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  1. On a certain occasion, my Real Inner Being, my Immortal Monad, took me out of the physical body

to give me instructions about a certain disciple. Finished these I had no problem

in addressing the Intimate Lord with the following words:

-I'm tired of having a body, what I would like is to disincarnate. In those moments the Lord of

Perfections, my Inner God answered with a solemn voice:

-Why are you protesting? I have given you bread, clothing and shelter, and you still protest? Do you remember the

last days of your past existence? You walked through the streets of Mexico barefoot, with the suit

broken, old, sick and in the most appalling misery. And how did you come to die? In a filthy shack

 So I was absent.

In such moments the face of the Lord shone, in his blue eyes the infinite sky was reflected,

his white robe of glory reached to his feet, everything in him was perfection. -Lord, I told him, I have come to kiss your hand and receive your blessing. The Adorable blessed me and

I kissed his right hand.

I then returned to the physical body and went into meditation. Certainly, my dear brothers, when

the son goes badly the father is absent and then he falls into disgrace.

  1. In these moments, memories of something unusual come to mind. About some several years ago, finding myself in a market in the Federal Colony with my priestess wife Litelantes,

at a time when we claimed a watch that she had sent to a watchmaker to repaired it,

we were suddenly shaken by a violent explosion of dynamite.

Horrified, Litelantes asked me to return home immediately. It's obvious that my

answer was frankly negative; in no way did I want to expose our lives to a

second explosion that I knew would happen. Useless were their pleas... at such moments

The sirens and bells of the "smoke swallowers" or firefighters resounded.

Those humble and martyr servants of humanity rushed to the place of

explosion... "Of all these firefighters who have just entered the theater of events

none will be saved, they will die." Such were my words. Litelantes, horrified, kept

silence. Moments later a second explosion terribly shook the city of

Mexico. The result was the death of all those humble servants; they disintegrated

In the moment, since not even the corpses were found; only the boot of a


Frankly, I was amazed at the degree of unconsciousness in which such

Firemen they found themselves; if they have been awake, they would by no means have perished.

I still remember the tears of the women who fled from that market and of the children who

horrified they clung to the skirts of their mothers.

If I had not been awake, I would obviously have perished because in the place where I was supposed to

taking the bus, so essential to return home, lot of people died. I still have not been able to forget so many corpses, lying on the shore of the

sidewalk on the street lay covered with newspapers.

Unquestionably, those victims were due to curiosity; it was about curious, people

unconscious, asleep, who after the first explosion had happened to contemplate the spectacle. If such people had been awake, they would never

 have attended the scene of the events as curious. Unfortunately they slept

deeply, that was how they met death.

When we returned home, our neighbors were alarmed;

they assumed we were dead. They were certainly amazed that despite being so close to the

place of the catastrophe, we could still return alive. I have seen the advantage of being


We have to wake up, friends, and learn to live alert from moment to moment, from instant to


  1. At this moment a very special case comes to mind that I am going to relate: A

night of so many I entered through the doors of a wonderful mansion; silently I went through a

beautiful garden until reaching a lavish room. Moved by an inner impulse, I spent a little

further and boldly entered a lawyer's office. In front of the office I found sitting a

a lady, gray hair, pale face, thin lips and a blunt nose. Was that

lady of respectable appearance and medium height. His body was not very thin, but

not too fat either, his gaze rather seemed melancholic and serene.

In a sweet and calm voice the lady invited me to take a seat at the desk. in such moments

something unusual happens, I see two glass butterflies on the buffet and they had their own life, they moved

their wings, they breathed, they looked, etc., etc., etc. The case certainly seemed too exotic to me and

rare. Two butterflies of glass and with their own life?

Accustomed as I was to dividing attention into three parts, first I did not forget myself; second, I did not identify with those glass butterflies; third, I observed

the place carefully. Seeing such glass animals, I thought to myself: "This cannot be a phenomenon of the

physical world, because in the three-dimensional region of Euclid I have never known butterflies of

glass with a life of its own. Unquestionably this may be a phenomenon of the astral world.

I looked around me and asked myself the following questions: Why am I in this place? Why

I came here? What am I doing here?

Turning then to the lady, I spoke to her as follows: "Ma'am, let me go out for a bit.

moment to the garden and then I will return”. The lady nodded with a movement of her head and

I left that office for a moment. Outside, in the garden, I took a little long jump with the

intention to float in the surrounding environment; great was my astonishment when I verified for myself that

I was really outside the physical body. Then I realized that I was in

Astral plane.

At such moments I remembered that it had been a long time, several hours, that I had abandoned my

physical body and that it was unquestionably now resting in his bed.

Having made the singular verification, I returned to the office where the lady was waiting for me. Then

I wanted to convince her that she was outside the physical body. "Ma'am, I told you, you and I are

outside the physical body; I want you to remember that a few hours ago you went to sleep in the

bed and now you are talking to me outside the physical body; Well, it is known that

when the body sleeps, the conscience, the essence unfortunately stuck between the ego, walks

outside the corporeal vehicle.

Having said all these words, the lady looked at me with the eyes of a sleepwalker, but she did not understand me

I understood that that lady's conscience was asleep... Not wanting to insist any more,

I said goodbye to her and left the place.

Years passed, many, maybe thirty years, forty, 

Later I had to go personally to a town very rich in silver mines,

I had to meet there with a certain gentleman, to whom I was in those days

helping him to heal from a hemiplegia that had given him and that had paralyzed half of his side. I went there with that intention to help him, and I helped him; I think he was even fine, he was healed; 

I made him walk, by the way, with magnetic treatments and he managed to walk without a cane after

having half a side paralyzed; I gave him directions, but I advised him to move around a lot, because 

he spent his time sitting down and that impaired his healing.

In order not to make the story so long, I tell that I crossed the garden of a very beautiful house, then

I crossed a room and recognized it immediately: it was the place I had gone to so many years ago!

and finally I entered an office.

A lady was waiting for me in the room, I recognized her immediately, it was the same one I had seen in the

Astral plane years ago, and she said, "Go on, sir," and I went inside where the office of

lawyers; the only difference was that this time I did not find her at the desk, but her

husband. .

He stood up to welcome me, sat me down at his desk, introduced me to the

patient who had to heal, we talked about magnetism, because of course, there I was going to use the

magnetism to heal that patient, and of course, around the subject of magnetism, of the

Prana, of psychic cures, there was also talk about astral departures, unfolding,

distance healing, etc.

The talk was very interesting. That gentleman had a certain disposition for that kind of psychic studies

 and some information, although very incipient, but enough so that

understood something about astral unfolding.

I told him:

-A few years ago I came here in the astral body. Total that the man was amazed, stunned,

perplexed. I told him: I also know your wife -and I narrated the case, the talk we had,

etc. Then I told him:

-Look, on that desk there were two glass butterflies, what's going on? Where are those butterflies?

Then he quickly replied:

-Here are the butterflies, right here, you can see them. He picked up some newspapers that had

on top of the desk and certainly there were two very beautiful glass butterflies. Sure, he was surprised that I knew about those butterflies. Then I told him:

-But something else is missing, I am seeing a candelabrum with seven branches, but there are two, where is the

another?, what was done?

"Here's the other one, see it here," the man from the office replied; took some papers and

newspapers that were there and certainly took out the other candlestick, appeared to confirm yet

more my statement. Sure, the man came to amazement. Then I told him:

-You know that I know your wife, but when I came here, your wife was in the

desk. Well.... the man was amazed.

When it was time for dinner, all seated around the round table in the room,

then the lady in front of him tells me:

-I know you, sir, I've known you for a long time, I know you but I don't remember the exact place.

where I met you, but that I know you, I know him. You are not unknown to me.

Total I told the gentleman:

-Are you already convinced? Have you convinced? And I said:

-To the satiety, totally convinced.

That man had enough evidence because the tests for him were definitive.

I narrate this so that you realize the procedure to awaken consciousness, and it is explained to them

with living stories.

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Samael's anecdotes: Chapter Eight-Part 1


                                                                                                                    CHAPTER VIII

  1. On a certain occasion, while I was in meditation, I was able to clearly verify the meaning

intelligent of the language of birds. I clearly remember a certain bird that perched on the

 tree top argued with another; the first one was very quiet when it was suddenly interrupted

by the arrival of the second; the latter perched threateningly on the top of the tree, making

many recriminations at first.

I was alert listening in meditation to what was happening; I clearly remember the insults

of the threatening bird: "You hurt my leg a few days ago and I have to punish you for that


The threatened creature apologized saying: "I'm not to blame for what happened, leave me in.

peace"... Unfortunately the aggressor bird did not want to understand reasons and biting hard at

his victim incessantly reminded him of his injured leg


  1. On another occasion, finding myself in deep interior meditation, I could hear the barking

of two neighboring dogs; the first told the second everything that happened to him in his house.

He said:

-My master treats me very badly, here in this house they constantly beat me with sticks and whips, and the

food is lousy; everyone in general insults me and I live a very unhappy life.

The second answered with his barks saying:

-I'm doing much better, they give me good food and treat me very well.

The people who came and went down the street only heard the barking of two dogs, not

they understood the language of animals; for me such language has always been very clear.

  1. On one occasion a neighbor dog warned me that a great failure would await me if 

I was making a certain trip, the aforementioned animal shouted saying to me: “A

failure! a failure!”, and I didn't want to listen to him.

In those days, when I arrived at a certain town very close to the Sonoran desert, I told the driver

of the vehicle in which we were traveling that it was essential to look for a hotel, because in no way

I wanted to continue the journey that night.

However, that good man, with his conscience asleep, did not want to listen to me, 

I warned in the following way: “You will be responsible for what is going to happen, warned

You are..."

Hours later the car overturned in the desert and there were injuries, there were no deaths; Then 

I reminded that gentleman of the mistake he had made in not listening me... There is no doubt that

that man recognized his crime and asked for forgiveness; but it was all too late, the fact had happened.

Unfortunately, this is how people with an asleep conscience are, this is how they have been around the world since

They are born until they die.

  1. I remember a very interesting case. I once warned a lady of the abyss

the following:

-For the involutionary path that you are following, you will have to disintegrate in the ninth sphere, become

cosmic dust, this is the second death"

That lady replied:

-I do not ignore it, we know it and that is precisely what we want. The demon that accompanied her, enraged attacked me with his infernal psychic powers and

I had to defend myself with the flaming sword.

Jahvé has made a mystique, a religion, of this entire wheel of Samsara, and his henchmen are

Faithful to him.

When one talks with Jahvé, one can verify that this fallen angel has a sparkling

intellectuality with which he can totally seduce anyone. All the talks of Jahvé

they begin speaking against the cosmic Christ; this demon is terribly wicked and hates

mortally to the Solar Logos.

  1. It happened that one night, no matter the date or day or time, finding myself

outside the physical body, in a completely conscious and positive way, my Real Inner Being, the Intimate came to me. Smiling, the Blessed One told me:

-You have to die! These phrases from the Intimate left me perplexed, confused, stunned.

With a little fear I questioned my Inner Being (Atman) saying:

-Why do I have to die!?, Let me live a little more; I am working for humanity.

I still remember that moment when the Blessed One, smiling, repeated to me for the second time:

-You have to die.

Later, the Adorable One showed me in the astral light that which had to die in myself. Then

I saw the pluralized ego formed by a multitude of dark entities, a veritable swarm of subjects

perverse, psychic aggregates of different kinds, living demons personifying errors.

So it was, my friends, how I came to know that the ego is not something individual, but a sum of

psychic aggregates, a total of multiple quarrelsome and screaming egos.

  1. Another day, being in deep meditation in accordance with all the rules that the

Jnana-Yoga, I entered into something known as Nirvi-Kalpa Shamadí; so i abandoned all

Supra-sensible bodies and entered the world of the Solar Logos converted into a Dragon of


In such logoic moments, beyond the body, the effects and the mind, I wanted to know something

about the life of the Great Kabir Jesus. It was precisely at that moment that I saw myself

become Jesus of Nazareth, doing miracles and wonders in the Holy Land. Yet

I remember that moment when I was baptized by John in the Jordan, I saw myself inside a temple

on the banks of that river. The forerunner was dressed in such a beautiful robe and as I approached him

staring at me, he exclaimed: "Take off, Jesus, your garment because I am going to baptize you." I went to

inside the sanctuary, and pouring on my head the anointing oil and then a little

water, prayed and I felt transformed.

What happened next was wonderful. Sitting in a room I saw three divine suns, the first

it was the blue of the Father, the second -the yellow- of the Son and the third -the red- of the Holy Spirit.

Here are the three Logos: Brahama, Vishnu and Shiva.

Coming out of that static state, returning to my physical body, my confusion was tremendous. Me

Jesus of Nazareth? I the Christ? God help me and Holy Mary! A wretched sinner, a

worm of the mud of the earth that is not even worthy to untie the sandals of the Master,

Became Jesus of Nazareth just like that?

Quite worried about all this, I decided to go back into meditation and repeat the mystic experience.

 changing only the reason for it: now, instead of wanting to know something about life

of Jesus, I became interested in John the Baptism of the Nazarene.

Then came the previous mystical state, I abandoned all supersensible bodies and stay again in the logoic state. Once I returned to such a state, I fixed my attention more

intensity in John the Baptist, and behold, I then saw myself converted into John doing the

Precursor stuff, baptizing Jesus, etc., etc., etc.

Losing the ecstasy upon returning to the physical body, then I understood that in the world of the Logos,

in the world of the Christ, there is no kind of Higher Self or Lower Self. It is urgent that

everyone understand that in the Christ we are all one and that the heresy of separateness is the

worst of heresies.

  1. I want to tell everyone that I have a bet with the devil and this can

surprise you a bit...

On a certain occasion, no matter the date or time, the two of them sitting facing each other at a table,

I heard from the lips of my own Intimate Lucifer the following affirmations.

-I will defeat you in chastity, and I will show you; you can't with me

Do you want to make a bet with me?

"Yes," answered Satan, "I am willing to hunt the wager."

-For how much do we hunt the bet?

-Therefore, it's done.

I distanced myself from that character who is nothing more than the reflection of my own Intimate Logos,

I really treatied him a little badly...

In the name of truth, I want to tell you, my friends, that until now

I am winning the bet, because the devil has not been able to with me; has in no way succeeded

make me fall into temptation, although I have had to wage tremendous battles with him.

  1. Something very interesting comes to mind. It happened that one night I was called

telepathically by a group of masters of the Venerable Great White Lodge. I abandoned the

physical body, and all the parts of my intimate being integrate and covered with the existential bodies

 elements of the Being had to attend the call.

Floating in space I landed gently on the roof of a large building, I was received by the

Adepts of the Occult Fraternity with exclamations of joy saying: "The

Archangel Samael! he has come”, and after the usual hugs and greetings I was questioned in the

following form:

-You, as Avatar of the New Aquarian Age, must answer us about the convenience or

inconvenience of delivering the cosmic ships to terrestrial humanity. is of great

responsibility for your response. Down on my knees, I then saw with my spatial sense the use to which earthlings could make

in the future with such ships. Dhajma's eye then allowed me to see inside such ships the

immediate future: merchants, prostitutes, dictators, etc., traveling to other planets of the system

solar, bringing discord to other corners of the universe, etc., etc., etc.

Feeling in those moments the responsibility that weighed on my shoulders, I addressed to my

Father who is in secret saying: "My Father, if it is possible, take this chalice from me, but not my will but yours be done" Those words vibrated in the nine heavens, from sphere to sphere., from world to world.

Years passed and everything was resolved. My Father who is in secret gave the proper answer.

Selection of the human personnel, giving those ships to certain very select groups of the

humanity. It is worth telling our friends that certain isolated human groups

They have that kind of space vehicles.

In an inaccessible region of the Himalayas, where the communist invaders will never be able to reach,

there is a community of lamas who received a number of such cosmic ships, with the

which travel to other worlds in space

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Samael's anecdotes: Chapter seven-part 4



  1. Many times, moving out of the physical body with the eidolon, I have opened

certain rocks or stone fragments to study those multiple creatures that inhabit

the higher mineral kingdom.

I can say, without fear of exaggeration that such innocent creatures are beyond good and evil. On one occasion, when I opened a piece of rock, I could see many ladies and gentlemen

elegantly dressed, who would be at most 5 to 10 centimeters tall.

There is no doubt that these small mineral elementals like to dress up with our

humanoid clothing.

Traveling through different roads  in the automobile, I have seen with mystical amazement

certain superior elementals of the rocks, which have warned me about dangers or have

Caution advised on the roads.

This second type of mineral elementals is unquestionably more advanced than the first.

type and assumes figures very similar to those of the intellectual humanoid, although they wear garments with

the color of the rocks they inhabit.

A third type of more advanced mineral elementals is that which is known by the name of

gnomes or pygmies; this class of creatures look like true dwarfs with long white beards and

gray hair.

There is no doubt that this last class knows the alchemy of metals thoroughly and cooperates in the

work of nature. There is no doubt that the advanced mineral elementals enter the vegetable real.

  1. Many times dressed in the Eidolon I have entered the paradisiacal temples.

To quote something, I want to refer now to the sanctuary of the orange groves. I found within the Sancta of

said plant family many innocent children, they were busy attending the

teachings that their Guru Deva imparted to them. That instructor, dressed in a wedding dress,

she looked like an exquisitely spiritual feminine beauty.

I have made similar visits to other vegetable temples located in the promised   land, in that land

where rivers of pure water flow with milk and honey. The advanced elementals of the plant kingdom enter later in the various departments

of the animal kingdom.

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Samael's anecdotes: Chapter seven-part 3




  1. I had to appear before the Third Logos; Shiva, my Real Being; my own

Super-individuality, Samael himself.

Then the Blessed One assumed a different figure, different from mine, as if he were a strange person

; he had the appearance of a very respectable gentleman. The venerable asked me to make a

Chirosophical  study on the lines of his hand. The line of Saturn in his Almighty right hand seemed to me very straight, surprising, marvelous; yet somewhere it seemed to me

interrupted, damaged, broken...

-Lord! you have had some struggles, sufferings...

-You are wrong; I am a very lucky one, I always do very well...

- Well... I see a little damage on the line of Saturn...

-Measure that line well, at what age do you see that damage?

-Lord!... between the age of fifty-three (53) and sixty-one (61) you had a time


-Ah!... That's the beginning... but then what about?

-Eight years go by very quickly and then... the triumph that awaits you...

Concluding the study, the venerable one was able to stand up and said:

-I like these chirosophical studies but sporadically. To my wife (Devi

Kundalini) also likes them and soon I am going to bring her. Ah, but I have to pay him for his work.

Wait for me here and I'll pay you again...

The Blessed One walked away and I stayed waiting for him... in the distance I saw two of my daughters, now adult; but they still seemed small; I was a little worried and called them...

It is indubitable that at that time of my present existence I was the usual fifty-five

three (53) years old... in the hand of the Blessed One I had seen my own future...

  1. One night, no matter which one, I had to find a frightening character

inside a beautiful chamber... Imposing "Prometheus-Lucifer" supported on legs of

beast instead of feet, looked at me threateningly... Two frightening horns looked terrifying on its

sinister forehead; but he was dressed like an elegant gentleman...

Approaching him serenely, I patted him on the shoulder while telling him: -You don't scare me, I know you very well, you haven't been able to defeat me, I'm victorious.

The colossus withdrew, and sitting on the soft, scented mahogany bed, I waited a while.

moment... Later, a dangerously beautiful female entered the bedroom; naked it

lay down on the bed... Almost fainted from lust, the beautiful wrapped me in her impudent arms

inviting me to the pleasures of the flesh...

Lying next to the beauty I showed my powers to the Devil; I dominated myself...

Then I got up from the bed of pleasures; the beauty that almost died of lubricity,

feeling let down, she looked at me uselessly...

Then a resplendent boy entered the room, a terrifyingly divine radiant creature.

... The sublime infant richly dressed in a beautiful priestly robe of a black color

very special, he crossed the exotic enclosure... I recognized him immediately, and approaching him

Very softly, I told him: “It is useless for you to continue disguising yourself; I always recognize you. oh

Lucifer... You can never defeat me...!

That sublime creature, terror of the ignorant, then smiled with infinite sweetness...

Unquestionably he is the "Divine Daimon" of Socrates; our special trainer in the

psychological gym of life.

  1. The case of a friend who disincarnated a long time ago comes to mind right now.. That was a convinced Gnostic, however he did not manage to manufacture their existential bodies

  of the Being, I could evidence this in the region of the dead, in Limbo. out of the

physical body I found him, he had a gigantic aspect and his spectral face was certainly of

pantheon or cemetery.

I walked with him through different places, through different streets of a city, unquestionably under

Euclid's three-dimensional region, in Limbo. "You are dead," I told him.

-How? Impossible! I'm alive. Such was his reply.

Passing near a stately mansion, I made him enter with the purpose of looking at himself in the mirror, the

he obeyed my direction and then I saw him very surprised.

"Try to float," I continued telling him, "give a little jump, so that you will be convinced that you are already dead.

. That ghost, obeying, wanted to fly, but I saw it rush headlong instead of ascending

like the birds. In those moments he assumed various animal forms. "Do you now have the form

horse, dog, cat, tiger”, so I told him according to his different animalistic facets

 stood out.

Certainly that ghost was formed by a set of quarrelsome and screaming egos that

they penetrated and interpenetrated each other without becoming confused. In vain were my efforts,

that disembodied person could not understand me, he was an inhabitant of the region of the dead, a sum

of selves personifying psychological defects.

  1. I remember a pathetic case of a poor loader of heavy loads; his ego walked

after death carrying a load, bundle on their backs. when i wanted to do it

understand his situation, when I gave him to understand that he was already quite dead and   that he didn't have

why be carrying heavy loads on his body, he looked at me with the eyes of a sleepwalker, he had the

consciousness asleep, was unable to understand me.

  1. Those times of youth come to mind. So I also went to

the great feasts where it shone, in the midst of the noise and the party, stormy nights and

orgy that only left bitterness, remorse of conscience, etc. etc etc. after one

of those parties I was taken to the third horrific Dante`s circle: Absolutely conscious, dressed in my

astral body, I sat at the head of the fatal table at the demon party. Crude reality of a frightening materiality, whose mere memory moves the most

intimate of my soul. The table was full of bottles of liquor and very dirty food.

special for gluttons. In the center of that table was a large tray on which

a pig's head stood out. Horrified by this macabre, horrifying feast, I looked with

pain the place of the orgy.

Suddenly everything changed, my individual Real Being, the Intimate, that Angel of the Apocalypse of St.

John who has in his hands the key to the abyss, holding me tightly by one arm

took me out of that room as if by magic and throwing me on a white mortuary sheet that

there it was on the filthy muddy floor, with a big chain he whipped me just in time

He said:

-You are my bodhisattva, my human soul and I need you to deliver the message of the New

 Aquarius era to humanity. Are you going to serve me or what? So I, brokenhearted

I replied:

-Yes sir, I will serve you, I am sorry, forgive me then.

That's how it was, friends, how I came to hate liquors, feasts, gluttonies, drunkenness, etc., etc. Of

all that filth, the only thing that results are the tears symbolized by the rain of that

horrible region; those pestilent waters of bitterness and the horrible mud of misery.

  1. I still remember a very curious case. One of those many nights,  in my 

astral body stuck within that tenebrous region of Tartarus, before the counter of a luxurious store (mere

thought form of a submerged merchant), I had to call Bael. That terrible magician of the

darkness dressed in a blood-colored tunic and a red oriental turban, came towards me sitting

in a car. Behind, his henchmen brought him pushing his carriage; the left character, fallen angel, light of the firmament in former times, looking at me with hatred, he threw himself on me

biting my right hand.

It is clear that I conjured him and finally that ghost was lost in the darkness of the horrible

Pluto's abode Oh friends! One is amazed in those regions to see so many

exploiters of bodies and souls. There lottery and card players, there many

priests and hierarchs, mystics who insatiably covet the goods of others.

  1. In the fifth Dante`s circle, the ironic, furious people unquestionably stand out,

the arrogant, haughty and proud. I saw in those submerged regions a lot of mud,

stagnant waters and supreme pain. I still remember with horror a certain desperate creature

who, submerged in that silt of bitterness, desperately tried to hide from the sinister gaze

 of certain horrifying monsters, who in the very depths of their own psyche were

selves personifying violence, parts of herself.

Fleeing from themselves? The self fleeing from the self? Awful! Awful!

Consciousness before itself confronted with the Machiavellian torment, impossible to describe with


  1. Moving in the astral body in a conscious and positive way in the region of the seventh horrific

Dante`s circle, I was able to evidence the violence reigning in such a frightening zone of bitterness.

I still remember two very notable demons whom I approached diplomatically, with

the purpose of not hurting susceptibilities and provoking unnecessary psychological reactions. They

pronounced  against the Cosmic Christ, emphatically denied him feeling

perversely satisfied with their miserable satanic condition.

Everywhere violence reigned among the submerged bloody atmosphere. Look here, there and

beyond unnecessary destruction, frightening blows against things, against people, against

all. I felt as if the Saturnian influence with its definitely centrifugal forces was

proposed in this region to disintegrate everything, reduce to cosmic dust people, furniture,

doors, etc., etc., etc.

I was very amazed to find there a very respectable creature, whose eyes still hurt the

soft daylight. It was about a very famous doctor, a true Samaritan who in life

He has only proposed to cure the sick with true love and without any exploitation.

What I am saying would cause astonishment, many could object by saying: How is

that possible that being a good one will end up in the region of the bad guys? It could also be argued

on the question of life and death. That good gentleman of yore obviously still

lives, still breathes under the sun. So why does he dwell in the seventh Dantean circle? If we think about the multiplicity of the ego, it is not strange that any of these psychic aggregates

 related to the crime of violence against nature is living in the

corresponding submerged region, although the personality still lives on the face of the earth.

Obviously, if this doctor does not dissolve the pluralized self, he will have to descend with the involutionary wave

 among the entrails of the world, to stand out very especially in the seventh circle.

  1. Come to my mind in this moments a meeting in the submerged worlds with

Karl Marx. I found it in those dark regions; that subject had woken up in evil and for evil and

For the worse, however, he was a fallen bodhisattva.

Lenin followed him like an ominous shadow, unconscious, deeply asleep.

I questioned Marx in the following words:

-Many years ago you disincarnated, your body turned to dust in the grave, and yet, I find you alive in these regions. So what was your materialist dialectic?

That subject, looking at the wristwatch he wore on his wrist, did not dare to give me an answer

 turned his back and walked away, but a few meters away he gave a horrifying sarcastic laughter. Through intuition I managed to capture the living essence of such laughter; in it was

the answer that we could summarize with the following sentence: "That dialectic was nothing more than a

farce, a dish to deceive the unwary".

It is curious to know that when Karl Marx disincarnated,he received religious funeral honors from Great


In the First Communist International submit, Karl Marx stood up saying: "Gentlemen,

I am not a Marxist". There was then astonishment among the attendees, shouts, screams and

many political sects from that meeting born, Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, etc., etc.

So it is interesting to know that the first enemy of Marxism was Karl Marx. In an older Paris magazine we can read the following: "Through the triumph of the world proletariat,

we will create the Universal Socialist Republic, with its capital in Jerusalem, and we will take over

all the riches of the nations so that the prophecies of our holy prophets may be fulfilled

of the Talmud."

Certainly these cannot be phrases of a materialist, of any atheist; Marx was a fanatic

Jewish religious.

  1. I remember with complete meridian clarity something unusual that happened to me in my present

existence. After having concluded all the esoteric-initiatic processes, I was subjected to

many tests, but there was one in which I failed unfortunately. I want to refer to

emphatically to the sexual problem.

At that time, many years ago, the inevitable always happened to me: I failed in the

decisive moments and unfortunately I swallowed the apples of the garden of the Hesperides.

In the physical world I kept the most absolute chastity; disaster always happened to me outside the

body, in the superior worlds; in the presence of many ineffable ladies I failed.

My case was truly unfortunate and in all those erotic scenes under the tree of the

science of good and evil was not master of myself, a demon got into my mind,

it took possession of my senses, it controlled my will and thus it unfortunately failed. I suffered it

unspeakable, Anfortas's wound bled in my side and the remorse was horrible.

It happened to me that finally one day, mortally wounded in the depths of my soul, I cried out to my Divine

Mother Kundalini requesting help and this one did not wait...

One night, my adorable Mother took me out of the physical body and took me to court.

of objective justice. Great was my terror when I found myself in the presence of the judges in the

Court of Karma. Many people filled the room and there was fear on all faces and anguish

in all hearts. I advanced a few steps in the room of Truth-Justice and the judge opened the book and read,

crimes against the Moon goddess, adventures of don Juan Tenorio, Casanova, the time of the medieval troubadours

and knight errant of the feudal cities. Then with a tremendous voice

pronounced the sentence of death and commanded the cosmic executioner in an imperative way that

 will execute immediately.

I still remember the unspeakable terror of those moments, my legs trembled at the precise

moment when the executioner unsheathed his flaming sword, directed it threateningly against my

defenseless person.

In those seconds that seemed like centuries of torture, all the sacrifices went through my mind.

for humanity, my struggles for the Gnostic Movement, the books I had written, etc., etc.,

etc., and I said to myself, and this is the fate that now awaits me? So much so that I suffered for the

humanity? Is this the payment that the Gods give me? Oh! Oh! Oh!

Suddenly I feel that inside me something moves and shakes violently, while the

executioner pointed the point of his sword at me. Then I see with mystic wonder a demon

terribly perverse lustful, which exiting my body through the spine takes the form of

a neighing horse. The executioner now directs his sword towards the evil beast and it

plunges headfirst into the bottom of the black precipice, its legs and tail sticking up and .

finally the whole body of that frightful abomination penetrates completely under the epidermis

of the planetary globe to get lost in the dark entrails of hell.

This is how it was, my friends, how I was freed from that lustful ego that in the Middle Ages I created it

when I walked as a fallen bodhisattva, on a regal horse on the cobbled roads

who took me from castle to castle through the lands of the feudal lords.

Already free of that abomination of nature, I felt happy; I did not fail the sexual tests again,

I was master of myself and was able to continue along the Path of the Razor's Edge.

Behold, ladies and gentlemen, the great good that the cosmic executioner did me...

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  1. Experiencing is something very important so that our beloved readers can

understand the gnosis wisdom better

listen to me. One night, no matter now the date or the day or the hour, splendidly

dressed in the "Wedding Suit of the Soul" I left the physical body at will...

Experiencing in all the presence of my Cosmic Being a certain exquisite spiritually voluptuousness, I floated with complete smoothness in the aura of the Universe. In supreme well-being I had to

 pose my plants as if I were a celestial bird on the mud of the earth, under the green foliage of

a taciturn tree. Congratulations, I then cried out with a loud voice invoking the adepts of the

Occult Fraternity... I was unquestionably assisted.

The brothers kindly led me to the wonderful temple of the transparent walls

... The Mahatma sat at his desk as if attending

to many people...

"I want to know," I said, "what is it that I need" The Venerable, taking from among one of the

drawers of the firm certain secret book, consulted its pages and then replied:

-You need fifty-eight (58) minutes. You have to present here thirty-six

(36) dollars of twenty-three (23) kilos each. And the eight (8) initiations received must be


-Thank you, venerable master. Later I left the temple with infinite humility and


Kabbalistic analysis of this question:

58 minutes: 5 plus 8 equals 13. This arcane means death of all subjective elements.

that constitute the self-the ego.

36 dollars: 3 plus 6 equals 9. Break chains and shackles in the submerged worlds of the

nine planets... very intense work in the "Firing Forge of Vulcan". 23 kilos: 2 plus 3 equals 5. The liberation works must be perfect under the splendors

of the flaming five-pointed star.

Before the authentic resurrection each of the eight initiations must be qualified. This is

processes in eight years during which we have to experience the book of the Patriarch Job, in

all its crude realism.

The perfection of the master's degree only comes with the transcendental esoteric resurrection...

  1. There exist in the esoteric path transcendent and transcendental cosmic intervals.

After having entered the temple of the Twice Born, I had to go through one of


I want to refer emphatically to a sexual suspense, to a period of abstention that lasted

several years. In the interim I dedicated myself with absolute exclusivity to inner deep meditation.

Objective: to dissolve the psychological I, the myself, the ego, which is certainly a knot in the cosmic energy, a lock that we must reduce to cosmic dust.

Thus, little by little with this didactic, with this "modus operandi", I managed during that pause

To eliminate fifty percent of those subjective, subhuman elements that

We carry inside and that constitute the ego, the psychological aggregates.

This work became very difficult when I had to face the

oldest sub- humans elements. Unquestionably my Divine Mother needed more superiors weapons, I remembered the Spear of Eros, the marvelous emblem of the

transcendental   sexuality, but I was in a pause. To do?

When I wanted to search, investigate, inquire about the origin of such sexual forces and powers, I

I found myself face to face with the Elemental Magician, with my Divine Mother Kundalini in her Fifth

Appearance. I had certainly seen her most beautiful, the size of a gnome or pygmy, very

Small... She was wearing a white tunic and a long black cape that trailed on the ground; her head was

Covered with a very special magical headdress. Next to one of the two symbolic columns of the

Occult Freemasonry, the Adorable had ordered me a new descent to the "Ninth Sphere" (the

sex). Unfortunately, I had believed that it was some test and therefore continued

in disobedience; I was certainly slow in understanding and this was stalling me.

After some time of mortal struggles against a certain very infrahuman psychic aggregate that

violently resisted disappearing, I had to appeal to the spear of Longinus.

I had no other solution. I appealed to transcendent sexual electricity; I begged my Divine

Mother Kundalini during metaphysical copulation, I eagerly begged her to grasp the spear of Eros.

The result was extraordinary. My Sacred Mother, then armed with the Holy Pike, with the

 Divine lance, with sexual electrical power, was able to reduce the horrifying monster to cosmic dust., to the psychic aggregate that I had tried in vain to dissolve away from the chemical coitus.

  1. Talking in the forest of mystery, three wandering friends arrived slowly,

Slowly, slowly, before the sacred hill. Without the slightest fear, we then witnessed

of something unusual and; narrating it is urgent for the good of our beloved readers.

A pristine ancient rock suddenly opened up in the rock, as if it had split exactly

into two equal pieces, leaving us perplexed and amazed...

Before there was time enough to assess that, without hesitation, as if attracted by a strange force, I approached the mysterious granite door...

  Without impediment, bravely I crossed the threshold of a temple; in the meantime my friends, serene,

They sat down in front of the gigantic mass that closed in front of them...

Any extraordinary glossary would be frankly insufficient if we tried to describe in

meticulous detail all the portents of that subterranean sanctuary.

 Animated by the living flame of the spirit, I advanced through a narrow corridor until I reached

a small room... That exotic room was more like a law firm, office or office of

attorney. Sitting before the desk, I found a Lord of Destiny, an indecipherable character;

hermetic Judge of Karma; mystical  dressed as elegant modern gentleman. How wise was that Lawyer!, sublime predictor! infallible! and terribly


With deep veneration I approached his desk; the Sacred Fire shone in his


I immediately felt its profound significance directly. Thank you, venerable master!

I exclaimed with infinite humility...

The austere Hierophant, in a sibylline tone, took up his parable and said:

-So and so" -referring ostensibly to one of the two friends who was waiting for me

he's the ragged guy; will always live in misery.

-Then-referring now to my other friend- is the Samuro type.

-How Samuro?. He repeated:

- Samuro. Fighting and spiritual friend like the progressive Samurai Buddhists of the Empire

of the Rising Sun. Finally, turning to me, he said:

-You are the military type because you will have to drag crowds, to, start the New Aquarian Age. Your specific mission is to create men, teach the

people to build their Astral, Mental and Causal bodies so that they can incarnate their Human Soul .

Later he got up from his desk with the evident purpose of searching his library for a

of one of my works, and as he held it in his hands,  with ecstasy, he exclaimed:

-The book that in good time you sent by mail to So-and-so,  liked it very much.

What happened next is easy to guess. With infinite veneration and great humility, without rubbish

Of no kind, far from all vain infatuation, I said goodbye to the venerable one and left the temple.

  1. Once, while on vacation in the port of Acapulco, on the shores of the

Pacific, Mexico, I had to enter the yogic state of Nirvi-Kalpa Shamadhi. I wanted then

know something about the Monads that after having passed through the three thousand revolutions of the wheel of the

Samsara, they had already lost all cosmic opportunity.

Completely submerged within the "sound current", between the sparkling ocean and

immaculate of the Supreme Parabrahatman Atman, I entered through the gates of an ineffable temple.

It was not necessary to interrogate, scrutinize and investigate; in all the presence of my Being I could

experience the tremendous reality of such subliminal Monads, they are beyond good and evil. Tiny innocent creatures, flashes of divinity without self-realization, beings

happy but without mastery. Those noble creatures floated deliciously among the whiteness

immaculate of the Great Ocean, they entering or getting out, praying and prostrated themselves before the Buddhas, before

the Holy Gods, before the Mahatmas...

Unquestionably, such divine Monads see the masters in the same way as the

ants see men. The Agnivastas, the Buddhas of compassion, the Hierophants, are

for such kind of Monads without Mastership, something that cannot be understood, strange beings, enigmatic

terribly divine...

In the Sanctas or Churches of free life in their movement, the aforementioned Monads obey the

Holy Gods and serve them with infinite humility..

Unquestionably, those divine Monads radically excluded from mastery, already for

intentional rejection or simply because they failed in their efforts to achieve it, they suffered the

unspeakable in the painful valley of Samsara and in the infernal abode of Pluto (the mineral submerged kingdom), after turned three thousand times the wheel of Samsara.

This last fact demonstrates the infinite divine mercy and gives meaning to the state of elemental happiness

 that such Monads possess within the Universal Spirit of Life.

  1. On a certain occasion, being in Eastern Tibet in a monastery, I had the

idea of telling my Divine Mother Kundalini the following: -You and I talk and we seem to be two different people and yet we are the same Being.

It goes without saying emphatically that the response was indeed extraordinary:

-Yes, my son! You and I are the same being but derived.

  1. One day, happy in the world of Atman, a Judge of the Law of the

KATANCIA (Higher Karma) came to me. He sat down at a table, and I, with great respect and veneration,

 then had to answer charges:

"You have criticized many in your books," said the Hierarch.

"I am combative by nature," I answered emphatically.

"He is sentenced to seven days in prison," such was the sentence.

I have to confess frankly and unequivocally that when I heard the sentence I was a bit cynical.

It seemed to me that this question was a silly police case, like when a boy fights

with another his own age and they put him in jail for a few hours.

However, already in full compliance with the sentence, I felt that this punishment was terribly

painful. Seven days between the terrible dungeon of the mind and after having emancipated myself...

Seven symbolic days of bitterness inside the terrifying prison of the intellect...

Oh! Oh! Oh!

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                                                                                                                   CHAPTER VII

  1. Some time ago the guardians of the Holy Sepulcher told me: "We know that you are leaving,

but before you leave you must leave humanity with the maps of the road and your words".

  1. Thirty times I had seen the autumn leaves fall in my present reincarnation, when

I had to work consciously and positively with the doctrine of the Jinas or Janus.

Any night of wonders, Litelantes, my priestess-wife, made me a sublime invitation.

I found myself resting in the nuptial bed, with my body relaxed, face up (decubitus

dorsal). I must assert with some solemnity and for the good of the great cause, that in those moments

I was in a state of alert novelty, alert perception.

I dozed attentively and vigilantly, like a lookout in times of war; obviously thirsty longed

infinite something extraordinary.

After the usual invocations of rigor, I felt as if another human being was perched on

my relaxed body, exactly on those blankets, that deliciously

They protected me from the cold of the night. Unquestionably it was Litelantes, I recognized her by the voice

when she vehemently called me by my first name.

-Let's go! she said to me, "Come on! Come on!" And I who with infinite longing had always kept this

Instantly, I hurriedly got up from the bed.

It is obvious and evident that by getting up thus helped, I actually crossed the barrier of the

speed of light, then standing by the bed of a penitent and an anchorite, with the

physical body well submerged within the fourth dimension. I left my bedroom with a firm step

and decided, I crossed a small patio, I went to the street.

Giving way to me with much reverence, a certain group of very old ladies bowed

reverent before my insignificant person. I appreciated their special courtesy. I left the city closely followed by that group ´of Jinas people, I headed towards the mountains


I felt as if I had sunk into a remote ancient sublunary past; I understood that

I had penetrated into the lower cosmos.

I was subjected to tests of courage by making me step over deep precipices...

Floating in the surrounding environment of the fourth vertical, accompanied by Litelantes and all the

entourage of "Jinas" people, I crossed the stormy ocean and arrived at a certain secret place of the

old Europe. I courageously entered a certain castle where I was to contemplate with astonishment a

strange symbol under which there was a crucifix...

The return to my mansion was relatively easy, since it is a law in the fourth dimension that everything

returns to its original starting point.

Litelantes and I discussed all this very happily. Obviously we had achieved a

wonderful win.

Days later we continue with these experiments; we learned to put the physical body inside

of the higher cosmos...

  1. Ridiculous scenes from those bygone times when I walked through the world of Kali

Yuga as fallen Bodhisattva.

Outside the physical vehicle, in the astral body, under the three-dimensional zone of Euclid, I had to

enter the underground world... What happened next was frightening in a great way: they appeared

claws, teeth, horns, trunks, darts, labrums, tails, serrated wings, piercing rings that

They threatened to annihilate me like a tiny worm.

In those moments many horrifying sounds, ballads,

howling, whistling, neighing, screeching, mooing, cawing, meowing, barking, hissing, snoring, and

crocotarts. I found myself submerged in the mud of so much misery; anguish seized me; waited

anxiously a balm to heal my aching heart... Suddenly, something unusual happens more

beyond the muddy waters of Acheron; turns on its steel hinges the horrible door that

gives access to the Abode of Pluto...

Intensely moved I shudder, I sense, I see that something terrible has happened. I'm not

wrong... I see her, it is her, the Unmanifested Kundalini; has crossed the threshold where they dwell

lost souls...

Magnificent Madonna, excellent, extraordinary and terribly divine; walks closer to me

masterly; I don't know what to do, I'm confused; I feel fear and love simultaneously...

Cosmic Reminder? Recrimination? The Adorable speaks with a voice of paradise, she blesses me and

then she continues on her way like someone going towards the frightful walls of the city of Dite.

In no way did I - want to become one more inhabitant

from the city of pain.

Fortunately, I had the immense joy of being able to leave the bowels of hell to

appear in the sunlight...

  1. One day Isis, Adonia, Tonanzin, came to me faster than the breath of the Euro. She didn't have the

face of a mortal, she had a beauty impossible to define with words, she looked like a sister

of Phoebus Apollo...

I saw myself before her loving immaculate arms; the Adorable seemed a sorrowful one like that

of the biblical Christic gospel... I was hungry and he gave me food, thirsty and he gave me drink,

sick and healed me. Impossible to forget his words:

"My son, you without me, at the hour of death, you would be completely orphaned." then continued

saying: You without me would be in the world totally alone. What would your life be without me?

Later I repeated:

-Certainly, without you, My Mother, I would be an orphan. I fully recognize that without you

presence at the hour of death I would be truly alone. Life becomes a desert when one has died in oneself. Without the help of our

Divine Mother Kundalini in all the presence of our being, we would then find ourselves

internally orphaned...

  1. It happened many years ago that on a full moon night I was transported to a

extraordinary monastery of the White Universal Fraternity.

How happy I felt in the mansion of love!... Certainly there is no greater pleasure than that of

feel the soul detached... in those instants time does not exist and the past and the future

get in ones within an eternal now.

Following my friends through royal chambers and galleries, we came to a very cool patio,

that it was a miniature of the lions of the Alhambra.

Charming patio in which murmured, among flowers never seen or heard, several fountains of

waters like those of the Divine Source Castalia...

However, the best looked in the center of the patio, and I contemplated it with the mystical astonishment of a penitent and

and anchorite. I want to refer emphatically to the "Stone of Truth". It had then

human divine form... Sexual prodigy of the Blessed Goddess Mother Death; funeral Wonder,

spectral... Third aspect of my Divine Mother Kundalini; living stone sculpture; tremendous

representation of that which scares mortals so much...

Without ambiguity I confess before the divine and before the humans that I embraced the terrible Goddess

Death in full Dionysian inebriate. It was essential to reconcile myself with the law, so

the brothers of the Order of Saint John had said to me, those venerable ones who in themselves had

already accomplished the Hyperborean Mystery...

After that cosmic festival, I then had to meet with some ladies and gentlemen of the

Holy Grail in the refectory of the monastery. With much secrecy and great enthusiasm, all the

Brothers, we discussed the extraordinary event over dinner. Hekate, Proserpina,

Coaticlue in living animated stone, seemed to me as if it had sprung from the "Field of

death" or from some Carnac tomb.

  1. On an autumnal night I resolved to drink of the wine of meditation in the cup of perfect

concentration. The reason for the meditation was "My Mother Nature Particular", the fourth aspect

of the igneous serpent of our magical powers.

Praying is talking to God, and I talked to the Adorable One begging her with a silenced verb.

be taken with a physical body to the earthly paradise (the fourth dimension).

What then happened on the night of the mystery was amazing: assisted by the ineffable. I got up from

bed... When I left my home and went out into the street, I could see that my physical body

 had entered the fourth dimension. She took me to the deepest woods of Eden,

where the rivers of pure water of life flow with milk and honey...

Virgin Lady of wooded peaks! Everything is silent before you: the uneducated Iberia, the Gaul who, even

dying, grim challenges, and the ferocious Sicambro that at last laying down his arms, humiliated, respects you.

The face of my Mother Nature was like that of a paradisiacal beauty, impossible to describe with

human words... Her hair seemed like a waterfall of gold falling deliciously on

her alabaster shoulders... Her body was like that of mythological Venus... Her hands with her

very beautiful conical fingers and full of precious gems, they had the Christic form...

In the forest I talked with the Adorable and she told me things that earthly beings are not given to

Understand .. Sublime my Mother shone in the etheric world, in the fourth vertical,

in the fourth dimension...

So, then, nothing is relief for the aching chest, neither Phrygian marbles, nor resplendent purple,

It is better that you take refuge in the delicious bosom of your particular, individual Divine Mother Nature...

Although suffering bends your soul, stand firm, oh disciple!, and humbly surrender to

your Mother Nature...

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  1. The nemesis of life had to put me back in touch with those values that were once reincorporated in the personality of Brutus... I allowed a certain gentleman, return of such values, do some work in the temple... Many people listened to him and he even seemed very full of sincerity; He talked about gnosis and the people applauded him... But suddenly something unusual happens, one day he enters the Sanctuary with aggressive attitudes... It sounds! Thunder! He flashes! He becomes an insulter; I then limit myself to forgiving and blessing; then he withdraws threatening... That ego had returned to its old adventures; once again his usual calumnies and threats... Such nonsense in defamatory falsehoods had as a background certain dreams without rhyme or reason in which I saw myself along very dark paths, committing unfounded crimes... It is obvious and manifest that that perverse spirit that he saw in his absurd dreams was an ego created by himself since ancient Rome... Such an ego of Brutus assumed under his infra-conscious impulses my own form and figure. It is not superfluous to comment that one of those other selves, assuming a certain Jesus-Christian form, entrusted him with the mission of assassinating me; This is what he stated in the public square... To get rid of such an ancient enemy, it was necessary to put the case in the hands of Anubis, the Chief of the Lords of Karma... Since then Brutus has moved away from me, it's been a long time since I see not him in this physical world. From what has been said about Brutus and his dreamlike visions, it follows that no one can truly become a competent investigator of life in the higher worlds until he has dissolved the psychological self and all the subjective elements that condition perceptions... Ungrateful to his benefactors, with a lot of work as a gentleman, however Brutus accepted the gnosis and the sahaja maithuna... Without inhibiting himself in the knowledge of a cause, but turning his back on the Guru (master), he worked in the Forge of Vulcan uselessly because Devi Kundalini never rewards traitors, murderers, adulterers, rapists and perverts.
  2. One starry night, while talking in the superior worlds with my great friend, the resplendent Angel Adonai, who now has a physical body, I had to receive extraordinary news... "So and so (Brutus) -said the Angel- has awakened in evil and for evil". I verified this a few days later when I met him in the superior worlds...
  3. I once asked my guru the following question: - Is there any difference between your divine monad and mine? The Master replied: -None, because you and I and each one of us, is nothing more than a bad snail in the bosom of the Father.
  4. In one of those many corridors of an ancient palace, no matter the date or time, drinking lemon water in delicious glasses of fine baccarat, together with a very select group of Elohim, I said: "I need to rest for a while between happiness; I have been helping humanity for several Mahanvantaras and I am already tired". "The greatest happiness is to have God within", replied a very friendly Archangel. Those words left me perplexed, confused; I thought in the Nirvana, in the Maha-Paranirvana, etc. Living in regions of such intense happiness, could any creature not be Happy? How? Why? Because I didn't have the monad inside? Filled with so many doubts, I decided to consult the old sage "Jano", the living God of science "Jinas". Before entering his abode I made a secret greeting to the guardian; I advanced before the vigilants and greeted them with another greeting and finally I had the joy of finding myself in front of the God Jano. "There is another greeting missing", said the venerable one. "There is no better greeting than that of a calm heart", thus I answered, while devoutly putting my hands on the cardia. "All right," said the sage. When I wanted to ask him questions that would dispel my usual doubts, the old man, without speaking a single word, deposited the answer in the depths of my consciousness. We can summarize such a response as follows: "Even if a man dwells in Nirvana or in any other region of infinite bliss, if he does not have God within, he will not be happy; however, if I lived in the infernal worlds or in the filthiest prison on earth, having God inside I would be happy".
  5. A long time ago something unusual happened to me on the path of life. Of my very interesting esoteric works outside the physical body, I had to approach the gigantic city of London with the eidolon. I remember with complete meridian clarity that when passing through a certain place in that city I could perceive with mystical astonishment the resplendent yellow aura of a certain intelligent young man I entered a very elegant cafe in that metropolis and sitting at a table I discussed the aforementioned case with a person of a certain age who was slowly savoring the delicious content of that arabesque drink in a cup. Suddenly something unusual happened , a character approaches us and sits next to us; observing him carefully I was able to verify with great astonishment that it was the same young one with a resplendent yellow aura who had amazed me so much before. After the usual presentations I came to know that such a subject was nothing less than the one who wrote Faust in life; I want to refer to Goethe. In the astral world marvels, extraordinary facts, prodigies happen; it is not uncommon to find one there with already disembodied men; with characters like Victor Hugo, Plato, Socrates, Danton, Molliere etc. etc. etc. So, dressed in the eidolon I wanted to talk with Goethe outside of London and on the shore of the immense sea; I invited him and it is obvious that he in no way declined such an invitation. Talking together on the shores of that great British island where the English capital is located, we could see some blood-red mental waves floating on the stormy ocean coming towards us. I had to explain to that young man with a radiant aura that these mental forms came from a certain lady in Latin America who desired me sexually. This did not fail to cause us some sadness... The stars shone in infinite space and the angry waves, terrifyingly roaring, incessantly hit the sandy beach. Talking about the cliffs of Pontus, he and I, exchanging ideas, decided to ask him questions point-blank: Do you now have a physical body again? The answer was yes. Is your current vehicle male or female? Then he replied: "My current body is female. In what country are you reincarnated? "In Holland". Do you love someone? "Yes," he said. "I love a Dutch prince and I plan to marry him on a certain date" (excuse the reader I didn't mention the latter.) I thought your love was strictly universal: loving the rocks, I said, the mountains, the rivers, the seas, the bird that flies and the fish that glides in the deep waters. Is human love perhaps a spark of divine love?". This type of answer by way of a question pronounced by the one who in his past reincarnation was called Goethe, certainly left me stunned, perplexed, amazed. Undoubtedly the distinguished poet had told me something irrefutable , introvertible, exact.
  6. . When it comes to transcendental metaphysical experiments, it is not superfluous to affirm solemnly that I have been fully satisfied with the intelligent use of the Eidolon. Without boasting in any way with certain discoveries of an esoteric order, simply I am going to humbly tell you about a certain remarkable intimate event: It happened on any given night, the Master Litelantes and I we decided to contact the Temple of the Zodiac.. It is notorious and evident - and anyone can understand it - that finding such a sanctuary here in the three-dimensional world of Euclid would be more than impossible... It is not, therefore, something strange, unusual and, the fact that for this type of investigation experimentally we used the Eidolon. In no way do I want to boast of being wise, I only propose now to clarify that such contact was wonderful... The Sancta Santorum Zodiacal, virginal, shines gloriously among the fiery rhythms of the Mahavan and Chotavan that hold the Universe steady in its march. Cosmic Temple, basilica of zodiacal light with twelve shrines, sidereal house of the divine... Sublime circular church of irresistible charms: opposite "Sanctas" that complement each other placed face to face. Projecting us into the future, beyond our present reincarnation, Litelantes resolutely penetrated into the "Sancta" of the bright constellation of Libra. On the threshold of that shrine was an effigy with the likeness of an angel; with one hand he held the scales of cosmic justice and with the other he wielded the sword. Litelantes, advancing a few steps inside the enclosure, finally stopped, placing herself on a venerated stone. -Are you going to continue with Libra? -Yes! -But notice that the stone of that constellation is very cold!... -It doesn't matter! So answered the initiate. Since this adept lady is currently preparing to fulfill a very special mission with a masculine body, it is obvious that the constellation of Libra will be very favorable to her, especially when her work will have to be in the field of law. For my part, full of profound recollection and tremendous veneration, I resolutely got into the sublime "Sancta" of the Leo constellation. The threshold of that shrine shone adorned with a pair of brilliant lions of pure gold... Ecstatic I had to lie down silently in supine position on a delicious divan whose tawny arms shone. My intention was to wait within that sanctuary for the sublime Lords of destiny. It is ostensible that they manipulate the Antakarana (the thread of life) connecting it to the fertilizing zoosperm. When every living being dies, the seed atom of their physical body is carried beyond death. The Lords of Karma deposit such an atom in the fertilizing zoosperm so that we can reincorporate ourselves. At death, the angels of death cut that silver thread and then it is obvious that we can no longer return to the physical body. I, advancing in time, was not unaware of any of this and patiently awaited the lords of the law, longing to reincarnate under the constellation of Leo. But reflecting a little, I said to myself: “What am I doing here? I must await orders from my Father; furthermore, I have been told that during this Mahanvantara I will no longer have a physical body.” Reflecting thus I got up and left that sacred place. It is ostensible that the masters can choose at will the zodiacal sign under which they are going to reincarnate. There is no injustice in this matter of return; Karma masters choose the zodiacal sign of those who sleep.
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  1. One night, I decided to investigate the disembodied Rasputin directly. As I thoroughly know all the functions of the Eidolon (astral body) of the authentic man, it was not difficult for me to perform a magical unfolding. Dressed then, with that sidereal body that Felipe Teofastro Bombasto de Honheneim (Aureola Paracelsus) talked about so much, I abandoned my physical body to move freely in the fifth dimension of nature, the astral world. What I saw with the spatial sense (with the eye of Horus) was terrible. It is not superfluous to affirm emphatically that I had to enter a frightful tavern where only barrels full of wine could be seen, through which slithered here, there and yonder, multitudes of horrifying creatures in the likeness of men. I was looking for Rasputin, the Sacred Devil, I wanted to talk with that strange monk before whom so many princes, counts, dukes and marquises of the Russian nobility trembled. But instead of one I saw many selves and all of them constituted the same ego of the monk Gregory Rasputin. So I had before my spiritual sight in all the presence of my cosmic being a bunch of Devils, a pluralized I within which there was only one worthy element; I want to refer to the essence. Not finding a responsible subject, I went to one of those abominable grotesque creatures that passed near me. -This is the place where you came to end up, Rasputin. This was the result of your messy life and of so many orgies and vices. -You're wrong, Samael -answered the monstrous figure, as if defending or justifying his sensual life, and then added- You need the line of intuition. -You can't fool me, Rasputin; were my last words; then I withdrew from that gloomy den located in Limbus, in the Orc of the classics, in the vestibule of the submerged mineral kingdom. If Rasputin hadn't done so many charitable deeds in life, at this hour he would be regressing in time within the submerged worlds, under the earth's crust, in the abode of Pluto.
  2. A long time ago, when I had not yet reduced the ego to cosmic dust, I made a formidable magical invocation. I called out to a certain great Master, saying, “Come! Come! Come! Prophet of Ra... Jor... Ku. Come to me! Want to fulfill it! want to fulfill it!  want to fulfill it! AUM... AUM...AUM... (Intoning this last word properly by opening the mouth on the "A" rounding it with the "U" and closing it with the "M"). It is worth clarifying that the environment was saturated with infinite harmony, charged with "OD"... The result of this invocation was immediate and the great prophet came towards me. The kabir assumed a symbolic figure, formidable, that I could see, hear and feel in all the presence of my cosmic being. The venerable one seemed divided into two halves: From the waist up he shone gloriously, his forehead was high as the invincible walls of the Celestial Jerusalem, his hair like white wool falling on his immaculate shoulders, his nose straight as that of a God, his deep and penetrating eyes, his precious beard like that of the Ancient of Days, his hands like gold rings set with hyacinths, his lips like lilies that distill fragrant myrrh... But in the lower part of his body, from the waist down, I saw something unusual; horrifying: bestial forms personifying errors, red demons, devil selves, within which consciousness is bottled. -I called you to ask for enlightenment! Such was my plea (it is obvious that the answer was in its form of presentation). The old man put his right hand on my head, and told me: - Call me whenever you need me and I will give you enlightenment!... then he blessed me and left. With infinite joy I understood everything: only by throwing away these animalistic creatures that we all carry inside and among which the conscience sleeps, enlightenment comes to us.


. 167. Reviewing old chronicles of my long existence, with the tenacity of a clergyman in the cell, Eliphas Lévi emerges. One night, out of the dense form, I went everywhere invoking the soul of that deceased who in life was called Abbe Eliphas Lévi . I found him sitting at an old desk in the august hall of an ancient palace. With great courtesy he got up from his chair to respectfully attend to my greetings. -I have come to ask you for a great service -I said-, I want you to give me a key to instantly to go out in the astral body whenever I need it. "With great pleasure," replied the abbe, "but first I want you to bring me the following lesson tomorrow: "What is the most monstrous thing that exists on earth?" -Give me the key right now please... -No! Bring me the lesson and I will gladly give you the key. The problem that the abbe had posed to me turned out to be a real puzzle, since there are so many monstrous things that exist in the world, that frankly I could not find a solution. I walked through the streets of the city observing, trying to discover the most monstrous, and when I thought I had found, then something worse arose. Suddenly a ray of light illuminated my understanding. Ah! I said to myself, I understand. The most monstrous has to be, according to the law of analogies of opposites, the antipodal of the most grandiose. Well, but what is the greatest thing that exists on the painful face of this afflicted world? Then came to my translucent the mountain of skulls, the Golgotha of bitterness and the Great Kabir Jesus dying on a cross for love of all suffering humanity. Then I exclaimed: Love is the greatest thing that exists on the face of the earth! Eureka! Eureka! Eureka! Now I have discovered the secret: Hate is the antithesis of the greatest. The solution to the complex problem was obvious. Now it is indubitable that I had to contact Eliphas Lévi again. Projecting the Eidolon again was a matter of course for me, since it is clear that I was born with that precious faculty. If I was looking for a special key, I was doing it not so much for my insignificant person, but for many other people who yearn for conscious and positive unfolding. Traveling in the Eidolon or magic double, very far from the body, I traveled through various European countries looking for the abbot; this one did not appear anywhere. Suddenly, in an unusual way, I felt a telepathic call and entered a luxurious mansion; The abbot was there but... Oh surprise! Wonderful! What is this? Eliphas turned into a child and tucked into his cradle. A truly unusual case, right? With deep veneration, very softly I approached the baby saying: “Master, I bring the lesson: the most monstrous thing that exists on earth is hate. Now I want you to fulfill what you promised me. Give me the key...” But to my astonishment, that boy was silent while I despaired without understanding that silence is the eloquence of wisdom. From time to time I took him in my arms desperately, begging him, but all in vain, that creature seemed the sphinx of silence. Finally, feeling cheated, I left the little boy in his cradle and left that old manor house very sad. Days, months and years passed and I continued to feel cheated, I felt as if the abbe had not kept his word pledged with such solemnity; but one day the light came to me. Then I remembered that phrase of the Kabir Jesus: "Let the children come to me, because theirs is the kingdom of heaven." oh! I understand, I told myself. It is urgent, it is indispensable, to reconquer childhood in the mind and in the heart: "Until you are like children you will not be able to enter the kingdom of heaven". That return, that return to the original starting point is not possible without first having died within oneself; the essence, the conscience, is unfortunately bottled up among all the psychic aggregates that, as a whole, make up the ego. Only by annihilating such left aggregates can the essence awaken in a state of primeval innocence. After I had thoroughly understood all these processes of the human psyche, the abbot in the superior worlds gave me the second part of the royal key.

168. Traveling here, there, everywhere through all these countries of the world, I had to dwell for some time, at the foot of the mountains of Monserrate and Guadalupe. Around those times, very close to the Second World War, I was introduced to a very unique friend in that city, and traveling he had also come in search of university knowledge from a certain Atlantic port to the Andean summit. With this friend from other times, everything was very curious, even an unusual presentation. By the way, the meeting place was not very beautiful: a seedy shop with a small room. And after all the formalities of presentation we enter into matters of discussion. He claimed to be the founder of some theosophical lodge and frequently quoted HPB, Leadbeter, Anie Besant, etc. In the exchange of ideas, it is undeniable that he shone making pseudo-esoteric and pseudo-occult expositions. If it hadn't been for his fondness for hypnotism and exhibitionist desire, that meeting of friends would have ended peacefully, but behold, the Devil sticks his tail wherever he wants. It so happened that this friend took to making demonstrations of his hypnotic power and, approaching an older man who was sitting near another table, he very politely begged him to serve as a passive subject for his experiment. When dealing with issues related to hypnology, it is worth emphasizing the idea that not all subjects are likely to fall into a trance. That friend, with his exhibitionist self, clearly did not want to look ridiculous, he needed to demonstrate his power and therefore he made superhuman efforts to plunge the gentleman into a hypnotic sleep. But everything was useless; While such subject was fighting and even suffering, that good gentleman in his heart thought the worst. And suddenly, like a bolt of lightning on a dark night, what had to happen happened; the passive gentleman jumped from his place, scolding such friend, treating him as a thief, swindler, bandit, etc. etc. But our well-known friend, who was not a meek sheep either, thundered and flashed. And tables flew into the air, and chairs and cups and plates, and the owner of the business cried out among that great mess asking for the bill to be paid. Fortunately, the police intervened and everything was calm; poor man had to pawn his luggage to pay the debt. One day, after many years, the aforementioned friend invited me to eat and after dinner there was a conversation about hidden treasures; Then it occurred to me to narrate the following case: "I was sleeping in my bedroom," I told him, "when I was suddenly awakened by a strange underground noise that ran or circulated mysteriously from the Northwest to the Southeast." "I felt somewhat startled by such an unusual sound to see what was happening from my bed." "Then with great surprise I saw that in a corner of my bedroom the earth opened up." "And the ghost of an unknown woman arose as if by enchantment, who in a very delicate voice told me: I have been dead for many years; here in this place I buried a great treasure; you take it out, it is for you." When such friend heard my after-dinner story, he vehemently begged me to take him to the scene of the events, and it is clear that I did not want to deny him this service. Another afternoon he came to tell me that he had contacted the owner of that house -a very famous doctor from the city- and he begged me to investigate if that character was really the owner of said property, because he had his doubts. I confess plainly and with the most complete frankness that it was not difficult for me to carry out the astral unfolding; I simply took advantage of the transition state between wakefulness and sleep. In moments of beginning to doze I delicately got up from my bed and went out into the street. It is ostensible that the physical body fell asleep in bed. Thus the unfolding of the Eidolon was carried out with complete success; I still vividly remember that remarkable psychic experiment. Flying, floating in the astral environment of planet Earth, I walked through several streets looking for the doctor's medical office... I begged my elemental intercessor to take me to that office and it is obvious that I was assisted. Arriving at a certain house I understood; three steps led to the sumptuous portal of a mansion... I entered those doors and found myself in a waiting room; I went a little further and resolutely entered the consulting room... I examined in detail the interior of the latter; I saw a table and on it a typewriter and some other things; a window allowed to see a patio of the residence; the doctor was seated and in his aura I could see the usual property... I returned to my physical body very satisfied with the experiment. The Eidolon is certainly extraordinary... Very early in the morning my friend came to learn the result of my psychic experiment. I narrated to him in detail all that I had seen and heard; then I saw my friend's face with astonishment, he knew such an office, and the information he gave him was exact... What happened next is easy to guess; Sucre the friend  not only managed to get that doctor to rent the house, but also -and this is the most curious thing- he made him his partner. In those days I decided to get away from that city despite the pleas of that friend, who insisted that I cancel my trip... When I returned later, after a few years, to that place, everything had already changed, that house had missing. Then I found myself in arid, horrible, rocky, terribly boring terrain. And I saw high-voltage electrical installations and double-pump motors and machines of all kinds and well-paid workers, etc. etc. etc. That friend of narrates, living right there in a room that looked more like a trench on a battlefield, would go in, out, give prevailing orders to the workers, etc. etc. etc. This room was protected with gigantic rocks and in its walls you could see here, there and many small windows that could be opened or closed at will. Through those shutters such friend watched what was happening around him. Such peepholes were "supposedly" very useful to him. From time to time at the slightest noise from outside he would take out his pistol or his rifle and then those openings could be seen from the outside already opening or closing or the muzzles of rifles or pistols peeping through them. This is how things were when I came back; then my friend explained to me that that treasure was highly coveted; that it was the famous golden calf that had so disturbed many people in the region and that therefore it was surrounded by greedy mortal enemies who had tried to assassinate it. Good God and Holy Mary!, I said to myself... At a bad time I went to tell this friend about this vision of the treasure... it would have been better to have kept my mouth shut... Another day, full of optimism He confessed to me that certainly at a depth of twelve meters he had found a baked clay doll and that inside the hollow head of the whipper he found a parchment on which the entire map of the treasure was traced. In the doctor's laboratory, such parchment was carefully removed from between the head of the puppet, since it is obvious that with time and humidity it had stuck too much... According to the plan there were four deposits located one to the other at a depth of twelve meters. East, another to the West, a third in the North and the last one to the South... Such plan gave precise signs and data and at the end it had a sentence signed with initials of name and surname: "Whoever finds my treasure that I buried in deep wells will be persecuted by the patron saint's church and before twenty days they do not know who got the profits that I buried for myself". By those days the Second World War was already well advanced, Hitler had invaded many European countries and was preparing to attack Russia. My friend was a hundred percent Germanophile and believed very seriously in the triumph of Hitler. It is clear then that influenced by the tactics of Hitler who today signed a peace treaty with any country and the next day attacked it, he did not want to work according to the indications of the plan. Sucre said to himself: "Such indications are a  mislead"... "The treasure is many meters under the doll; the aforementioned four deposits do not interest me..." So, he left the facilities and went deep; when I looked into that hole, I only saw a precipice, black, deep, frightening... -Friend Sucre, I told him, you have made a very serious mistake, you have left the treasure above, in the four deposits- and have gone at the bottom. Nobody buries a treasure so deep... It is obvious that such words pronounced by me carried the fragrance of sincerity and the perfume of courtesy... However, we must speak bluntly to emphasize the self of greed. Unquestionably the latter stood out exorbitantly in my friend, combining with cunning, mistrust and violence. In no way was it unusual for me that such friend then thundered, flashed lightning, yelling and even indorse on me things that I had never thought of. Poor Sucre!... He threatened me with death, he believed for an instant that I "said" was very much in agreement with his well-known enemies, perhaps with the purpose of stealing his treasure... After all, and seeing my frightful serenity he invited me to his "trench shelter" for coffee... Before leaving definitively that Hispanic city once known as Nueva Granada, that friend made another request of me: he begged me wholeheartedly to study his underground work with the Eidolon. It is evident that I also wanted to do an astral exploration in that depth and for that reason I agreed to his request... And it happened that on an exquisite full moon night I lay down very calmly in supine position (face up) and with my body very relaxed. .. Without any concern I set out to watch, spy on my own dream... I wanted to use that transitional state between wakefulness and lethargy for my astral exit... When the dreaming process began, when the images of the dream began to emerge , delicately and feeling spirit, I made an effort to eliminate laziness and then I got out of bed... I left my bedroom as if I were a ghost, walking delicately and then I left the house... Through the streets of the city I floated deliciously full of an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness... It wasn't difficult for me to orient myself, soon I was in the place of events, in the field of facts... Before that black and horrible hole that already had  more than seventy meters deep an old dwarf, a pygmy, a gnome with a respectable white beard looked at me innocently... Floating in the atmosphere I descended gently to the watery bottom of the disastrous hole of greed... Touching with my sidereal feet slime of the moist and gloomy earth, I gladly made one more effort and penetrated into it under the very bottom of the well... How gently I descended with the Eidolon under the black seat of such a den from which much water flowed ...! Examining carefully each granite rock submerged under the chaotic waters, I entered very deeply under that subsoil... It is clear that my friend of the past had left the fabulous treasure up there, as we have already said in previous paragraphs... Now and in these abysmal regions I only saw before me stone, mud, water... But suddenly something unusual happens, I am in front of a horizontal channel that leaves the land that goes towards the street... What a surprise! Sucre the friend nothing He had talked about this, he never told me that he was thinking of drilling horizontally at such depths. Once the astral exploration was over, I returned to my physical body; the investigation was obviously wonderful... Later when I communicated all this to my friend, I saw him very sad (this man suffered unspeakably, he wanted gold, emeralds, riches, greed was swallowing him alive) When I left that city I took the resolution never to intervene again in those motives of greed...

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  1. Later in time, I had to appear before the brotherhood of another monastery of the White Lodge, to receive certain instructions and sign some important documents. I was going to work intensively in the lunar atomic infernos disintegrating the three daughters of Mara, and it is ostensible that for this reason I had to be first instructed and admonished. I was warned and advised with the following words: -You must take good care of the lunar cold -as if telling me "don't abandon sexual magic"-. You have the ego quite dead, but if you make the mistake of falling back into the animal generation, then the ego will be resurrected little by little. In a state of Nirvikalpa Samadhi I was taken by my Divine Augoides to the lunar world; then I was wisely advised. My soul was moved to its innermost depths to find there the old man from the temple of the Twice-Born; our dear principal The sacred old man seems to have all the psychological characteristics of the lemon, but it is ostensible that he radiates infinite love... I understood that in order to have the right to ascend to the lunar sky, I had first to go down to the selenite hells and courageously face the three furies. When I wanted to climb the symbolic ladder of Jacob, the sacred old man of the temple plucked a delicious branch from the tree of knowledge and made me smell it; that fragrance was nirvanic, paradisiacal. "Always smell this branch so you can climb up." Such were the words of the adept. We must nourish ourselves with the delicious fragrance of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, but not eat it... that is the law. In the abysses of Selene my work with Judas, the demon of desire, the theosophical Kama-Rupa; It is unfortunate that many ignorant people confuse this first traitor with the sidereal astral body that the twice-born manufactured in the Fiery Forge of Vulcan. The Goddess with the Head of a Scorpion -the third cosmic aspect of my Divine Mother Kundalini-, walking inside the passionate monster disguised as a mysterious scorpion, rained down her cup of destruction on him... Behold, the gods who helped me tore the chest of the first fury. The hideously divine lion-headed goddess immobilized his limbs and stripped him of all bestial strength he possessed. Thanks to the help of my Divine Mother, the horrifying demon of desire, the evil Judas, was reduced to ashes. A little later I had to continue my work with the demon of the mind that brings us so much bitterness, the abominable Pilate of all time. And I cried out with a great voice like when a lion roars, calling my Divine Mother Kundalini with all the strength of my soul, and seven thunders repeated my voices. "The gods of the vast earth are leashed. Go, disgusting Pilate, the, Lord of the region of the dead, detests you! This sinister fury in its terrifying decline came to take the presence of a child... Vain shadow reducing slowly his figure, a monster that embellishes itself, loses its original size, is reduced to a point and disappears forever. That was the end of the fatal Pilate that tormented me. Then I continued my work attacking Caiaphas, the third traitor, the most detestable of all the furies. I saw the demon of ill will go up the stairs of my dwelling, it had a caesarean aspect. Unfortunately, the unfortunate one was not to blame, I myself had created him and to make matters worse I even made the mistake of fortifying him with tyrannical atoms when in Rome I was called Julius Caesar. Glorious ages of the Roman eagle. In that age I set the stage for the people of the fourth Aryan sub-race and was killed by the evil Brutus and his minions. What deep meditations!... my God...! oh! -I said to myself- I must eliminate from my intimate nature this perverse rebel who has never wanted to obey the Father... "The gods grant me your throne! Oh Ra!, as well as your glorious body. " I travel your route, and at dawn I reject the demon of ill will that arrives concealed behind a curtain of passionate flames, and in the narrow and long corridor of esoteric tests it attacks me unexpectedly". Oh! What would have become of me without the cosmic help of my Divine Mother Kundalini? Venus, Adonía, Isoberta, Rhea, Isis, wielding the lance of Eros in her right hand, fought against the horrible beast... The third fury died after of receiving several lances in the body..., none matched her horrible appearance; none had so many snakes in her hair; her own sisters feared her, the unfortunate woman carried in her hands all the gorgonian poisons of hell. I was able to verify with complete clarity that amazed, the whole process of death in the three furies... Those shadows have died distilling in my insides the fragrance of life, a certain percentage of my conscience that was bottled up among them...
  2. Blessed is the knight who, after the hard struggle, celebrates his betrothal with the Queen of the Jinas...... Accept me in graceful honor as a servant and slave that I am of you. I know, my beloved, that I am not worthy of you... But noble divine lady, I dare not ask you but to allow my surrendered service.... See... surrendered to you, with all my eagerness and zeal I give myself entirely to your will...! The few wise men who have been in the world are not unaware that you are my adored one and that I am your adorer... I am not going to seek any remedy for your trials. Your subject I am... and you my queen. I proclaim it out loud and I glory in it. In truth, dying for you must be the greatest joy. One night of indisputable delight I had the good fortune to find my beloved in the secret spot of a mountain. My fiancée's carriage slowly advanced along the lonely path. The triumphal chariot of my beloved stops in front of a shining porphyry castle, of the wealth and splendor of the East, the walls and coffered ceilings shine. The splendid vehicle parks in front of the gleaming bronze doors that frighten with such majesty. The carriage is soon seen there surrounded by gracious choir, distinguished gentlemen, noble princes, beautiful ladies, and dainty children. Someone gives a signal and I obey, I advance towards the chariot of love, I see my Valkyrie through the crystals of happiness... Dressed in her bridal gown, the wedding garment of the soul, my fiancée has arrived in her resplendent car for the betrothal. Marry before the Holy Ara with my Twin Soul, the theosophical Buddhi! What joy, my God!... However, I was told that I should wait a little longer... The virile supplier of strength from above postponed me and I suffered with infinite patience... I had to plunge deeply into the sacred mysteries. I worked intensely in the super-darkness of silence and the august secret of the wise... I had to wait for a time and times and a half... however I sighed for Guinevere, the Queen of the Jinas... One night... the stars shining in the all-encompassing space, seemed to have a new aspect... Far from the madding crowd I was in samadhi; the door of my bedroom remained hermetically closed... Then I was able to celebrate the Alchemical Weddings; she entered me and I lost myself in her... In those moments of bliss the Solar Logos shone intensely at midnight... Then I saw myself converted into a Messenger of the New Aquarian Age, teaching humanity a doctrine new and so revolutionary... (yet so old). It goes without saying that after this great cosmic event the wedding ceremony had to take place in the temple... Many people attended this great festival of love...
  3. I thought that after the alchemical wedding with my beloved, I would enter fully in the paradisiacal honeymoon. Not even remotely suspected that among the submerged lairs of the subconscious hide the left and tenebrous Mara, the Father of the Three Classical Furies, was hiding among the submerged lairs of the subconscious, a gigantic monster with seven subhuman heads, bitterly personifying the seven capital sins. I of the I, horrifying spawn of the abyss within which a good percentage of my conscience was bottled up. Fight the Dragon after the Wedding? What a surprise, my God! Strange is what happens to me. And the great beast roared terrifyingly as when a lion roars and the powers of darkness shuddered with horror. The Dragon of Darkness and my longing soul, ran against each other protecting themselves with their shields and the abyss was filled with noise... The monster wielded the fearsome spear of Longinus with his sinister hand. Three times he tries to hurt me in vain; Desperate, he throws the Holy Antler against me; I elude the blow of the hard pike; My Divine Mother Kundalini intervenes in those precise moments; seizes the singular relic and with it mortally wounds the abominable spawn of hell. Little by little the Red Dragon loses its gigantic stature, it shrinks frighteningly, it is reduced to a mathematical point and it disappears forever in the gloomy den... Terrible are the secrets of the old abyss, gloomy ocean without limits, where the first-born night and chaos, grandparents of nature, maintain a perpetual anarchy in the midst of the rumor of eternal wars, sustaining themselves with the help of confusion. Then something unusual, wonderful, extraordinary happens. That fraction of my consciousness, previously embedded within the enormous body of the abominable monster, returned to the depths of my soul...

163. The day was ending slowly, the delicious night air invited the living beings that populate the face of the earth and I only cared about sustaining the battles along the way and about the things worthy of compassion that my memory will write without fail. My deep sleep was interrupted by a thunder so loud that I shuddered like a man who is violently awakened; I got up and, directing a look around me, fixed my eyes to recognize the place where I was; I saw myself in a lonely house by the dark road. Sitting in a rough chair by the window from which the steep path could well be seen, I then evoked past times... Certainly in other ages I had been there, in the mansion of the abyss and facing the same road... Nothing of this seemed new to me; I understood that I was recapitulating mysteries, Rising from my chair, I opened the old door of that dwelling and walked slowly... slowly... down the lonely road... With a single glance, and traversing with my gaze a space so far away as is possible to the penetration of spiritual sight, I saw that sad, devastated and gloomy place... The floor was damp and I had to stop unexpectedly in front of a certain electric cable that lay stretched out on the ground... A copper cable? loaded with high voltage? What horror!... and I was about to step on it... "It is preferable to die being free, than to live being imprisoned". This is how the voice of silence cried out in the night of mystery... And I, who was alarmed and tried at those precise moments to go back, felt comforted. I advanced resolutely through those sublunary places along the tortuous abysmal path... Horrendous path between the terrifying bowels of the pale Moon; mysterious path of the past great cosmic day... Deep reflections terribly moved the most intimate fibers of my soul while I silently walked along that submerged path... Meanwhile, my planetary body, here on earth, lay in deep rest. The steep lunar path, veering unexpectedly to the left, penetrated into some very picturesque hills. In them I saw something like a national park on a Sunday; a motley array of human creatures seemed to delightfully enjoy the prairie... To the amusement of many, some street vendors came and went here, there and there selling colored balloons... Living symbol of profane life, that is how I understood it; however, it is ostensible that I wanted to live all that with intensity... I was very absorbed in all that, contemplating the usual crowds, when suddenly, behold, something unusual  happens; It seemed to me as if time really stopped for a moment... In those moments of terror a bloodthirsty wolf emerges from the undergrowth, ferocious and with a wicked look trying in vain to grab its prey; before him, some cackling hens flee from the merciless Grim Reaper... Extraordinary occult Symbology: Poultry, pusillanimous, cowardly, timid. Bloodthirsty wolf, cruel, ruthless... Dread! Terror! Terrible!... human subconscious states of the human infra-consciousness, and I, who had died within myself, was unaware of the existence of those animals within my own atomic hells. Fortunately, never in the hard fight did I throw my Holy Pica; Thanks to my Divine Mother Kundalini I have been able to exceed many in strength and skill with the spear. Having already fallen the main abysmal demons, vile representations of my infrahuman defects, they epically concluded my lunar labors killing many other infernal beasts with the holy pole. Needless to say, I had to collect very rich spoils of war after many bloody battles... I want to refer with great emphasis to those multiple precious gems of my own consciousness embedded among the deformed abysmal bodies. One night of glory I had the greatest honor that can be given to a human being: I was visited by the Cosmic Christ. The adorable one was carrying a large book in his right hand as if telling me: "Now you are going to enter the sphere of Mercury." Seeing the Master I could not help but exclaim saying: -Lord!, you have arrived sooner than I thought. I was not waiting for you yet." The Living Christ replied sweetly: -Sometimes I take time to arrive when I have to come in the month of March. You still have to die. How can I still die? -Yes! - the Adorable replied, you have to continue dying, he repeated... What happened next was prodigious. The Master rose slowly towards the midnight sun, later detaching himself a little from the star King as if to bless me and forgive my old mistakes

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  1. Infinity and I are face to face. And it was like a herd of reports, dogs chasing a cloud of titans, the divine clouds of the west. In the background of scarlet purple ineffable things occurred... Suddenly the dark frieze was illuminated by the sun, and the internal and delicate gold, sidereal and pure, broke into exquisite dazzles with the mysterious paleness of the moon and very slowly slipped into a peaceful vision of opal and silver... Then I left the dense body and dressed in the Wedding suit of the Soul I entered the superior worlds; what happened in those one thousand and One Nights regions the gods know well... I saw myself lying deliciously in a regal nuptial chamber; it was time for love; all the waves of the rivers, of the fountains and the seas, an ineffable choir preluded a rhythm of the Song of Songs. The blessed incense of the perfume exhaled from all the flowers, floated like a charm radiating in the zephyrs that the love of their wings rehearsed a concert of kisses and sighs... it was the nuptial hour. Nature coming out of the chaos still dazzled, inebriate by youth and beauty, virginal and sacred, veiled in a mysterious smile... “Kiss me, my love”, the Eve of Hebrew mythology, Kundrigia, Herodias, the woman of the symbol, told me ... “I will kiss you with a sacred kiss, like a sister; I abhor animal passion, you know it”. The dense forest sensing the day populated its grove of rumors, the happy and playful water fled between trembling reeds and reeds, the angel of mist shook the miraculous drops of his wings on the flowers... It was the nuptial hour. The Land of the Thousand and One Nights slept, like a delicious virgin under the chaste veil, and the divine sun, surprising it lover, lit up the sky to kiss her saintly... Bathed in splendor, full of dawn, I left the royal nuptial chamber and I went out with her... We walked slowly... slowly... to the edge of an old precipice... “Be careful!” exclaimed the maiden-wife. “Fear not!” I answered, “the danger is not here; he already passed and was there inside, in the Nuptial Chamber”. "It is not the end that you should fear, but the beginning, the result of which is this abyss." Saying these words in a voice that astonished myself, the maiden-lover of the delicious taste disappeared by enchantment. And then the Beloved One (Atman), my Real Being, the Intimate, the Secret Master, came to me. The Blessed One happily advanced towards me as if to teach me and congratulate me at the same time. The venerable one came dressed in the sacred dress of the principalities, his steps were preceded by (Buddhi), my Spiritual Soul, which was also dressed in the same dress... I, the poor Human Soul (the Causal or Superior Manas of Theosophy), I happily embraced my twin sister (the Buddhi). The Blessed One looked at us and smiled. Ah! I said to myself, I must eliminate from my inner nature the frightening demon of Bad Will, the horrifying Nebt of the Egyptian mysteries; only in this way will I be able to earn the right to wear the sacred garment that I see in my sister and in my Beloved. What shall we say of the horrendous Caiaphas? I saw mine one climb from step to step up the steps of my dwelling; it is unquestionable that he had a caesarean appearance, imposing, terrible. Only with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini, the Igneous Serpent of our magical powers, is it possible to reduce the perverse demon of ill will to cosmic dust. It is indubitable that it was necessary for me to carefully study all these hidden concomitants. It is ostensible that it was urgent for me to penetrate many times to the region of natural causes -in the World of Conscious Will-, with the evident purpose of investigating mysteries and I navigated through the deep chaotic waters of infinite space; and I saw and heard extraordinary things that the poor rational animals it is not possible to understand. It is clear that in a state of perfect lucidity I received direct information about the work. I fully understood the displeasure of many people, they are angry with me unjustly, it is said, because I do not accept their theories, poor creatures! In very deep Samadhi I saw many boats with many sails adorned with multiple diamond symbols, crosses, rocks, diamond stars adorning the mystical ships of the deep ocean. Solar boats, Mahatmas, Diamond-Souls, Givamukta, Mahatmas, navigate through the waters of chaos. "When one is very close to God, one must be very prudent." Whoever eliminates the third traitor of the Hiram Abif becomes Soul-Diamond.
  2. It is pathetic, clear and manifest that the pluralized self (Seth) can resurrect as a Phoenix from its own ashes... Those theogony that paint us as punished those Divine Logoi who made the mistake of falling into sexual degeneration after the Lemur race separated into opposite sexes are not mistaken in any way. That they sacrificed themselves, like Prometheus, to endow man with a conscious spirit of the infantile primitive paradise? Lie, ignorance, absurd! I was a spectator and actor at the same time of the genesis of life, and in the name of truth I tell you that there was no such sacrifice. We Lemurians liked sexual intercourse, we fell for pleasure into bestial degeneration. For the knowledge of our readers, I say: In some secret places of the world many immortal lemurs still live. My Holy Guru, whose sacred name I must not mention, still retains the same physical body that he had in Lemuria. I myself, after the fall in Lemuria, it is obvious that I repented and returned to the mysteries of that old continent; then I received the elixir of long life. In the name of that which is the Real, the Tao, the Divine, I tell you that I lived with an immortal physical body for thousand of years.
  3. In these instants such interesting reminiscences come to my memory... One certain delicious night, no matter which one, in that Zen state, known as Satori or Samadhi (ecstasy), I entered the doors of the temple joyfully on the wings of longing. ... And as other adepts sat, I sat, and listened to such delightful chants... What those golden voices said, deeply moved even the most intimate fibers of the soul. All of us then praise the Emperor, that Divine Monad of each one that before the Dawn of the Mahanvantara moved among the chaotic waters of infinite space. A spiral staircase, spiral, led to the top floor of the temple. It is ostensible that this stairway ended exactly at the foot of the sacred altar of the Emperor. The tabernacle shone gloriously on the sacred altar and the fire burned between its lamp... some vases wonderfully complemented that precious charm. It is obvious that the flowers put an exquisiteness wherever they are. However, there was something else, something unusual, a strange set of figures skillfully carved in wood. Such figures placed exactly before the altar, on the mysterious divine stairway, represented in fact a serious inconvenience, a tremendous obstacle to reach the Inner Lord. I, then fighting against the third traitor of Hiram Abif, had to deeply study the symbolism of those hieratic figures of mystery. Variegated and picturesque set of strange wooden beings on the polished steps of the holy ladder... It was essential to focus my attention on such artistic representations. The royal art of nature is not something dead, it has life and it has it in abundance. In no way should the attentive reader be surprised if I told him that by concentrating my attention on those exotic figures so finely carved, they came to life. And although it seems incredible, everything is possible in the unknown dimension. I looked and saw something unusual. In a certainly unusual way, one of those figures suddenly appears, it has the appearance of an old man dressed in an exotic way; the voice of silence informs me that it is the Lord of Time; I am told that I must eliminate the useless rubbish of the past. I understand everything and the old man walks carrying in his right hand a strange container full of rubbish... I fully understand the profound significance of such an allegory; the dirty reminiscences of the past, the rubbish of many yesterdays must be forgotten... The Elder digs a grave in the vault of the dead and then buries those useless remains there. Once his symbolic work is done, the old man returns to his place. Then another figure emerges from the strange set, I am taught that Lucifer works in time; I am told that through memories it is possible to resurrect the dead egos... and Lucifer walks among the tombs of time, looking for the segos buried in the dust of centuries, he wants to bring them back to life, I, absorbed, contemplate him ... How cunning is Lucifer! He awakens lustful, sinful memories in one so that the dead egos can resurrect. Then I fully understand the need to live from moment to moment, from instant to instant... Oh, my God, the Ego is time. Yes! However, the Being is timeless, that is always new... Finished its illustration, the luciferic figure returns to its mysterious place... Then I concentrate my attention more intensively and I see something that stands out; a fatal flame; it is clear that such sinister fire assumes a terrible masculine form; the voice of silence tells me that Lucifer controls the three traitors of the Hiram Abif and the remnants of the ego after its final disintegration; That's how I understand it, I approach Lucifer, I tell him that I'm his friend, he laughs at me and then speaking to me makes him understand that I'm his enemy; It is obvious that he has not made a mistake in this, that diabolical fire... Amazing! Even after the ego is dead, Lucifer continues to control even the seeds of the ego!... What horror! Remember, dear reader, that the self can also rise like the Phoenix from its own ashes.
  4. In these moments that I write these ardent lines, a certain transcendental memory comes to my memory. Once, during a incorporeal journey, in a state of ecstasy or Samadhi, I dared to question my Divine Mother Kundalini in the following way: - Is it possible that someone in the physical world can self-realize without the need for sexual magic? The answer was tremendous: -Impossible, my son! That is not possible. And she said it so vehemently... that frankly I was moved.

158. One day, no matter the date or the day or the hour, I was visited by the Kether of the Hebrew Kabbalah, the "Ancient of Days", my "Father who is in Secret", the hidden of the hidden, the goodness of goodness, mercy of mercies. He said: -As you are working, you are doing very well, you must continue with your work... Time passed and I died from moment to moment... ... to understand and eliminate was my task... It is written with burning coals in the Great Book of Splendors, that those who have died in themselves will be received in the world of the deceased... My case was not an exception to the funerary rule. Dressed in those funeral clothes that I always used to wear after each disincarnation, I then lived happily in the hidden abode. 159. It is ostensible that we, the brothers of the Secret Order, were quite dead, however we wanted to enter a superior work. We suffered full of intimate yearnings, we wanted reduce   to cosmic dust those three classical furies that Dante saw in the infernal abysses. We were told in the temple that we should wait with infinite patience for the Abbot of the Monastery, but it is obvious that the hours seemed long, boring... the venerable certainly did not seem to be in any hurry. It is unusual and unusual to see those adepts of the White Lodge quite tired, annoyed and grumpy. Some very respectable brothers moved everywhere, here, there and everywhere protesting the singular delay of the Superior. There are cases that surprise in life, and one of them was the surprise entry of the abbot in the Temple. All the brothers of our order were stunned, dumbfounded, since they had already given up hope of seeing the master. In front of the sacred brotherhood the venerable spoke saying: -You, brothers, need two virtues that this brother has. He said this, pointing to me with an index finger... Then, in a sweet and imperative way at the same time, he told me: Tell them, brother, what are those two virtues! -You have to know how to be patient, you have to know how to be serene. So I spoke in a slow and clear voice. –You see? Are you convinced? Exclaimed the abbot. All frightened and amazed at the same time, they chose to keep a tremendous silence.... It is indubitable that all the brothers had to be postponed for the superior work, since only my insignificant person emerged victorious in the tes














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  1. In the sunny country of Kem, during the Khafre dynasty, I understood the need to return to the right path, to shape my own heavenly path. Recapitulating the mysteries of the sacred land of the mighty Nile, I was able to recall dire difficulties. The path of the razor's edge is full of dangers, inside and out. The path of the revolution of consciousness turns away from the paths of evolution and involution. I, an old Tibetan lama, entered the Egyptian mysteries after much suffering. oh! How much pain the death of my brother caused me; that was something decisive for me... My poor little boat, broken between rocks, without sails and without direction and alone between the waves! Fortunately I was helped and studied hard. I entered the Priestly College like any neophyte, and after successive exaltations I was a hierophant. That I was a doctor and a priest at the same time? That is something I can never deny! Daily I traveled on my camel carrying many remedies for my sick; doctor's noble mission... Impossible to forget my abode in that Sacred Land of Hermes. Old manor house surrounded by ancient walls... Litelantes, as always, was my priestess wife, she is not unaware of that, she still remembers it. I have the high honor of having been the educator of Pharaoh Khafre. I was that boy's tutor and it doesn't bother me because later he became a great sovereign. I remember terrible things... Those who violated the vow of silence and divulged the Great Arcanum were sentenced to death, their heads were cut off, their hearts were ripped out and their ashes were thrown to the four winds. The execution was carried out in a paved courtyard surrounded by terrible walls, on which crocodile skins and mysterious hieroglyphs were seen. In the deep night of all ages, the words of the Priest of Sais still resound: - Solon, Solon! Oh, my son, the day will come when men will laugh at our sacred hieroglyphics and say that we ancients worshiped idols!
  2. When the mind is still and silent, the soul escapes to sink into the great Alaya of the Universe. Many years ago I experienced this truth during meditation; unfortunately, at that time I had not yet dissolved the pluralized self and terror damaged the experiment. I felt definitively lost in the void of Buddhist annihilation, infinite ocean of incomprehensible light beyond the body, the effects and the mind, radical forgetfulness of myself. Freed consciousness of its egoic condition, it was lost like a drop in the sea... the void seemed to become deeper... frightening abyss... I ceased to exist... I felt be worlds, flowers, birds, fish, radiant suns, humble plant and gigantic tree, insignificant insect that only lasts one summer afternoon and rebellious eagle... That ocean of my being was still expanding; the impersonalization seemed to be more and more profound... of my human form not even the memory remained; It was everything and nothing at the same time. One more step and what would become of me? Oh, what terror!... and that ocean of my being continued to spread terrifyingly... And then my dear individuality what?... It is ostensible that I was also condemned to death... Dread, fright, panic! , fear! Suddenly I felt myself withdrawing into myself, I lost my ecstasy, I went back to the bottle like Aladdin's genie! I entered time; I was trapped between the ego. Poor Mephistopheles, the wretch was trembling cowardly! So is Satan.
  3. Relatively recently, while in deep meditation, I witnessed something unusual. Certainly and with mystical astonishment I saw two adepts, who after having achieved a full identification with Para-nirvana, reached the final liberation. Dressed in their white linen tunics and their heads covered with the immaculate white cloak that reached down to their feet, these brothers entered the Absolute Abstract Space. Frankly, I still haven't lost my sense of wonder; I felt amazed, stupefied, surprised; I accompanied them to " the ring it not be pass "... (the porter`s lodge of the Universe). I saw them penetrate into the uncreated light of the Absolute, full of infinite humility and veneration. They passed beyond gods and men and became Paramarthasatyas; however, they immersed themselves in it as simple apprentices... It is that in the Absolute there are also successive mystical exaltations that are beyond comprehension for us.
  4. A long time ago, in an old palace I found a dungeon, inside was a venerable old man. His haloed beard had thirteen strands; his white hair had thirty-three ringlets. This was the Ancient of the Days, the goodness of goodness, the hidden of the hidden, the mercy of mercies. His neck was like a tower of ivory; his eyes, like the pools of Jeshbon by the gate of Bat-rabim, his nose, like the tower of Lebanon, always looking towards Damascus. I fell on my knees biting the dust of the earth! I cried out in anguish and with the dagger in my hand I exclaimed saying with all the strength of my soul: I killed him! I killed him! Strange vision... the years passed, the days of crazy youth were gone and I finally understood. It is written with letters of fire in the book of the law, that the fallen Bodhisattvas enter the cycle of terrible necessity accused of three crimes: First, having murdered Buddha, second, having dishonored the Gods, third, many others, various common and current crimes. I was a fallen Bodhisattva, yes, yes! It is unquestionable that if I had not repented I would have had to enter the submerged Involution of the Mineral Kingdom. Have you heard of Count Zanoni? I also had an immortal physical body. In the old continent Mu after leaving Eden, I re-entered the mysteries with a contrite heart... I swallowed earth!... Yes! Yes! My body was buried, the Gods know that. After three days the initiatory resurrection came; I used the fourth dimension to escape from the grave... The holy women treated my Lemurian body with many drugs and aromatic ointments. Through more than ten thousand years of incessant earthquakes and erupting volcanoes, the old continent of Mu was submerged in the stormy waters of the Pacific. I continued to exist with my immortal body on the Atlantis continent; I led many pilgrimages that sometimes went to Yucatán or Tehotihuacán, etc. I confess that at that time I especially liked to live in a beautiful valley now covered by the stormy waters of the Gulf of Mexico. It is unquestionable that it was precisely in the Eastern world during that brilliant Aryan-Atlantis age that I made a mistake very similar to Count Zanoni's. There is no doubt that said count fell in love with a beautiful Neapolitan artist; the result was hideous; He was guillotined during the French Revolution. Count Zanoni was a Chaldean immortal; He received the elixir of long life in ancient times and it is clear to understand that sex was already forbidden to him. My case was similar; I, an ancient lemur, with an immortal body, also fell into the arms of Kundri, the Eve of Hebrew mythology, the woman by antonomasia, and the result was the fatal loss of my precious lemur vehicle. It is evident that my capital error was to have accepted Cupid's gift in full youth. I tell men and gods to avoid immortalizing the young body. When the civilization of the first Aryan sub-race flourished on the central plateau of Asia, I tried to revive it; So I very humbly entered the Holy Order of Tibet and became a true lama. It is unquestionable that I had to recreate the solar bodies through the Sahaja Maithuna. It is written in the Akashic Archives of Nature that I then conquered the Second Birth. Unfortunately, I made some serious mistakes when I wanted to help the queen of my country with the Sacred Key . Because of that I was expelled from the revered order and continued to be in Samsara. During the dynasty of Pharaoh Khafre I returned to Egypt and achieved much, but not everything. Today, after having suffered a lot, I have returned to the right path; Now Today, after having suffered a lot, I have returned to the right path; Now I'm on my feet again. I thoroughly know the path of the Revolution of the Consciousness and because of that I am the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age. All intellectual homunculi mistakenly called men, only want to get rid of death; but they do not know how to get rid of life.
  5. One night, my own Intimate God, placing a crucible full of liquid mercury on the ground, tried to verify an alchemical transmutation, but since there was no fire under the crucible, it is obvious that he failed in his attempt. He then gave me to understand that I needed to carry out such an alchemical operation in order to crystallize a new too subtle organism. I thought that it could possibly be about creating the famous Sambogakaya, which according to some high initiates is said to have three more perfections than the ineffable vehicle of the Nirvanakayas. Well, I am a Nirvanakaya... and it is clear that getting to possess the precious vehicle of the Sambogakayas was something too tempting for me. "I have failed due to lack of fire", my Real Being told me; then he added, “lend me a match” (spark match or candle). I understood that I had to do a work of sexual magic. It is unquestionable that this left me perplexed, confused, astonished. But is it perchance lawful for a twice-born to return to the Forge of Vulcan? What is this? What? It is clear that I did not fall into the test; some fell, others did not... That the Internal God himself submits one to tests is certainly rare and amazing. It clearly stands out that the Beloved wants to be sure of what he has; He needs Diamond Soul (Vajrasattwa). The reception at the temple was formidable; The Venerable ancient of the Days (my monad) and I, poor suffering soul, each one of us wields with the right hand, he the scepter and I the cross. We both entered the sanctuary dressed in our sacred garments. I knew that I had murdered the old man, but he had resurrected in me: "The King is dead, long live the King!" And yet, it was not I soul of pain who had murdered the Ancient of Days. The three traitors, Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas, killed him, yes. Yet it is obvious that Pilate always washes his hands. How horrible is Hai, the demon of the Mind! Inside the temple and before the altar the old man of all ages and I prayed. The old man put out a Buddhist bowl full of coins. These in themselves are the capital of good deeds. It is clear that my good deeds were enough to pay the old man and achieve forgiveness. The host was a glorious master of the White Brotherhood. Some trees within that beautiful enclosure were crowned with laurels. Those little bushes looked very pretty in their pots; they looked in the room. The guests all arrived dressed in mourning and with great respect; it is obvious that they had to celebrate the feast of the deceased... the horrible demon Hai had died and this deserved a celebration; soon the room was filled with people. I received many guests... the host Master welcomed many others. The delicious music and the tables full of people gave the place a very special note of cosmic joy. I felt happy talking with the great hierophant. Now I no longer have the lunar mind, however I can think; I use my solar mind, the one I made in the Forge of the Cyclops (sex).


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  1. It is a gloomy fate for me to contemplate an igneous trace of that which was! I was in the fights, I knew about tests, I knocked like others at the doors of the temple. That seductive beauty of the oriental temple put a spark of life into my suffering soul like the lightning that colors the cloud that cries, the rainbow that joy. Sacred image of the pleasant and radiant temple, it was like a wandering star or like a fast meteor, the lightning that opened in my night a fiery furrow of gold. That ineffable sanctuary of Tibet is the lantern and the torch, the breath that blows and the storm that stirs, the calm of the spirit that recreates and the storm that whips. Unfathomable mystery, sweet and strong harmony, severe and serious. God grants me to obtain you as a funeral lyricism, honor and glory of blood, flower of the abyss, mourning and glory of death. Upon this black river of profane existence, the austere and grave truth shines like the silence of the stars above the terrible crash of the waves. And I was subjected to unspeakable tests within those sacred walls, in the sunny courtyard of the temple. How many memories!... May the afternoon fold its golden wing in the void, may those esoteric reminiscences come to my mind for the good of my readers, may the stars twinkle, may the nocturnal birds tell me many things in secret! And in that courtyard of mysteries, an adept lady after so many and so many frightening and terrible tests in a great way, sinisterly showed me the emaciated and horrible figure of death, a bony skull between its two crossed shins... Let me live a little more ... I am working for suffering humanity... I will pay everything I owe, sacrificing myself for the great orphan. Have pity on me. "If you had been prepared you would die in the presence of this figure." This was the answer and then came a terrifying silence. I, vile worm of the mud of the earth, standing next to one of these solemn undefeated columns of the sanctuary... Woe to me! Oh! Oh, tremendous memories came to my mind... I was inside the Sacred Order of Tibet, but this was not new for me, I remembered that in other times I had been there, in that same place, standing next to the same revered column. In the courtyard, around the sacred table, a group of Nirvanakayas were sitting. Oh God! What beautiful robes, garments of paradise! What divine faces! It is obvious that some Sambogakayas were not lacking among them, which -as is known- have three more perfections than the Nirvanakayas. Allow me to say a few words... In these moments, the memory of other times comes to mind. It has been many centuries since I stood here in this very place and next to this column. "If you had not been here before," answered a venerable old man, you would not have knocked on the doors of this temple again. I advanced a few steps, withdrawing from the column to place myself reverently before the table of the saints; the old man who had spoken on behalf of all the elect, rose to make some just recriminations. What a majestic face! He looked like a living Christ, many cosmic days and nights were reflected in his eyes, his sacred beard was a living representation of the universal verb of life, and his immaculate hair falling on his ineffable shoulders reminded us of the old man of the days of the Hebrew Kabbalah. He spoke and said terrible things; he mentioned a woman I had met after the submergence of the old Atlantis continent. "Do you remember Jane Smith?" "Yes, venerable master, I remember her." Clearly I had failed for her in the old days. "Do you remember that another Jane Smith?" "Yes venerable master, I remember her." Then the living memory of a Tibetan queen came to mind. In Central Asia, in the very heart of the Himalayas, on one side of Tibet, there existed a marvelous kingdom about a thousands of years ago. The inhabitants of that ancient country were the result of an Aryan-Atlantis mixture. Every esoteric knows very well that the first sub-race of our current fifth root race flourished in Central Asia. I lived in that old country and knew the aforementioned queen, the one that the Master reminded me of in a recriminating way. She came to me when I was a priest of the Holy Order of Tibet. The unhappy woman suffered and told me her tragedies. The monarch, her husband, was in love with another woman and it is natural that the unfortunate queen had fallen into despair. I wanted to help her, I did what I could for her but I made serious mistakes. Assaulting the mind of others is a crime and it would be absurd to deny my own mistakes, I used psychic powers in an obviously negative way and I even made the mistake of receiving some money. The royal treasurer paid me the sum, at the expense of the queen. The husband abandoned the concubine, the king and queen reconciled for the good of that country. Apparently I did well, but let's remember the words of Master El Morya: "Among the cadences of the verse crime is also hidden." To all lights it is clear to understand that I fell into the absurd, that I did stupid things and for that reason, despite being twice born, I was severely punished. There was the old man reminding me of all these things and it is clear that my moral pain was frightening in a great way. -Did you join the Order of the Garter? -Yes, venerable Master, I did, was my answer. How can I deny it? The look of that most sacred old man pierced my heart, impossible to hide from the divinity. I then remembered that old personality I had in old Rome. I was given the mission to establish a strong stage for the fourth sub-race of this fifth root race and so I used the human personality of Julius Caesar. I formed the Great Roman Empire, I fought like a lion in Gaul and everyone knows that I was killed by Brutus, the traitor. I had no need to join the Order of the Garter, the secret laws of the Great Universal Life would have helped me anyway without the aforementioned Roman institution. After those recriminations I felt ashamed of myself, embarrassed and with a heavy heart. An adept lady disguised in the costume of a ritual executioner resolutely advanced towards me with the sacred whip in her right hand, I immediately understood that I had to go through the evangelical flogging. I walked toward the interior of the temple, slowly... along that ancient patio surrounded by archaic walls. Go dead! Go dead! Exclaimed the lady just as she was actually whipping me with the sacred whip. Yes, that is what I want, to die, to die, to die; and those lashes, instead of producing in me that frightening pain of torture, entered me as if they were electric rays, benefiting me, because I felt inside me that those entities that constitute the pluralized I were struck down to death. Many years of my life have passed and I have never been able to forget this cosmic event that occurred in the heart of the Himalayas.
  2. So many things come to mind... One night, in deep intimate meditation, I abandoned the illusory world of Maya, and freed from those shackles of bitter existence, I submerged myself during samadhi in the world of the spirit. There is no greater pleasure than that of feeling with the soul detached from the body, the affections and the mind. Immense is the ineffable joy of those Diamond Souls who were lost among the Great Alaya of the Universe. And inebriated by ecstasy I entered through the doors of the temple with transparent walls and with the open Eye of Dagma, with that spiritual vision of the Adept or Jivanmukta I looked down, in the depths, and then I saw at the bottom of the abyss of the mind many loved ones. Oceans of the cosmic mind, precipice, cliff, frightening depth... who suffer. Oh!... do not desolate me like this, have mercy on me, stop our diversion now, eyes that give me anguish, eyes that look like dew-soaked leaves. And those shadows dilated melancholy and strangely, taking on mysterious traces of smoke that extinguish inks of flame. Murmur of confused words, vague and with deep sadness in the soul... Poor shadows! Various forms of the world of the mind! Just as the furious sea inclemently whips the beach with its waves, so does the world of the mind, the sea of understanding as whip the threshold of the temple with transparent walls. Litelantes, the lady adept, exclaimed indignantly: "Those women are very annoying, they try to get here!" and unsheathed her flaming sword, I did the same. These swords whirled for a menacing instant, spewing devouring fire everywhere. And those vain shadows of the universal mind, terrified, were lost in the frightful abyss of Maya. In the absence of body, effects and mind, we come to directly experience that which is Truth.
  3. One night, no matter what, neither the date, nor the day, nor the hour, I talked with an adept of the White Brotherhood in the Parallel Universe of the Fifth Dimension; the conversation was indeed soft and delicious and flowed slowly like a river of gold under the thick forest of the sun. Suddenly under the sublime foliage of the tree of life, I questioned him thus: - Do you have a physical body? Are you aware? It is obvious, ostensible, that the answers left me fully satisfied. -Yes, I am awake, I have a physical body, but right now I feel that my Consciousness begins to fall asleep by degrees, slowly, little by little, as my dense vehicle attracts me towards what is called a waking state. The most interesting thing was that ineffable moment in which the adept, floating ecstatically in the sidereal environment, beatifically joined his two feet in such a way that the soles of these made contact with each other; then, it is evident that it seemed to grow stronger; his consciousness regained lucidity. It is clear that I imitated his example and the adept explained the key to me saying: -With this secret, you will be able to resist the magnetic attraction of the dense body and thus you will be able to remain outside as long as you want.
  4. After having died in myself I was confirmed in the light, so I entered the temple and signed my documents. Ascending to the first lunar-type heaven was the next step; the adepts taught me to protect myself from the fatal attraction that the sub-lunar hells exert on one. I was given a branch to smell that exerted something very special on me. That delicate fragrance really had the flavor of sanctity. "With this perfume you will be able to defend yourself against lunar attraction", exclaimed the adept who was instructing me. I really know that adept, he is none other than the senior instructor of the Temple of the Twice-Born; its character is like the lemon, but it radiates infinite wisdom and love without limits or shores. Who wants to go up must first go down, that's the law. Every exaltation is preceded by a humiliation.
  5. Returning to the old Tibetan monastery was always my greatest wish; I returned to that holy place after having suffered much. I needed, yes, according to ancient uses and customs, someone who would answer for me, a charitable soul, a godfather to introduce me to the order, and it is obvious that I had him, thank God! He paid my entrance fee, or better we would say re-entry into the venerated order, with esoteric money unknown to the human multitudes. For the return there are no parties; This is how it is written and the divine and the human know it. Simply and without any ostentation I resumed my position within the order and continued in the work that I had once abandoned when I strayed from the straight path. I restarted my work doing charity; it was necessary to help a poor soul inside the monastery who had knocked on our doors looking for the light. "Ask and it will be given to you, knock and it will be opened to you" That is Love... The fire of charity works miracles. Unfortunately that supplicant was too sleepy; I really made enormous efforts to wake her up, but everything was useless. It is obvious that this suffering creature had not even begun to fight against Seth's demons (the Ego), his consciousness was totally bottled up within the self. Oh, old monastery protected by ancient walls! How much I love you! How can we forget that ineffable courtyard and that sacred table before which the Nirvanakayas of compassion sit? How can we forget those work rooms and all the multiple and varied ineffable corridors through which the adepts of the Light circulate and come and go?
  6. Now you will understand, conspicuous readers, why I was required to die. Only by eliminating the ego could I return to the Holy Order of Tibet. But, oh my God!, remember dear reader that there are no roses without thorns, you know it. How much pain I felt when going through all the towns and villages of Tibet! Everywhere, here, there and everywhere, I could see Chinese-communist troops that had treacherously invaded the land of the adepts. How dreadful are the profaners! See here the red soldiers at the very gates of the sacred pagodas, cynically mocking what they do not understand. To the divine Padma Sambhava, incarnation of the Lotus, protector of all conscient beings, I beg freedom for Tibet. To all the sublime Fathers and Mothers of the Buddhas of the five orders, I beg to ward off forever the barbarian hordes that have murdered the saints. Bhagavan Aclaiva, Master Protector of our Holy Order; drive away from Tibet the brutalizing hordes of Marxism. Ah! The Tathagata (Buddha) well knows how much I had to suffer when contemplating the terrible solitude of the Valley of Amitabha. What happened to those religious festivals that once cheered up the sublime valley? Now only the bloodthirsty hosts of Marxism are seen everywhere; How long will this bitterness continue? Fortunately, the monastery of the Sacred Order of Tibet is very well protected within the fourth-fifth dimension. –
  7. I am going now with an open soul to relate to you a transcendental mystical experience... Listen to me, please... The peasant night is wounding me in its chaste beauty with all its splendor of reason in principle. We -a group of Gnostic brothers-, holding hands, made a magical chain in the patio of the house. We prayed a lot, yes!, and then we made an invocation to Anael, the Angel of Love. Above the sober walls, swaying by the breeze, the limpid branches laughed deliciously, the graceful freshness of their laughter reeled off the silver of the stream crowned of lace. A clear and sweet voice disturbed my senses. Was it the voice of the siren or the lullaby of the sea? Look, look, look... the angel Anael is coming...! Yes! Yes! Yes! we all answered. Our attentive eyes rested on a handful of white doves that happily flew over our dwelling... I still remember the bird of silver and fire, so pure, so tender, so soft... that was the guide. Anael! Anael! Anael!... we all exclaimed... The night was sweet and peaceful, dim and fragrant... It tasted like roses... Then came a pause after so many shouts of joy; we waited... we sighed... those sublime birds disappeared in the mystery, and then... three measured and rhythmic knocks resounded solemnly at the door of the house; I myself hastily opened... There they are!... They are...! They arrived…!, so exclaimed all the brothers of the group. We all went out to receive the group of beautiful, terribly divine celestial children... It made me want to play... We were able to verify that those beautiful creatures came dressed in the wedding dress of the soul (the solar bodies). Within the soul of these angels so pure we find nothing that in one way or another could resemble the self of psychology. Within those children only the Being shines. It is obvious that those holy gods intensely love poor suffering humanity. It is ostensible that in some remote past these venerable ones worked in the Forge of the Cyclops. Their glorious bodies make them immortal in all departments of the kingdom... It is not difficult to guess that they radically eliminated the lunar bodies (the ego). I humbly prostrated myself at the feet of Anael, the Angel of Love... I needed to ask her something... The answer left me fully satisfied. Many years have passed and I am still meditating... Impossible to forget all this... Today, digging through rancid chronicles with the tenacity of a cleric in a cell, I write for others to read. We, the brothers of that group, still remember the presence of those ineffable beings, their enchanting voice, their majestic bearing... The light of the pure spirit touched our temples, wounding us with swords, glare, turning shadows into lights, step into dance, stillness in sculpture and the timid violence of the air in hair, clouds, treasures, joy...
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  1. One day, some friend and my person returned from the picturesque city of Taxco, Republic of Mexico. We were coming to the Federal District in a ramshackle vehicle, which, due to the unbearable weight of the years, roared terrifyingly stentorian with much loud clatter. It was curious to see that old vehicle in full swing, it overheated horrifyingly and terrifyingly like something horrific and my friend Raphael had the patience to deal with it. From time to time we stopped in the shade of a tree on the road to pour water on it and cool it down a bit. This was a task of my friend Raphael, I preferred to take advantage of those moments to immerse myself in deep meditation. Now I remember something very interesting. Sitting by the side of the road outside that curious old geezer, I saw some insignificant ants that were industrious and diligent circulating everywhere. Suddenly I resolved to put my mind in order and concentrate my attention exclusively on one of them. Then I moved on to meditation and finally ecstasy came, samadhi, that which in Zen Buddhism is called Satori. What I experienced was extraordinary, wonderful, formidable; I was able to verify the intimate relationship between the ant and what Leibinitz would call the Monad. It is obvious to fully understand that such a guiding monad is certainly not incarnated, stuck within the body of the ant; It is clear that she lives outside her physical body, however she is connected to her dense vehicle through the silver cord. Such a cord is the thread of life, the sevenfold Antakarana of the Hindustani, something magnetic and subtle that has the power to extend or lengthen infinitely. That monad of the insignificant ant, observed so carefully by me, truly seemed like a beautiful twelve-year-old girl; He was dressed in a beautiful white tunic and had a small dark blue cape on his shoulders. And what did the girl say? Terrible things. She told me about her karma, horrible by the way. We talked at length inside the carriage; she entered it herself and sitting down invited me to the conversation. I humbly sat down next to her. Many centuries before the first human race appeared on the face of the earth, those non-human creatures that today lived in this world. These creatures thoroughly knew the good from the bad and the bad from the good; Certainly, and in the name of Truth, I have to say that they were "old souls", they had evolved a great deal, but never in life had they entered the path of the revolution of consciousness. It is obvious that evolution can never lead anyone to intimate self-realization. It is hardly normal that all evolution is inevitably followed by involution. To every ascent comes a descent, to every ascent comes a descent. These creatures renounced the idea of superior knowledge and the esoteric circle of life and based their faith on a "jargon" of the Marxist-Leninist type. His way of understanding was undoubtedly more mistaken and more serious than Adam's and the result is visible to everyone. Those are the ants, regressive, , retarded creatures. Those beings altered their own organism, they horribly modified it, they made it go back in time until they reached the current state they are in. Today we are amazed to contemplate an anthill; we only regret that there is no intelligence there and that everything has become mechanical.
  2. I owed karma from previous lives and was forgiven; A special meeting with my Divine Mother Kundalini had already been announced to me, I knew very well that upon reaching a certain esoteric degree I would be taken to her presence. And certainly the long-awaited day came and I was brought before her; a highly exalted adept led me before the Sanctuary. And there, oh God!, I cried out... I prayed... I invoked my adorable one. The cosmic event was extraordinary. She came to me, my Adorable Mother. Impossible to explain what I felt, in it were represented all those little mothers that I had had in different reincarnations. However, she went further... my Mother yes, but perfect, ineffable, terribly divine. The Father had deposited in her all the grace of his wisdom; the Christ had saturated her with his love; the Holy Spirit had conferred on her terrible igneous powers. I was able to understand that wisdom, love and power were vividly expressed in my Mother. We sat facing each other, she in one chair, I in another, and we talked deliciously like Mother and Son. How happy! How happy I felt talking with my Divine Mother! I had something to say and I spoke in a voice that amazed myself. -I ask you to forgive me for all my felony committed in previous lives, because you know that today I would be incapable of falling into those same mistakes. -I know, my son, replied my Mother with a voice of paradise full of infinite love. "Not even for a million dollars would I make those mistakes again," I continued saying to my Divine Mother Kundalini. -What is that of dollars, my son? Why do you say that? Why do you talk like that? Then, oh God, I felt sorry for myself, confused. Embarrassed and full of pain I replied: - Excuse me, my mother. What happens is that there in the physical, vain and illusory world where I live, people talk like that. -I understand, my son... -my Mother answered. These words from the adorable one restored my tranquility and peace. -Now yes, my mother, I ask you to bless me and forgive me. So I spoke full of ecstasy. Terrible was that moment when my Mother on her knees, kneeling with infinite humility and full of wisdom, love and power, blessed me saying: -My son, you are forgiven. -Allow me to kiss your feet, my mother, I exclaimed. Then, oh God! Placing my mystical kiss on her sacred plants, she instructed me with a certain symbol, reminding me of the washing of feet at the Lord's Supper. I understood everything and understood thoroughly. I had already dissolved the pluralized self in the mineral regions, in the infernal worlds of Nature, but I needed to burn the satanic seeds in the lower molecular world, the purgatorial region, and then bathe myself with Lethe and Eunoe to erase the memories of the evil and fortify the virtues before to be confirmed in the light. Later I found myself in a very painful scene from my past life where I had made a regrettable mistake, and when I was about to be hit by a car, I fully evidenced ad nauseam that I was free from Karma. I studied my own book of Karma in the Superior Worlds and found its blank pages, there I only found the name of a mountain written on one of its pages, I understood that later I would have to live there. -Is it some karma?, I asked the Lords of the Law. -It is not karma -I was answered- you will go to live there for the good of the Great Cause. It is clear that it will not be mandatory for me, I am granted free choice.
  3. I speak to human beings based on direct experience, I am an Avatar of Ishvara. Really Ishvara (the supreme Master) is a very special Purusha, exempt from suffering, from actions, from their results and desires. Brahman, the Ocean of the Spirit, manifests as Ishvara, the Master of Masters, The Governor of the Universe. He is the Master, even for the old Masters, never being limited by time. The word that manifests to him is AUM. And came to me Ishvara and told me: -You must deliver messages, pamphlets and to form army of world salvation. –That is what the Lord said
  4. . In these moments ineffable memories come to mind. One night in autumn I was talking deliciously with an adept in the superior worlds. Conversing with an Elder Brother in the parallel universes of the higher dimensions is certainly something impossible for those who are asleep, for those poor people who dream. But luckily I'm awake. Varied was the topic of the conversation, the dialogue was developed in synthesis. Litelantes listened and was silent... it is obvious that she is also awake and enjoys accompanying me... she is my priestess wife. And that talk flowed deliciously like a river of gold under the thick jungle of the sun. The venerable one wanted an interview with me here below, in the physical world, in the three-dimensional region. It was necessary to define the factors of time and place. Litelantes protested; twelve o'clock at night and so far from our house, in the very center of Mexico City... Her protests were useless, he and I set the appointment and gave the floor. The autumn months passed... I waited with great interest for the long-awaited New Year 1968. However, everything passes... and I didn't have to wait too long, the long-awaited night arrived. I left home early - that's how it had to be - because that's a night with many visits, I had to anticipate. A taxi took me to the Zócalo. I had to get off exactly on one of the corners of the Plaza de la Constitución. I had to pay the ticket. “How much do I owe you?”, “Two pesos, sir”. "Here you are, get paid." The driver received the money without even remotely sensing anything about me or the reason for my trip. What can a sleeper know? Did the poor driver know my studies? What could you demand? Just another dreamer driving a taxi... that's all. And I walked through the very center of the Zócalo, I stopped before a large iron pole, this was the pole of the national flag, the exact place of the mysterious meeting. It is obvious that I had to first recognize the place and so it happened, but we still hadn't arrived even at ten o'clock at night. I walked along Avenue 5 de Mayo slowly... slowly... and I reached the Alameda Park. The winter ice that encourages the hills where nuances or aromas never sway, came down in fresh torrents of silver covering the withered meadows. I sat on a park bench, the cold of that winter night was certainly tremendous. Here and there and everywhere the wrapped children frolicked; The elders talked austerely about things that were perhaps very serious, or at least very unimportant; the lovers smiled with luciferian gazes of fire; lights of various colors shone and there was no lack, as is hardly normal among that motley and picturesque of the eve New Year's human ensemble, some costumes; people who enjoyed having a photograph taken before the three wise men. Smoke rising from the mountain, dark nostalgia, strange passion, insatiable thirst, deadly tedium, tender longing, indefinite subconscious, longing for the impossible, is what humanity feels at times like this. Several times I walked near the crystalline fountains contemplating beautiful things next to the pine trees: balloons of various colors, symbolic representations of the old and new year, cars pulled by the goats of Capricorn, etc. Again and again, slowly turning down 5 de Mayo Avenue, I approached on several occasions the pole of our national flag in the living center of the Plaza de la Constitución. I anxiously looked around, the glorious place was relatively alone and to make matters worse the pavilion of the Homeland did not shine on that night with the eagle of the spirit, the sacred serpent and the prickly pear of the will. Dark Alexanders and Spartacuses! How far you are from understanding all this; in the bloody labors of war, sower of laurels and misfortunes, you were idols of clay that fell to the ground in pieces. In sublime absorption I delved into my own mind, meditating on the mystery of life and death. There was only half an hour left for the usual appointment of the mystery. Many times I walked silently around the Zócalo of the mall. Suddenly, looking at the clock, I sighed deeply, saying in a voice that amazed me: "Finally, the time is near!" It was necessary to speed up the pace a little more to return once again to the place of the longed-for appointment. The chimes of the old Metropolitan Cathedral resounded, when I anxiously stopped before the national flagpole, it was only fifteen minutes before twelve; I looked around me as if inquiring, as if looking for some sign that would indicate the presence of the master. Countless questions assailed me. Wouldn't this Guru be able to keep the appointment? Perhaps the adept had not passed on the memory of this commitment to his physical brain? At last, oh God!, the twelve chimes of the New Year resound in the towers of the temple. I started to feel disappointed when something unusual happens. I see three people in front of me. It's a foreign family. The gentleman advances alone towards me, I observe him attentively, I know those features, that majestic continent; is the master. He congratulates me, hugs me, wishes me total success for the year 1968, then leaves. However, I notice something strange in him, he has come like an unconscious sleepwalker, as if moved by a force superior to him; this alarms me, it makes me a little sad. Is it possible that the master's consciousness is awake in the higher worlds and asleep in the physical world? This is certainly strange, enigmatic, profound. After the meeting with the master I no longer felt disappointed, in my heart there was joy. I advanced towards the atrium of the old cathedral; I was waiting, yes, and suddenly my son Osiris came, he was driving his little fire-colored chariot, he stopped for a moment to pick me up and drive me home. Did the master keep your appointment? That was his first question, and since the answer was affirmative, it is clear that he was very happy and then kept silent. It is useful to say that after that event I had a new interview with the master in the superior worlds. I thanked him for meeting the appointment and congratulated him; The Guru, very happy, felt satisfied at having been able to lead his human personality to the previously agreed place. It is easy to understand that the man who came to me was the Bodhisattva of the master. And he came asleep... What pain! He was a fallen Boddhisattwa... however, the master managed to control him and lead him like an automaton, like a puppet, to the meeting place.
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  1. One night, no matter the day or the hour, traveling in the astral body through the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, inebriated by a certain spiritual voluptuousness, I arrived ecstatic before the mysterious threshold of that marvelous temple of the Twice Born. The guardian of the Great Mysteries, hieratic and terrible as always, was at the door, and when I tried to enter, something unusual happened. Looking at me fixedly, he said with a severe voice: -Among the group of brothers who worked in the ninth sphere and who after having worked in this region presented themselves to this temple, you are the most advanced, but now you are stagnant in progress. Those words of the guardian, pronounced with such severity on the threshold of the mystery, certainly left me perplexed, confused, indecisive and the only thing that occurred to me was to ask: - Why? The hierarch, answering my question, said: -Because you lack love. -How? -I replied- I love humanity, I am working for all human beings, I don't understand what you are saying. What is this lack of love? -You have forgotten your mother, you are an ungrateful son -explained the guardian, and the way in which he intoned such words, as well as pain, I confess that they terrified me. "But I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her for a long time," I said, believing that he was referring to my earthly parent from whom I had to get away while I was still very young. - How is it possible that a son does not know where his mother is? -Refuted the guardian, and then continued saying-: I tell you for your own good, you are harming yourself. I truly confess that only after several days and futile inquiries to locate my earthly mother in the world, I was finally able to understand the enigmatic words of the Temple's guardian. Ah!... but the fact is that pseudo-esoteric and even pseudo-occultist literature, which abounds so much in the market, says nothing about that. If I had known before? Anyway, I thought so many things and prayed. To pray is to talk with God and I secretly prayed to the eternal feminine, to God the Mother. Then I learned that each creature has its own Particular Divine Mother and I even learned the secret name of mine. It is clear that at that time I suffered unspeakably dissolving the ego, struggling to reduce it to cosmic dust. The most terrible thing of all is that I had reached the Second Birth and understood very well that if I did not manage to die within myself I would fail, I would become an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a Hanasmussen, with a double center of gravity. My efforts seemed useless, I failed the tests, and if I had continued like this, it is clear that the failure would have been terrible. Fortunately, thank God!, the guardian of the temple knew how to warn me and advise me. The work was terrible, the failures told me exactly where the flaws were. As proof it was enough to indicate to me, to point out to me the basic defect, the error. Meditating on each error was enough for understanding, although I was able to clearly evidence that there are degrees and degrees in understanding. Eliminating is something else, someone can understand any defect without being able to eradicate it. If we exclude the Divine Mother Kundalini, the work is incomplete, then it would be impossible to eliminate defects. Every defect understood was eliminated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini. Finally, one day, I reviewed my work in Tartarus, in Hell, in the submerged mineral kingdom, in those infra-dimensional regions or submerged parallel universes. And sailing through the waters of Acheron, within  the Charon's boat, I reached the other shore to review the work and then I saw thousands of devil egos, my associates, parts of myself, living in those regions. I wanted to resurrect something, an effigy that symbolized my own Adam of sin that lay like a corpse in the muddy waters of the river. Then my Divine Mother, dressed in mourning like a sorrowful woman, told me with a voice full of infinite love, "That is already quite dead, I have nothing to get out of it." Certainly my Mother had extracted from me all that legion of ego-devils,  all that set of dark entities that personify our defects and that constitute the ego. This is how I achieved the dissolution of the pluralized self, this is how I managed to reduce to dust all those aggregates that form the   myself.
  2. Some time ago I had the high honor of being invited to a secret council of the Great White Lodge. I must clearly inform the world that Hata Yoga was then disqualified, disapproved
  3. Come to my memory those times in which I left the underworld to enter the purgatorial region. My Mother had already thoroughly instructed me, converted into a true dolorous; She had sailed with me in the boat of Charon, she had shown me the dissolution of the pluralized ego and finally she had taught me that the mind devoid of ego continues with the bad tendencies. Oh my God!... When the pluralized ego dissolves, it leaves its seeds of perdition in the mind. I therefore needed to incinerate those bad seeds of the poisonous herb, it was necessary to enter the purgatorial region of the lower molecular world to burn the seedbed of ego. I approached until I reached the place that before had seemed to me to be a break, similar to the gap that divides a wall and I saw a door to which one climbed by three steps of different colors; On that terrible portico was engraved with indelible characters the word "Purgatory." And I saw a doorman who had not yet uttered a word, that genius was standing on the top step, he was an angel of extraordinary beauty, imposing, severe, terribly divine; in his right hand was a naked sword that reflected lightning. Anyone who tries to enter the purgatorial region prostrates himself devoutly at the feet of that angel and begs him for mercy to open, before giving himself three chest blows. Unforgettable and terrible moments are those in which the angel writes the letter "P" on the initiate's forehead with his sword, repeated seven times. Then the following phrase is heard from his lips: "Try to wash these stains when you are inside." Do you remember the case of Lot's wife? Looking back, she was turned into a pillar of salt. In the same way, the angel of Purgatory warns that the one who looks back, after having entered the lower molecular world, loses his work, he goes back out the way he entered. This means absolute repentance, not repeating the same mistakes of the past, not committing a crime. Whoever looks back fails, repeats the same mistakes, returns to the sinful past, does not purify himself. Anyone who looks back becomes a purgatorial failure. In purgatory one must march steadily forward. I saw and heard horrible things in Purgatory; reliving there all the bestialities of ancient times, I felt truly converted into a mud pig. One of those many days, talking with a fellow soul in Purgatory, I told her: -My sister, here we have become pigs. "That's right," he replied, "here we have become pigs." Time passed and I suffered unspeakably incinerating evil seeds; removing crap. And many fellow souls in the purgatorial region seemed like rotting corpses lying on beds of pain; they eliminated seeds, horrible filthy larvae, bad tendencies. Those poor souls sighed and groaned. I never forgot my Divine Mother, I always begged her to help me in this purgatorial work, to eliminate this or that psychological defect. The fight against myself was terrible. Finally, one night, the Blessed Goddess Mother Kundalini entered the purgatorial region disguised as a man. I recognized her intuitively. Why did you dress up as a man? – I asked-. -To enter these regions, was her answer. -When will you get me out of here? She, the adorable one, then set the date and time. -The viewer instruction will come later, she continued. It is clear that I understood everything. Several details confirmed my Mother's word; the seven "P" had already been erased little by little one by one, the purifications were evident, pathetic, clear, positive.
  4. The Divine Mother Kundalini always keeps her word. I waited patiently for the day and date and time. The purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to get out of it; I longed for emancipation. Cato, the angel of Purgatory, fights in these molecular regions for the freedom of souls. This angel suffered enough when he lived in the world; any Initiate knows that this being was a man and that he preferred death in Utica, Africa, before living under the chains of slavery. I also wanted freedom and I asked for it and it was granted to me. Every time a soul leaves the purgatorial region, it causes intense joy in Cato's heart. And the longed-for moment arrived..., I had known the temporal and the eternal fire, I had left the steep paths and the narrows and I had to meet the sun within my own soul. I felt that something mysterious was forcing, violating from the unknown the intimate atomic doors of my Inner Universe. Useless were my fears, the vain resistance; that compelled, constrained, pressed and finally, oh my God!, I felt transformed; the COSMIC CHRIST had entered me. And my individuality? Where was he? What had become of my vain human personality? Where was it? Only memories of the Holy Land came to mind; the humble birth in the stable of the world; the baptism in the Jordan; fasting in the desert; the Transfiguration; Jerusalem, the beloved city of the prophets; the human multitudes of those times; doctors of the law, the Pharisees; the Sadducees, etc. I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple and I bravely advanced towards that table before which the modern caiaphas were seated, the highest dignitaries of the Failed Church; they, dressed in their priestly robes and the cross around their necks, projected, devised, secretly plotted insidious and perfidious plans against me. -You thought I wouldn't come back and here I am again. That was the only thing I could think of to say. Moments later the Lord had left me and I felt like an individual again. Then together with Litelantes I rested for a few moments at the foot of my cross. I cannot deny that the thorns of the heavy wood hurt me unfortunately and I briefly commented on this with Litelantes. Then she and I walked towards the temple platform. A Master took the floor to say that the Christ has no individuality and that he incarnates and manifests himself in any Man who is duly prepared. Hercules has repeated in me all his deeds, all his works, he had to strangle all the poisonous snakes that wanted to take his life when he was still very young. The Christ, Hercules, practices what he preaches and every time he incarnates in a man he repeats all his cosmic drama that is why the Lord is a Master of Masters.
  5. If people woke up consciousness, they could talk face to face with the nymphs of the stormy ocean. I met two wonderful nymphs when I was sailing on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea. They came to meet us through the raging waves, they were of incomparable beauty. One was the color of violets, a delicate maiden, she floated in the water and sometimes walked with a rhythmic and innocent step; sweet, agile and simple advances, without anything animal and a lot of divine; she looked more like an Indian with bare feet. The other had the marvelous color of corals; in the cordial shape of her mouth, the strawberry left its purple and in the subtle delicate drawing of that face her eyes shone. The dawn was scratching the ocean, I saw them and they spoke to me with the verb of light; then very slowly they approached the beach and climbed on the rocks of the cliffs.
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  1. One night, no matter the day or the hour, traveling in the astral body through the parallel universe of the fifth dimension, inebriated by a certain spiritual voluptuousness, I arrived ecstatic before the mysterious threshold of that marvelous temple of the Twice Born. The guardian of the Great Mysteries, hieratic and terrible as always, was at the door, and when I tried to enter, something unusual happened. Looking at me fixedly, he said with a severe voice: -Among the group of brothers who worked in the ninth sphere and who after having worked in this region presented themselves to this temple, you are the most advanced, but now you are stagnant in progress. Those words of the guardian, pronounced with such severity on the threshold of the mystery, certainly left me perplexed, confused, indecisive and the only thing that occurred to me was to ask: - Why? The hierarch, answering my question, said: -Because you lack love. -How? -I replied- I love humanity, I am working for all human beings, I don't understand what you are saying. What is this lack of love? -You have forgotten your mother, you are an ungrateful son -explained the guardian, and the way in which he intoned such words, as well as pain, I confess that they terrified me. "But I don't know where she is, I haven't seen her for a long time," I said, believing that she was referring to my earthly parent from whom I had to get away while I was still very young. - How is it possible that a son does not know where his mother is? -Refuted the guardian, and then continued saying-: I tell you for your own good, you are harming yourself. I truly confess that only after several days and futile inquiries to locate my earthly mother in the world, I was finally able to understand the enigmatic words of the Temple's guardian. Ah!... but the fact is that pseudo-esoteric and even pseudo-occultist literature, which abounds so much in the market, says nothing about that. If I had known before? Anyway, I thought so many things and prayed. To pray is to talk with God and I secretly prayed to the eternal feminine, to God the Mother. Then I learned that each creature has its own Particular Divine Mother and I even learned the secret name of mine. It is clear that at that time he suffered unspeakably dissolving the ego, struggling to reduce it to cosmic dust. The most terrible thing of all is that I had reached the Second Birth and understood very well that if I did not manage to die within myself I would fail, I would become an abortion of the Cosmic Mother, a Hanasmussen, with a double center of gravity. My efforts seemed useless, I failed the tests, and if I had continued like this, it is clear that the failure would have been terrible. Fortunately, thank God!, the guardian of the temple knew how to warn me and advise me. The work was terrible, the failures told me exactly where the flaws were. As proof it was enough to indicate to me, to point out to me the basic defect, the error. Meditating on each error was enough for understanding, although I was able to clearly evidence that there are degrees and degrees in understanding. Eliminating is something else, someone can understand any defect without being able to eradicate it. If we exclude the Divine Mother Kundalini, the work is incomplete, then it would be impossible to eliminate defects. Every defect understood was eliminated with the power of the Divine Mother Kundalini. Finally, one day, I reviewed my work in Tartarus, in Hell, in the submerged mineral kingdom, in those infra-dimensional regions or submerged parallel universes. And sailing through the waters of Acheron, stuck in Charon's boat, I reached the other shore to review the work and then I saw thousands of devil egos, my associates, parts of myself, living in those regions. I wanted to resurrect something, an effigy that symbolized my own Adam of sin that lay like a corpse in the muddy waters of the river. Then my Divine Mother, dressed in mourning like a sorrowful woman, told me with a voice full of infinite love, "That is already quite dead, I have nothing to get out of it." Certainly my Mother had extracted from me all that legion of ego-devils,  all that set of dark entities that personify our defects and that constitute the ego. This is how I achieved the dissolution of the pluralized self, this is how I managed to reduce to dust all those aggregates that form the   myself.
  2. Some time ago I had the high honor of being invited to a secret council of the Great White Lodge. I must clearly inform the world that Hata Yoga was then disqualified, disapproved
  3. Come to my memory those times in which I left the underworld to enter the purgatorial region. My Mother had already thoroughly instructed me, converted into a true dolorous; She had sailed with me in the boat of Charon, she had shown me the dissolution of the pluralized ego and finally she had taught me that the mind devoid of ego continues with the bad tendencies. Oh my God!... When the pluralized ego dissolves, it leaves its seeds of perdition in the mind. I therefore needed to incinerate those bad seeds of the poisonous herb, it was necessary to enter the purgatorial region of the lower molecular world to burn the seedbed of ego. I approached until I reached the place that before had seemed to me to be a break, similar to the gap that divides a wall and I saw a door to which one climbed by three steps of different colors; On that terrible portico was engraved in indelible characters the word "Purgatory." And I saw a doorman who had not yet uttered a word, that genius was standing on the top step, he was an angel of extraordinary beauty, imposing, severe, terribly divine; in his right hand was a naked sword that reflected lightning. Anyone who tries to enter the purgatorial region prostrates himself devoutly at the feet of that angel and begs him for mercy to open, before giving himself three chest blows. Unforgettable and terrible moments are those in which the angel writes the letter "P" on the initiate's forehead with his sword, repeated seven times. Then the following phrase is heard from his lips: "Try to wash these stains when you are inside." Do you remember the case of Lot's wife? Looking back, she was turned into a pillar of salt. In the same way, the angel of Purgatory warns that the one who looks back, after having entered the lower molecular world, loses his work, he goes back out the way he entered. This means absolute repentance, not repeating the same mistakes of the past, not committing a crime. Whoever looks back fails, repeats the same mistakes, returns to the sinful past, does not purify himself. Anyone who looks back becomes a purgatorial failure. In purgatory one must march steadily forward. I saw and heard horrible things in Purgatory; reliving there all the bestialities of ancient times, I felt truly converted into a mud pig. One of those many days, talking with a fellow soul in Purgatory, I told her: -My sister, here we have become pigs. "That's right," he replied, "here we have become pigs." Time passed and I suffered unspeakably incinerating evil seeds; removing crap. And many fellow souls in the purgatorial region seemed like rotting corpses lying on beds of pain; they eliminated seeds, horrible filthy larvae, bad tendencies. Those poor souls sighed and groaned. I never forgot my Divine Mother, I always begged her to help me in this purgatorial work, to eliminate this or that psychological defect. The fight against myself was terrible. Finally, one night, the Blessed Goddess Mother Kundalini entered the purgatorial region disguised as a man. I recognized her intuitively. Why did you dress up as a man? – I asked-. -To enter these regions, was her answer. -When will you get me out of here? She, the adorable one, then set the date and time. -The viewer instruction will come later, she continued. It is clear that I understood everything. Several details confirmed my Mother's word; the seven "P" had already been erased little by little one by one, the purifications were evident, pathetic, clear, positive.
  4. The Divine Mother Kundalini always keeps her word. I waited patiently for the day and date and time. The purgatorial region is very painful and I wanted to get out of it; I longed for emancipation. Cato, the angel of Purgatory, fights in these molecular regions for the freedom of souls. This angel suffered enough when he lived in the world; any Initiate knows that this being was a man and that he preferred death in Utica, Africa, before living under the chains of slavery. I also wanted freedom and I asked for it and it was granted to me. Every time a soul leaves the purgatorial region, it causes intense joy in Cato's heart. And the longed-for moment arrived..., I had known the temporal and the eternal fire, I had left the steep paths and the narrows and I had to meet the sun within my own soul. I felt that something mysterious was forcing, violating from the unknown the intimate atomic doors of my Inner Universe. Useless were my fears, the vain resistance; that compelled, constrained, pressed and finally, oh my God!, I felt transformed; the COSMIC CHRIST had entered me. And my individuality? Where was he? What had become of my vain human personality? Where was it? Only memories of the Holy Land came to mind; the humble birth in the stable of the world; the baptism in the Jordan; fasting in the desert; the Transfiguration; Jerusalem, the beloved city of the prophets; the human multitudes of those times; doctors of the law, the Pharisees; the Sadducees, etc. I floated in the surrounding environment of the temple and I bravely advanced towards that table before which the modern caiaphas were seated, the highest dignitaries of the Failed Church; they, dressed in their priestly robes and the cross around their necks, projected, devised, secretly plotted insidious and perfidious plans against me. -You thought I wouldn't come back and here I am again. That was the only thing I could think of to say. Moments later the Lord had left me and I felt like an individual again. Then together with Litelantes I rested for a few moments at the foot of my cross. I cannot deny that the thorns of the heavy wood hurt me unfortunately and I briefly commented on this with Litelantes. Then she and I walked towards the temple platform. A Master took the floor to say that the Christ has no individuality and that he incarnates and manifests himself in any Man who is duly prepared. Hercules has repeated in me all his deeds, all his works, he had to strangle all the poisonous snakes that wanted to take his life when he was still very young. The Christ, Hercules, practices what he preaches and every time he incarnates in a man he repeats all his cosmic drama that is why the Lord is a Master of Masters.
  5. If people woke up consciousness, they could talk face to face with the nymphs of the stormy ocean. I met two wonderful nymphs when I was sailing on a sailboat in the Caribbean Sea. They came to meet us through the raging waves, they were of incomparable beauty. One was the color of violets, a delicate maiden, she floated in the water and sometimes walked with a rhythmic and innocent step; sweet, agile and simple advances, without anything animal and a lot of divine; she looked more like an Indian with bare feet. The other had the marvelous color of corals; in the cordial shape of her mouth, the strawberry left its purple and in the subtle delicate drawing of that face her eyes shone. The dawn was scratching the ocean, I saw them and they spoke to me with the verb of light; then very slowly they approached the beach and climbed on the rocks of the cliffs.
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  1. Divine night, here I am, finally alone with myself, listening in the voices of Isaiah to your insinuating clamor that names me. Enchanting night, Urania, my life, for you to be sick is to be healthy; All the stories that in remote childhood amuse the mortal are nothing to you, which is why you smell better than the fragrance of enchanted sleepy gardens, and because you are more diaphanous, my good, than the diaphanous crystal palace. With fruitful ardor, without any accident, with simple piety, I crossed the streets of the capital city of Mexico. Crossed city at midnight, between ineffable crystals clean of all fog. Who, shouting my name, runs through the dwelling? Who calls in the night with such a delicious accent? It is a breath of wind that weeps in the tower, it is a sweet thought. I climbed the old tower of the Metropolitan Cathedral singing my poem with the voice of silence. The mists on the mountain peaks were lost. From lands that have suffered tremendous convulsions, from craters and vomit and lava, Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl emerged as if by enchantment to delight the eyes, the two legendary volcanoes that guard the Valley of Mexico as ancient guardians. And beyond the distant mountains I saw ineffable worlds and regions, impossible to describe in words. “Look what awaits you!” said a generous voice that gave music to the wind. Song that no one listened to and that is playing and playing wherever I go, and in whose notes it seems that I feel my own voice. And when I descended from the tower someone was following me, it was a Chela or disciple; Great was my joy, I felt inebreated  by an exquisite spiritual voluptuousness, my body weighed nothing, I moved in an astral form, my physical vehicle had long since abandoned it. Already in the atrium of the old cathedral, at the foot of the ancient walls that have been silent witnesses of so many fights, and challenges for several centuries, I saw a motley and picturesque group of men and women, children and old people who here, there, everywhere they sold their wares. And seated like an oriental yogi by the wall and under the old tower in a corner of the old cathedral, an old Aztec man of indecipherable age meditated. Any sleeper could have easily mistaken him for another merchant before him, and on the cold stone of the floor the venerable man had a mysterious object, a sacred Aztec relic. Confused and dejected before this venerated indigenous saint, I had to prostrate myself reverently; the old man blessed me. My chela (disciple), who was following in my footsteps, seemed like a sleepwalker, his consciousness slept soundly, he dreamed... Suddenly something happens, he bends over as if to grasp something and without the slightest respect grabs, catches the untouchable relic, observes it in his hands with infinite curiosity and I am frankly horrified by this procedure. This seemed terrible to me and I exclaimed: "But what are you doing? You are committing a great sacrilege!" For God's sake, get out of here, leave that relic in its place! However, the master full of infinite compassion replied: -He is not to blame for all this, he is asleep. Later, like a wanderer on the road who wants to bring a precious balm to the afflicted heart, he grabs the head of the sleeping neophyte, breathes the living fohat on his face with the purpose of waking him up, but everything is useless, the Chela continues asleep, dreaming. Full of deep bitterness I said: -And so much so that I have fought there in the physical world so that they awaken consciousness, and yet they are still asleep. The Chela had assumed a gigantic figure: the Pluralized ego (set of different, diverse entities), inserted inside their lunar bodies, gave him that aspect. It was curious to see that enormous grayish-colored giant, walking slowly like a sleepwalker through the ancient atrium of the old cathedral, moving away from us towards the house where his physical body slept. In those moments I could not help but exclaim saying: -What ugly lunar bodies! However, the venerated old man full by compassion answered me: -In the temple where you are going to enter now (a Jinas temple, an Aztec sanctuary) there are many like this one, look at them with sympathy. "It is clear that I will look at them with sympathy," I answered.

127.. . Just a few days ago it occurred to me to visit the Chapultepec temple in Mexico again. A certain sister humbly prostrated herself before the doors of the temple imploring the entrance; sincere pleas are always heard. The Master Litelantes and I entered after that supplicant. Frankly, I cannot deny that full of deep veneration and devotion I advanced on my knees as many penitents do, thus slowly ascending each of the steps of the sanctuary. Litelantes came in very happy... playing around a bit... I had to get a bit severe... she was surprised at my attitude; already inside the temple I am different, I had to tell her. The opportunity of open doors was taken advantage of by a group of lunar people, poor people... Litelantes and my insignificant person, we felt so different from all those people dressed in lunar rags. How different indeed are the lunar bodies! What was amazing then was the way the Lunar group advanced, without veneration, without respect. However, I was able to understand clearly and with complete lucidity that that group should be viewed with sympathy, since they were select people with many merits. Unfortunately it was not meeting time; the way those people entered was not very orderly either. The senior master of the Temple scolded them severely and even took them out of the temple, he sang in such a delicious language... and everyone had to leave. I have been reflecting on all this: The love of Christ is formidable; this lunar group is very sincere, the little poor things have not reached the second birth, but they deserve to be helped and the Lord cares for them and cultivates them as if they were delicate greenhouse flowers, at last they will be given good opportunities to work in the Ninth Sphere.

128. In the absence of the ego and beyond time, I experienced what is Real, that element that radically transforms. Experiencing what is real beyond the mind!... experiencing directly that which is not of time... is certainly something impossible to describe with words. And I was in that state known in the Eastern world as Nirvi Kalpa Samadhi; being an individual I had passed beyond all individuality, for an instant I felt that the drop was lost in the ocean that has no shores, sea of indescribable light... bottomless abyss... Buddhist void full of glory and happiness. How to define the illuminating void? How to describe what is beyond time? The Samadhi became too deep... the absolute absence of the ego, the total loss of individuality, the more and more radical impersonalization, caused me fear. Yes...! Fear!... I was afraid of losing what I am, my own particularity, my human defects...! How terrible is the Buddhist annihilation! And full of fear and even dread, I lost the ecstasy, I entered time, I bottled myself in the self, I fell into the mind. So woe is me... Oh! Oh! It was then that I understood the practical joke of the ego; this was the one who suffered, feared for his own life, cried out. Satan, my dear ego, had made me lose the Samadhi. How horrible! If only I had known before...! And the people who adore the ego so much, that they describe it as divine, as sublime; certainly how wrong they are. Poor humanity!... So when I went through that mystical experience I was still very young and she (the night, the firmament) was called Urania. oh! crazy youth that plays with worldly things and sees a Greek nymph in every woman, even if she is a red courtesan.

  1. I personally know Ehekatl, the God of the Wind, he is certainly an extraordinary Deva, he lives in the world of the Conscious Will. Ehekatl is certainly a Guru Deva, he has power over the sylphs of the air, so what? Don't the fools, the goofballs, like this? Do they laugh at elementals? Do they make fun of us? Frankly this does not bother us. He who laughs at what he does not know is on his way to being an idiot. That ancient sphinx in the sacred land of the pharaohs corresponds to the Elemental Sphinx of Nature, that mysterious instructor of the Holy Devic College. The Elemental Sphinx of ancient Egypt, so intimately related to the mysterious stone effigy, came to me when I was born in the world of Conscious Will. She had her feet were full of mud... so I exclaimed: "Your feet are full of mud!" It is clear... I understood everything... in this black age ruled by the goddess Kali, everything has been profaned and nobody wants anything with the Holy College of the Sphinx. When full of love I wanted to kiss her, she told me: "Kiss me with purity." I did so and kissed her on the cheek, then she returned to her starting point, the sacred land of the Pharaohs.
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  1. Sirius is the capital -let's say- of the entire Galaxy in which we live. This galaxy is the Milky Way, the macrocosm. It has many millions of solar systems, and all the suns and planets in the galaxy revolve around the central sun Sirius. It is a sun millions of times larger than the one that shines on us; this central sun Sirius has a twin brother who is a moon a thousand times denser than lead. That moon revolves around Sirius, a double star. It is very interesting to know that the very nucleus of this great galaxy is properly polarized. From Sirius itself come all those irradiations that govern all the supra-heavens, from the various worlds that make up the galaxy, and from its twin brother - that heavy moon, five thousand times denser than lead - come all those negative, dark influences. , which characterize each of the "moon" satellites that revolve around the worlds; fatal, sinister radiations, which govern the infra-hells. There is a third force that we would call neutral, which allows a certain balance between positive and negative powers. See how the galaxy is properly balanced between light and darkness; between the positive and the negative. Sirius itself is a gigantic world that has rich mineral, plant, animal, and human life. The inhabitants of Sirius are very short in stature, they are not even one meter tall; I think they are about half a meter, slim in body and with a beautiful presence. They are true adepts of the White Brotherhood. In Sirius no one can be reincarnated who has not reached the stature of a Kumara. There, those Men are true gods; They live humbly in the fields. No one there thinks of building cities. That of making cities is typical of non-intelligent people. The inhabitants of Sirius would never fall into such an error. They have humble houses. They wear simply woven robes. Each one sows his food, since each one has his orchard where the Sirian grows his food; everyone has their own garden where they grow their flowers. They live in peace and harmony with each other. No one would think of making wars there or anything like that, because all that is barbaric and savage. The Sirians are cultured people, true enlightened Men in the most transcendental sense of the word. There is the Transcended Church. One is amazed when one enters that temple of wonders. The great Initiates of the galaxy officiate there; I have attended the rites several times. The Cosmic Drama is constantly made to happen or lived there: the life, passion and death of the Christ; Well, as has already been said, this drama is completely cosmic. In the heart temple of that gigantic world, of that extraordinary sun, we find the Sirius God and with him all his initiates, his disciples. Actually Sirius is the capital of the great galaxy in which we live. It is extraordinary, wonderful.
  2. Many ask me, why can't you leave Mexico, since all the initiates traveled a lot? To this I say that on a certain occasion, being in that state called Nirvi Kalpa Shamadi, I asked my Divine Mother Kundalini that question. The answer was: "Because that body that Nature has worked so hard to create for you, they will destroy it." Then I objected like this: -What does it matter if they destroy my body? I love humanity. I am willing to give the last drop of blood for humanity. The Divine Mother Kundalini heard my words and added: -It is that they will not only destroy your body, but that of many others and that would not be love. Remember that you are the Avatar of the New Aquarian Age and that you will have to deliver to humanity a teaching completely different from everything that was delivered in the past, a totally revolutionary doctrine for the new era". After hearing these reasons, I will limit myself to saying: -I will obey!
  3. Certainly I do not know how many works I will have to write. I obtain the information from the Superior Worlds of Cosmic Consciousness. I normally use the Nirvi Kalpa Shamadi in a state of Manteya, rapture, ecstasy or whatever you want to call it; The information; I obtain it and bring it to the physical world. The truly arduous and difficult part for me consists in having to adapt all the information brought from the superior worlds to the contemporary cultural environment in which we move. Obviously, it is necessary for me to document the teaching and I do it naturally with infinite patience. Thus, the crude reality of the facts is that the Body of Doctrine I bring from the Superior Dimensions of Nature and the Cosmos. Thus, the task of writing is frighteningly difficult. When we think that we must coordinate the spiritual aspect with merely rhetorical, grammatical, philosophical questions, etc., the task becomes laborious and delicate.
  4. Finding myself one day in a state of deep meditation, I had to put myself in direct contact with the Blessed Lord "Tlaloc". This being lives in the Causal World, beyond the body, effects, and the mind. In all parts of my being I certainly experienced the tremendous reality of his presence. Exotically dressed he looked like an Arab of ancient times; his face, impossible to describe in words, was like lightning. When I reproached him for the crime of having accepted so many sacrifices of children, women, men, the elderly, etc. etc., the answer was: -I was not to blame for that, I never demanded such sacrifices, that was a thing of the people there in the physical world. He then concluded with the following words: "I will return in the Age of Aquarius." Unquestionably the God Tlaloc will have to reincarnate within a few years.
  5. The masters of the White Lodge usually help some distinguished disembodied who have sacrificed themselves for humanity.. The best of them lives in the molecular world; It certainly has not reached the intermediate liberation that allows some disembodied to enjoy a vacation in the different molecular and electronic kingdoms of nature, but it remains on the threshold, awaiting the opportunity to enter a new matrix. but the best of such, those values that sacrificed themselves for humanity, those values that gave their blood for freedom. of an oppressed people. That man. The disembodied, or better to say, the really useful values of such people, will return, will rejoin, and the Great Law will pay his sacrifice by taking him to the First Magistracy of the Nation or things like that. These men received special help because of his great sacrifice for humanity.
  6. One is amazed to see Mahatma Gandhi dressed in lunar bodies and living in Limbo. On a certain occasion, after verifying that the Sacred Fire had never ascended the Mahatma's spine, I had no problem telling him: "You are unfulfilled." The answer was: "I didn't have time for that." "That's not a fair apology," were my final words. Certainly Mahatma Ghandi could have manufactured his solar bodies in the Burning Forge of Vulcan (sex) because he had a magnificent wife, but he made the mistake of abstaining, he believed that by renouncing sex he could self-realize. He was honestly wrong.
  7. In the Temple of Limbo I found Yogananda dressed in lunar bodies; He honestly believed himself to be self-realized, and when I made him see his mistake, when I told him "You are not self-realized", he was filled with astonishment and wanted to argue with me; the intervention of the Superior Master of the Temple was necessary for him to understand his situation. I will not regret having warned the Great Yogi, the noble Yogananda, that he will have to reincarnate to marry and work in the Ninth Sphere, if he wants to manufacture his solar bodies to enter the Kingdom.
  8. On a certain occasion, my Real Being, my Intimate, before the banquet table with two more people, the first was my Buddhi, my Valkyrie, the other was myself, the Human Soul dressed in the causal body, the Lord spoke and said: -I have two souls, the first (Buddhi) is the Spiritual Soul and is feminine; the second is the Human Soul and is masculine; the Human Soul is the one that works; while the Human Soul works, the Spiritual Soul plays; that is my doctrine. This lesson was taught to me by my Real Being Samael in the Causal World or World of the Conscious Will.
  9. . In a Buddhist pagoda in China, the Buddhist monks taught me a very special form of prayer, an asana or sacred posture to ask the Intimate Buddha and in fact to the particular Cosmic Mother of the Intimate Buddha. Kneel down, sit on your heels Muslim style, open your arms in a cross; Praying to your own Divine Mother, lean forward and back with your arms outstretched, but remain seated firmly on your heels. After having understood this or that psychological defect in each and every one of the subconscious levels of the mind, we must cry out, ask our particular Divine Mother for help, begging her to eliminate the particular ego entity, the entity that personifies that defect.
  10. Many pseudo-esotericists and pseudo-occultists read Sivananda. There is no doubt that this man was really a Guru-Deva who worked intensely for suffering humanity. However, it is therefore to be known that this aforementioned yogi worked deeply and in great secrecy with Sex-Yoga. It seems rather that Hatha Yoga only used it as bait to fish in the river of life. I am pleased to communicate to our beloved readers that Guru Deva Sivananda joyfully disincarnated in a Maha Samadhi (ecstasy). I met him in the parallel universe of the fifth dimension. My joy was tremendous when I evidenced that this man had manufactured his solar bodies in the Burning Forge of Vulcan. My surprise was extraordinary when I verified that this Master, before dying, had already died within himself. Sivanada worked intensely in the Great Work of the Father. It is therefore about of a Guru-Deva in the most complete sense of the word. Our meeting was very unique, it took place in a beautiful room where I was fulfilling my duty to teach. Suddenly the great yogi entered and as if wanting to recriminate me he said: -You are vulgarizing the Doctrine". It is obvious that he wanted to refer to the dissemination of Maithuna (sex-yoga) among the profane. In no way did I remain silent; my answer was frank and sincere, since I belong to the Virile Fraternity it could not be otherwise. Sivananda, since he is an enemy of all disputes, preferred to sit in the sacred buddhic position and then immerse himself in deep meditation. I felt the yogi's mind within my own recondites, this Man dived, scrutinized, explored in my most intimate depths. No there is no doubt that Sivananda wanted to talk with my Real Being, whose secret name is Samael, and he succeeded. Amazed, I could not help but exclaim: -Sivananda, you are a true Samyasin of thought!. The Guru-Deva, full of ecstasy, got up and embraced me. He had understood the revolutionary approach of our doctrine, and he exclaimed saying: - Now I do agree with you and I will tell everyone to read your works. Then he added: -I know your Mother (referring to my Particular Divine Mother), I have seen her very well dressed and she wears a white cloak that reaches her feet.
  11. Ineffable charms, love poems and things impossible to describe with words come to mind. What I have known, what I have seen, what I have touched in my Father's house and in all those resplendent mansions of that Great City of Light, known as the Milky Way, can certainly only be spoken with the golden verb, in the most pure ortho of the Divine Language. Once upon a night studded with stars, the projected moonbeams penetrated my room pretending to be a silver shawl. The deep blue of the sky seemed more like an infinite ocean where the stars twinkled. And so, meditating, I went into ecstasy and left the dense form. There is no greater pleasure than that of feeling the soul detached, then the past and the future are twinned within an eternal now. And filled with a delicious spiritual voluptuousness, unspeakable, indefinable, I arrived at the doors of the temple driven by the mysterious force of longing. The door of the Sanctuary was sealed by a Great Stone that prevented the passage of the profane. Do not stop, sweetheart, before the things of mystery. Open up, Sesame! was my exclamation, and the stone opened for me to enter. And when some intruders wanted to do the same, I had to take up the flaming sword and scream with all the strength of my soul. Away with the profane and the profaners! I had entered the Great Temple of the Milky Way, the Central Sanctuary of this gigantic galaxy, the Transcended Church. In this revered place reigns the reality of love and law. Before the sacred altar of that terribly divine temple, only the sidereal Gods can prostrate themselves. Happy I advanced before the place of prostrations and adorations. Here and there in all the blessed places of the temple came and went multitudes of humble and simple men, they seemed rather submissive and obedient peasants. These were the Bodhisattvas of the Gods, Men in the full sense of the word, creatures enjoying objective knowledge, one hundred percent self-aware. Beyond all doubt, I was able to demonstrate ad nauseam that there was no longer anything in those human creatures that could be called ego, Myself, really these Men are quite dead. I did not see in them any desire to stand out, climb, climb to the top of the ladder to make themselves felt, etc; these creatures are not interested in existing, they only want absolute death, to lose themselves in Being and that is all. How happy I felt advancing through the center of the temple to the Ara Sacra! I certainly marched proudly, energetically, with a triumphant step. Suddenly one of those humble "pick and shovel proletarians" crosses my path, for a moment I wanted to move on, haughty, arrogant, disdainful. But, Oh My God!, an intuitional ray struck me to death and then I vividly remembered that once, in the remote past, I had made the same mistake in the presence of that poor peasant. That past mistake became clear in my mind and with fear, terror and horror I recalled the terrible moment in which I was thrown from the temple, the terrifying voices that came out of the Ara Sacra between lightning flashes and thunder. All that past revived in my mind in thousandths of a second, then, repentant, I stopped my haughty and proud march and contrite, sorrowful and sorrowful of heart, I prostrated myself before that modest and submissive "villager". I kissed his feet exclaiming: -You are a great Master, a great sage. But that creature, instead of feeling satisfied by my words, replied: -I don't know anything, I'm nobody. "Yes," I replied, "you are the boddhisattwa of one of the great gods, ruler of several constellations. My joy was great when that authentic Man blessed me. I felt as if I had been forgiven, and happily continued on my way to the Ara Sacra, then returned to the physical body.
  12. Only in the absence of the ego can we experience that which is the Truth, the Real, that... I went on the day of the Lord inquiring, searching, investigating mysteries about my last hour. And I saw and heard things that it is not possible for the profane and profaners to understand, and I directly experienced the end, the twilight of the I, the catastrophic end of the ego. And I was able to experience the crucifixion of the Intimate Christ and the descent into the Holy Sepulchre. The fight against Satan was terrible... My priestess-wife sealed my sarcophagus with a large stone and smiled sweetly. From the Golgotha of the Father came terribly divine voices and lightning and thunder.
  13. Someday, no matter the date or time, I achieved that state known in Hindustan as Nirvi Kalpa Samadhi; then my soul was totally absorbed in the AIN SOPH to travel through the ABSOLUTE ABSTRACT SPACE. My journey began in the pineal gland and continued into the deep bosom of Eternal Space. And I saw myself beyond all galaxy, of matter and antimatter become a simple self-aware atom. How happy I felt in the absence of the ego and beyond the world of the mind and the stars and anti-stars! That which is felt during the Samadhi is inexpressible, only by experiencing is it understood. And I entered through the doors of the temple, inebriate with ecstasy, and I saw and heard things that it is not possible for intellectual animals to understand. I wanted to speak with someone, with some divine priest and it is obvious that I managed to do so and thus I was able to comfort my aching heart. Any of those many self-realized atoms of the Ain Soph (Absolute Abstract Space increased in size and assumed before my unusual presence the venerated figure of an Ancient of the Days. From my creative larynx sprang up then spontaneous words that resonated in infinite space and I asked for someone I knew in the world of dense forms. The response of such an illustrious atomic master was certainly extraordinary: -For us, the inhabitants of the Ain Soph, the human mind is what the mineral kingdom is for you. And he added: We examine the human mind in the same way that you examine any mineral. In the name of truth I have to say that such an answer caused me astonishment, admiration, stupefaction, surprise. Then came the demonstration; That essential lover studied the mind of the person for whom I asked and gave me exact information. Many years have passed, but I have not been able to forget that mystical experience. I had the good fortune to talk with an Atomic Kabir beyond the parallel universes, in the Ain Soph, but not all those atomic stars of the spiritual firmament are self-realized.
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  1. I tell you something, beloveds. When in Egypt, at the foot of the Sphinx of the desert, I was entrusted with the solemn mission of teaching humanity this science, I was also warned about all these scandals, about all these gossips, betrayals, etc., due to the state in which is poor suffering humanity. It is clear that never in life had the unspeakable secret of the Great Arcanum been disclosed outside the temples of Major Mysteries, but as the New Aquarian Age is now beginning, it was necessary for the good of poor suffering humanity to make this disclosure. When someone has realized said secret, he must go forward or fall. When one finds the secret or hears about it, one has only two or three lives or very few more lives and then stops being born to enter those hell-worlds wisely cited in the Tibetan Book of the Dead
  2. I am reminded of the singular case of a certain Lemurian-Liliputian tribe that until recently lived in Lipez, Bolivia, South America. Ancient traditions affirm that, it is said, both the men and women of that mysterious tribe had human bodies that barely reached heights ranging from 15 to 25 centimeters. People who walk around say that the curious town where these Lilliputians lived before still exists and is located about 120 kilometers from Potosí, Bolivia, South America.

112. Some time in my sidereal vehicle or astral body, I was talking there with a group of solar wise men; they treated me very harmoniously. The interesting thing about the case is that, despite the fact that I was there in my astral vehicle or sidereal body, they could see and hear me. There is no doubt that they were there at that time in bodies of flesh and blood, but despite being in their physical bodies, they could see me, as if I were also in a physical body like them; that is, they possess extraordinary clairvoyant faculties, clairaudient faculties, etc. We talked like that sitting at a beautiful table and later they apologized to me because it was the precise moment, the right one, to go to the observatory. I saw them there looking through glasses, I also saw them doing huge and complicated mathematical calculations. In those days they were very concerned with a system of very distant worlds, located millions of light years, too far from the solar world where they live. They were extremely interested in thoroughly investigating such a game of worlds, because they planned, at that time, to make an expedition to the same distant worlds of said solar system. It is clear that the inhabitants of the sun have wonderful cosmic ships that can travel through space, but they were duly tracing the route by making calculations to be able to arrive precisely at the mentioned system of worlds in which they were very interested in knowing exactly in those days. I was frankly stunned, amazed. Those telescopes they have are extraordinary. In no way do they wish or want to have relationships with people who have the ego, the I, the Legion. The solar inhabitants only come into contact with very dead people, with people who have already disintegrated the ego, who have already died in themselves, who do not have an ego. Some beautiful landscapes of the Sun come to mind. There is a sea so deep, so gigantic, with waters so clear and so beautiful, that I have been stunned. Many times in my astral body I have arrived at a certain bay in a small boat where I have rested for hours; It is clear that in the astral plane one can also navigate in some boats naturally made of astral material... one can also get into any boat, let's say physical... Anyone who knows how to travel in the astral body can do the same, that's clear. What you have to do is become aware; those who are asleep will not be able to do these things. That bay seemed precious to me, that sea is millions of times larger than the entire planet Earth; I could assure you that if we deposit all the seven seas of the earth within that sea, it would be as much as pouring a glass of water into that great ocean. Think about what the size of that great ocean means, that is to say, any of our oceans that we have here on our planet, is a puddle compared to that immense sea that I am referring to in such Sun. From time to time I saw certain sea creatures to the surface, they gazed at the horizon and returned and plunged into the incalculable depths of the solar sea. This is inconceivable to earthlings. Looking at the Sun from the astral point of view is extraordinary. For example, there is a secret path that leads to the heart temple of the Sun; Of course, it is not a physical path... and I want that to be understood, I mean a secret, astral, esoteric path that leads, as I said, to the heart temple of the Sun. It is a path that does not belong to dense matter... when one approaches to see that on the surface, the only thing one perceives is a great depth; but there in the depths, in the unknown, some flames can be seen. In my astral vehicle I have been able to descend that great precipice, reach those flames, there a Great Being blesses one; is the gatekeeper or Guardian of the Temple, he blesses us with a branch of olive trees, then, through a secret path one goes to the heart temple of the Sun. In the heart temple one finds the seven Choans, seven great beings who work in the solar system. There one feels the ebb and flow of the Great Life, the systole and diastole of the entire system in which we live, move and have our being, it can be said that there is the Heart of the Sun, the heart of the solar system. It is that the solar system seen from afar looks like a man walking through the unalterable infinite space. And it has functional organs. For example, Mars is the liver of our solar system, and the Sun itself is the heart of the solar system, but that heart must be found in the very core of that central mass. By the way, the most powerful ray of the Sun vibrates at dawn and belongs to the Kundalini. Due to this, it is interesting and even advisable to practice the Sahaja Maithuna at dawn, at the dawn of the day. There are also different elementals of nature in the Sun, as there are in the whole planet. There life ebbs and flows, incessant beauty. Scientists assume that the Sun is a fireball or a cloud of helium, or whatever. Ordinary people think of the Sun as a great bonfire, that the closer one is, the more exposed one is to burn. There is no such; climb a mountain five thousand meters high and you will see that they die of cold; and you will rise in a stratospheric balloon to the stratosphere, because there you would die of cold. In interplanetary spaces the temperature reaches one hundred and twenty degrees below zero. So there is no such that the Sun is a ball of fire. all the atomic energy that comes  crosses interplanetary space and upon reaching the earth's atmosphere, then, the latter decomposes such radiation. in light, heat, color and sound. It is precisely the upper layer of the earth's atmosphere that is responsible for analyzing and breaking down the sun's rays into light, heat, color and sound. But in interplanetary space there is intense cold, as I already said, it reaches 120º C. below zero. Thus, it is not that the Sun is a ball of fire as ordinary people believe and as some scientists suppose, when decomposed in the Earth's atmosphere, become or they become as light, heat, color and sound; its irradiations not only reach the planet Earth but also reach all the worlds of the solar system, and the same thing happens on each planet of our system.

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  1. We decided to personally investigate all the esoteric content of the "Conjuration of the Seven" that King Solomon left us. We carry out these investigations in the superior worlds. We needed to be fully aware of the essential content of that prayer that the Wise Solomon bequeathed to us from ancient times. Many magicians, both in the past and in the present, use these conjurations. We begin by studying the first conjuration in the superior worlds, which literally reads as follows: "In the name of Michael, may Jehovah I sent you and took you away from here, Chavajoth!" Michael is the Genie of the Sun, and every advanced occultist knows that. Jehovah is the Regent of the Moon, he governs Eden, and he awaits us all in paradise. We needed, then, to meet Chavajoth. We decided to investigate. We leave the body at will. In our astral body we were walking along a lonely road. As we walked, we invoked the mysterious personage, Chavajoth, mentioned by the Great King Solomon. We have to confess that in that invocation we had to use the great and supreme call of Pedro de Apono." The result was wonderful! At the edge of the road we found a solemn Olympic sculpture, it seemed chiseled by a Praxiteles! His face was similar to that of the Greek Apollo, the curvature of his feet, the profile of his hands... All the eurythmy of that sculpture could be shared with the Venus de Milo! However... there was something strange in that beautiful sculpture, that precious human effigy was dressed in a blood-colored tunic that, forming beautiful, exotic and fatal folds, reached to the feet. We understood that we were facing the opposite pole of Jehovah... We were facing the frightful and terrible Chavajoth! Extending our right hand towards that evil and seductive beauty, with a loud voice we conjured her saying: "In the name of the TETRAGRAMMATON, I conjure you, Chavajoth!" Finishing pronouncing those words, we saw, with great surprise, that evil and beautiful sculpture get angry against us in a terrible way. Then advancing towards us he attacked us with his horrible hypnotic power. And he insulted us greatly. His words were truly disgusting, worthy only of the Great Whore whose number is 666. The fight was terrible. We had to defend ourselves with all our spiritual strength to remove that terrible demon of malignant beauty. At last we succeeded, and the frightful personage, who had taken the form of a harlot, hid herself in a tavern on whose counter only glasses and bottles of liquor were visible. That is Black Magic, that is the abyss. Now we wanted to delve a little deeper, we wanted to know the specific tasks to which Chavajoth dedicated himself. Another night the investigators left the body with the purpose of talking more closely with the antithesis of the Lord Jehovah. We made use of the Great Call of Pedro de  Apono as always. After a few moments we arrive at the street of an unknown town. Crowds of people came and went there and over there. As we called, we could easily appreciate the power of the word. The verb was transforming all things. We changed planes. We dive into the atomic regions where the Princes of Darkness live! Observing carefully, we noticed that someone was heading towards us with a firm and determined step. It was Chavajoth! That sinister character dressed in his blood-colored tunic and headed towards us. Then we conjure him saying: "In the name of Jupiter, the Father of all Gods, I conjure you, Chavajoth, TE VIGOS COS SLIM!" These mantras are of tremendous effect. Chavajoth, as if struck by a death ray, raised his arm as if to defend himself. We advanced a few steps, we went to him and shook his hand in a friendly sign. He then in a rude tone and using adjectives applicable only to prostitutes, asked us about our wives. We, with a serene spirit and without letting ourselves be carried away by any emotional or sentimental reaction, answered that character that our wives were very well, thank you. Then we told him that we wanted to be his friends. The sinister character was satisfied and then walked with us towards his dark cavern. We walked a long way until we reached the top of a high mountain. There he had his dark cavern. And there he taught his disciples. He told us that he lived in Germany, that he had a physical body, that he worked for the Great Black Lodge,  that he posed as a war veteran. etc. etc. Certainly we find the cave of Chavajoth full of disciples of the German race. Those disciples concurred in their astral body to said cavern. Chavajoth taught them the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. This dark doctrine teaches a system of sinister Sexual Magic, during which the magician commits the crime of ejaculating the seminal liquor. The result of such practices is always disastrous. The igneous serpent of our magical powers, then, instead of ascending, descends to the atomic infernos of man and becomes the tail of Satan. This system of black sexual magic was practiced by the Lemur-Atlantean monsters. Thus, we conclude that Chavajoth is an adept of the shadow, he is the antithesis of the Lord Jehovah. He is the head of the fatal legion! He works for the dark fraternity. It must be conjured in the name of Jehovah! Some days later, the researchers, in the astral body, decided to invoke this pair of opposites of philosophy: JEHOVAH AND CHAVAJOTH, and we made a circle around us... The two beings invoked attended the call. The Lord Jehovah, like a white dove of immaculate whiteness, hovered over our heads. Chavajoth, his antithesis, stayed outside the circle. He was downcast! The presence of the Lord Jehovah wounded him to death!... Jehovah works for the chastity of the world. The divine wisdom of Jehovah is enclosed in the ARCANUM AZF. That is the key of the Eden! That is the key to the ark of science! Chavajoth works for Tantrism, for the doctrine of the Nicolaitans, for the fatal science that turns men into beasts.

We decided to investigate the Second Invocation, which literally reads as follows: "In the name of Gabriel, that Adonai sent you and took you away from here Bael. We know that Gabriel is a Lunar Angel. We know that Adonai is a precious Angel. However, we did not know who Bael would be! Why had to be conjured in the name of Adonai? These were enigmas for us and we had to discover them! One night in the astral body we invoked Bael. Bael was a dark king who lived in a cave in the Gobi desert. There he instructed his disciples, taught black magic of the sublunary spheres. Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy, was its opposite. These two antitheses of philosophy were intimately related to the rays of the Moon. The presence of Bael was otherwise dark to a large extent in a great manner: Crowned as a king, his eyes wide apart and firm, his thick eyebrows, his blunt nose, his thick lips, his round face. He wore the robes of a black magician. Wounded by our conjuration, he trembled before us. We did not make much friendship with him. His character was unapproachable. Another night the investigators invoked Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy. A child about a few months old came to our call and attacked us with a terrible and sinister force. We had to use all our mental and spiritual forces to try to defeat him. However, it was all useless. That child was endowed with an omnipotent force! Someone told us to give him a friendly shake of the hand. So we did. We extended our hand to him in the spirit of greeting him. He then responded brotherly and shook his hand with ours. This was the Guardian of the Threshold of the angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy! The most interesting thing is to think that the Angel Adonai, despite his immense perfection, still preserves the Guardian of the Threshold, the Psychological Self, the reincarnating Ego that we all must decapitate and dissolve in order to incarnate, within ourselves, the Internal Christ. How difficult it is to achieve perfection! An angel as precious as Adonai, and yet it is hard to think that he still retains the psychological Self! A bundle of old memories. Another night, the deepest, the quietest... we investigators invoked the angel Adonai. The precious angel sent us with other angels a divine gift, a medallion hanging from a gold chain! This medallion gives us the power to change the cosmic plane instantly. With that precious treasure we can enter any department of the kingdom. We became very good friends with the precious Angel Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy,

Master Zanoni! We all know that Zanoni received cosmic initiation in the Tower of Fire of the old Chaldea of the sages. Since then Zanoni received the Elixir of Long Life and was able to preserve his physical body for thousands of years... The Great Master Zanoni fell because he fell in love with an artist from Naples and the result of his mistake was the guillotine! The Great Master died there! On a certain occasion Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy, and Master Zanoni attended us. One of us, somewhat surprised, waited. Then both Adoni and Zanoni told the surprised investigator to cut a strange thread on the ground with his sword. The surprised investigator, between perplexed and pleased, obeyed and cut the thread with his flaming sword. Once this work was done, we understood that he had freed himself from a fatal spell, from a bad current, from an act of black magic. Someone had wronged him with evil arts, and had caused him great harm. Then, master Zanoni and Adonai, both, cured the investigator's astral body and healed him. To King Bael, obeying supreme orders, in subsequent works we had to plunge him into the abyss. That dark character used his powers to cause great harm to Humanity. Bael is really the head of the legion, and he must be conjured in the name of his antithesis, Adonai, the Son of Light and Joy. We warn the imprudent that the tenebrous ones should never be invoked, because it is extremely dangerous. We had the need to investigate the CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN of the Wise Solomon.

We then set out to investigate the third invocation, which literally reads: "In the name of Raphael, disappear before Elial, Samgabiel!" When we investigate Samgabiel (not to be confused with Saint Gabriel), we find a terrible demon of the World of the Cosmic Mind. The angel Elial is exactly its divine and ineffable opposite. One day we invoked Raphael... Then, the Great Master attended our call. The master carried in his right hand the trident of the World of the Mind. His face was rosy as fire. His white beard, falling on his chest, was all full of majesty and light. The Great Master's broad forehead indicated his profound Wisdom. One of our people asked the Great Master for something. The Master answered saying: - You no longer need to ask for anything! Actually, he was an initiate with full knowledge of the science of good and evil. It will surprise our readers to learn that the Human Soul of the Great Master (Boddhisattwa Raphael) has a physical body. The most serious thing is to know that the Boddhisattwa... is fallen! But he struggles terribly to get up. On a certain occasion we entered a very luminous temple of the World of the Mind. All the researchers were acting with our mental body. There was a venerable group of elders there in that temple. They were dressed in Master's robes and wore sandals. On their shoulders fell beautiful curls, with white hair. His long white beard and broad foreheads gave all these old men a magnificent presence. We, the researchers, thought we were in a temple of white magic, before a group of holy masters. That was the belief we had!... One of those old men gave an ineffable speech. He spoke sublime things! He spoke divine things! He spoke of love, good, beauty, charity, etc. etc. Suddenly, the great master began to delicately touch on the problem of sex. And then in a sublime way he said: - Increase and multiply! There is nothing wrong with THE SEXUAL ACT, seminal ejaculation is not bad, it is needed for reproduction, because God said "Grow and multiply!" This and many other terms used by that venerable old man to defend seminal ejaculation. It was then that we began to suspect the holiness of that "saint". We began to doubt... Could this old man be a black magician? However, looking around us, we only saw venerable old men... Splendid light! ... Ineffable things!... It even seemed sacrilege to doubt this masters and that holy place! But the mortifying doubt, despite everything, despite our reasoning, continued to afflict us deeply. That was when one of us, wanting to clear up the doubt, stood up and launched these phrases: "Long live the Christ! Down with Javeh! Christ and Javeh are the two antitheses. Light and darkness! White Magic and Black Magic!" Javeh is that demon who tempted Christ on the mountain. Javeh is a terribly wicked demon! He is the Chief of the Black Magistracy. When we shouted "Alive!" and "Downs!" to Javhe, something horrible happened, the "holy" face of the venerable old man who spoke changed completely, he became totally angry, he was transformed... Then we saw the unexpected. That face became horrible!... Those "holy" elders unmasked themselves: they were true princes of Darkness, terrible black magicians of the World of the Cosmic Mind! They insulted us with phrases and words typical of the Great Whore whose number is 666. They attacked us violently... We had to draw the Flaming Sword to defend ourselves! Then we left that den of black magic that we previously believed to be a sanctity temple. Continuing with our investigations of High Theurgy we decided to study the fourth invocation that says: -"By Samael Zabaoth and in the name of Elohim Gibor stay away, Andrameleck!" Who would be Andrameleck? Who Elohim Gibor? Why do these geniuses figure in this fourth prayer of King Solomon? One night we went out in the astral body. We entered an underground cavern. So there, making use of the Great Call of Pedro de Apono, we invoke Andrameleck. For a long time we remained in that subterranean cavern of the Earth invoking Andrameleck... At last, in the middle of the cavern, a strange character appeared, black as coal. A gigantic, dark and horrible character. Extending our right hand towards that horrible monster, we said: -In the name of Jupiter, the Father of the Gods, I conjure you, Andrameleck!... TE VIGOS COS SLIM!... The result was formidable. That demon, mortally wounded by the terrible ray of Divine Justice, remained under our domain, then it was when Andrameleck spoke and said: -I didn't know that it was you who was calling me! If I had known, I would have come earlier...! What is it that I can do for you? These words of Andrameleck seemed to come from among the deep caverns of the entire Earth. It seemed as if that terrible and powerful voice issued from within the very intimate bowels of the Earth! Then we courageously spoke to Andrameleck, saying: -Give me your hand, Andrameleck! The tenebrous character approached us and shook hands with us. The one who writes this returned to his physical body. Then that demon, with his blood-red tunic, passing over the ceiling of the room, exclaimed saying: -You were afraid of me!... You were afraid of me...! I replied: -I'm not afraid of you, Andrameleck!... I returned to my body, and that's all! Another night, a group of brothers in our astral body met in a temple to continue our investigations in relation to that mysterious character, Andrameleck, mentioned by the Wise Solomon in the CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN. All the brothers made a great chain to invoke Andrameleck. We use the Pedro de Apono formula. After a while of invocations we hear a response from Andramelek in the distance. A strange wind that froze deeply... A hurricane reached us! That character modulated the vowel M. He gave that letter a special intonation with low and high tones... The brothers remained firm in the chain. Suddenly, one of the brothers who led the chain exclaimed with a loud voice saying: - Brothers, don't let go of the chain...! Stand firm…! Andrameleck is coming...! A few moments later, a giant appeared in the doorway. That giant was about three or four meters tall. That strange character wore a black robe. A white stripe fell obliquely from the right shoulder to the left thigh, passing through the front and back. He had a large medallion on his chest. In his right hand he carried a scepter of command. That character had a broad forehead, large blue eyes, where the starry sky was reflected. His straight nose, thin and delicate lips. White hands, with conical fingers, mystically elongated hands like the hands of Jesus of Nazareth, or a Francis of Assisi... The brother who led the chain, letting go of it, went out to meet Andramelek to hug and greet him. Then, turning to the brothers in the chain, he said: - Brothers, here I present my friend Andramelek! All the brothers were trembling, one of them could not resist the terrible electric force radiating from Amdramelek's eyes, he hastily retreated, he fled in terror! That wonderful giant, full of great decency and with fine and delicate gestures, extended his hand to politely greet each and every one of the brothers. Then he went to a desk and sat down there, at the desk. It was an interesting thing to see that strange giant possessed of so much courtesy, decency and harmony! What did cause sorrow was seeing depth behind that marvelous giant, rather like the memory of a fatal shadow. However, the scepter of that giant carried the medallion on his chest, and all his gestures were really from the White Lodge. Already seated at the desk, Andramelek called the brother who directed the chain and advised him with the following words: -Try, brother, to place yourself in the best possible environment. Dress decently! Understand that we are angels and therefore we have the full right to live well! The interlocutor brother asked permission from Andramelek saying: - Master, I ask you for permission, while I go to look for brother C... (the brother who had left the room before). It was then that the brother who directed the chain traveled in the astral body through all the countries of the Earth, looking for the brother who had fled. He wanted the brother to talk to Andrameleck. It was all useless! The search was unsuccessful. Brother C could not be located anywhere... What would have been done? Where would he have gone? Riddles! Riddles! The director brother of the chain returned again to the room where Andramelek was. However, it was no longer possible for him to talk with the marvelous giant, because many people in his astral body were consulting him. Then the brother director of the chain returned to his body, that brother got up very early in the morning, ate his breakfast and went out into the street. Where was he headed? Well, if you don't know, dear reader, know now. The director of the chain went in search of brother C... That brother was an old merchant and it would be very easy for the director of the chain to locate him in his store. Certainly there he found it. Brother C. was busy with the trade in his store. The director of the chain, after politely greeting his friend C…, questioned him saying: - Well, brother, tell me, why did you run away from Andramelek's sight? Then Brother C... answered saying: -I really couldn't resist the sight of Andrameleck anymore! He looked at me with terrible electrical force! I couldn't stand it! I was scared and ran away! It was then that the director of the chain told brother C… -Man, I was looking everywhere for you in the astral body and I couldn't find you! Brother C... replied: -You didn't find me... because I returned to my body! All that Sunday the two men discussed the Andrameleck affair. This giant was an enigma for the two investigators. Would Andrameleck be a black magician? Would Andrameleck be a White wizard? Riddles! Riddles! Riddles! Really all that was enigmatic! The two men each set out to investigate Andrameleck on their own. After some time they came to the following conclusion: The spirit that attended the chain is really Master Andramelek, a Master of the White Lodge! A Master of Major Mysteries! It happened that that Master sent his Boddhisattwa (Human Soul) to reincarnation. Remember that you have a soul, a spirit it be is, and that Boddisattwa reincarnated in China. Unfortunately, that Bodhisattwa let himself dropped down. That is the mystery of the human "Double Personality". One of the greatest mysteries of the occultism! So, that man turned into a devil! When the investigator invokes Andrameleck in the astral, Andrameleck the Demon, or Andrameleck the Great Spiritual Master, may appear. Much later the researchers invoked Andrameleck and Elohim Gibor. They both responded to the call. Then we saw the antitheses face to face! Elohim Gibor is the antithesis of the tenebrous Andrameleck. Elohim Gibor is an archangel of the Ray of Mars! He wears a flaming sword at his belt and is a terribly divine man. When Andrameleck attacked us, we were easily able to defeat him. Then, lying on the bed of pain, he told us that in China he used a bulb called KINOCAPOL, with which he instantly awakened clairvoyance in his disciples. (Of course this type of clairvoyance lasts as long as the effect of the injection does not wear off! And that's all). The demon Andrameleck is a merchant in China and lives economically well. That character is from the darkness... dwells in the Abyss. A friend of ours, after hearing this story, asked us the following: -So then, Andrameleck no longer has an Intimate? When he disincarnates, will he only ascend to the Causal Plane? Will he have a body in a new reincarnation? We had to answer the friend the following: - Andramelek no longer has a body! Precisely the giant who attended the chain is Andramelek's Intimate. That Intimate no longer has a relationship with the dark man who lives in China. When the Andrameleck man disincarnates, the heartless monster will then not be able to rise to the causal plane, nor to the superior worlds because he is a heartless person, he is a Kabbalistic Crusts, an empty house... He has no soul or spirit! Those Kabbalistic crusts sink into the Atomic Infernos of Nature through the centuries. Little by little they degenerate and lose strength! Then... they take the figures of horrible animals from the Abyss. Later, the figures of plants, and finally of minerals that, in the process of disintegration, will be devoid of Intelligence. They finally become cosmic dust! That is the "Second Death" that the Apocalypse speaks of. Fornicators, after all, have to go through the "Second Death." Fornicators are people of black magic! Anyone who ejaculates the seminal liquor is FORNICARY AND A SURE CANDIDATE FOR THE ABYSS AND THE "SECOND DEATH". Andrameleck will become cosmic dust in the abyss, the disintegration in the abyss is very slow. Many times these tenebrous ones sustain themselves for eternities, for entire cosmic days and nights, but little by little they disintegrate, and in the end, they die! Andrameleck will never have a body again! He is a terribly wicked demon. The internal master suffers horribly and. Our interlocutor then asked us this other question: - Is the Intimate guilty of the bad deeds of Andramelek and of the karma that he has to pay? We had to answer the following: -The Intimate is an Immolated Lamb and will have to pay for his former tantric personality! The Intimate, the internal master will have to reincarnate to pay the karma of his former personality. Law is law!... That Master lacked strength to have dominated the dark human personality. When Spirit defeats Matter, it is victorious. That's all...

We, after having dealt with the preceding investigation, proposed to study in the superior worlds the fifth conjuration of the great King Solomon. Let's see it: "By Zachariel et Sachiel-Meleck, obey before Elvah, Sanagabril!" We already know that Zachariel is the Genius of Jupiter. What we didn't know was who Elvah and Sanagabril were. At first glance we understood that they were the two antitheses of the Jupiter Ray. Sanagabril had to be called with the Call of Pedro de Apono, because it was a dark entity. Since you had to conjure him away, it logically followed that he was a dark one! As for Elvah, it was inferred that was a luminous angel, since is to be used to ward off Sanagabril. Thus, Elvah could not be invoked with the call of Pedro de Apono, he had to be called in the name of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ, by the Power of Christ. We, in the internal world, begin by invoking Sanagabril. We made the invocation in the astral body, inside a small room. We called many times and Sanagabril took a long time. A narrow corridor, a long passageway full of darkness, led to the small room in which we made the invocation. After a while of patient waiting, we heard the footsteps of someone coming down the narrow corridor. Certainly those footsteps were not very pleasant! The sound of those steps was not the sound of shoes or sandals, it was a different sound! It was the sound of claws and nails, like a tiger or an evil beast! We remained firm, we waited for Sanagabril to get a little closer. We were prepared but with great force! Suddenly, a strange being came to the threshold of that enclosure. We looked and saw a face so hideous that only the imagination of a raving madman, or an idiot, could conceive. It would be better for us to see the dead come out of their graves at midnight than to contemplate the tremendously horrible face of Sanagabril! Frankly, we were so surprised by the terrible appearance of that diabolical beast that we had to instantly return to the physical body. We were not afraid of it! We were surprised by its horrible ugliness! Everyone who follows the black path reaches that sad state! However, we did not lose heart and decided to face, once again, the horrendous spectacle. So, with certainty of spirit, another night, in our astral body we made the invocation to Sanagabril again. This time we invoke it on the corner of one of the streets of a big city. Sanagabril attended our call! But, wishing to talk with us, he assumed the figure of a normal man. He looked like a banker, and he came in talking to us about money; He gave us the winning number of the lottery, supposedly so that we could buy. With these temptations he intended to lure us into his shadowy sphere of influence.  A whole town is robbed to enrich a few. We do not allow ourselves to be locked up in that "golden cage". We were only interested in knowing this dark aspect, this shadow of Jupiter. Then another night we set out to investigate Elvah. This angel is Love, Altruism, Charity, Holiness!

We are going to narrate to our readers the research we did with the sixth invocation of the great King Solomon. That invocation is as follows: "In the divine and human name of Schaddai and by the sign of the Pentagram that I hold in my right hand, in the name of the angel Anael, by the power of Adam and Eve who are Jotchavah, withdraw, Lilith!" !; leave us alone, Nahemah!" A group of brothers, in the astral body, we invoke the angel Anael in the name of Christ, by the Majesty of Christ, by the Power of Christ. We did the invocation in a chain, in the patio of a house. It was the dawn of a sunrise... And we called the Angel of Love with a loud voice! After some time, we saw some ineffable birds pass over the patio of the house, at a great height. Birds of silver!... Birds of gold!... Birds of fire!... One of them, the most beautiful, was Anael, the angel of love, who in her astral body had assumed that beautiful figure. All of us exclaimed: "Anael, the angel of Love, is coming!" We waited for those wonderful and divine birds to descend to the patio of that house, where all of us brothers made the Invocation of High Theurgy. However, those birds flew by quickly and did not descend to the patio of that house. What would it be?... What would have happened? Suddenly, someone knocks three times, rhythmically, on the door of the house. We released the chain and in our astral bodies we went to open the door. A beautiful boy, dressed in a blue tunic, appeared in the doorway. Other children followed him. This beautiful child was Anael, the angel of Love, the angel of Dawn, the angel of Venus! The hair of that child seemed like a cascade of gold falling on his ineffable shoulders. He looked like a twelve year old. His face, rosy like the dawn, had perfect facial features, ineffable. His whole body was rosy, like the dawn. The boy had flowers in his arms. We knelt down for his blessing, and he blessed us! In the presence of that beautiful child, one only feels the desire to play, one feels reliving one's childhood, one feels oneself becoming a child! The director of the chain, on his knees before the Angel of Love, consulted him about something. The boy answered with great wisdom. We carefully observe the aura of that angel: it is white, pure, innocent, perfect. After we invoked the angel Anael, we set out to meet Lilith, her dark antithesis. And another night, the quietest... we invoked Anael and Lilith, simultaneously. We made the invocation in the astral body, inside a small room. After a few moments, the angel Anael came to our call. The beautiful boy had an ineffable presence. We knelt down and he blessed us. Then the boy sat down on a chair. We, full of immense veneration and respect, asked the child the favor of invoking his antithesis, Lilith. We said to him thus: -Master, invoke us now to Lilith. We are investigating the Pairs of Opposites of Philosophy. The angel Anael mentally invoked his antithesis... We heard a few steps outside and a few moments later another child entered the room, the exact size of Anael, the Angel of Love. He was Anael's antithesis. It was Lilith! We looked and saw in the night a terribly evil child! A child with a terribly evil face!... That child wore a black and dark blue tunic. Colors of the infra-red range. These same colors are used by the White Lodge, but within the ultra-violet range. The infrared is from the Black Lodge! The ultra-violet is from the White Lodge! Lilith is a demon and his clothes are demonic. Lilith is terribly fornicator! From his spinal cord only radiates abysses and darkness. We researchers offered Lilith a chair to sit on. And the chair was placed in front of the angel Anael. Thus, the two antitheses of Venus sat facing each other. It was amazing to see these two antitheses face to face... Anael and Lilith! The love and the counter-love that the theurgist made appear before the crowds in ancient times. There are now Love and Counter-Love, face to face. Lilith did not dare look at Anael's serene, radiant, luminous face. Then we exclaim: -Here is the Mystery of the Twin Souls! Here is the pair of opposites of philosophy!. We were intoxicated by wisdom, we were in a true state of terrible mystical exaltation! Lilith and Nahemah are two terribly wicked demons. These two demons rule the spheres of the abyss. We decided to investigate the last invocation that literally says: "By the Holy Elohim and in the names of the geniuses Cashiel, Sehaltiel, Aphiel and Zachariel at the command of Orifiel, Withdraw, Moloch! We will not give you our children to devour them!" Who would that Moloch be? Ancient tradition tells of Moloch, an iron bull that was heated red hot. The story goes that many children were thrown into the horrible belly of that iron bull. There is a lot of talk about Moloch, and we wanted to investigate the case. Outside the physical body we call Moloch with the Great Call of Pedro de Apono. As we vocalized the mantra, we sank into the atomic infernos of Nature. Then we saw immense multitudes of human beings living in the abyss. Suddenly, through the crowds we saw a rider on his mount. The rider rode a spirited steed. That rider looked like an Arab. He wore a blood-red robe and covered his head with an oriental turban. The man's face was really like that of an Arab. Large, black, penetrating eyes; thick eyebrows, strong and thick lips, straight nose, dark color. The man wore sandals. His entire posture was truly like that of a horseman from Happy Saudi. It was Moloch! The terrible demon Moloch!... Soon he was heading towards us, on his spirited steed. He forced his way through the crowds, and, shouting at us with a loud voice, he addressed the director of the chain of investigators, and said, mockingly and wickedly satisfied: -Ah...! I already made you up there, among the little angels! So you're back! Then the director of the great chain of investigations, full of courage, replied: -You're wrong, Moloch, I'm here only for a visit. I've come to investigate you! That is all! Moloch withdrew. And all the researchers return to our physical bodies. Much later we invoke his luminous antithesis, Orifiel, the angel of Saturn. That angel governs the wonderful luminous ray of Saturn. The investigators, later, in the astral body, arrived at a house where only mud could be seen... misery... indigence... hunger and, the worst of the case... terrible fornication! We saw a horrible, disgusting room. In that room lived a terribly fornicating woman. That woman has already entered the abyss, she has already disincarnated! And in that filthy room where she lived, you only see rags, mud, indigence, misery, suffering, dirt. When we were investigating, we could intuitively see the intimate relationship that exists between the dark powers that figure in the "CONJURATION OF THE SEVEN" and fornicator people. All that is one thing: black magic! fornication! disgusting misery! We, the researchers, were able to show that unrepentant fornicators, in their last reincarnations, pay the karma of the most atrocious misery, of the most disconcerting and horrible misery.

109. There is a need for the initiate to pray daily to God. Every prayer must be accompanied by a glass of wine and a piece of bread. "Do this in memory of me," said Our Divine Savior. Pray always, my brothers, and then break the bread and drink the wine. I owe this solemn teaching to the angel Aroch, Angel of Command. You have to know how to pray: Praying is conversing with God. When the angel Aroch, Angel of Command, taught me this wonderful key of the Gnostic Anointing, he also taught me to pray. Those ineffable moments in which the angel Aroch, in the figure of a child, on his knees and with his hands folded on his chest, raised his purest eyes towards heaven are unspeakable. His face seemed like fire at that moment, and full of deep love, he exclaimed: "Lord, Lord, don't let me fall, never let me leave the light." Then he broke the bread and gave us to eat, and poured the wine in a small silver pitcher, he poured it between some cups and gave us to drink. 

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                   107. On a large loaf the following mantra are written: SENOSAN GORORA GOBER DON, then the student eats the loaf. These mantra words arranged in the form of a cross must be written in pencil or ink etc. Said distribution will be as follows: In a horizontal position, SENOSAN GORORA; and vertically GOBER DON; these, from top to bottom, and passing perpendicularly through the space left by the first sacred words. After thanking the scientific astrologer who in turn revealed the "JINAS" key to us, we decided to investigate, on our own in the superior worlds, to discover the scientific and esoteric value of said key. To this end, the Researcher brothers, as a group, fell asleep vocalizing these mantras. And the result was surprising when we left the physical body and were in the astral plane. Then we saw the sea, and a terrible God of the Ocean made the unfathomable depth of the sea terrifyingly tremble... Etheric waves were formed that, rotating concentrically, tried to precipitate with great violence towards the place where we had left the physical body. That  god of the immense sea had provoked the electric whirlwind, the etheric hurricane, the terrifying force to throw himself towards the place where we abandoned the physical body, that is the powerful being that would have to attend our call to put our body in the JINAS state,( put the physical body into the fifth dimension or upper levels of the fouth dimension ) to submerge it within the fourth dimension and thus transport it to any place in the world 

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