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About Memorial Day

I went to seminary woods; 'an enchanted forest' with my daughter and mother the other day. My daughter took her camera for art class.She was so enlightened by this forest that she felt light-headed from the surge of energy she received.I'm not sure how to help her through the transition of ascension. I'm pretty much there, but, my daughter is still struggling. I gave her this web-site; and taught her a chakra balance exercise. Also told her to eat trail mix if feeling ungrounded. I do not support her eating so much meat; but she is a teenager and doesn't always have all the vegetarian options at school.

So, about Memorial Day; I took the bus across town to my old hangout area and I couldn't believe how excluded so many people feel on holidays. I know the 5d philosophy is not to get caught up in all hype; therefore; feeling less left out if choosing not to over-emphasize a particular day. It is fun to celebrate any day, any time, and to not take any day for granted. I know I don't.

One thing I notice is many people whom I know are still caught up in 4d. I'm trying to help them, but I need time to myself, as well. I have forgotten those who have hurt me, but I find people still trying to compete with me. I'm just not interested in competition. I just don't think its' very nice to intentionally hurt another person by talking about what they all did and what they all have. SO WHAT. I believe it's all immaterial.

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Praying out loud

This does help. The thing is, does it help me or could it also help others that were prayed for?

I am very lost in my emotions and want to get married again someday. However, our time is short and things are  changing so fast. My friend found me on this website; I told him I felt like we were spiritually married and told him we were spiritually married.. I know this is true, but I want him to forget about me and move on. If in fact, he is my twin flame; when will the two of us be in harmony with one another?

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I live in downtown Milwaukee. I noticed there is a friendly space craft hovering by a satellite. I saw this friendly craft for the last month. Sometimes it moves through loopholes but it mainly stays in the same space. I am interested in its purpose. I might go out for a bit so it will see me. Maybe they are beaming people up? Just a hunch. Hope to see this auto craft soon.

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I am thankful for finding Ashtar Command. Or maybe ashtar found me. Either way, this is such a positive vibration in this year of the horse.My daughter is eighteen and she is an intellectual wonder. She is preparing for art college and plans on working for an animal shelter for a semester before she goes back. Me, I am bedazzled by my new computer. This is a trip! I plan on taking a  class in herbal remedies, and taking another class with dianetics.

I am feeling good.

Thankyou ashtar, you helped a lot of us!

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I have finally realized that we each create our thoughts which lead to our reality.  Some authors that have really helped me out are Esther and Jerry Hicks. Recently I read into the vortex. Seems a depression that I was going through lifted.

A karmatic relationship that I had with someone ended. He truly was the love of my life. Unfortunately, he developed a lot of issues after getting out of the military. He refused to stay in the military because of all the brainwashing as he called it. I know there is a reason why I'm not with him now.  He needs to get better on his own. I pray for him daily. He truly is my soul mate.

I tried to get him interested in ashtar command but he would rather u-tube the dark side of esoteric. I guess I tried to be his light. Every day I pray he will feel light too. Not sure of my karma but many tell me not to waste my time with him.. However he is evwer in my prayers. I truly love him and hope some healing comes his way.

I noticed a lot of light beings today. Happy to make some new friends! I'm just not sure what dimension I'm in or if my friend and I are in different dimensions and thats' why we can't be together right now. Seems true. I studied a lot about 5d. I'm very must into mystical beings of light and wonder what dimension best suits me. Sometimes I feel people who are truly from the dimension I'm trying to reach. It feels very close; the dimensional shift that is happening.  I finally took ashtars' advice and striving to stay vegetarian. this has shifted my energy a lot. Thank You!

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About My Twin Flame

You are always here; I am complete

That gaze in your eyes; my eyes gaze in your eyes

Your gentle smile

My gentle smile

The way you looked at me

The way I looked at you

You walked into the room and I know you before we exchanged souls

I felt comfortable with you; you made me blush

I made you blush

I felt that you went to find me

I felt that I went to find you

I felt it might be a while before we met again

I felt how sad you felt when I left

A fleeting moment in time

We said goodbye

You kissed me with your soul

I kissed you with my soul


sweet are

sweet am I

Two lovers dancing

One flame ignited


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I notice that I truly was focusing my energy on someone who could never be with me.  There is some kind of kindred connection; as I had a dream two nights in a row about him.  Theres' definitely a reason that he was in my dreams. I feel an affinity, but he is definitely not my twin flame.

I met my twin flame once, and talked to him once on the phone.  When he called on Valentines Day (last year); I didn't pick up the phone. I called him back (four months later) and he didn't know what to say.He is shy, just like me. When we met; we were instantly taken by each others' soul. I do feel we are enterwined into one. I know he watches me; and I can feel him near with the vibrant glow of him always there. I have become celibate because I know he is the one.

For once, I feel confident and whole with this decision. I have stopped looking for partners because I knew all along that he would forever be my twin flame. I believe that faith brought us together; and my heart is forever open to this man.

The most beautiful person I ever saw, and I know he loves me. It is the look in his eyes.  So, I guess, until we meet again,love, may God hold you in the palm of his hand.

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A rude awakening

While i was looking for answers in the occult section of the bookstore, I came across a misplaced book.

Saint Germain on Alchemy, Formulas for Self-Transformation. recorded by Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.  This class-structured book taught me to think big thoughts, and have big plans.  I have become philosophical because of this book, and because my psychiatrist told me to read Aristotle The Golden Mean.  Being well-read means nothing if you cannot practice it. I still can't comprehend how a book from ascended masters popped out at me.  The word alchemist seems to be big in hipster culture. I know i am only a student, but feel this book has caused me to view time differently.  Many times it feels like a vortex, and adventuring outside is always a revelation of time, space, elements, and cooccurences. I feel somewhat that my vibration level is rising, and it feels rather different in a very light way. I sometimes take the imperfections in life to heart a little too much. why do i have to take lithium; and out loud "lithium helps keep me grounded here on planet earth; please god; let the lithium have only positive effects for me; i pray for others who take medication,etc" Anyways; I have a good friend that believes in alchemy as welll.  I often tell him that I do not feel that I have an age. I do not feel bound to any time frames; time continuum never ends, etc.  I am understanding, but as far as I know, I feel prepared if I do ascend; physically. 

So far, I have learned to change what I think; how I feel; and how others view me. I believe we all are changing our light, or molecular structures. It is weird, but I'm going with it.

I trust in the violet flame.



ps; it says to read this book 3 times.  I'll let you know if anything weird happens.


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