, makes the LOGOS, the VERB, the "Firstborn brother of Satan and the first of all creatures."


Among the great tempest of Luciferian fire, squads of Angels and Demons (Prototypes and Antitypes) fight each other.

If that good Lord Amfortas, king of the Holy Grail, had known how to use the Luciferic Gift wisely in the supreme moment of sexual temptation, it is obvious that he would then have undergone a radical transformation.



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                                                                                                                         CHAPTER XV

                                                                                                               THE SEXUAL FORCE


It is well to know that this marvelous legend of the Holy Grail is certainly well known in France.


If with the tenacity of a clergyman in the cell, we scrutinize with infinite anxiety all those dusty manuscripts of medieval knighthood, then we will be able to reveal many traditions related to the Holy Grail.


Famous are indeed very ancient works such as "Merlin's Sloop" and "The demand for the Holy Grail."


Those long-haired Bards of Bohemian Germany who once made the whole of Europe happy, always said GRAAL using the double "A" There they with their familiar songs!


The Bretons, who, by the way, have a good reputation with the Celtic legend, always called the sacred cup GRAAL.


Clearly, it is very easy to understand that the radical forgetfulness of the esoteric Christic principles would hardly lead us to the confusing labyrinth of so many incoherent etymologies that in truth have nothing to do with the eburnea cup, the delight of archaic mysteries.



In the regenerating vessel or female sexual YONI, we must drink the Initiatic nectar of the Holy Gods...


The Holy Grail is the miraculous Chalice of the supreme drink; the Initiation cup of SUKRA and MANTI...


The exquisite wine of transcendent spirituality is contained in the Holy Vessel of the enchanting female.


The conquest of the ULTRA-MARE-VITAE OR SUPER-LIMINAL and ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL WORLD, would be something more than impossible if we made the mistake of underestimating woman.


The delicious Word of ISIS arises from the deep bosom of all ages, awaiting the moment of being realized.


The Ineffable words of Goddess NEITH have been carved in gold letters on the glowing walls of the Temple of Wisdom:




The primitive religion of JANO or JAINO, that is to say, the golden, solar, quiritary and super-human doctrine of the JINAS, is absolutely sexual ... you know it.


It is written with burning coals in the book of life, that during the Golden Age of Lazio and Liguria, the Divine King Janus or Saturn (IAO, BACO, JEHOVAH) wisely ruled over those holy people, all Aryan tribes, although from very different eras and origins.


Then Oh my God! ... As in similar times of other peoples of ancient Arcadia, it could be said that JINAS and men lived together happily.


Within the ineffable mystical idyll commonly called "THE CHARMS OF GOOD FRIDAY", we feel deep down in our hearts that in our sexual organs there is a terribly Divine force that can both liberate and enslave man.


Sexual energy contains within itself the living prototype of the legitimate SOLAR MAN, who, by crystallizing in us, radically transforms us.


Many suffering souls would like to enter the transcendent MONTSALVAT, but unfortunately this is something more than impossible due to the VEIL OF ISIS, or Adamic sexual veil.


Among the ineffable bliss of the JINAS paradises there is certainly a divine humanity that is invisible to mortals due to its sins and limitations, born of misused sex.


It is ostensible that the White Brotherhood possesses great treasures, in the manner of the so inestimable Holy Grail.


The Word of the Holy Gods resounding in the depths of the deep night of the centuries, every moment comes to remind us of our first love and the need to learn to sublimate and transmute sexual energy.


It is certainly impossible, as long as we do not overcome sex, like the MAHATMAS, to come into direct contact with the sacred super-humanity, of which, however, every universal legend has always spoken...


Those Masters of compassion are the faithful custodians of the Holy Grail, or of the INITIATIC STONE, that is, of the supreme religion-synthesis, which was the primitive of humanity.


Let's be clear and straightforward: In no way do we exaggerate concepts by emphasizing the basic idea that sex is the center of gravity of all human activities.


As a sequence or corollary we affirm: When man finds his sexual partner, society has begun.


Mechanicacity is different: We GNOSTICS reject the unconscious automatism ...


The mechanicity of sex is obviously subhuman; we want conscious action...


As a rule, guideline, guide to follow, it is convenient to know that what is common and habitual is the flow of sexual energy from the top down ... from the inside out.


To return the creative energy of the THIRD LOGOS inwards and upwards, means in fact entering the blessed path of REGENERATION; that is precisely the good Law of the Holy Grail.


The spear with which the Roman centurion named Longinus cruelly wounded the side of the Adorable One on the Mount of Skulls; it is ostensible that it also plays a great role in countless traditions of the Asian world, already with the above-mentioned symbolism, and as an esoteric instrument of salvation and liberation.


The venerable Amfortas, great lord, King of the Grail, successor of the old Titurel, once wounded by sex, Phallus or spear, when he fell victim to sexual seduction, could only be healed with the same spear that wounded him.


By logical sequence we can deduce that that good gentleman of so much bitterness had to work intensely in the LIGHTED FORGE OF VULCAN...


Transmuting is the best and this was never ignored by the Roman Matrons who developed and developed under the tutelage of the Goddess JUNO...


Among the deep slumber of the night of the centuries sleeps that legendary city of the Sabines founded in good time by MEDIO FIDIO and HIMELLA; Old Aryan traditions say that then those good people knew very well the sexual mysteries of the spear.


Now and with these unusual affirmations, our beloved Gnostic readers will be able to understand the reason why the heroes were awarded a small iron pole or spear.


HASTAPURA was the name of such a pole: This reminds us of the sacred city of HASTINAPURA, living symbol of CELESTIAL JERUSALEM.



                                                                                                                   CHAPTER XVI

                                                                                                      THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE


An IT on a wonderful stone. What is the deep significance of this tremendous Mystery?


Oh, chaste clergyman - the evocative bards of Gaedhil or prehistoric Irish Galicia sang - as they spoke of their glorious millennial traditions to the Catholic priests who were to evangelize them.


Its deep magical and sublime significance ... Who can unravel and reveal it?


No one but HE, the Chosen One, will be able to decipher the Mystery of the Stone and its IT...


In the case of these sacred portents that astonish the mystic, it is not really incongruous, that the aforementioned Stone is transformed into a crater, Hermetic Vessel or Chalice of infinite splendors...


So why so much perplexity, hesitation and uncertainty, by the poem that of Chrétien de Troyes? (XII century).


If the Holy Grail is a Precious Stone brought to earth by angels or ineffable Devas and placed under the jealous custody of a secret brotherhood that is not an obstacle for such a celestial Gem to assume the splendid form of the Vessel of Hermes.


Here we are, then, with the Cubic Stone of JESOD placed by the Hebrew Kabbalists in our very sexual organs.


This is the Blessed Stone that the patriarch JACOB, the most vivid reincarnation of the angel Israel, anointed once with sacred oil...


PETERA, Peter, Patar, Pedro Initiatic of the ESOTERIC Colleges ... Philosopher's Stone of the old Medieval Alchemists...


Stone of stumbling block and rock of scandal, as the Hierophant PETER or PATAR once said...


It does not hurt in this chapter to transcribe with infinite patience and deep serenity, the authentic text of Wolfram de Eschembach regarding the expressed Stone and the Mysterious brotherhood that guards it:


"Those heroes are animated by a Stone.

Don't you know its august and pure essence?

It is called a lapis-electrix (Magnes).


Through it all marvels can be realized, (Magic).

She, like the Phoenix that rushes into the flames,

Re-born from its own ashes,

Because in the same flames it refreshes its plumage

And shines rejuvenated more beautiful than before.


His power is such that any man, however unhappy

That in its state it was,

If contemplate this stone,

Instead of dying like the others

He no longer knows the age,

Neither by his color, nor by his face;

And be it man or woman

Will enjoy ineffable bliss

To contemplate the stone

For more than two hundred years. "


JESUS the GREAT KABIR said: "The Stone (sex) that the builders (religious) rejected, has become the head of the corner". "The Lord has done this, and it is a wonderful thing in our eyes."


Beyond time and distance, KLINGSOR the evil magician disputed it and considered it a taboo or a sin...


It is written and with words of fire in the Wagnerian Drama, that a steely knife violently discarded the Blessed Stone...


But, Master KLINGSOR, finicky and weeping like no one, after such tremendous folly, stretched out his bloody supplicating hands towards the Grail.


It is obvious that the indignant Guardian rejected him with the terrible point of his sword...


People of other times say that far away, where the voluptuous land of the Pagans begins, Klingsor, the Lord of darkness learned to hate SEX...


His bookish erudition is ostensible between of the penitent`s waste land and disciplinary...


The unhappy cenobite believed in a possible transcendental mutation, through the elimination of the sexual instinct...


Impossible decoy, useless mirror, absurd decoy, that of this exotic anchorite...


An Illustrious male from remote places; remarkable gentleman, distinguished lord strange and contradictory...


Paradoxical hermit, presuming sanctity, foolish puritan with pretense of enlightened...


He worshiped Shiva, the THIRD LOGOS, the HOLY SPIRIT and yet he spat all his slanderous drool on the NINTH SPHERE (SEX)...


He worked doggedly with multiple PSEUDO-ESOTERIC exercises and horribly flogged himself to exhaustion...


He dressed in filthy beggar's rags, threw ashes on his head; he wore metal cilice on his mortified body...


Unbearable vegetarian, he was the creator of a cooking religion; those who saw him say that he never drank wine or cider...


He led others when he most needed guidance, and he never cared to eliminate the inner Pharisee...


However, it was all in vain; Once the Initiatic Petera or Stone had been discarded, the marvelous gates of the transcendent Montsalvat were closed before the unworthy...



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                                                                                                                CHAPTER XIII

                                                                                   THE MERCURY OF THE SECRET PHILOSOPHY


In these moments of mysterious happiness, it is worth remembering that subliminal poem by Horacio, the author of Epodos and Satires, who saw the light between 35 and 30 before Jesus Christ ...






Mercury, grandson of Atlas, your abundance and ease of speech

Of primitive man she was a teacher:

Your rudeness you polished with speech

And the tuner use of the fore.


Harbinger of the high Jove and the gods,

It was your glory to invent the hamstring lyre,

And it is your grace to take you by charm,

As your genius audacious whim inspires.


As a child you stole Phoebus's flock,

And he with angry voices rebuked you;

But, he had to laugh when he saw, astonished,

That you had stolen even the quiver.


Priam came out of Ilion with regal gifts,

When the Greek host girded her:

Atrocious without mercy, bonfires thesalas,

Everything left mocked with your guide.


To the pious souls, slight shadows,

Take your golden rod to eternal enjoyment,

Gracious deity for all gods,

Charm of Olympus and Hell!


Having sung such a sublime poem of the Horacian lyric, it is now convenient to know what Mercury is...


It is unquestionable and any Gnostic can understand it, that as an astrological planet, it is obviously much more mysterious than Venus itself, and identical to the Mazdeian Mithra. The Buddha, the Genie or God, established formidably between the Sun and the Moon; sublime eternal companion of the solar disk of Divine Wisdom...


Pausanias, in his book V, wisely teaches us by having an altar in common with thundering Jupiter, the Father of the Divines and of the Humans...


The ancient legends say that he displayed radiant wings of fire, as if to show that he was assisting the CHRIST-SUN on his eternal journey; with good reason he was once called Nuncio and Wolf of the Sun: SOLARIS LUMINIS PARTICEPS.


As a sequel and corollary, we must affirm that he was the Chief and the evoker of souls; the Archmage and the Hierophant.


Virgilio, the illustrious poet of Mantua, intelligently describes him, taking his hammer or caduceus from two serpents, to evoke the unhappy souls precipitated into the Orc (LIMBO) back to life: "Tu virgam capit, hac animas ille evocat Orco ", with the evident purpose of making them join the celestial militia as he teaches us in one of his Master fulworks....


Mercury is the esoteric golden planet, the ineffable, whom the austere and sublime Hierophants forbade naming; and studying dusty ancient manuscripts, we could verify that in Greek Mythology it is symbolized by those dogs or sighthounds that guard the celestial cattle, which always drink in the crystalline wells of hidden Wisdom, for which it is also known as HERMES-ANUBIS and, also like the good inspirer or AGATHODAEMON.


Remember that Emperor Julian prayed every night to the Hidden Sun, through the intercession of Mercury...


Vossius rightly says: "All theologians assert that Mercury and the sun are one"...


For something that planet was considered as the most eloquent and wise of the Gods, which is not surprising, then, that Mercury is so close to Wisdom and the word (or LOGOS) that it was confused with both.


                                                                                                            CHAPTER XIV

                                                                                        THE WONDERFUL SWASTIC CROSS


The sacred pool, the Initiatic lake of the representation of the Divine Mysteries in the domains of the Holy Grail, is, without any doubt, the Mercury of the secret philosophy, that liquid, flexible, malleable glass, contained in our sexual glands.


Felipe Teofrasto Bombasto de Hohenheim, (AUREOLO PARACELSO), says that within the ENS SEMINIS there is all the ENS VIRTUTIS of fire.


After the radiant Sun and its tongues of burning fire that sparkle among the ineffable orchestration of the spheres, it is the Mercury of the secret Philosophy, the ENS SEMINIS, the chaotic water of the first instant, the eternal feminine element, the Great Mother or nurturing Cow. , the very foundation of all cosmic life.


To intelligently transmute these waters of free life in its movement, this Sophic mercury of the wise, means intensive work in the LABORATORIUM-ORATORIUM of the THIRD LOGOS.


It is written and with characters of fire in the great book of life, that in the JAINA or JINA cross the unspeakable secret of the great arcane is miraculously hidden; the wonderful key to sexual transmutation.


It is not difficult to understand that such a magical cross is the same Swastika of the great Mysteries...


Amid the delightful ecstasy of the longing soul, we can and even must get in mystical contact with JANO, the austere and sublime Hierophant JINA who once taught the science of the JINAS in our world.


In secret Tibet there are two schools that fight each other: I want to refer clearly to the MAHAYANA and HINAYANA Institutions.


Narrow is the door and narrow is the path that leads to the light and very few are those who find it...


The HINAYANA path is beyond any doubt Buddhic and Christic; he is quoted in the holy books, he is mentioned in the Gospels.


Pure souls in a state of perfect bliss can directly experience the intimate relationship between the Swastika and the HINAYANA path.


That great martyr of the last century HPB was right, when she told us that the Swastika is the most sacred and most mystical symbol: It shines, in effect, on the head of the great serpent of Vishnu. The Shesha Ananta of the thousand heads that inhabits the Patala or lower region.


Advancing with the cross on their shoulders towards the Mount of Skulls, we can verify that in ancient times, nations put the Swastika at the head of all their sacred symbols.


The full lucidity of the spirit allows us to understand that the Swastika is the hammer of THOR, the magic weapon forged by the Pygmies against the giants or pre-cosmic Titanic forces definitively opposed to the law of universal harmony; the hammer that produces the storms that the Aces or celestial Lords use.


In the Macrocosm of infinite splendors, its arms bent at right angles fully express the always tireless rotation of the Earth and the incessant renewing movement of the cosmic garden...


In the Microcosm the Swastika represents man pointing with the right to the sky, while the left as a fatal winter shadow is directed downwards as showing our afflicted world with infinite pain.


Swastika is also an alchemical, cosmogonic and anthropogonic sign, under seven different interpretive keys.


It is, finally, as a living symbol of transcendent electricity, the Alpha and Omega of the universal sexual force, which descends through the golden steps of the spirit to the material world, and for this reason it is ostensible that he who manages to fully encompass all his mystical meaning is free from all Maya (illusion).


The Swastika is the electric windlass of physicists; in it are hidden the terrible mysteries of the LINGAM-YONI.


The Hindustani and exotic SEX-YOGA with all its oriental perfumes; the mysterious eroticism of the KAMA-KALPA; the SAHAJA MAITHUNA with its ardent sexual positions like fire; it is obvious that they are sealed with the Swastika Cross.


The vertical pole of the Holy Cross is masculine, virile, powerful; the horizontal line is feminine, delicious; At the intersection of these two eternal offspring is the key to all power.


The Swastika is the moving cross; sex in full activity; sexual transmutation in action.


Blessed is the wise man who, loving his wife, dives blissfully into the sacred erotic Mysteries of MINNA, will allow you to sublimate and transmute the Mercury of the secret philosophy.


The enchanting night of love symbolizes both the vulgar UNDER-DARKNESS of ignorance and bad magic, as well as the SUPER-DARKNESS of silence and the august secret of the wise. (The YAKSHA and RAKCHASAS of the MAHABHARATA).


With words of Diamond, it is written in the book of all creation: "Whoever wants to go up must first come down."


The conquest of the ULTRA-MARE-VITAE or SUPER-LIMINAL and ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL world, would be absolutely impossible without the wise transmutation of Mercury Sophic.


The nubile maidens and wise men of AMEN-SMEN, the Egyptian Paradise, suffered too much in hell living on the shores of the Styx Lagoon, you know.


Transmute water into wine as taught by the great KABIR Jesus at the Wedding in Canaan.


The white dove of the HOLY SPIRIT sifted in the arms and embroidered in the robes of the knights of the Holy Grail; the Sacred Swan; the miraculous HAMSA; the Phoenix Bird of Paradise; the immortal Ibis; they shine beautifully on the deep waters of life.


From the deep bottom of the Styx Lagoon in the terrible depths of Avernus, Gods emerge who are lost in the Absolute Abstract Space.

The light comes out of the darkness and the cosmos springs from the CHAOS...





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                                                                                                                CHAPTER XI

                                                                                                          THE HOLY RELIC


As the last notes of the delicate chants expire in mystery and when all the august knights of divine appearance have taken their seats by the sacred tables, an imposing silence follows...


The marvelous vision with white tuberose, attractive and fatal, was all naked...


Exotic mystery...


From a deep depth, as if emerging from the black grave, the voice of old Titurel is heard...


He orders his son imperatively, to uncover the Holy Grail to contemplate him for the last time.


Amfortas resists and says: "No! Leave it without uncovering! Oh! Is it possible that no one is able to appreciate this torture that I suffer when contemplating what enraptures you?"...


"What does my wound mean, what does the severity of my pain, in the face of anguish, the infernal torture of being condemned to this atrocious mission?" ...


"Cruel inheritance, entrusted to me, the only criminal among all ... guardian of the holy relic"...


"I need to implore the blessing for the pure souls"...


"Oh punishment, unequaled punishment sent by the Almighty whom I terribly offended!"...


"For him, for the Lord, for his blessings and favors I have to sigh with vehement longing"...


"Only for penance, only for the deepest contrition of the soul, I have to reach HIM"...


"The hour is approaching, a ray of light descends to illuminate the Holy Miracle; the veil falls"...


"With splendid power shines the Divine content of the consecrated vessel"...


"Throbbing in pain of supreme delight, I feel the fountain of heavenly blood pour into my heart"...


"And the boiling of my own sinful blood will flow back in a mad torrent, and spill, with horrendous dread, through the world of passion and crime."


"Again he breaks his prison and flows abundant from this wound, similar to his, opened by the blow of the same spear that there inflicted on the Redeemer, that wound with which he cried in tears of blood, for the shame of humanity in the longing for his Divine compassion. "


"And now, from this wound of mine, in the most holy place, the custodian of the Divine Goods, the guardian of the balm of redemption, the boiling blood of sin gushes forth, always renewed at the source of my longings, that no expiation can, oh !, extinguish already "...


"Mercy! Compassion! You, the All Merciful, have pity on me! Deliver me from this inheritance, close this wound for me and make healed, purified and sanctified I may die for you!" ...


"I do not know who I really am in this bloody flame of anguish, of pain, of joy and tears in which the Mystery of a charm is born that destroys my life and feeds it, but I sense something terribly Divine" ...


"I do not know who I am in this fatal web of my own existence that contemplates with mystical amazement, foam fish in vertigo of terror, and a spring of centuries that I raise to uselessly quench this insatiable thirst that torments me" ...


"In this vain world of infinite darkness and bitterness, I question myself with an unknown voice that seems like an alien and grave voice"...


"And my poor reason remains vanished, miserable shadow of sin!"...


Amfortas falls unconscious after these words, and the Holy Grail is uncovered...


They tell old traditions that are lost in the night of countless centuries, that when that excellent sublime man took out the sacred chalice -perfect symbol of the feminine YONI-, a dense twilight, -the sexual mist of the Hebrew Tabernacle-, was deliciously spread throughout the wonderful environment of the Sanctuary.


This reminds us of the SAHAJA-MAITHUNA in the supreme instant ... The Mysteries of the LINGAM-YONI are terribly Divine...


From above, from the sky, from Urania, a very pure ray of light descends that when falling on the chalice makes it shine with a purple, infinite, inexhaustible splendor...


Amfortas knows how to use the phallic cross and with his transfigured countenance he raises the Grail aloft and blesses the bread and wine of transubstantiation.


The choirs resound delightfully loving and worshiping.


Amfortas returns to deposit in the ark the sacred ember that is slowly paling as the thick sexual twilight dissipates again...


"The bread and wine is distributed on the tables, where everyone sits, except Parsifal who remains standing and in ecstasy, from which he finally comes out only because of the laments of Amfortas, for whom he suffers, the young man, Mortal spasm. Gurnemanz, believing him of that to be brutalized and unconscious in all of that, grabs his arm and brutally throws him out of the sacred enclosure while the voices of young people, children and gentlemen who sing sanctification in Faith and Divine Love are extinguished in space. ".



                                                                                                                CHAPTER XII



It is therefore well known for the good of the great cause, that WAGNER prohibited the representation of his PARSIFAL outside of that wonderful theater of BAYREUTH...


With much success we already said that once the legal deadline had been fulfilled, PARSIFAL was known in all the theaters of Europe...


When it comes to the truth we must be very frank; It is certainly regrettable that Wagner's widow and son together with some other German musicians had tried to modify the law on intellectual property, with the obvious purpose of limiting the performance of the Parsifal exclusively to the old theater of BAYREUTH...


It is obvious that these sincerely mistaken ones did not achieve their well-known purpose.


It is unquestionable that the pain of some is joy for others. The failure of these well-intentioned people had formidable international repercussions among European audiences who were thus not deprived of knowing the great work.


Magnificent works cannot be limited in space or time ... It is absurd to want to cover the sun with one finger...


People out there say that this over-said work was sung before 1914 in the New York Metropolitan Theater, jumping over all kinds of legal obstacles.


It is pathetic, clear and definite, that the company paid the fine with infinite pleasure, since it is obvious that it had huge profits.


But ... Good heavens! Didn't the same thing happen in Monte Carlo? Everyone knows that the sacred poem was intended to be performed; unfortunately due to threats from Wagner's widow and son, the play could only be sung in a function of a treat.


We are now going to carefully transcribe a newspaper article, very interesting by the way:


"The PARSIFAL affair came to WAGNER's mind in 1854, but he did not begin work on the poem until the spring of 1857, suspending it several times, until at last he finished it on February 23, 1877."


"Long before the book was finished he composed some musical pieces, the first in 1857; but in reality, he did not begin to work seriously on the score until the autumn of 1877, that is, the same year in which he wrote the last sentence of the poem".


"The play was definitively finished on January 13, 1882. Soon after the preparations for the premiere began, and once well already rehearsed, the PARSIFAL was premiered on July 26, 1882 at the Bayreuth Theater."


"Parsifal was a huge success that brought tears to that genius so experienced to fight."


"Wagner, moved, embraced with enthusiasm the Materna and Scaria, who played the roles of Kundry and Gurnemanz respectively, as well as the great teacher Herman Levi, who conducted the orchestra, and whom we met and applauded twelve or fourteen years ago in Madrid, in those famous concerts of Prince Alfonso, in which there were such eminent German conductors ".


"It is fair to dedicate, when speaking of this, a memory of admiration and sympathy to the great master Mancinelli, who was the one who" , who introduced us to almost all of Wagner, and the first who organized great concerts".


"That season of auditions under the direction of Mancinelli constitutes a memorable time for the history of the development of lyrical art in Spain."


"Wagner only survived his great Parsifal win about six months."


"Shortly after the premiere, the Master went to spend the winter in Venice, as had been his custom since 1879, and there, suddenly, he was surprised by death on February 13, 1883, next to his wife, Cósima Liszt -daughter of the famous musician of that surname- and of his friend Joukowsky ".


"Two days later, the mortal remains of the glorious creator of the lyrical drama were transferred to Bayreuth where they rest in the garden of Wahnfried's little house, under a block of marble without any adornment or inscription."

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                                                                                                                   CHAPTER IX

                                                                                                           KUNDRY'S WORDS


Kundry, the marvelous Eve of Hebraic Mythology, unconscious victim of the evil magician, in front of the Wagnerian Parsifal, exclaims with infinite pain:


"I never do good; I only want rest ... Only rest for this wretched exhausted!".


"To sleep, and I wish I never woke up!" - At that moment she begins to experience the fluids of suggestion at a distance from the magician, and standing up, shuddering with terror, exclaims: "No! Sleep! No! All this terrifies me!" -. She immediately gives a dull cry, her whole body trembles like a blade of grass shaken by the storm, until, powerless against the curse, she lets her arms fall inert, bows her head and taking a few hesitant steps, she falls hypnotized into the undergrowth, moaning:


"Useless resistance. The time has come. Sleep ... Sleep ... It is necessary ... It is necessary to sleep."


The quintessential woman, the symbolic woman, the original devil, the prototype of doom and fall, which not even Amfortas himself, the magnificent King of the Holy Grail, could then resist, now sleeps under the hypnotic power of the evil wizard...


We see you more than beautiful, Kundry! You were born as a miracle in the Eden of all wonders! You are the most beautiful thought of the Creator made flesh, blood and life! ...


Your delicious body seems to have been kneaded with the delicate roses from the edge of the countryside that makes UAD-AL KEBIR fertile! ...


The taciturn fronds silvered by the pale moon, have given sweet shade to your eyelashes...


Your eyelids of exotic charm were created with divine orange blossom leaves. Essence of sublime tuberose hides in your entrails...


Your fascinating braids look more like waterfalls at night falling on your nubile shoulders...


How beautiful you are! ... Do you hear me? Your charming mouth smiles: Your tongue struggles in dreams to form words...


The starry sky opens like a rose: You sleep, Kundry, poisoned by an exotic mystery that no one understands! ...


You sleep. Yes! ... I know ... The forest of the Thousand and One Nights lends me its foliage where the birds that sing sweetly nest; the forest whispers softly, the river murmurs between its bed of rocks: Everything invites you to nap and you sleep; Eve, Kundry, Gundrigia, Herodias ...


Sleep amid your secret laments: You are the unconscious victim of a fatal spell...


More Oh my God! ... What terrifying idea in your dreams haunts you? What is it that, wanting not to do, you do?



                                                                                                           CHAPTER X

                                                                                                          GRAIL HYMN


Returning from the delightful and pleasant bath, the king's litter is seen passing by towards the castle of Montsalvat.


The venerable old man Gurnemanz joins the procession, kindly inviting the young man for the sacred feast.


It is necessary that the boy also receive the benefits of the Grail...


"We barely marched and I feel, however, that I have already walked far," says Parsifal.


The old man, graying in wisdom, answers him with great success: "You see, my son: time is space here"...


Time itself is the fourth dimension, that is ostensible...


The fourth coordinate is summarized in two totally defined aspects: the temporal and the spatial.


It is unquestionable that the chronometric aspect of the fourth dimension is only the surface.


It is indubitable that the spatial aspect of the fourth vertical is in the background...


Within the three-dimensional world in which we live there is always a fourth vertical and this in itself is time.


In eternity there is no time...

It is clear that the eternal becomes the fifth dimension, you know it...


In eternity everything is processed within the eternal now...


Have you heard of that which is beyond time and eternity? It is clear that the sixth dimension exists...


And what about the unknown zero dimension? Pure spirit? Yes! Yes! Yes!...


The Old Gurnemanz with that time-bleached wisdom, understood everything and wisely led the son of Herzeleide to the Holy Grail...


The scene slowly changes as the old Master and his young disciple advance.


They already leave the lonely forest below, and between them they patiently climb the monstrous granite mass.


Little by little the soft call of the trumpets and the august ringing of the temple bells are heard better and better...


Finally, Master and disciple arrive at a beautiful room, whose majestic dome is lost in the height...


Parsifal falls silent in ecstasy before such divine magnificence impossible to describe in words...


In the background two wide gates full of glory open where the knights of the Grail enter...


The men of the light are placed in an orderly manner before two long, parallel, tablecloth tables, between which a free space remains in the middle.


On the tables of bliss there are goblets or cups, but no delicious delicacies.


On the other hand there appear brave squires and brothers of humble service who bring King Amfortas in his litter, and before him, some pure children like angels with rosy faces...


These creatures carry an ark covered with purple cloth, within which the mysteries of sex are hidden.


The sublime retinue places King Amfortas on a bed at the back, under a canopy and on the marble table in front of the sacred ark ...


The congregation of light thus sings ... blissfully, from the various places of the temple, the hymn of the Grail, which says:


"Day by day, prepared for the last supper of Divine Love, the feast will be renewed, as if for the last time today there were to console him for those who have taken pleasure in good works. Let us approach the agape to receive the august gifts."


"Just as the blood that redeemed the world ran one day amid infinite pains, May my blood be shed with a joyful heart for the sake of the Hero Savior. In us lives, through his death, the body that he offered for our salvation"...


Let our faith live forever, for the dove, propitious messenger of the Redeemer, hovers over us. Eat of the bread of life and drink of the wine that flowed for us "...


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                                                                                                                           CHAPTER VII

                                                                                                               THE INNOCENT CHASTE


Gurnemanz, the voice of the past, the venerable old man, after solemnly recounting everything that once happened in those mysterious regions of the castle of Montsalvat, after the horrendous loss of the holy lance, continues to express himself in the following terms:


"Before the sanctuary, orphan of the sublime relic, Amfortas lay in fervent prayer, restlessly imploring a sign of salvation."


"A very intense, a dazzling divine effulgence then flowed from the Grail while a heavenly dream vision told him, with a clear accent, these words:" The wise man, the one enlightened by compassion, the innocent chaste, wait for him, HE IS MY CHOSEN".


In this, O Gods!, says the legend of the centuries, that a great scandal occurred among the people of the Holy Grail, because on the side of the sacred lake, at the bottom of the lonely forest, an ignorant boy was surprised who, wandering on those shores he would surely strike with his bow a very beautiful swan, the perfect symbol of the HOLY SPIRIT.


But ... And why all the fuss, tumult, disorder? Who has not mortally wounded the swan KALA-HAMSA?


Who has not violated the sixth commandment of the law of God that says: Do not fornicate?


"He who feels free from sin, let him cast the first stone"...


Oh blessed HAMSA miraculous; sexual force of the THIRD LOGOS; Immortal IBIS; white dove of the Grail! ...


The conquest of the ULTRA-MARE-VITAE, the SUPER-LIMINAL and ULTRA-TERRESTRIAL world, is only possible with the Initiatic stone -sex-, in which the religion-synthesis is contained, which was the primitive of humanity; the mystical wisdom of JANO, or of the JINAS.


Eliminate sex? Oh! No! No! No! ... Get over it? That is ostensible ... love is the best.


Let us now recite that beautiful poem by Amado Nervo that he titled:





The day you love me will have more light than June;

The night that you love me will be a full moon,

With Beethoven notes vibrating in every ray

His ineffable things,

And there will be more roses together

Than in the whole month of May.


A thousand crystalline fountains

They will go up the slopes

Jumping singing waters.

The day you love me, the hidden groves

Arpeggios will resound never ever heard.

Ecstasy of your eyes, every spring

That there was and will be in the world, they will be when you love me.


Holding hands like blonde sisters

Wearing candid drops, the daisies will go

Through mountains and meadows

In front of your steps the day you love me...

And if you peel one off, it will tell you its innocent

Last white petal: Passionately!


All clovers will have four ominous leaves,

At the dawn of the day that you love me,

And in the pond, nests of unknown germs,

The mystical corollas of the lotuses will flourish.


The day you love me, every cloud will be

Wonderful wing; every blush, look

Of the Thousand and One Nights, each breeze a sing

Each tree a lyre, each mount an altar.


The day you love me, for the two of us

Will fit in a single kiss

The bliss of God.



                                                                                                                       CHAPTER VIII

                                                                                                         THE SON OF HERZELEIDE


Parsifal the chaste innocent, it is ostensible that in a remote past he had also wounded with his arrow the swan of immaculate whiteness, the miraculous HAMSA...


To the various questions that are being asked with such emphasis, he is silent, it is obvious that he ignores everything, he has eliminated the I-EGO, he does not even remember the name of his earthly progenitor, he has reconquered the Edenic innocence...


He only knows that his mother was called HERZELEIDE and that the deepest forest was her home.


His poor little mother with an aching heart gave birth to him, an orphan of a father, when his father, called Gamuret, fell gloriously between helmets and bucklers on the battlefield.


The adorable mother, to protect her son against the premature sign of heroes, raised him with infinite tenderness in a wasteland, stranger to arms and in the midst of the crassest ignorance.


However ... on any given day, that young man of heroic lineage saw human flames in the forest...


The brilliance of those shining-robed knights - the Knights of the Grail - was so bright that they happened to pass through those lonely wooded landscapes that the young man, driven by his heroic instincts, resolved to follow them through the mountains.


Protected with the weapons of Vulcan, that raptor fought the beasts of the abyss, vile representations of his ancient errors and reduced them to cosmic dust.


This is how the boy advanced to the domain of the Grail ... (This is how we must advance ...).


KUNDRY, HERODIAS, informs him that his adorable mother has died. Cruel news that plunges him into infinite bitterness impossible to describe in words...


Terrible moment this one; he rushes over the Hetaira like crazy, then falls faint and she immediately helps him with the delicious water of the spring ...


Then comes the tremendous hour: The Gundrigia says terrible things; for everything there is its day and its hour.


It is convenient now to remember that beautiful poem by Don Ramón del Valle Inclán, entitled:




It is the hour of the enigmas,

When the summer afternoon,

From the clouds he sent a kite

On benign pigeons.

It is the hour of the enigmas!


It is the time of the dove:

Follow the flights the gaze

Of a girl. Pink afternoon,

Musical and divine coma.

It's dove time!


It is the hour of the snake:

The devil plucks a gray hair,

The apple falls from the tree

And the glass of a dream breaks.

It is the hour of the snake!


It's chicken hour:

The cemetery has lights,

They cross themselves before the crosses

The blessed women, the wind is dying.

It's chicken time!


It is the hour of the maiden:

Tears, letters and songs,

The air full of orange blossoms,

The blue afternoon, just a star.

It's maiden time!


It's owl time:

The old man deciphers writings,

The mirror suddenly breaks,

The old woman comes out with the cruet.

It's owl time!


It is the hour of the fox:

A vihuela patrols the street,

Carry the old woman to the girl

A ring with a rose.

It is the hour of the fox!


It is time for the banshee:

A witch at the crossroads,

With the excommunicated prayer

She asks the dead man for his chain.

It's time for the banshee!


It's time to morning and evening twilight:

The owl lurks in the pine,

The highwayman on the road,

And in the brothel Satan.

It's twilight time!

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                                                                                                                          CHAPTER V

                                                                                                      AMFORTAS KING OF THE GRAIL


Precious woman for the best born; Devil woman for the abyss found; pearl of the Lord's throne fallen, ineffable rose of fire in Eden grown and leafless by infernal hands; charming swan with alabaster neck in unchaste bacchanal singing ... how much good you have done! and ... how  much bad! Oh my God!


But ... and for the best, now let's talk a little about King Amfortas, successor to old Titurel, who so successfully mocked the Devil's cunning...


The legend of the centuries says and our grandparents know this that the good king had to suffer the unspeakable...


And my goodness! All for them or for her; the original Devil, the prototype of doom and fall, which not even Amfortas, Lord of the Grail, could resist...


And the people who are out there say that the good lord also fell into the arms of a stormy blonde called Herodias, Kundry, Gundrigia and I don't know what else...


The Sovereign wanted to put a limit to the magic enchantments of Klingsor the evil wizard and, you see what happened...


The malign, who by the way has never been a meek sheep, knew how to make good use of such a wonderful opportunity and approaching very quietly to the lustful couple that was wallowing in their bed of pleasures, snatched the sacred spear and with it he wounded the side horribly from Amfortas, then he walked away laughing.


Oh, you, Divine spear, wonderful in your wounds and that everyone is forbidden to seek! –keep saying the old Gurnemanz- it was my eyes, my own eyes, that saw you wielded by the most sacrilegious hand! ...


The king in his retreat was escorted by the old Gurnemanz; but a sore burned in his side: It is the wound of remorse that he will never want to heal! ...


Let us now recite a beautiful poem by Don Ramón del Valle Inclán:




She has the grace of the feline when She walks,

In everything full of deep echoes,

In lips with rapturous enchantment

Her dark mouth tales of Aladdin.


The black, warm, cunning eyes,

Sad of ancient science the smile,

And the flower skirt a breeze

Of Indic and sacred institutes.


She cut off his hand in an eastern garden

The apple of the forbidden tree,

And curled around her breasts, the Serpent.


Decorate the lust of a Sacred sense

 In the transparent darkness

From his eyes, the light is a hiss.



                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VI

                                                                                                              THE WILD AMAZON


Along the lonely path, like wandering ghosts, dejected, hesitant, crestfallen, ragged, the vanquished slowly make their way toward the lake; and when looking at the distant tower of the temple, under a certain opalescent light that dawns in the skies, they slow down, as if they were afraid to arrive ...


Kundry is overcome by weariness and by terrible and dreadful remorse she throws herself on the perfumed earth...


In those moments, the unfortunate procession that leads the king to the holy bath arrives from the castle of the Grail.


The long-suffering monarch has no hard feelings in his aching heart; he fully understands his own mistakes, acknowledges his guilt, and humbly thanks his servant, the woman! the eternal feminine; the monumental Eve of Hebraic Mythology; eternal plaything of goods and evils on earth, according to the use that men make of it.


Such Wagnerian woman, vilely turned into a toy of the evil one, also yearns to support the Divine ideals of the Grail but always falls defeated...


Woman! Amfortas exclaims ... Are you a Demon who vomited hell to open this wound for me? ...


Are you perhaps an angel who descended from Urania to watch over my unfortunate existence? ...


The brave Amazon, the symbolic woman of the Wagnerian drama, a magnificent prototype of all that is most abject and at the same time as the most exalted in the world, is certainly formidable...


His costume is wild and rugged, held high with a belt from which long snake skins hang.


Her black hair miraculously flutters in loose locks of a dark reddish-brown hue.


Charming black eyes shine on her delightful feminine face, sometimes sparkling fiercely and often immobilized with the hideous stiffness of death...


Kundry brings like the Jewish Magdalene, a crystal pommel from exotic Arabia. The King of the Grail certainly needs a precious balm to heal his aching heart...


Blessed be the woman! Blessed are the beings that adore each other! ...


Hermes Trismegistus said: "I give you love in which the entire Summum of wisdom is contained."


To love? How beautiful it is to love! ... Only great souls can and know how to love...


Love begins with a flash of sympathy, is substantiated with the force of affection and is synthesized in adoration...


A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more, and another who loves better...


Love is the best affordable religion...

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Precious woman for the best born; Devil woman for the abyss found; pearl of the Lord's throne fallen, ineffable rose of fire in Eden grown and leafless by infernal hands; charming swan with alabaster neck in unchaste bacchanal singing ... how much good you have done! and ... how  much bad! Oh my God!


But ... and for the best, now let's talk a little about King Amfortas, successor to old Titurel, who so successfully mocked the Devil's cunning...


The legend of the centuries says and our grandparents know this that the good king had to suffer the unspeakable...


And my goodness! All for them or for her; the original Devil, the prototype of doom and fall, which not even Amfortas, Lord of the Grail, could resist...


And the people who are out there say that the good lord also fell into the arms of a stormy blonde called Herodias, Kundry, Gundrigia and I don't know what else...


The Sovereign wanted to put a limit to the magic enchantments of Klingsor the evil wizard and, you see what happened...


The malign, who by the way has never been a meek sheep, knew how to make good use of such a wonderful opportunity and approaching very quietly to the lustful couple that was wallowing in their bed of pleasures, snatched the sacred spear and with it he wounded the side horribly from Amfortas, then he walked away laughing.


Oh, you, Divine spear, wonderful in your wounds and that everyone is forbidden to seek! –keep saying the old Gurnemanz- it was my eyes, my own eyes, that saw you wielded by the most sacrilegious hand! ...


The king in his retreat was escorted by the old Gurnemanz; but a sore burned in his side: It is the wound of remorse that he will never want to heal! ...


Let us now recite a beautiful poem by Don Ramón del Valle Inclán:




She has the grace of the feline when She walks,

In everything full of deep echoes,

In lips with rapturous enchantment

Her dark mouth tales of Aladdin.


The black, warm, cunning eyes,

Sad of ancient science the smile,

And the flower skirt a breeze

Of Indic and sacred institutes.


She cut off his hand in an eastern garden

The apple of the forbidden tree,

And curled around her breasts, the Serpent.


Decorate the lust of a Sacred sense

 In the transparent darkness

From his eyes, the light is a hiss.



                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VI

                                                                                                              THE WILD AMAZON


Along the lonely path, like wandering ghosts, dejected, hesitant, crestfallen, ragged, the vanquished slowly make their way toward the lake; and when looking at the distant tower of the temple, under a certain opalescent light that dawns in the skies, they slow down, as if they were afraid to arrive ...


Kundry is overcome by weariness and by terrible and dreadful remorse she throws herself on the perfumed earth...


In those moments, the unfortunate procession that leads the king to the holy bath arrives from the castle of the Grail.


The long-suffering monarch has no hard feelings in his aching heart; he fully understands his own mistakes, acknowledges his guilt, and humbly thanks his servant, the woman! the eternal feminine; the monumental Eve of Hebraic Mythology; eternal plaything of goods and evils on earth, according to the use that men make of it.


Such Wagnerian woman, vilely turned into a toy of the evil one, also yearns to support the Divine ideals of the Grail but always falls defeated...


Woman! Amfortas exclaims ... Are you a Demon who vomited hell to open this wound for me? ...


Are you perhaps an angel who descended from Urania to watch over my unfortunate existence? ...


The brave Amazon, the symbolic woman of the Wagnerian drama, a magnificent prototype of all that is most abject and at the same time as the most exalted in the world, is certainly formidable...


His costume is wild and rugged, held high with a belt from which long snake skins hang.


Her black hair miraculously flutters in loose locks of a dark reddish-brown hue.


Charming black eyes shine on her delightful feminine face, sometimes sparkling fiercely and often immobilized with the hideous stiffness of death...


Kundry brings like the Jewish Magdalene, a crystal pommel from exotic Arabia. The King of the Grail certainly needs a precious balm to heal his aching heart...


Blessed be the woman! Blessed are the beings that adore each other! ...


Hermes Trismegistus said: "I give you love in which the entire Summum of wisdom is contained."


To love? How beautiful it is to love! ... Only great souls can and know how to love...


Love begins with a flash of sympathy, is substantiated with the force of affection and is synthesized in adoration...


A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more, and another who loves better...


Love is the best affordable religion...

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CHAPTER VAMFORTAS KING OF THE GRAIL Precious woman for the best born; Devil woman for the abyss found; pearl of the Lord's throne fallen, ineffable rose of fire in Eden grown and leafless by infernal hands; charming swan with alabaster neck in unchaste bacchanal singing ... how much good you have done! and ... how much bad! Oh my God! But ... and for the best, now let's talk a little about King Amfortas, successor to old Titurel, who so successfully mocked the Devil's cunning... The legend of the centuries says and our grandparents know this that the good king had to suffer the unspeakable... And my goodness! All for them or for her; the original Devil, the prototype of doom and fall, which not even Amfortas, Lord of the Grail, could resist... And the people who are out there say that the good lord also fell into the arms of a stormy blonde called Herodias, Kundry, Gundrigia and I don't know what else... The Sovereign wanted to put a limit to the magic enchantments of Klingsor the evil wizard and, you see what happened... The malign, who by the way has never been a meek sheep, knew how to make good use of such a wonderful opportunity and approaching very quietly to the lustful couple that was wallowing in their bed of pleasures, snatched the sacred spear and with it he wounded the side horribly from Amfortas, then he walked away laughing. Oh, you, Divine spear, wonderful in your wounds and that everyone is forbidden to seek! –keep saying the old Gurnemanz- it was my eyes, my own eyes, that saw you wielded by the most sacrilegious hand! ... The king in his retreat was escorted by the old Gurnemanz; but a sore burned in his side: It is the wound of remorse that he will never want to heal! ... Let us now recite a beautiful poem by Don Ramón del Valle Inclán: ROSE OF THE EAST She has the grace of the feline when She walks,In everything full of deep echoes,In lips with rapturous enchantmentHer dark mouth tales of Aladdin. The black, warm, cunning eyes,Sad of ancient science the smile,And the flower skirt a breezeOf Indic and sacred institutes. She cut off his hand in an eastern gardenThe apple of the forbidden tree,And curled around her breasts, the Serpent. Decorate the lust of a Sacred sense In the transparent darknessFrom his eyes, the light is a hiss. CHAPTER VI THE WILD AMAZON Along the lonely path, like wandering ghosts, dejected, hesitant, crestfallen, ragged, the vanquished slowly make their way toward the lake; and when looking at the distant tower of the temple, under a certain opalescent light that dawns in the skies, they slow down, as if they were afraid to arrive ... Kundry is overcome by weariness and by terrible and dreadful remorse she throws herself on the perfumed earth... In those moments, the unfortunate procession that leads the king to the holy bath arrives from the castle of the Grail. The long-suffering monarch has no hard feelings in his aching heart; he fully understands his own mistakes, acknowledges his guilt, and humbly thanks his servant, the woman! the eternal feminine; the monumental Eve of Hebraic Mythology; eternal plaything of goods and evils on earth, according to the use that men make of it. Such Wagnerian woman, vilely turned into a toy of the evil one, also yearns to support the Divine ideals of the Grail but always falls defeated... Woman! Amfortas exclaims ... Are you a Demon who vomited hell to open this wound for me? ... Are you perhaps an angel who descended from Urania to watch over my unfortunate existence? ... The brave Amazon, the symbolic woman of the Wagnerian drama, a magnificent prototype of all that is most abject and at the same time as the most exalted in the world, is certainly formidable... His costume is wild and rugged, held high with a belt from which long snake skins hang. Her black hair miraculously flutters in loose locks of a dark reddish-brown hue. Charming black eyes shine on her delightful feminine face, sometimes sparkling fiercely and often immobilized with the hideous stiffness of death... Kundry brings like the Jewish Magdalene, a crystal pommel from exotic Arabia. The King of the Grail certainly needs a precious balm to heal his aching heart... Blessed be the woman! Blessed are the beings that adore each other! ... Hermes Trismegistus said: "I give you love in which the entire Summum of wisdom is contained." To love? How beautiful it is to love! ... Only great souls can and know how to love... Love begins with a flash of sympathy, is substantiated with the force of affection and is synthesized in adoration... A perfect marriage is the union of two beings, one who loves more, and another who loves better... Love is the best affordable religion...
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                                                                                                                  CHAPTER III

                                                                                            THE CHALICE AND THE LANCE


Among the happy singing of the birds, the dawn has streaked, the delight of rosy fingers.


The wise old man Gurnemanz, accompanied by two young squires, sleeps soundly under the enchanting shade of a lush, taciturn tree...


On the ancient and stately side of the castle of the Grail, the solemn trumpet target resounds powerfully, with its formidable notes saluting the pleasant dawn victoriously...


Hearing the glorious and triumphant hymn, the elderly Gurnemanz and his two squires filled with infinite veneration humbly kneel and pray with deep devotion.


When arriving at this sublime part of this chapter, it is convenient to remember that beautiful poem by Don Ramón del Valle Inclán:




Eternal empires! Golden tabernacles!

Keys to the great everything! I pray on your lutes!

Quiet wills! Solemn virtues!

Entrails of the world! Burning ovaries!


Burning rites of celestial hearths!

Sealed fates of the human chorus!

Suns that the norms keep from the Treasury

Demiurgic! Arcane stellar roses!


Heavenly Arcane! Arcane Gnostic

Where the enigmas raised the Trismegistus:

Julian opened up for wanting to read you.


In his empire the schism, and he became antichrist,

Exegete, Gnostic of the pagan sky.

He saw a solar metamorphosis in the Christ.


With majestic steps, two knights arrive from the Grail who, in the vanguard, are cautiously exploring the rough path that Amfortas, the king of such a precious jewel, will follow.


It is ostensible that the high priest of the holy ember has suffered the unspeakable since that fatal day when, unfortunately for him, Klingsor, the black magician, wounded him with a sinister spear thrust.


The august successor of King Titurel comes earlier than usual to take his bath in the sacred pool of the lake.


The venerable lord urgently needs relief from the tremendous pains that afflict him since, unfortunately for him, he received the mortal thrown...


Gods and humans know well about KLINGSOR and its nefarious dark arts.


The evil shadow personage not only snatched the sacred spear from the hands of Amfortas, the king of the Grail, but also struck him in the side with it.


Ah! ... if people understood all this ... if they understood the deep meaning of the spear ...


In all this it is evident that there is pure sexuality; transcendent phallism; eroticism.


It is unquestionable that the GNOSTIC-ESOTERIC spear of the Grail and that other, that of the magical pacts held by Wotan, they are deep down basically the same, the emblem of the male sexual force, the PHALUS...


A great sage said: "Up to a certain point, the logs or tables of the law, where Moses wrote the precepts of the Decalogue at the command of Jehovah, are but a double spear of the Runes, on whose phallic meaning we cannot stop, but that can be seen in detail in the second volume of ISIS UNVEILED  ".


The double use of the sacred spear is written in characters of fire in the great Book of Cosmic Wisdom; It is indubitable that horribly wounded the Lord's side and that blood and water flowed from his wound. It is obvious that the wound on Amfortas's side healed.


Explanations?.. Patience dear reader, now we are only laying down principles; in future chapters we will go to the bottom...


Enigmas? Yes! and many ... as serious as those of the Holy Grail, the female YONI, the cup, the female sexual organs ...


There are so many traditions of the Holy Grail ... out there among the old medieval books there is a lyrical stanza that says:


"Father, father of my life,

for that of the Holy Grail,

give me your license

for the Count to go find ".


We are told that the great Chalice was held by Abraham; We are informed that MELCHIZEDEK, the Genius of the earth or Changam -as he is also called-, took hi from the country of Semiramis to the fertile land of Canaan; This happened at that time when our planetary ruler started some foundations, in the blessed place where Jerusalem was later the beloved city of the prophets.


Ancient traditions that are lost in the night of the centuries, affirm that MELCHIZEDEK used it liturgically when he celebrated the sacrifice in which he offered the bread and wine of the transubstantiation in the presence of Abraham and that he left it to that Patriarch.


Some very old legends emphatically assure that this Divine vessel was also in Noah's ark.


It is worth assuring that this revered relic was taken to Egypt and that Moses possessed it.


It was made of a very unique material, compact like that of a bell, and frankly it did not have the appearance of having been worked like metals; rather it seemed to be the product of some kind of vegetation.


The Queen of Sheba subjected King Solomon to many tests before making him the depository of such a sublime relic.


The Great KABIR JESUS the CHRIST, had it in his power when he celebrated the Last Supper and in such a vessel he drank the wine of the Holy Eucharist.


The Roman senator Joseph of Arimathea, at the foot of the cross on Calvary, collected in that cup the purplish drops of blood that flowed from the wounds of the Adorable...


Traditions say that the aforementioned senator, intelligent and wise as anyone, knew how to secretly keep such a precious treasure...


The price of his sacred zeal was very expensive, because when that man refused to hand over the sacrosanct vessel and the spear of Longinus to the Roman police, he was then taken prisoner...


Many years later, Joseph of Arimathea, now free, carrying the holy relics, went to Rome in search of Christians, more seeing the persecutions that existed there, he continued his way through the Mediterranean regions...


Ancient scriptures say that one night in a dream the old Senator was visited by an Angel who told him: "That Vessel has a very great magnetic power, because in it is contained the blood of the world's redeemer, bury it there."


"Then that old man saw the temple of Montserrat in Catalonia, Spain"...


Joseph of Arimathea concluded his terrible mission by keeping these archaic relics in such a temple...


What happened next ... the Initiates know; today the castle of Montsalvat, in which the temple is located, and part of the mountain of Montserrat entered a state of "JINAS", (fifth dimension) they were hidden from the sight of the profane.


In vain the crusader knights searched the holy land for the Holy Grail; as a souvenir of those efforts, the silver cup that is given to the Olympic champions is still preserved.



                                                                                                               CHAPTER IV

                                                                                               KLINGSOR THE BLACK WIZARD


In the exotic corner of the cozy valley, very close to the sacred land of the Mohammedans, the legends say that KLINGSOR, the evil wizard, lived in terrible solitude...


I certainly do not know, "says old Titurel," what his sins were, but there he wanted to be penitent and holy.


Wrong-Sincere and full of good intentions, powerless to end lust, he wielded the murdering knife and he hideously castrated, or mutilated himself.


Tells the pious hero Titurel, who knew Klingsor and his dark arts very well, tells how the unhappy penitent of evil then stretched out his bloody supplicating hands towards the Grail; but it is obvious that he was then indignantly rejected by the guardian.


Feeling disowned by the Knights of the Holy Grail? And after having mutilated with the "healthy" purpose of eliminating animal passions? How awful! My God!...


In the fury of his terrible and painful spite, impossible to describe in words, the eunuch of darkness searched for the weapon of revenge and it is unquestionable that he found it.


Titurel, the voice of the past, says that the tenebrous one then transformed that wasteland of a frustrated penitent into a wizarding garden of voluptuous sexual delights and that beautiful exquisitely evil women lived in it.


There, secretly, in the mansion of delights, -said the old King Titurel-, the evil wizard awaits the knights of the Grail to drag them delicately to lust and infernal sorrows...


He who allows himself to be seduced is his victim, says the old monarch, and many of us managed to lead to the path of perdition.

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                                                                                                             CHAPTER I

                                                                                                        THE PARSIFAL


Much has been written in life, more is necessary to deepen...


We are now going to unveil PARSIFAL, the masterpiece of RICHARD WAGNER, with great wisdom and great success. May the gods help us! ...


The muses know well that this adamantine work of the great Master is something apart and exceptional in the dramatic WAGNERIAN.


The verb of the Master flows there deliciously like a river of gold under the thick forest of the sun.


Of Parsifal one could say emphatically what Goethe said of his second FAUST: "I have accumulated in him great mysteries and difficult problems, which future generations will be busy deciphering."


Certainly, and in the name of truth, I must confess that I am neither the first nor the last to deal with PARSIFAL...


However, it is ostensible that I am the first to uncover the truth enclosed within the august Mysteries of Parsifal.


Don Mario Roso de Luna, the famous Theosophical writer has said: "In Parsifal, Wagner's thought seems veiled with intent; In fact, and to extract the meaning of certain philosophical allusions, when it is achieved, we have to do a great deal of work of divination and mental concentration, because in this work, as in a nightmare, we find the most diverse elements confused: high questions of philosophy, biblical and oriental memories, mysticisms, orthodoxy, vestiges of Catholic worship, pagan rituals, necromancy, sleepwalking and hypnotism, medieval chivalric practices, ecstasy, asceticism, piety, redemption, affinities of material nature with the human soul, love in its most clumsiest sense, love in its purest sense "...

Clearly, it stands out with complete meridian clarity that WAGNER was a great INITIATE, a background esoteric, a true enlightened...


In Wagner's Parsifal there is science, philosophy, art and religion ... New Doctor Faust, this great musician seems to have scrutinized ancient religious scriptures...


What amazes me the most is something tremendous ... I want to refer emphatically to INNATE MAGIC: Where did he get it from? Who taught it to him? In what school did he learn it?


Then comes the development of Drama with a TRADITIONAL MAGISM of background ... greater mysteries that the common people do not understand.


Penetrating that archaic occultism, delving into the CHRISTIC MYSTERIES, examining the ESOTERIC BUDDHISM contained in that WAGNERIAN gospel, is precisely what we intend in this book.


It is obvious that many PSEUDO-ESOTERISTS are going to be scandalize by our revelations.


It is unquestionable that many sincere misguided people full of good intentions, indignant, will tear their clothes speaking against us GNOSTICS, horrible things...


And it is that PARSIFAL always provokes tremendous discussions; It is obvious that the children of darkness hate the light.


Let us remember that PARSIFAL was presented in all the best theaters in Europe, precisely on January 1, 1914 and this invites us to meditate.


"Only because of the outbreak of the First World War and the simultaneous premiere of PARSIFAL throughout the cultured world, will the year 1914 be memorable in the fasti of humanity."


If Wagner had not forbidden the staging of his MAGNUS OPUS outside of BAYREUTH, it is unquestionable that the world would have known it sooner.


Fortunately, and for the good of the GREAT WORK OF THE FATHER, the will of the immortal musician could not be fulfilled, because on it are the international treaties related to intellectual property; It is evident that in Germany the legal protection of works ends thirty years after the death of the author.


Since the well-known thirty years were fulfilled on January 1, 1914, the intellectual property of PARSIFAL prescribed and then the world could know that masterful work.


1914 mysterious for ... PARSIFAL and the FIRST WORLD WAR. It is indubitable that the WAGNERIAN gospel resounds on the battlefields, it is catastrophic, terrible, it shines glorious amidst the tempest of all exclusivism...



                                                                                                             CHAPTER II

                                                                                      THE KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY GRAIL


Let's enter the scene: We can and must locate the place of the action in the ineffable blue mountains of the north; in Gothic Spain...


It is unquestionable that precisely there and nowhere else, Wagner saw the domains and the castle of Montsalvat, occupied by the sublime Knights Templar, terrible custodians of the Holy Grail.


It is written in fiery characters in the great book of nature, the Law of Contrasts.


It is obvious that the limit of light is darkness; the shadow of every sanctuary of glory is always a tenebrous den.


It is therefore not in any way strange that right there on the southern slope of the same mountain, looking towards Arab Spain, there is also the enchanted castle of the necromancer Klingsor...


Don Mario Roso de Luna, the notable theosophical writer, says: "The vestments of the Knights of the Grail and their squires are white tunics and cloaks, similar to those of the Templars, but instead of the red TAU of these, they show a dove in flight hovered in the arms and embroidered in the cloaks ".


The place in the scene, more than gloomy, is certainly quite severe and mysterious...


The austere terrain, inevitably rocky, according to the Initiatic traditions, shines in the center with a very clear space.


Any enlightened person can see to the left, the painful path that leads to the castle of the Holy Grail.


In the background the land slopes delightfully towards a sacred mountain lake...


The sacred pool, the Initiatic lake of the representation of the mysteries, the eternal scene of every temple, as is still seen in the current Hindustani sanctuaries, could not be absent in those domains of the Holy Grail.


"After the sun and its fire, that is, its fertile awakening vibrations of life in all areas of the planet, water, the earthly feminine element, the Great Mother or nurturing Cow, is the very basis of life, symbolized in all the theogonies with a thousand lunar names: IO, Maya, Isis, Diana, Lucina, Ataecina, Calquihuitl, and so many more "...


It is obvious, and everyone knows it, that in this our world, the fluid crystalline element always appears under two opposing aspects; I want to refer to the static and the dynamic.


It is worth remembering the deep and delicious lake always peaceful and the stormy river...


The calm lake state invites us to reflect ... in reality the water is never more active than when it is shown to us in the calm fountain.


Entering, then, in this subject of deep meditation, we notice, for the moment, that the legitimate concept of "LAKE" can and even must be expanded philosophically in a deep esoteric way.


It is convenient to know with complete clarity that from such static, spermatic, genesic or lacustrine waters, comes the splendid substantial hieroglyph of the eternal zero...


It is urgent to understand that from the dynamic or fertilizing waters of the stormy river, the double line of Aquarius arises as if by enchantment, the hieroglyphic initial of the letter M with which the eternal feminine element is designated everywhere: Mother, Mater, Mama, Maria, Maya, Mar.


The straight line of the singing stream, daringly crossing the peaceful lake, comes to form the primitive hieroglyph of IO, that is, the holy IO, the  foundation of our decimal system.


This comes to remind us of the terribly divine symbols of SHIVA, the Holy Spirit: The Lingam embedded in the Yoni.


It is full of deep significance in the Christian gospel, the concrete fact that in the most extraordinary moments of the preaching of the Great KABIR JESUS, the LAKE and the SEA play a formidable and mysterious role...


The gospel speaks clearly and tells us that when JESUS began his mission, he went to Capernaum, a maritime city in Galilee, of which the prophet Isaiah had wisely said: "People who were in darkness saw a great light, and light he was born to those who dwelt on earth in the shadow of death." (Matthew IV, 16).


As the great KABIR then went along the shore of the Sea of Galilee, he took the fishermen Peter and Andrew as his first disciples, "to make them fishers of men."


When the Baptist was beheaded, the Great KABIR retired in a boat to a deserted and secluded place, that is, to the land of the JINAS, where the extraordinary and astonishing miracle of the five loaves and the two fishes with the hungry crowds, of which no less than five thousand men ate, not counting women and children, and there were also twelve baskets full of pieces left over. (Ibid. XIV, 15-21). ( it is now know that was such a kind a manna from heaven)


It would therefore be something more than impossible that in the domain of the castle of Montsalvat, the sacred lake of the great archaic mysteries were missing.


Esoteric water itself is the ENS SEMINIS of the old Medieval Alchemists within which is the ENS VIRTUTIS of fire.

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                                                                                                                     CHAPTER 46

                                                                                                                     RUNE GIBUR


Those baked earth discs or coins, very abundant in the marvelous ruins of old Troy, are full of JAIN or SWASTIC crosses.


All this invites us to think that the people of SHEKELMESHA, although related to the ATLATEANS, also carried an ARIA yeast in their veins, just like the famous Yucatecan peoples.


We should have remembered that the Aryans began more than a million years ago. The first of the three ATLANTIC catastrophes dates back 800,000 years and the last as we have already said in our happened about 11,000 years ago.


The SWASTIC is a deeply significant ESOTERIC symbol.


Said Ineffable sign shines in effect on the head of the great serpent of VISHNÚ, the SHESTA-ANANTA of the thousand heads that inhabit PATALA or the lower region.


If we study this question in depth, we come to show that all ancient peoples always put the SWASTIC at the head of their religious emblems because it is Thor's hammer, the magic weapon forged by the pygmies against the giants or Pre-cosmic Titanic forces opposed to the Law of Universal Harmony.


The sacred SWASTIC is therefore the hammer that produces the storms that the ASES or Celestial Lords use.


In the MACROCOSMOS, its arms bent at right angles express clearly and without the slightest doubt, the incessant EVOLUTIONS and INVOLUTIONS of the seven cosmos.


The SWASTIC in the MICROCOSMIC represents the man with the right arm pointing to the sky and the Left to the earth.


The SWASTIKA is an ALKYMIC, COSMOGONIC and ANTHROPOGONIC sign, under seven different interpretative keys. It is therefore finally as a symbol of the TRANSCENDENT ELECTRICITY, the ALPHA and the OMEGA of the UNIVERSAL SEXUAL FORCE, from Spirit to Matter, and for it, whoever comes to encompass all its mystical meaning is free from MAYA (ILLUSION).


Without any doubt the SWASTIKA is the electric windlass of physicists; within it are contained all the mysteries of the LINGAM-YONI.


The Swastika in itself is a CROSS in moviment; SEX-YOGA, MAITHUNA, SEXUAL-MAGIC.


The GNOSTICS know very well that in the ENS SEMINIS contained in the sexual endocrine glands is the "WATER OF LIFE", the "SOURCE OF IMMORTALITY", THE "ELIXIR OF LONG LIFE", the "NECTAR OF SPIRITUALITY".


The INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION lies exclusively in the marrow and the semen, and everything that does not goes by there is unfortunately wasting time.


Everyone would like to immerse themselves in the current of sound to achieve FINAL LIBERATION, but truly, truly I tell you that if you are not born again you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


That of being born in the SANCTUM REGNUM actually belongs to the Mysteries of the Cross, to the SWASTIKA.


In MEXICO AZTEC the GOD of life wears the SWASTIKA cross on his forehead and the priests had it as an ornament on their sacred vestments.


It is obvious that without the SEXUAL ALKYMY, without the electric windlass, without the sacred mysteries of the SWASTIKA, the INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION, the SECOND BIRTH of which the great KABIR JESUS spoke to the RABBIN NICODEMUS, it is something more than impossible.


In the ZEN BUDDHISM of JAPAN, the onion with its different superimposed layers, symbolizes the human being with its subtle bodies. In the western world, different schools of the PSEUDO-ESOTERIC and PSEUDO-OCCULTIST type study such supersensitive vehicles.


ZEN monks emphasize the need to disintegrate, to dust such subtle bodies in order to achieve final liberation.


The ZEN philosophy conceives that these subtle organisms are simple thought forms that must be dissolved.


It is evident that those internal bodies studied by Mister LEADBEATER, ANNIE BESANT and many other authors, are LUNAR vehicles, PROTOPLASMATIC bodies that evolve to a certain point perfectly defined by nature and then rush down the INVOLUTIONARY path until returning to the original starting point.


The LUNAR BODIES obviously have a beginning and an end. The ZEN monks are therefore not wrong when they try to dissolve them.


But we go a little further; Let's talk about TO SOMA HELIAKON, the wedding garment of the soul, the body of the SOLAR MAN.


Remember the Gospel parable of the wedding feast. When the king came in to see the guests and saw a man there who was not dressed as a wedding, he said, "Friend, how did you get in here without being dressed as a wedding?" It is clear that he was silent, in no way was he prepared for the answer.


Terrible was that moment when the king ordered to tie his hands and feet and throw him into the darkness outside where only the crying and gnashing of teeth can be heard.


That the different SOLAR BODIES inter-penetrating each other constitute the wedding garment of the soul, is something that should not surprise us.


The fundamental thing, the cardinal thing, is to manufacture the SOLAR BODIES and this is only possible by transmuting the SEXUAL HYDROGEN B-12.


It is obvious that by means of incessant sexual transmutations we can condense the HYDROGEN of SEX in the splendid and marvelous form of the SOLAR ASTRAL BODY.


It is evident that by working with the windlass of the physicists in the forging of the CYCLOPES (SEX), we can crystallize the SEXUAL HYDROGEN in the paradisiacal body of the SOLAR MIND.


It is pathetic that by working to the maximum in the NINTH SPHERE, we can and must give shape to the SOLAR BODY of CONSCIOUS WILL.


Only in this way through these ALKYMIC crystallizations can we INCARNATE the DIVINE SPIRIT in us.


Only in this way working with the mysteries of the SACRED SWASTICA do we arrive at the SECOND BIRTH.


The absolute ignorance of these principles enunciated, leads thousands of mystical students to the most serious errors.


Ignoring these fundamental postulates of GNOSTICISM is very serious because it results in the bottleneck of intelligence in different dogmas and theories that are sometimes charming and fascinating, but absurd and stupid when we really examine them in the light of the TERTIUM ORGANUM (The third Canon of thought).


MAX HEINDEL thinks that the Wedding Suit of the Soul, the "SOMA PUCHICON" is exclusively constituted by the two superior ethers of the vital body or LINGAN SARIRA of the Hindustani.


This author believes that by increasing the volume of these two higher ethers, the SOMA PUCHICON is achieved.


The concept is very nice but false; such ethers are not everything; it is urgent to manufacture the SUPERIOR EXISTENTIAL BODIES OF THE BEING, that is, the SOLAR vehicles, if we really want to reach the SECOND BIRTH.


In no way could the SOLAR BODIES, the wedding garment of the soul, be manufactured without the sexual mysteries of the RUNE GIBUR.


This RUNE is the letter of Masonry, it is a pity that the MM have not understood the deep significance of this mysterious letter.


The is the SWASTIC cross, the AMEN, the wonderful ending to all prayers.


is also the GOTT or GOD. It is good to know that GIBRALTAR was previously called GIBURALTAR, that is to say: Altar, ARA of Divine Life, of GIBUR.


And people forgot about the runic practices but RUNE-CROSS still has not been forgotten fortunately.


Tracing with the thumb, index and middle fingers the sacred sign SWASTIKA, we can defend ourselves from the dark powers, before the SWASTIKA the columns of demons flee.


It is written in previous chapters and we will not tire of repeating it: "WHOEVER WANTS TO COME AFTER ME, DENY THEMSELVES, TAKE YOUR CROSS and FOLLOW ME."


PETER crucified with his head down, towards the hard stone and his feet raised vertically, invites us to go down to the forge of CYCLOPES, to the NINTH SPHERE, to work with FIRE and WATER, origin of worlds, beasts, men and gods; every authentic WHITE INITIATION begins there.


Protest against the SEXUAL ALKYMY of the SWASTIKA, the INFRASEXUALS, the degenerates, the declared enemies of the THIRD LOGOS.


If someone tells you that it is possible to achieve SELF-REALIZATION without the Holy Cross, without the sexual intercourse of two people (positive. negative poles), tell him that he is lying.


If someone tells you that it is necessary to spill the GLASS OF HERMES and that this is not the least important, tell them that they are lying.


Oh! Of you, the SODOMITES, the Infra-sexual, the enemies of the opposite sex; for those ... it will only be crying and gnashing of teeth.


Oh! of those who call themselves Christians and who carry the cross on their chest and hanging around their neck, but who hate MAITHUNA, SEX-YOGA; for those hypocritical Pharisees there will only be weeping and despair.


Oh! Oh! Oh!








Practice these RUNES in order; start your RUNIC exercises on March 21; Dedicate as much time as you wish to each RUNE.



Remember that all those who betrayed us before were actually tremendous sycophants.


I want you to resolve to die radically at all levels of the mind.



Many complain that they cannot go out at will in the ASTRAL BODY; that those awaken CONSCIOUSNESS. When one wakes up, the ASTRAL exit is no longer a problem.


Don't make the mistake of reading this book like someone reading a newspaper. Study it deeply for many years, live it, put it into practice.


Those who complain because they do not achieve ILLUMINATION, I advise patience and serenity.


The ILLUMINATION comes to us when we dissolve the PLURALIZED EGO, when we have REALLY died in the forty-nine regions of the SUBCONSCIOUS.


Those who are coveting hidden powers; those who use MAITHUNA as a pretext to seduce women, will enter the INVOLUTION SUBMERGED IN THE WORLDS-HELLS.


Work with the THREE FACTORS of the REVOLUTION OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS in an orderly and perfect way.


Do not make the mistake of adulterating and fornicating. Abandon the butterfly those who live butterflying from flower to flower, from School to School, are in reality safe candidates for the abyss and the second death.


Abandon all SELF-JUSTIFICATION and SELF-CONSIDERATION,  if you really want to die radically; Only then will you achieve ILLUMINATION.


Start from ZERO beloved ones; abandon MYSTICAL PRIDE, MYTHOMANIA, the tendency to consider yourselves SUPER-TRANSCENDED.


Only in this way, by taking an inventory of yourself, can you know what you really are.


In truth you only have the LUNAR BODIES and the ANIMAL EGO,  Your SOUL, the ESSENCE is bottled up, asleep between the EGO; So what do you base mystical pride on ?


Be humble in order to achieve Wisdom and, after reaching it, be even more humble. "Whoever wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross and follow me."





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                                                                                                                        CHAPTER 45

                                                                                                      THE DREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS


Beloved Gnostic disciples: With much effort and great love we have reached the penultimate chapter of this "Christmas Message 1968-1969" and it is for the good of the Great Cause to eliminate certain weeds that obstruct the way.


In all this there is something too serious: I want to refer emphatically to the dream of CONSCIOUSNESS.


The gospels insist on the need to AWAKE UP but unfortunately people assume that they are awake.


To make matters worse, there is a certain class of very psychic subjects out there, by the way, who not only sleep but also dream that they are awake.


This class of people call themselves "so-called" seers and are too dangerous because they project their dreams, hallucinations and follies on others; Those are precisely the ones who indulge in other crimes that they have not committed and destroy the homes of others.


It is obvious to understand that we are not speaking against the legitimate clairvoyants, we are only referring now to the hallucinated, to those sincerely mistaken ones who dream of being awake.


With deep sorrow we have been able to show that the esoteric failure is really due to the sleeping CONSCIOUSNESS.


Many sincere Gnostic devotees and lovers of TRUTH really fail because of that sorry state of dormant CONSCIOUSNESS.


In ancient times, only the GREAT ARCANE, the MAITHUNA, the SEX-YOGA, were taught to neophytes who AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS; the HEROPHANTS knew very well that the sleeping disciples, sooner or later abandon their work in the NINTH SPHERE.


And the worst of the case is that those failures are SELF-DECEIVED by thinking the best of themselves. They almost always fall like harlots into the arms of some new little school that offers them some kind of consolation and then they pronounce phrases such as the following: "I do not continue with the Gnostic teachings because they require a partner and this is up to oneself, liberation, work is something that you have to look for alone ".


Naturally, all these words of SELF-COMFORT and SELF-CONSIDERATION are only intended for SELF-JUSTIFICATION itself.


If these poor people had AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS, they would show their mistake, they would understand that they were not made alone, that they had a father and a mother, that there was intercourse that gave them life.


If those poor people had AWAKENED CONSCIOUSNESS, they would verify for themselves that as it is above, it is below and vice versa; They would directly experience their crude reality, they would fully realize the lamentable state in which they are; They would understand the need of the MAITHUNA to manufacture the SOLAR BODIES, the wedding garment of the soul and thus achieve that SECOND BIRTH of which the GREAT KABIR JESUS spoke to the RABBIN NICODEMUS.


But such sampler of wisdom sleep and are not really capable of verifying for themselves that they are dressed in PROTOPLASMATIC BODIES, in LUNAR rags.


The dreamers, the sleepers that supposes to be awake, not only harm themselves but also cause serious harm to their fellow men.


I believe that the sincere mistaken, the one asleep who dreams of being awake, the MYTHOMANIAC who thinks himself SUPER-TRANSCENDED, the hallucinated person who qualifies as ENLIGHTENED, in truth can and usually does much more damage to humanity than the one who never in his life he has entered our studies.


We are speaking very harsh language; However, you can be sure, dear reader, that many asleep, hallucinated, when reading these lines instead of stopping for a moment to reflect, correct and rectify, they will only look for a way to appropriate my words with the evident purpose of documenting their follies.


Unfortunately for this poor human anthill, the poor people have inside a terrible secretary who misinterprets the GNOSTIC teachings, I want to refer to the PLURALIZED EGO.


The most COMIC of MEPHISTOPHELES is the way he disguises himself as SAINT; it is clear that the EGO likes to be placed on altars and worshiped.


It is pathetic, obvious, to understand in depth, that as long as the CONSCIENCE continues to be bottled between the PLURALIZED SELF, it will not only sleep but what is worse, it will sometimes have the bad taste of dreaming that it is awake.


The worst kind of insanity results from the combination of MYTHOMANIA with hallucinations.


The type of the MYTHOMANIAC is the one who boasts of GOD, who feels SUPER-TRANSCENDED, who wants the whole world to adore him.


This kind of subject to studying this chapter will accommodate my words to others and think about themselves that they already dissolved the EGO even have it more robust than a gorilla.


When a SLEEPING MYTHOMANIAC works in the FORGE of the CYCLOPES, you can be very sure that very soon he will leave the work saying: I have already achieved the Second Birth; I am liberated; I have renounced NIRVANA for the love of humanity, I am a GOD.


In our beloved Gnostic Movement we have been able to see very ugly things; it is frightening to see the MYTHOMANIACS, the hallucinated sleepers prophesying madness, slandering others, describing others as BLACK WIZARDS, etc. That is dreadful.


Devils judging devils! All those paragons of perfection do not want to realize that in this painful world in which we live; it is almost impossible to ever find a saint.


Every magician is more or less black, in no way can one be white while the devil, the PLURALIZED SELF, The Ego is embedded within the body.


That of going around saying that so-and-so he is fallen is certainly a joke in very bad taste because in this world all people are fallen.


That of slandering others and destroying homes with false prophecies is typical of hallucinated people, of people who dream that they are awake.


If anyone really wants to SELF-WAKE UP, then let them resolve to die from moment to moment; that you practice deep meditation, that you free yourself from the mind, that you work with the Runes as we have taught them in this book;


Here I constantly receive letters from many asleep who say: My wife, or so-and-so, etc. he is highly evolved, he is too old a soul, etc.


Those poor sleepers who speak like this think that time and EVOLUTION can AWAKEN THEM, SELF-REALIZE THEM, and lead them to FINAL LIBERATION. Those people do not want to understand that EVOLUTION and its twin sister INVOLUTION are exclusively two mechanical laws of nature that work in a harmonious and coordinated way in everything created.


When one AWAKES CONSCIOUSNESS, one understands the need to emancipate oneself from these two laws and to enter the path of REVOLUTION.


We want AWAKE, firm, revolutionary people; in no way do we accept incoherent, vague, imprecise, tasteless, odorless phrases, etc.


We must live alert and vigilant like the lookout in times of war. We want people who work with the three factors of the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


We regret so many cases of sincere mistaken sleeping that only work with a single factor many times misused unfortunately.


We need to understand what we are; poor sleeping ones, machines  controlled by the EGO

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                                                                                                                          CHAPTER 44

                                                                                                                 THE FINAL LIBERATION


In the name of TRUTH we have to affirm the necessity of RENUNCIATION. We need to go through the GREAT DEATH and this is only possible by totally freeing ourselves from the mind.


When nature has been radically dominated, OMNIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE naturally come.


When the SELF-REALIZED GNOSTIC still renounces the ideas of OMNIPOTENCE and OMNISCIENCE, the destruction of the true seed of evil ensues, that which after each PRALAYA, (COSMIC NIGHT), brings us back to the MAHAMVANTARA (COSMIC DAY).


It is obvious that everyone who has achieved INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION has the right to live in NIRVANA, but if he renounces such happiness, he will continue on the direct path that leads us to the ABSOLUTE.


However, it is clear that there are many laterals and tempting GODS much more dangerous than human beings.


They tempt us not out of wickedness, nor out of jealousy, nor out of fear of losing their place as some Eastern authors mistakenly suppose, but out of compassion.


As I write this chapter, something very interesting comes to my mind:


One day after having made a new Nirvanic Renunciation, found myself happy in my seventh principle (ATMAN) on the beautiful rooftop of an ineffable mansion.


It is clear that I was in NIRVANA, the region of the DHARMASATYAS, the WORLD OF GODS.


Suddenly, floating in the sacred space, many blessed NIRVANIS came close to me.


It was certainly worthy of admiration and to see those ineffable beings dressed in their robes of DHARMASATYAS.


A seeing them could verify by direct experience that these beings were living flames three wicks and that these in if they are immortal.


At last one of those ineffable spoke to me: "Why, my brother, have you gone down that narrow, bitter and long road? Stay with us here in NIRVANA; we are all very happy."


Men could not with their temptations, much less you the GODS; I'm going for the ABSOLUTE. This was my answer. Then I left that beautiful place with a firm and determined step.


The GNOSTICS who do not achieve absolute perfection die and become GODS: they make the mistake of abandoning the great direct path, they undertake the side paths and acquire many powers, but then it is clear that they need to reincarnate again to enter the direct path again which will lead them to the ABSOLUTE.


It is essential to prevent the mental content from taking various forms in order to achieve absolute stillness of the mind.


Direct knowledge gives us beautiful qualities, but whoever walks the direct path should not be attached to such virtues.


Obtaining PSYCHIC powers never leads to any liberation. It is nothing more than a search for vain joys.


Possession of hidden powers only intensifies worldliness in us and ultimately makes existence more  bitter.


Many souls, although they have achieved almost total LIBERATION, fail because they cannot absolutely renounce all hidden powers. These beings immerse themselves in nature for a time, to emerge again as owners, masters, lords.


There are thousands of GODS of this kind, they are DIVINE, ineffable, but they have no right to enter the ABSOLUTE.


There are many SELF-REALIZED immersed in nature, those are certainly brothers who have stopped on this side of perfection and who, prevented for some time from reaching the end, continue to govern this or that part of the Universe.


The HOLY GODS certainly correspond to certain higher functions of nature, which are assumed by different souls, but in truth they have not yet achieved final liberation.


Only by renouncing the idea of becoming GODS, ruling KALPAS (CYCLES), can we achieve absolute radical liberation.


Success is soon for the one who is extremely energetic. We need to be ruthless to ourselves.


It is urgent to give up and die from moment to moment. Only on the basis of many renunciations and deaths, we can enter the ABSOLUTE.


I speak to human beings based on direct experience. I AM an AVATAR of ISHVARA.


Truly ISHVARA (THE SUPREME MASTER) is a very special PURUSHA, free from sufferings, actions, results and desires.


Imagine the UNIVERSAL SPIRIT OF LIFE as an ocean without beaches; without shore; think for a moment of some wave that arises to get lost again among the liquid element, such a diamond wave would then be ISHVARA.


BRAHMAN the ocean of the SPIRIT manifests as ISHVARA, the MASTER of MASTERS, The ruler of the Universe.


In him this omniscience becomes infinite, which in others exists only in germ.


He is the MASTER, even for the old Masters, never being limited by time; the word that manifests it is AOM.


And he came to me ISHVARA - he told me: - "messages, brochures and TIJITLIS".


Lord! I exclaimed: and what does this word TIJITLIS mean? "To form the world salvation army, the Gnostic Movement, etc ". Thus said the Lord and I understood.


ISHVARA is the true prototype of perfection, it is certainly far beyond the body, the mind and the affections.


However, dearly beloved GNOSTICS, in truth I tell you that you must first reach the Second birth, die in yourself and give even the last drop of blood for suffering humanity.


Only in this way can you tread that path of JOHN, that direct path that will take you to the ABSOLUTE, beyond men and GODS.


Do not make the mistake of waiting for the law of EVOLUTION to lead you to final liberation.


This direct path is only possible through incessant intimate REVOLUTIONS.


Now you are just IMITATUS, you must become ADEPTUS before starting to scale the three triangles.


The Angels, Archangels and Principalities, constitute the first triangle. Powers, Virtues and Dominations, personify the second triangle: Thrones, Cherubim and Seraphim, personify the third triangle.


Far beyond the three ineffable triangles is That which has no name. That which is not of time, the ABSOLUTE.

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                                                                                                                          CHAPTER 43

                                                                                                                            RUNA LAF


I was still very young and her name was URANIA, one of those many nights, no matter which one, I left the physical body for a while.


How happy I felt outside the dense body !; there is no greater pleasure than that of feeling the soul detached, the past and the future then become an eternal now.


Penetrating the PARALLEL UNIVERSES is relatively easy when you have AWAKENING CONSCIOUSNESS.


In the PARALLEL UNIVERSE of the FIFTH DIMENSION I felt the intimate need to invoke a Master and I cried out with a great voice calling, pleading, asking.


For an instant it seemed as if the whole universe was transformed, such is the force of the verb.


The silver cord has the power to lengthen infinitely, so souls can travel freely through starry space.


And I traveled a lot and got to the Temple. When, full of ecstasy, I advanced along the mysterious path that leads the INITIATES to the gates of the Most Holy place, I was unexpectedly attacked by a great beast, by a Mithraic bull, terrifying in a great way.


Without bragging about being brave, I tell you dear reader that I did not feel fear; I confronted the animal in a resolute way and, daring, I took him by the horns, then managed to throw him on the ground.


However, in those precise moments something unusual happened; an iron chain fell before my astonished conscience and the terrible animal disappeared as if by enchantment.


I understood everything intuitively in those moments; it is clear, I needed to free myself, break enslaving chains, eliminate the animal EGO.


Then, I continued on my way and entered through the doors of the Temple. I was inebriate by an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness; I certainly wouldn't trade those moments for all the gold in the world.


What happened later, the GODS know well and now I relate it to men.


I saw the chariot of the centuries; this was carried by three Masters of the WHITE LODGE; a venerable old man was in that Mystery car.


How to forget that face? That continent? That one trace? So sublime perfection?


That forehead of the old man was certainly tall and majestic; his straight and perfect nose; her thin and delicate lips; his small and collected ear; his white beard haloed with light; her pristine white hair fell softly to his shoulders.


It is obvious that I could not stop asking, the case was terribly divine, formidable.


"This is called PETER" answered one of the HIEROPHANTS who was driving the chariot of the centuries.


So ... oh my Gosh! I prostrated myself on the ground before this ancient man of the centuries and he, full of infinite love and compassion, blessed me speaking in a sacred language.


Since then I have reflected a lot and I will never regret having taught humanity the GOSPEL OF PETER, MAITHUNA, SEX-YOGA.


And PATAR, PETER says, "Behold, I place in Zion the chief corner stone, chosen, precious."


For you then, who believe, he is precious; but for those who do not believe, the STONE that the builders rejected has become the head of the corner. "Stone of stumbling block and rock of scandal".


But then what about the Holy GRAIL? Isn't it the same INITIATIC STONE?


The GRAIL is a precious stone, brought to earth by the Angels and entrusted with its custody to an Initiatic Fraternity called one of the custodians of the GRAIL.


Here we are, then, with the STONE OF JACOB, the SACRED STONE, of the Scottish LIAFAIL, the CUBIC STONE OF JESOD located by the Hebraic KABALISTS in the SEX.


The legitimate text of WOLFRAM of ESCHENBACH relative to the HOLY STONE and the white brotherhood that wisely custody it, is in effect, as follows:


"Those heroes are animated by a stone. Do you not know its august and pure essence? It is called a lapis-electrix (MAGNES); by it all marvels (MAGIC) can be realized.


She, like the phoenix that falls into the flames, is reborn from her own ashes, since in the same flames she refreshes her plumage. And it shines rejuvenated more beautiful than before.


His power is such that any man, no matter how unhappy he was in his state, instead of dying like the others, no longer knows the age, neither by his color, nor by his face; and whether he is a man or a woman, he will enjoy the ineffable happiness of contemplating the STONE for more than two hundred years. "


The INITIATIC STONE becomes esoterically the VESSEL OF HERMES, the Sacred CHALICE.


PETER, PATAR, PEDRO, the initiatory revelation is in the SEX and everything that is not there means waste of time.


It is tremendously significant that  in the America continent, we find LAFTAR, engraved on the stones, The RUNE LAF, which means SAVIOR.


It is obvious that we must raise the CHURCH for the intimate CHRIST on the living STONE. Oh! Oh! Oh! Of those who build their inner temple on the quicksand of all theories; rains will descend, rivers will come and his house will roll into the abyss where only weeping and gnashing of teeth are heard.


If we join two LAF by his arm then we have the letter for MARRIAGE.


It is  clear and very true that only by treading the PATH of PERFECT MARRIAGE, one can achieve the wedding dress of the soul, the perfect synthesis of the SOLAR BODIES.


Written is the order of the King: "Tie him hand and foot, and cast him into the outer darkness; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth."


"Because a lot of people are called, and few selected".





The practice corresponding to this RUNE, consists of going in the morning towards the Sun, at the moment in which it ascends by the East, but in that mystical attitude of the raised hands as manifested by the RUNE, and implore it ESOTERIC help. This practice should be done on the 27th of each month at dawn.

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                                                                                                                 CHAPTER 42

                                                                                                            THE SACRED FIRE


SEXUAL ENERGY is polarized in two ways, namely: static or potential (KUNDALINI), and dynamic, which, as is already known by every cultured spiritual person, are certainly acting forces within the organism.


It is obvious that in the spinal column there are seven very special magnetic centers within which are latent infinite igneous powers.


With the ascent of the fire, sacred along the medullary canal, all this multiplicity of divine powers comes into activity.


The fundamental key to awakening the sacred fire, the KUNDALINI, is certainly hidden among the SEX YOGA, it is the MAITHUNA. Sexual connection of the LINGAM-YONI, PHALUS-UTERUS, but without ejaculation of the entity of semen (ENS-SEMINIS), because in this semi- solid, semi- liquid substance, all the ENS VIRTUTIS of fire is found.


The restrained desire will raise the sexual energy inward and upward to the brain.


When the SOLAR and LUNAR atoms of the seminal system make contact in the coccyx near the TRIVENI, base of the spine, then the sacred fire awakens to rise up to the brain along the medullary canal.


It is urgent to understand, it is necessary to know that if the entity of the semen is spilled, then the ascending fire lowers one or more vertebrae according to the magnitude of the fault.


The KUNDALINI, the divine fire, slowly ascends according to the merits of the heart.


Those who walk the PATH OF THE RAZOR EDGE know very well from direct experience that the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI, the SACRED FIRE, leads SHIVA, the HOLY SPIRIT, to the brain center and finally to the HEART-TEMPLE.


None authentic ESOTERIST would ever dare to deny that behind any activity there is always a static state.


The fundamental static center, within the human organism, we can undoubtedly find it in the coccygeal bone (base of the spine).


The coccygeal chakra is itself the church of EPHESUS of CHRISTIAN ESOTERISM; root support of the body and of all the movements of vital forces within the interior of our organism.


We know from direct experience that in this specific center of the body, the igneous serpent of our magical powers is coiled three and a half times; that annular serpentine fire that develops wonderfully in the body of the ASCETIC.


A careful analysis of the coccygeal magnetic center allows us to understand that this in itself is consciousness, there is no doubt that it has very special qualities.


The KUNDALINI, the power contained in the aforementioned coccygeal center, is efficient and definitive for the awakening of consciousness. It is obvious that the sacred fire can open the igneous wings of the CADUCEUS OF MERCURY on the spine of the initiate; then we can consciously penetrate into any department of the kingdom.


Hindustani adepts make a distinction between the supreme cosmic consciousness and its active energetic power capable to penetrate the deepest areas of our subconscious, to really wake up.


The Eastern sages say that when cosmic consciousness manifests as energy then it has two twin phases, the potential and the kinetic.


The KUNDALINI, the SEXUAL FIRE, is beyond any doubt a VEDANTINE and JEHOVISTIC TRUTH that accurately represents the entire universal process as a wise polarization in the same CONSCIOUSNESS.


Utilize the sacred fire, the igneous serpent of our magical powers to awaken consciousness, is an intimate necessity, vital, indispensable.


The human being, or rather, the poor intellectual animal mistakenly called man, has his conscience totally asleep, for this reason, he is certainly incapable of experiencing that which is not of time, that which is the real.


The SACRED FIRE has very special and effective virtues to bring the poor human biped out of the unconscious state in which he finds himself.


He who develops the SACRED FIRE with all its seven degrees of power is obviously acquiring certain faculties with which he can command the creatures of fire, air, water and earth.


However, it is urgent to understand that the sword forged by VULCAN must be tempered incandescent in the spermatic waters of the ESTIGIA lagoon.


Unfortunate is he who spills the GLASS OF HERMES, it would be better for him not to have been born or to hang a millstone around his neck and throw himself to the bottom of the sea.


AENEAS, the eminent Trojan male with the flaming sword raised, staring at the sun and praying, says words that can only be understood by those who work in the magisterium of fire: He puts as witness the COSMIC CHRIST and the blessed land he invokes, to the Father who is in secret and to JUNO SATURNIA KUNDALINI, the eternal wife of the THIRD LOGOS.


He cry out to Mars, lord of war, and to all the elemental creatures of the springs and rivers, to the children of fire, to the divinities of the sea, and even faithfully promises that if fate is adverse to him in the personal battle against TURNO his enemy, he will retreat towards the city of EVANDRO, but if victory allows MARS to be in his favor, he will not turn the Italians into slaves and he will only think of coexisting with them as friends and that is all.


It is very significant for all those who work in the MAGISTERY OF FIRE the oath of the good LATIN king with his gaze fixed on the sun, putting as a witness the sacred fires that are lit between us and the divinities, saying: "Whatever the circumstances The day will never dawn when I will see the Italians break this peace and alliance. "


The LATIN king puts the same divinities as witnesses of all his oaths: The Earth, The Sea, The Astros, the double descendants of LATONA, the UNMANIFESTED PRAKRITI (DIANA and APOLLO) and JANO with his IAO, the three vowels that are sung in the sexual trance with the MAITHUNA.


That great LATIN king does not forget in his prayer the terrible abode of PLUTO and the INFERNAL GODS, those divine beings, those sacred individuals who renounced the happiness of NIRVANA to live in the HELL-WORLDS fighting for the decidedly lost.


All these prayers, and oaths of the ancient classical world would certainly be incomprehensible without the sacred science of FIRE.


The advent of FIRE within ourselves is the most formidable cosmic event. FIRE radically transforms us.


Those four letters placed on the cross of the Redeemer of the world come to my memory in these moments: INRI: IGNIS NATURA RENOVATUR INTEGRAM. Fire incessantly renews all nature.


Back in the deep night of the centuries, in the old Egypt of the pharaohs, the great KABIR JESUS, practicing the MAITHUNA with the vestal of a pyramid, sang the mantra INRI, ENRE, ONRO, UNRU, ANRA. Making each letter resonate in an elongated, deep way.


It is obvious that each of these MANTRA is divided into two ESOTERIC syllables for its pronunciation.


We need to be swallowed by the serpent, it is urgent to become living flames, it is essential to achieve the second birth to enter the kingdom.

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                                                                                                                       CHAPTER 41



Let's talk now about the Knights Templar, let's talk a little about those faithful custodians of the HOLY GRAIL; may the gods listen to us, may the muses inspire us.


And what shall we say about the Castle of Monsalvat?. Let us all sing the hymn of the Grail:





"Day by day, prepared for the last supper of divine love, the feast will be renewed, as if for the last time there were today to comfort him, for those who have been pleased in good deeds. Let us approach the agape to receive the august gifts."


"Just as among infinite pains the blood that redeemed the world ran one day, may my blood be shed with a joyful heart for the cause of the hero Savior, in us lives through his death the body that he offered for our redemption ...


"Let our faith live forever, since the Dove hovers over us, propitious messenger of the Redeemer. Eat the bread of life and drink the wine that flowed for us."


Look there ... Men and gods! To the knights of the Grail and their squires. All of them dress in white tunics and cloaks, similar to those of the Templars, but instead of their red TAU, they rightly display a dove in flight hovered in the arms and embroidered on the cloaks.


Extraordinary symbol of the THIRD LOGOS, living sign of the HOLY SPIRIT, VULCAN, that marvelous sexual force with which we can do so many prodigies and wonders.


Well ... it pays to delve deep into the deep meaning of RICHARD WAGNER's drama.


Let them say something AMFORTAS specific type of remorse; TITUREL, the voice of the past; KLINGSOR, the black magician; PARSIFAL, the redemption; KUNDRY, the seduction; GURNEMANZ, the tradition.


The wonderful trumpets sound with their solemn dartboard and GURNEMANZ and his two squires kneel and silently pray the morning prayer.


Two strong knights come from the GRAIL with the evident purpose of exploring the path that AMFORTAS, the king of the Sacred Chalice, will follow.


The old successor of King TITUREL comes earlier than usual to bathe in the sacred waters of the lake, with the desire to calm the strong pains that afflict him, since he received, unfortunately for him, the frightful spear with which the perverse black magician KLINGSOR hurt him.


Sad story of KLINGSOR! Horror! Sincere wrong, like many out there.


He lived in a horrible penitent wasteland, he wanted to be a saint. He declared himself an enemy of everything that had a sexual flavor; He fought dreadfully against animal passions; he carried on his flagellated body silicon and wept a lot.


However, everything was useless, lust, lewdness, secret impudence swallowed him alive despite all his efforts and sacrifices. Then, oh God, the unhappy man powerless to eliminate his sexual passions, he resolved to mutilate himself with his own hands, to castrate himself.


Then, pleading, he held out his hands to the GRAIL, but was indignantly rejected by the Guardian.


The wretch believed that by hating the HOLY SPIRIT, rejecting the THIRD LOGOS, destroying the sexual organs, he could be admitted to the castle of Monsalvat.


The unhappy man thought, that he could be admitted to the order of the HOLY GRAIL without the MAITHUNA, without having first achieved the second birth, dressed in lunar rags.


This poor wrached and ill-fated gentleman supposed that one could enter to work with the SECOND LOGOS, (THE CHRIST) without having previously worked with the THIRD LOGOS (THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE SEX).


At last, jilted the tenebrous KLINGSOR, he resolved to take unjust revenge on the noble knights of the HOLY GRAIL.


He transformed that penitent wasteland into a wizarding and fatal Garden of voluptuous delights, and filled it with exquisite and diabolical women dangerously beautiful.


There in that delicious mansion accompanied by his beauties, he secretly waits for the knights of the GRAIL to drag them to the concupiscence that inevitably leads people to the HELL WORLDS.


He who allows himself to be seduced by the provocative devils is their victim; to many knights he managed to lead to doom.


AMFORTAS, king of the GRAIL, fought the evil adventurous KLINGSOR, he wanted to put a limit to the plague of the fatal enchantment, but fell exhausted with passion in the impudent arms of the lustful KUNDRY.


A formidable moment for KLINGSOR, foolish it would have been to miss the opportunity, he boldly snatches the holy spear from AMFORTAS 'hands and then, it is clear, how triumphant he walks away laughing. This is how AMFORTAS the king of the GRAIL lost that blessed spear with which LONGINUS struck the Lord's side on Golgotha.


AMFORTAS, also wounded in the side with the dreadful wound of remorse, suffers the unspeakable.


KUNDRY, delicious woman of extraordinary beauty, also suffers with remorse, but humbly serves the brothers of the HOLY GRAIL.


Deep down, you, fatal woman, are only an instrument of perfidy at the service of the magician of darkness; You want to walk the path of light, but you fall hypnotized by the dark.


AMFORTAS immersed in deep intimate meditation listens in a state of ecstasy to the mysterious words that come out of the GRAIL: "The sapient, the one enlightened by compassion, the innocent chaste, wait for him: He is the chosen one."


In this, something extraordinary happens, something unusual; A great uproar is promoted among the people of the GRAIL, because precisely on the side of the lake they have surprised an ignorant boy who, wandering along those banks, has just killed a swan, a sacred bird, of immaculate whiteness.


But why so much scandal? For PARSIFAL this corresponds to a past fortunately washed in the precious waters of LETEO.


Who has not mortally wounded the SACRED SWAN? To the THIRD LOGOS? Who has not killed the miraculous HAMSA?. The HOLY SPIRIT? Who by fornicating has not murdered the PHOENIX of paradise? Who has not sinned against the IMMORTAL IBIS? Who has not made the holy dove, living symbol of SEXUAL FORCE, bleed?


PARSIFAL, it is clear, that he had reached total innocence after having suffered much; the son of HERZELEIDE (a poor forest woman), was really ignorant of worldly things, he was protected by his innocence.


The flower women of KLINGSOR were useless, the unfortunate women could not seduce the innocent and they fled defeated.


In vain were the seductive efforts of HERODÍAS, GUNDRIGIA, KUNDRY, all their arts failed and seeing themselves defeated, they cry out, ask KLINGSOR for help and the latter in despair throws the sacred spear against the boy in fury.


However, PARSIFAL was protected by innocence and the spear instead of piercing his body, floats for a moment above his head; the boy catches it with his right hand and then blesses with this sharp weapon, makes the sign of the cross and the castle of KLINGSOR then sinks into the abyss turned into cosmic dust.


Then comes the best, PARSIFAL accompanied by his Guru GURNEMANZ enters the temple of Montserrat, Spain, Catalonia.


Now the doors of the temple are opened and in solemn procession all the knights of the HOLY GRAIL enter the holy place. They place themselves orderly and with infinite veneration before two long , parallel, tables with tablecloths , between which there is a free space in the middle.


Delicious moments those in which the mystical dinner is celebrated, the cosmic banquet of the PASCHAL LAMB.


Extraordinary moments those in which the bread is eaten and the wine of TRANSUBSTANCIATION is drunk.


During the ritual, that blessed chalice shines gloriously where JOSEPH OF AR-I-MA-THAE-A collected the blood that flowed from the wounds of the Lord on Golgotha of all bitterness.


Ineffable moments of the PLEROMA are those in which PARSIFAL miraculously heals AMFORTAS's wound by applying the same blessed spear that wounded him to his side.


A formidable symbol of that spear, one hundred percent phallic, sexual in whole way.


AMFORTAS fell for SEX, he suffered terribly with the pain of remorse, but thanks to the Sexual Mysteries, he regenerated, he was totally healed.


The GREAT KABIR JESUS said: "Whoever wants to come after me, deny himself, take up his cross and follow me."


The knights of the HOLY GRAIL denied themselves dissolving the PLURALIZED EGO, incinerating satanic seeds, bathing in the waters of LETEO and EUNOE.


The KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY GRAIL, worked in the burning forge of Vulcan; They never ignored that the cross results from the insertion of the VERTICAL PHALLUS in the FORMAL CTEIS.


THE KNIGHTS OF THE HOLY GRAIL have sacrificed themselves for humanity, they have worked with love in the GREAT WORK OF THE FATHER.

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                                                                                                                         CHAPTER 40

                                                                                                                           NOT RUNE



Let's continue studying the question of KARMA, listen to me dear reader: On any given day, it doesn't matter which one, a friend of mine and my  person would return from the picturesque city of TAXCO, Guerrero, Republic of Mexico.


We were coming to the Federal District in a ramshackle vehicle that, due to the unbearable weight of the years, roared frighteningly in a stentorian way with much noise and loud crash.


It was curious to see that old vehicle in full swing, it was overheating horrifying and terrifying and my friend had the patience to deal with it.


From time to time we stopped in the shade of a tree on the road to pour water on it and cool it down a bit.


This was a task of my friend, I preferred to take advantage of those moments to immerse myself in deep meditation.


I now remember something very interesting. Sitting by the side of the road outside that curious old car, I saw some insignificant ants that industrious and diligently circulated everywhere.


Suddenly I resolved to put my mind in order and focus my attention exclusively on one of them.


Then I went to Meditation and finally came the ECSTASY, the SAMADHI, that which in ZEN BUDDHISM is called SATORI.


What I experienced was extraordinary, wonderful, formidable; I was able to verify the intimate relationship between the ANT and what LEIBNIZ would call the MONAD.


It is obvious to understand in its entirety that such a MONAD guideline is certainly not INCARNATED, embedded within the body of the ant; it is clear that she lives outside her physical body, yet she is connected to her dense vehicle by means of the silver cord.


Such cord is the thread of life, the sevenfold ANTAKARANA of the Hindustan, something magnetic and subtle that has the power to extend or lengthen infinitely.


That MONAD of the insignificant ant by me observed so carefully, really seemed a beautiful girl of twelve years; He was dressed in a beautiful white tunic and wore a small dark blue cape over his shoulders.


Much has been said about MARGARITA GAUTIER (LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS,: by Alexander Dumas), but this girl turned out to be more ineffable and beautiful. Evocative eyes, prophet's gesture, in her there is the sacred frequency of the altar; her innocent laugh is like that of MONA LISA, with lips that no one in heaven or on earth would dare to kiss.


And what did the girl say? Terrible things. He told me about her KARMA, horrible by the way. We talked at length inside the carriage; she entered it herself and, sitting down, invited me into conversation. I humbly sat down next to her.


"We ants," he said, "have been punished by the lords of KARMA and we suffer a lot."


It is now convenient to recall in due course the legends of gigantic ants of TIBET that HERODOTUS and PLINIUS refer to (Herodotus, Historiam Book XI; Pliny, Natural history, Book III).


Of course, oh my gosh! It would be difficult at first attempt to imagine LUCIFER as a bee, or the TITANS as ants, but it is clear that these creatures also had their downfall and this in itself was of the same nature as the mistake made by ADAM.


Many centuries before the first human race appeared on the face of the earth, these non-human creatures that today are called ants and bees lived in this world.


These creatures knew in depth the good from the bad and the bad from the good; certainly and in the name of the TRUTH I have to say that they were OLD SOULS, they had EVOLVED a lot but never in life had they gotten down the path of the REVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.


It is obvious that EVOLUTION can never lead anyone to INTIMATE SELF-REALIZATION.


It is hardly normal that every EVOLUTION is inevitably followed by an INVOLUTION, to every rise comes a decent, to every ascent a descent.


These creatures renounced the idea of superior knowledge and the ESOTERIC circle of life and established their FAITH in a "Jargon" of the MARXIST-LENINIST type.


His way of understanding was undoubtedly more wrong and more serious than that of ADAM and the result is visible to everyone.



These beings altered their own organism, they modified it horribly, they made it go back in time until it reached the current state in which it is found.


MAETERLINCK speaking about the "CIVILIZATION OF THE TERMITE" says textually: "Their civilization, which is the oldest of all, is the most curious, the most intelligent, the most complex, and in a sense, the most logical and the most adapted to the difficulties of existence, of all those that have appeared before ours on the globe. From many points of view, this civilization, although cruel, sinister, and often repulsive is superior to that of the bee, to that of the common and current ant and that of man himself ".


"In the Termite mound (or nest of the white ants), the gods of COMMUNISM become insatiable MOLOCHS. The more they are given the more they ask; and they persist in their demands until the individual is annihilated and their misery is complete. This frightening Tyranny has no parallel in humanity, since among us at least a few benefit, but in the termite mound no one benefits. "


"The discipline is more ferocious than that of the CARMELITES or TRAPENSES, and the voluntary submission to laws or regulations that come from who knows where, is such that it is unparalleled in any human society. A new form of fatality, perhaps the most cruel of all, has been added to those that we already knew and that have already worried us enough: There is no rest except in the last of dreams; disease is not tolerated, and weakness it carries with it its own death sentence. COMMUNISM is pushed to the limits of cannibalism and coprophagia. "


"Demanding the sacrifice and misery of the many for the benefit and happiness of no one, and all this in order that a kind of universal despair may be continued, renewed and multiplied as long as the world lives. These insect cities, which appeared before us, could serve almost as a caricature of ourselves, as a parody of the earthly Paradise to which most civilized peoples tend ".


(Maeterlinck clearly demonstrates the price of this Marxist-Leninist regime).


"They used to have wings, they no longer have them. They had eyes, they have given up on them. They had a sex, they have sacrificed it."


To this we can only now add that before sacrificing wings, sight and sex, white ants (and all of them in general) had to sacrifice their intelligence.


If at first an iron dictatorship was needed to establish its abominable communism, then everything became automatic and intelligence was atrophying little by little, displaced by mechanics.


Today we are amazed when we contemplate a beehive or a hive of ants, we only regret that there is no intelligence there and that everything has become mechanical.


Let's talk now about Forgiveness of sins. Can KARMA be forgiven?


We say that KARMA is forgivable. When a lower law is transcended by a higher law, the latter, in itself, has beyond any doubt the extraordinary power to wash away the former.


However, there are lost cases such as that of ants and bees, these creatures, after being normal personalities, regressed, deformed and dwarfed until they reached the current state.


I owed KARMA from previous lives and was forgiven; A special meeting with my DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI had already been announced to me; I knew very well that upon reaching a certain ESOTERIC degree, I would be brought into her presence.


And certainly the long-awaited day came and I was brought before her; a very exalted ADEPT led me to the SANCTUARY.


And there Oh God! I cried ... I prayed ... I summoned my adorable one. The COSMIC EVENT was extraordinary.


She came to me, my ADORABLE MOTHER. Impossible to explain what I felt, all those little mothers that I had had in different reincarnations were represented in her.


However she went further ... my MOTHER yes, but perfect, ineffable, terribly divine.


The FATHER had deposited in her all the GRACE of his wisdom; the CHRIST had saturated her with his love. The HOLY SPIRIT had given her terrible fiery powers.


I could understand that in my MOTHER WISDOM, LOVE and POWER were vividly expressed.


We sat face to face, she in one chair, I in another, and we talked deliciously like MOTHER and SON.


How blissful! How happy I was! Talking with my DIVINE MOTHER. Something had to say and I spoke with a voice that astonished myself.


"I ask you to forgive me for all my crimes committed in previous lives, because you know that today I would be incapable of falling into those same mistakes."


"I know my son", answered my MOTHER with a voice of paradise full of infinite love.


"Not for a million dollars would I make those mistakes again" I continued saying to my DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI.


"What's that dollar thing, my son? Why do you say that? Why do you talk like that?"


So oh my! I felt sorry for myself, confused, ashamed and full of pain. I replied: "dispense me, MOTHER, what happens is that there in that physical, vain and illusory world where I live, people talk like this.


"I understand MY SON ... answered my MOTHER". These words from the adorable one restored my tranquility and peace.


"Now yeah, my mother, I ask you to bless me and forgive me." So I spoke full of ecstasy.


Terrible was that moment when my mother on her knees, kneeling with infinite humility and full of WISDOM and LOVE and POWER, blessed me saying: "MY SON, YOU ARE FORGIVEN".


"Let me kiss your feet, my mother, I exclaimed." So oh GOD! By placing my mystical kiss on her sacred plants, she instructed me with a certain symbol, reminding me of the washing of feet at the Lord's Supper.


Everything I understood and understood thoroughly. I had already dissolved the PLURALIZED SELF in the mineral regions, in the HELL-WORLDS of nature, but I needed to burn the satanic seeds in the LOWER MOLECULAR WORLD, PURGATORIAL REGION and then bathe in the LETEO and the EUNOE rivers to erase the memories of evil and fortify the virtues before can be confirmed in the light.


Later, I found myself involved in a very painful scene in my past life where I had made an unfortunate mistake, and when I was about to be run over by a car inside the Federal District, Capital City of Mexico, I proved it clear ad nauseam that I was already free of KARMA.


I studied my own book of KARMA in the UPPER WORLDS and I found its blank pages, I only found the name of a mountain written on one of its pages, I understood that later I would have to live there.


Is it some KARMA? I asked the Lords of the Law. "It is not KARMA - I was answered - you will go to live there for the good of the GREAT CAUSE.


However, it is clear that this will not be mandatory for me, I am given free choice.


I no longer owe KARMA but I have to pay taxes to the LORDS of the LAW. Everything has a price and the right to live in this world must be paid; I pay with good works.


I have therefore presented for the consideration of my beloved readers two cases, the irremediable KARMA like that of ants and bees, and the forgivable KARMA. Let's talk about BUSINESS now.


We are going to specify with the RUNA NOT. In MASONRY this symbol is only taught to Masters, never to apprentices.


Let us remember the help sign of the third degree or that of Master. They put their hands clasped on their heads, at the height of their foreheads with their palms facing outwards, pronouncing at the same time: To me, the widow's children! In Hebrew, "ELAI B 'NE AL' MANAH".


To this cry, all Freemasons must come to the aid of the brother in misfortune and provide him with their protection in all cases and circumstances of life.


In MASONRY the RUNE NOT is practiced with the head and it has been and will always be an SOS, a sign of succor.


NOT in itself actually means DANGER, but it is obvious that within the RUNE itself is the power to intelligently evade it.


Those who travel the PATH OF THE RAZOR'S EDGE are fought incessantly by the dark ones, they suffer the unspeakable but they can and must defend themselves with the RUNE NOT.


With the RUNA NOT we can beg for help, ask ANUBIS and his forty-two KARMA judges to accept negotiations.


We should not complain about KARMA, it is negotiable. Who has capital of good works can pay without pain.





The practices with the RUNE NOT lead us to PRANAYAMA, to the wise and intelligent combination of SOLAR and LUNAR atoms.


Breathe in deeply the vital air, the PRANA, the life, through the right nostril and exhale through the left for a mental count of twelve and then inhale through the left and exhale through the right and vice versa. Continue this exercise for ten minutes (WITH THE INDEX FINGERS AND THUMB, THE NASAL FINGERS ARE CONTROLLED FOR THIS PRACTICE).


Next, the GNOSTIC student sit or lie supine (face up, of back) with the body relaxed, concentrate and try to remember your past lives.





In case you need assistance from ANUBIS, if it becomes urgent to negotiate with him, open your arms and once so form a RUNE by opening one arm that forms an angle that is 135 degrees and the other only 45.


Then the arm that forms the 45 angle will become 135 and this itself will form the 45.


During the exercise the MANTRAMS, NI, NE, NO, NU, NA will be sung, keeping the mind concentrated on ANUBIS, the HEAD OF KARMA, begging him for the business you want, asking for urgent help.


(Take a good look at the shape of the RUNE NOT, imitating this sign with your arms, right and left alternate in their movement).

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                                                                                                                        CHAPTER 39

                                                                                                                        THE NYMPHS


IRIS, divine ineffable maiden, messenger goddess with winged feet, you protect the INITIATED women who work in the VULCAN FORGE.


Weren't you, sublime beauty, the one who delivered to TURNO the bellicose chief Rutulus, that celestial message from JUNO the GODDESS of the Initiated matrons?


And after the solemn libations, the brave TURNO like a new Achilles, threateningly advances with his army on the Trojan camp, so it is written and this is known by the divine and the humans.


However, the Trojans, neither slow nor weak, gathered in the parade ground and were soon in the line of battle.


Terrifying, frightening, terrifying, TURNO turns incessant around the Trojan walls, strange destiny, repeating itself in Lazio the epic battles of the destroyed Troy.


However, this time, the Trojans, despite being veterans of so many wars, do not dare to face the enemy in the open field, due to the absence of AENEAS, who is now absent.


What came next? The legend of the centuries knows it ... Fire, the flames, the burning torches sizzle threateningly.


RUTULO wanted to burn the ships of AENEAS; CIBELES, the DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI begs the COSMIC CHRIST, JUPITER, the SON of CHRONOS, and he helps the Trojans.


Fortunately those ships were made of sacred wood of pine felled on the holy mountain of Ida, where CHRIST (JUPITER) had his favorite forest.


And ... amazement! Wonder! ... The mysterious ships instead of burning like a fatal holocaust, transform into NYMPHS of the immense sea.


When will this wisdom be understood? Who will understand these wonders?


Ah! If the human mind had not degenerated so much ...  I have seen many times tender maidens dressed as brides as ready to celebrate weddings.


Yes; Oh God! I have seen them at the foot of each PINE, innocent souls right? VEGETAL ELEMENTALS.


Yes; Those are truly the ELEMENTALS of the PINES, each one of these CHRISTMAS trees has its own SOUL.


When will the CULTORS OF CHRIST establish their SANCTUARIES among forests full of PINES?


That do these trees have powers? Who would dare to doubt it? Could the warriors of TURNO, the new ACHILLES, turn the Trojan ships into a holocaust?


If people AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS, they could converse face to face with the NYMPHS of the stormy ocean.


If people AWAKEN CONSCIOUSNESS they could talk with the ELEMENTALS of the PINES.


However; What a pain! ... My God! The poor people sleep soundly.


Ah! If those who investigate the occult really understood the author of the metamorphoses of plants; if they understood Humboldt with his cosmos; if they really intuited the TIMEAOIUS and the CRITIAS of PLATO the divine, then they would approach to the amphitheater of COSMIC SCIENCE, and would penetrate the mystery of VEGETAL MAGIC.


If those who study OCCULT ANATOMY understood the mysteries of DEVI KUNDALINI, if they really loved CIBELES and DIVINE JUPITER; If they worked in the NINTH SPHERE, then they would be admitted to the ELEMENTALS paradises of nature.


Let us now recall the chorus of NIMPHS DE CALYPSO in the highly occult work of "Telemachus" by Fenelon.


A certain ESOTERIC group that once visited ancient OLISES in the FOURTH DIMENSION, had the immense happiness of being assisted by a group of marine NYMPHS.


Those FAIRIES laid out on the moss of a thousand-year-old rock, a fine lace tablecloth whose beautiful figure could be compared to those subtle weaves that sometimes form cirrus clouds in the sky, and right there, on Atlantis tableware that from afar Because of its colors, it was reminiscent of Talavera earthenware a few years ago so fashionable, they were served a meal of frugal appearance, but so nutritious that it seemed to fill them all with happiness and youth.


The wheat, the rye, the syrup, the corn, the coca, the cola nut, the sopari bread, which the INDOSTAN ADEPTS give as a sign of alliance to their disciples, the honey, the unfermented must, a thousand juices and indescribable molasses made up the dishes.


Delicious dishes that neither Brillat-Savarin ever tasted, nor Montiño and Altimira would ever understand.


A fragrant liquor, served in an agate glass reminiscent of the HOLY GRAIL chalice, ended up plunging this group of brothers into a strange, mysterious state.


They felt content, happy, full of vigor and wariness, and able to embark fearlessly on the most terrible adventure.


It goes without saying that this group explored ATLANTIS and learned about all the mysteries of the submerged continent.


I also met two wonderful NYMPHS when I was sailing on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea.


They came to meet us through the raging waves, they were of incomparable beauty.


One was the color of violets, a delicate maiden, she floated among the waters and sometimes walked with a rhythmic and innocent step; sweet, agile and simple advances, without anything animal and much divine; she looked more like a barefoot Indian.


The other had the wonderful color of corals; in the cordial shape of her mouth the strawberry left its purple and in the subtle delicate draw of that face, her eyes shone.


The dawn was dawning on the ocean, I saw them and they spoke to me with the verb of light; then very slowly they approached the beach and climbed over the rocks of the cliffs.


I became friends with those two wonderful NYMPHS and when I think of their powers and those transformed AENEAS ships, I then immerse myself in MEDITATION and Prayer.

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                                                                                                                         CHAPTER 38

                                                                                                                  THE RIVER LETHEUS


The DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI always keeps her word. I waited very patiently for the day and the date and time.


The purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to get out of there, I longed for emancipation.


CATON, the ANGEL of PURGATORY, fights in these molecular regions for the freedom of souls.


This ANGEL suffered enough when he lived in the world; Any INITIATE knows that this BEING was a man and that he preferred death in UTICA, AFRICA, rather than living under the chains of slavery.


I also wanted freedom and I asked for it and it was granted. Every time a soul leaves the PURGATORIAL region, it causes intense joy in the heart of CATON.


And the moment I longed for arrived ... I had known the temporal and eternal FIRE, I had left the steep roads and the straits and I had to meet the sun within my own SOUL.


I felt that something mysterious forced, violated, from the unknown, the intimate atomic doors of my INNER UNIVERSE.


Useless were my fears, vain resistance; that compelled, constrained, urged, and finally, oh my God! I felt transformed; The COSMIC CHRIST had entered me.


And my individuality? Where was it? What had my vain human personality become? Where was it?.


Only memories of the Holy Land came to my memory; The humble birth in the stable of the world; the baptism in the Jordan; fasting in the desert; TRANSFIGURATION; JERUSALEM the beloved city of the prophets; the human crowds of those times; the doctors of the Law; the Pharisees; the Sadducees; etc.


I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple and I bravely advanced towards that table before which were seated the MODERN CA-IA-PHAS, the highest dignitaries of the FAILED CHURCH; They, dressed in their priestly robes and the cross around their necks, secretly planned, devised, and drew up insidious and perfidious plans against me.


"You thought I would not return and here I am again", that was the only thing that occurred to me to say.


Moments later the LORD had left me and I felt INDIVIDUAL again; So together with LITELANTES I rested for a few moments at the foot of my cross.


I cannot deny that the thorns of the heavy wood hurt me unfortunately and I briefly commented on this with LITELANTES.


Then she and I advanced to the temple platform. A Master took the floor to say that the CHRIST has no individuality and that he INCARNATES and manifests himself in any MAN who is properly prepared.


It is clear that the word MAN is too demanding. DIOGENES did not find a single MAN in ATHENS.


The INTELLECTUAL ANIMAL is not a MAN, to be one, it is necessary to dress in the wedding dress of the SOUL, the famous TO SOMA HELIAKON, the body, or better said, the bodies of the SOLAR MAN.


Fortunately, I made those bodies of gold in the forge of the CYCLOPES, in the LIGHTED FORGE OF VULCAN.


HERCULES has repeated in me all his exploits, all his works; he had to strangle all the poisonous snakes that wanted to take his life when he was still very young child; He had to behead HYDRA DE LERNA, clean the stables of AUGIAS, kill the LION OF MEDEA, take CERBERUS the HELL DOG ​​out of the hideous TARTAR, etc.


The CHRIST, HERCULES, practices what he preaches and every time he INCARNATES in a man he repeats all his COSMIC DRAMA that is why the LORD is the MASTER of MASTERS.


It is written that the SON OF MAN must descend into the ATOMIC HELLS of nature.


It is written that the SON OF MAN has to ascend to the heavens passing through the purgatorial region.


The SON OF MAN must carefully submerge himself in the waters of LETHEUS to regain INNOCENCE.


We urgently need to forget the sinful and absurd past, the source of so much bitterness.


The LETHEUS and the EUNOE are certainly and without the least doubt a single river with clear and deep waters.


On the one hand, it descends, singing deliciously between its bed of rocks, with that wonderful virtue that erases the memory of sin, the memories of the Ego, and is called LETHEUS.


On the other shore, so holy and so sublime, it has the delightful charm of fortifying the virtues and is called EUNOE.


It is obvious that the dark memories of so many yesterdays must be erased because, unfortunately for us, they have the tendency to update themselves, to project themselves into the future through the alley of the present.


In the name of truth, I must say that work deep in the waters of LETHEUS is often frighteningly difficult and more bitter than gall.


That of going beyond the BODY, the AFFECTS and the MIND, is not easy at all; In time so many beloved shadows live ... the memories of desire persist, they refuse to die, they do not want to disappear.


And the SEX? The MAITHUNA? YOGA SEX? So what? Oh! My God; The TWO TIMES BORN know well that they should no longer return to the LIGHTED FORGE OF VULCAN.


It is obvious that the MAITHUNA is vital, cardinal, definitive, to make the WEDDING SUIT OF THE SOUL, TO SOMA HELIAKON; However, any INITIATE knows that this is only the lower work of INITIATION.


For the SON of MAN SEX is forbidden, the GODS know this, so it is written.


First we must work with the THIRD LOGOS in the NINTH SPHERE until we reach that SECOND BIRTH of which the KABIR JESUS spoke to the RABBIN NICODEMUS.


Then we need to work with the SECOND LOGOS, then SEX is forbidden.


The error of many PSEUDO-ESOTERISTS and PSEUDO-OCULTISTS, MONKS and ANACHORETS, consists in renouncing SEX without having previously manufactured the SOLAR BODIES in the FORGE OF CYCLOPES.


Those sincerely mistaken ones want to work with the SECOND LOGOS without having previously worked with the THIRD LOGOS that is their mistake.


Definitive and radical sexual abstention is only mandatory for TWICE BORN, for the SON OF MAN.


Whoever enters the temple of the TWICE BORN must dissolve the EGO, incinerate the seeds of the SELF and bathe in the waters of LETHEUS, this is known to the GODS, the SPARKS, the FLAMES, the BRIGHT DRAGONS OF WISDOM.


No one could really pass much beyond SEX, the AFFECTS and the MIND, without previously bathing in the waters of LETHEUS.


After the SECOND BIRTH we need to tear apart the ADAMIC SEXUAL VEIL or VEIL OF ISIS, to penetrate into the GREAT MYSTERIES.


Children of the earth! ... listen to your instructors the SONS OF FIRE.


ADEPT of the LIGHT! Invoke your DIVINE MOTHER KUNDALINI and dive into the deep waters of LETHEUS.

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