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Heaven and The Company of Heaven Says....


Before the rising of the new worlds, old patterns are sinking  into the abyss of nothingness and dissolved within the timeless Now.No rock remains unturned ! Everything is flowing within The  evolving and expanding  perfection of the Devine Intelligence of All That Is.



God said:

"We get closer and closer to the moment when the last veil will be lifted for the ascending ones and the last curtain will be lowered for the remaining ones."


God said :

"Everything is different, for those, who see,
Everything stays the same, for those, who are blind.
Everything is different for those, who see with their heart,
Everything stays the same, for those,who perceive the world with their eyes.Everything is different, for those,who follow the inner assuredness and God’s inner voice,Everything stays the same, for those,who only hear what reaches their ear.

Everything is different, for those, who experience the new time,
as a self-actualized prophecy,
Everything stays the same for those,who far from any vision, any imagination,any divine inspiration, trust the facts,
which they create based on their limitations."


 Esu SANANDA said :

„Right is, what serves everybody, and not, what benefits a small clientele! Right is, what brings advantages to nobody, which others must do without. Right is, so that no harm is done to anybody, also in case, if this is done unconsciously and without dark intentions.“



Babaji said :

"I am Babaji – the vigilant companion, the most knowledgeable guide, the all-loving God, who carries mankind away across the thresholds of Light into eternal Life." BABAJI




1."Evil only respects a forceful, unmistakable rejection!"

2."The light warriors of the first and last hours inherit now the Kingdom of Heaven and mandate over this world." 

3."At the end of time there will be no human Being, who did not know something about the upcoming upheavals.”



SaLuSa said :

 You are part of a complex plan to allow the dark Ones the responsibility to be the cause of their own demise. In their arrogance they believe that they are the masters of their future, but overlook the dictates of Heaven. You have an expression about giving someone “enough rope to hang themselves” and this is the position the Dark Ones are in. Their destiny is sealed and they cannot buy their way out of it.

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12. Mai 2014


It begins! 
Valleys over flooded, Mountains are not anymore, 
Oceans everywhere; and worldwide God is called on.
It begins!
Boundless firestorms, Storm and Wind rise like never before; 
and from the depths the song of the earth sounds.
It begins!
These hours seem like without end, for those, 
who are without belief; and the seeing ones see 
the armies from Heaven and how their Light shines on Earth.
It begins!
It echoes like out of the throat, and with one voice 
mankind speaks: “God stand by us!” The unknowing 
ones out of fear, the knowing ones out of longing.
It begins!
New and familiar sounds, tones and frequencies come 
through to the ear and stir up the earth. Countries, Nations, 
great continents tremble and sink; and the birth of the New 
Earth is recognized by just a few.
It begins!
Deaths in the billions, those, who have chosen death; 
life in the millions of those, who lift themselves into 
Eternity and into the Light.
It begins!
Creation renews itself, unique are the days in this time; 
Human Beings call one name: God.
It begins! With God. 
It ends. With God.
And everything is infinite – in God.
In infinite Love for this Mankind,

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
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"God is in all human Beings ..

"God is in all human Beings and who has contempt for one single life, has contempt for God; who puts himself above a single life  puts himself above God; who kills a single life, kills God in himself.
Know: The ascension is given to all human Beings, yet few will inherit it, because they wish to continue to mature, grow and become, in time and space."

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The Creator Writings : Mirrors..


On mirrors; you have many lessons to learn. There will be people that show up in your life to ‘push your buttons’ and make you feel uncomfortable enoughto heal those parts of you. However, do not disregard those that show up to mirror the best parts of you back to you.
Those are the people put in place as reminders that, yes, you are part of The Divine.
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Frustrated by the IMF and World Bank controversial policy, the BRICS nations go on creating the alternative financial supranational institutions for emerging economies. In recent years the IMF has discredited itself, becoming a completely politicized and "odd" structure, which supports interventionist "super state" ambitions of the EU and the US, stresses Patrick L Young, an expert in global financial markets, referring to the ongoing events in Ukraine.
Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are fed up with the US failure to ratify a four-year-old agreement aimed at reforming the IMF system. Thus the post war consensus on financing bodies appears to be breaking down, writes the expert in his RT Op-Ed ‘BRICS building parallel IMF.’
"The US and Europe have maintained a stranglehold on the IMF/World Bank C-suite not only in the face of a massive eastern renaissance but also with a certain degree of abject hypocrisy given the abysmal financial management of spendthrift US governments for decades let alone the travesty of recent European economic governance," he notes.
According to Patrick Young the IMF is gradually losing its significance as an international financial arbiter. First Dominique Strauss-Kahn and then Christine Lagarde have been entrapped by the "flawed policies of big debt and big government," utterly ruinous for the European economy.
"During recent European bailout negotiations, IMF minutes suggest the political classes managed to ride roughshod over the IMF in order to maintain the flawed (and still crumbling) euro currency at all costs. In that sense, having a weak European with ambitions for higher political office makes a mockery of the idea that the International Monetary Fund is anything more than an overdraft facility to be rigged in favor of perceived western political interests," Patrick L Young explains, adding, "No wonder the rising East is disillusioned."
It should be noted that the BRICS bloc of emerging economies is expecting all preparatory work for setting up its Development Bank to be done by July, 2014, according to Reuters. Political neutrality of the BRICS-Monetary Fund appears to become its unquestionable "competitive advantage." It will help the new structure to operate without fear or favor, deems the expert.
"What the IMF really needs," he stresses, "are strong technocrats as opposed to the spineless politicians who generally operate with (at the very least!) one eye on their next political position."
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The Kindgdom of Peace


1. Mai 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
The events take their course, and irresistibly they push
 to the surface and into the consciousness of human Beings. 
Peace and harmony for a long, long time are ahead. Because truly: 
I have come to earth to proclaim the Kingdom of Peace!
I am
Report: Dreams of worldwide military troop movements, 
and all talk of France. During the same night my brother Karl 
dreams of houses, similar to Swiss cheese with full of holes. 
Thereby individual apartments and parts of the house disappear, 
while others remain. Human Beings continue to live in these 
houses like nothing has happened. When Karl called the fire 
department in his dream, they pretended having no knowledge 
of it like all of this does not exist. All in all two different indications, 
which are related to each other, as I assume? (End of report)
Indeed two reports flowing into one story.
In the Light of World Publicity 
After Heaven has revealed itself worldwide to you, 
after the heavenly light realms presented themselves 
to you and appeared in the public eye of the world, 
the rulers of this earth will make great, yet unsuccessful, 
efforts to confront this situation and in those days France 
in particular will excel and will activate a series of eventful mistakes.
Even though the light flooding in these days has reached an until
now unmatched measure, still many human Beings will step back 
in the face of the Light and will deny the obvious.
These human Beings will cause military “troop movements”
and for a very short time will keep the world, but especially 
the in themselves disoriented human Beings, in turmoil. 
It is important to understand that all of this happens in a 
very short timespan. 
From the moment when the great upheavals happen, 
whereby “the event” is described, until the instance when
the armies of this earth try to oppose this, only hours or 
days counted on “the fingers of one hand” will pass. 
After that everything that has been is history. Thereupon 
the light warriors of the first and last hours will proclaim 
the new time without time, the time when the Light does 
not cast any shadows.
Holographic Pictures 
Thereby it will happen like it is described in the second dream. 
Gradually your familiar realities will be transferred into the fifth 
dimension. Many apartments will remain and the human Beings 
living in them will not understand what happens or has happened; 
that the neighbor has “gone away” forever or that half of the house 
does no longer exist. This illusion is maintained for the lower 
vibrating levels and the “removed houses” will be replaced with 
new holograms, so that the remaining ones hardly take notice 
of the transformation.
This also applies to the “fire department”, 
because this public service department, 
just like all public services, exists only on 
the physical levels of time and space, 
on 3D and on some 4D levels.
The emergency calling numbers of Fire, 
Rescue and Police have no significance in the 
world that you enter now.
The Event draws close 
„The Event” draws closer and closer!
Do not count days, do not count weeks, 
do not count months, because this event is far 
from this awareness.
„The Event“ manifests itself on the day that God 
has designated for it and on the day of the “great correlations”, 
the moment when the cosmological conditions are perfect for it.
The distinction of this close time is the great awakening and
the great denial. The apartments on earth will remain for the 
blind and the deaf ones, while for those, who open themselves 
to the revelations from Heaven, the epoch of God’s Glory begins.
Days pass, weeks go by; Months and years of patient waiting 
have been required from you. Gone. 
The moment of God’s Beauty is close.
God’s Love embraces Life until the hearts of 
human Beings have been healed and the World 
is perfected. 
I Am That I Am


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The Elohim : love or rejection


"It is wrong to give love or rejection
coming to you from the environment 
relative importance. It is necessary to
encounter them like warm or cold raindrops
and let the raindrops come over you without 
getting wet, because you are fitted with the 
proper clothing and protection.

Where ego-consciousness has withdrawn 
itself to its actual function, nothing can be
injured or can be honored, because nothing 
can go into resonance with something that 
does not exist."


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Who owns the world reserve currency, the dollar, the global monetary hegemony? Look at the Satanic capstone on your dollar bill. The Luciferian New World Order will be complete with the arrival of the Satanic capstone: the Anti-Christ, fake messiah, bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6!
  • Putin And The New World Order: The Final Turning Point? 
    by Paul McGuire, April 29, 2014, 
    We have now arrived at the final turning point for America and human history. There exists a convergence and acceleration of forces that is unprecedented in the history of civilization. These forces are economic, geopolitical, scientific, technological, cultural, moral, and spiritual. For the ordinary man or woman these forces can be appear overwhelming, as if a giant tsunami is about to drown everything they ever knew or dreamed of. It is at this exact moment that every one of us is confronted with a choice to allow ourselves to be overcome by fear and a growing mob hysteria or to take a deep breath and recognize that we have been called before the beginning of the world for such a time as this.
    We are constantly being bombarded by media images designed to deliberately accelerate a rip tide of emotional chaos. The internal and external chaos are part of an ancient plan to bring about a new world order. Those behind the plan have a motto: “order out of chaos” or “new world order out of chaos.” Former US Ambassador to Iraq and Korea Christopher R. Hill says that Russia’s military response to the Ukraine crisis means that Moscow has betrayed the “new world order” that it has been a part of for the last 25 years. He wrote in the prestigious Project Syndicate that Russia’s annexation of Crimea and “intimidation” campaign against Kiev has brought an end to a 25-year historical period. Hill describes Russia’s part in the “new world order” as her post-Glasnost involvement in “Western institutions, and a market economy.”
    Hill writes that “Russia’s acquiescence and commitment to the ‘new world order,’ however problematic, was one of the great accomplishments of the post-Cold War era.” This term “new world order” has been used by men like George Bush, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzenski, George Soros, and David Rockefeller, along with others of the globalist elite who rule the world through the international banking system and military force. This is the same new world order whose name and symbol is on the back of the U.S. dollar which is now being devalued. On the back of the pyramid we see a prominent occult symbol… the pyramid with the all-seeing eye of Lucifer above the top and on the base the words in Latin “Novus Ordo Seclorum,” which means new order of the ages or new world order.
    Unlike our Orwellian news pundits who are paid to deny the reality of this new world order, our Founding Fathers like Jefferson and Washington wrote about the new world order, the Illuminati, and the dangers of central banks, which controlled the nations of Europe. It was not an accident that the Illuminati was officially formed in 1776, the same year that the United States of America was born. Not only did our Founding Fathers write at length about the danger of the Illuminati and its new world order attempting to control the United States through central banks, but highly educated and respected men, including prominent clergy, journalists, and the heads of Ivy league universities warned of the dangers of this new world order.
    This is in complete contrast to today where journalists, politicians and prominent members of the clergy shriek on cue the term “conspiracy theory” whenever the term new world order is brought up. The gravest fears of our Founding Fathers came true when these powerful banking families like Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P Morgan, and others seized control of our monetary system through the passage of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. The Federal Reserve System was a carefully crafted term for the Central Banks of Europe operating under a different name.
    Here are just a few quotes about how the international bankers who run this new world order use money and the financial system to control our nation for their benefit. It should be remembered that it was the Rothschild banking family which funded the Illuminati and created the system of banking institutions which run this new world order.
    -read more!


    World From: Vintage ‘Trees’ music video. All humanity forming a pyramid worshipping, welcoming the Satanic capstone! The Anti-Christ, the bringer of false peace, the white horseman of Revelation 6 ! The completion of the New Order project, in a world wrecked by global wars, collapse and chaos!
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 For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home
Hazel's OverSoul
Apr 25, 2014 - 11:41:26 PM

For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home

Your bible tells you ‘For God so loved the world that HE gave HIS only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but shall have everlasting life.’

I have come to reorient your belief through rightful thinking so that you may see that this teaching of old has been interfered with to serve the purpose of separation; to trash the truth that each individuation of Source is a son and daughter, as well as the Source in manifestation.

The clueless will believe the vanity of such a statement for they desire to bow to and laud a being that can save them, with the promise of eternal life in exchange for the belief in HIS Son. It reeks of a pact that God is making with HIS children to ensure and earn their belief in HIS ONLY son. It sings a song of sacrifice that God has made for HIS children in love and out of love. HE so loved HIS children that HE would send one of them to die for the others to secure their salvation. How can anyone with reasoning mind and with God presence believe such foolhardiness?

How many believe that to accept God or the Son as their Lord and Saviour will save them from death eternal and earn them life eternal? How many out of fear believe in God for the very reason to secure life instead of the impoverishment of eternal damnation or death? Is it love that drives or motivates the belief or is it fear for one’s salvation? Is it a need to know God in truth and be aligned with HIS nature or is it fear of HELL? Perhaps it is a love of a belief rather than God Himself? How can you love a God you do not know? Do you love the supposed sacrifice that God made in sending HIS beloved Son to die for your self-created sins, and thus your love for God is moved by HIS selflessness? Do you love the Son because He purged you of your sins through the shedding of His blood? Do you love Him because he bore the pain of humiliation, degradation, abuse and alleged death ALL FOR YOU? Do you know Him in truth or do you seek to believe in Him because you were taught it is correct to do so? How about being honest during this time with yourself?

‘Settlers’ of perceived truth and ‘Pilgrims’ of truth will have different answers to the above questions given for contemplation. Pilgrims will always uncover and discover, if their intent is truth; settlers will always accept what is given to them without question or exploration.

I will firstly correct the misconception and false belief that God has One begotten son. All that commeth from God are children of God. Each person is a begotten son and daughter of God. Yet not all know that they are God in manifest and so they keep seeking a God, Saviour and Redeemer outside of themselves. Their beliefs are fashioned by the thoughts and beliefs of others. They resent the independence of self thinking and feel unworthy within themselves to accept the reality of truth, which is that they hold the infinite intelligence of the ONE GOD within them. The consciousness of the ONE cannot be divided. It is in all things and everywhere. It is however, easier to follow than it is to think for one’s self, and form one’s own belief through inner exploration with the intent of truth seeking.

When you begin to know yourself as God and can recite with unequivocality that I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE, then you earn the right to call yourself a begotten son/daughter of God. In the interim you must marshal your thoughts and disregard the musings of those who project ‘a belief’ as truth out of obedience or custom, and begin from the premise, that if I am a creation of God then God’s is within me. As you travel through your mind you will reach a pinnacle which extends beyond the human mind. It is this mind which holds the answers or truth you seek. Truth cannot be obtained without quest. Acceptance of what others say or acceptance of long held beliefs is no longer a viable alternative for those who desire to know the Source of their being.

You do not stumble upon the God within yourself. You must have a route map which guides you to the only RESOURCE that holds everything you ever desired. When you begin to recognise this resource within yourself, you divest yourself of notions, beliefs and false adages which keep you stuck in the mindset of separation.

The ‘begotten son’ was not sent, but chose to incarnate upon your earth plane to fulfil a mission that would earn Him the right to fully govern His Universe. He did not come to save mankind but to lead and teach by example, Gods love for all HIS children through the Oneness of ALL. He came to encourage man to see himself as immortal even in his current seat of consciousness and to know that death was not a reality. He came to resurrect the consciousness of God amongst and within the people, which would set a standard of living to a consciousness unpolluted by fear, divisiveness and hatred.

He did not come to sacrifice His life to save any human being. He did not come to guarantee eternal life for those who believed in Him. He came to establish a kingdom of love in the hearts of men and women that they would choose and desire their right to eternal life.
The sequel to the hidden story of the ‘Christ Years’ is to reveal and expose the hindrances to man’s evolution and time will cease to stand still in the play of man’s consciousness. For God so loved the world that HE has come HIMSELF to bring HIS children home. Will you recognise HIM NOW; can you recognise HIM NOW- HE IS HERE.

Higher self- MY OVERSOUL

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Light vs Light


LIGHT vs Light By Buddha thru Hazel
Apr 25, 2014 - 9:38:58 PM
LIGHT vs Light

It is the dawn of LIGHT, the natural alignment, the effervescent coordinate. The lamps are lit to aid you in retracing your steps out of the myriad worlds of time to the point of forgetfulness. For it is in forgetfulness that you shall remember. The life without must be lost for the life within to be gained. Ponder these words and allow its meaning to disturb your current relationship with your dubious understanding of life and light.

Pale is the light you seek- as light has no very colour. It is a fiction that creates a beautiful rendition for the outlet of life in the crib of what we call creation. Light is a custodian of the human experience as it enchants the eyes to see external effects. It bars true vision and it propels the consciousness to accept vibrations not in accordance with the pursuit of THE LIGHT.

The light at your human disposal is changeable but the true LIGHT is immutable/unchangeable. The latter is inconspicuous save through insight.

Light is a perplexity, an acronym (LITTLE INSIGHT GOVERNING HUMAN TRUTH) a conjured reality for the senses to dilute the reverence of the mystical.

There is in truth no shades of LIGHT for LIGHT is ineffable, concentrated at one point yet eternal is concept and favour.

The fusion of colour relayed in your eyes makes light a reality, but such fineness cannot be envisioned. The image of light reveals a world for you that is non-existent- it obscures your reality- which is inward in content. Defer to the inward and establish your vision. This is the retreat of Holy Expression-The sanctuary of purpose. Perfect your will and then you shall feel the torch of enlightenment singe your mind. You shall then endure the lifting of the inner veil to reveal the temple of knowledge which shall scald and embitter the outer sense of sight to reveal a new and healthy vision. The murky waters of truth that you currently tread will at once become clarified in the wake of your en-LIGHT-en-ment. Then you will know this LIGHT as LOVE IS GOVERNING HUMAN TRUTH.

Lord Buddha
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Asana Mahatari : We Live in Heaven


24. April 2014

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

The second global Light flooding of earth
takes place and will occur in the upcoming days – in Eternity.

In the Evening, Report: Noah, my wife and I look out of
the window and become aware of a very unnatural sky,
an unnatural red, orange, pink shimmering light.
Then the light in the sky changes and takes on violet.
A surreal scene and I am immediately reminded of the
lowering of the “Comic Light Bell laid” from last year: Noah is a little bit afraid of this light, as he turns toward me and says: “Jahn, we live in Heaven.”

(End of report)

Beloved Ones,

Indeed this renewed uplifting and over exposure
of the ascending planet reaches its peak in these days. 
Today it is important to reach the threshold for ascension. 
The “unnaturally” shimmering light is due to the fact that
this world still deals with overlaps from differently vibrating
worlds and therefore the light that the new world will shine
in, cannot completely come forth during these “ascensions”.
This creates a “filter” that irritates somewhat.
All ascending ones indeed “live in Heaven".
No matter what comes, it is the Heaven of your
holographic world of the fifth dimension that you have
created and have attained, in order to remain unaffected
by all events of the time.

This actual process of “overexposure of the earth”
and the following measurement of the ascension vibration
are oriented toward the achievement of the threshold level
for ascension; it lasts for the next days and will be completed
by April 27th 2014.

Look toward Heaven, recognize the new Light and how
it shimmers through; and even though it still seems to be
unnatural, it is the path toward freedom that the old world
in the final act of its salvation now walks on, because this
Light is now the floodgate for the last steps of transformation. 

In infinite Love to my humanly brothers and sisters. 
I am the peace.

[ Pictures added ]

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As an Introduction ....

The Volunteers of All That IS


**Our Local Universe of Nebadon is called also the Darkened Universe.From the beginning Lord Aton - Christ Michael,The Creator Son,set out the bindings and the rules of engagement,in respect of the process to be followed,by any being incarnated on the new feild of experience.He wanded to explore all aspects of separation in a more revolutionary way.To see and experience the bounds -if any-of darkness.
Darkness is not a self-existing elemend in creation.Darkness is the absence of light in all its aspects,and therefore, results to the separation from the Devine or our true origin.This absence of light,in no way is transformed to absolute Darkness.Because there is no such thing in Devine Intelligence!Otherwise darkness could exist as a self-existing form of creation!!
The separation from the Devine,is causing a course of reversing seguensess,and further dettachement from any form of Light,which in turn is leading to the so called,Dark nights of the soul.Occuring in one,s life time,which in a mysterious way is modivating the inner desire to find our Higher self,and discover the path for the return back to Light ,and to the Reality of Heavens.
Travelling within matter,and far away from our original state of conciousness,is been a challenge for all incarnated on Earth.A challenge for experiensing and altering the imposible,in the initial stage of comlete amnesia,lost identity,and above all. You,We,abondoned our own conciousness.The challenge is been only Yours.The choice for being here is been only Yours.**


By Sehaji Master Lady Kata Daki
via Dhyana Markley

 I am Kata Daki and today I would like to talk about Creator Source, the Over-Soul and Soul.
There appears to be much confusion as to exactly who we are as humans.
Are we a part of Creator Source? YES.
Are we part of an Over-Soul? YES.
Do we have a Soul? Probably everyone reading this article, YES.
However, not everyone you see and meet are "souled" individuals. Some are clones created and manipulated by an outside force (perhaps a dark Over-Soul), while others are half robot and half human, even though "created" by a couple who appear human having sex.
IF you have a Soul, then you are attached to an Over-Soul, which some call their "higher self". This Over-Soul is hooked up directly to Creator Source and Creator God, sometimes called Christ Michael. This connection between Soul and the others, mentioned above, is instantaneous. In other words, if you think or do something, anything, it is immediately known by the afore mentioned, if they choose to focus on you and what you are thinking and doing. Otherwise, what you do with your life, will be uploaded periodically to your Over-Soul and completely uploaded when you die or give up your physical body.
Now, Creator Source is that from which all Over-Souls are created who are going to be working and experiencing life within this Universe as well as other six (6) Universes in this creation's group of seven (7) Universes.
Once created, these Over-Souls are hooked up via a communication line to the Creator God of a specific Universe. Our Universe, Nebadon, is the responsibility of a Christ Michael, sometimes called Lord Aton, as well as other names. In fact, each of the seven Universes are run by a different "Christ Michael". Our Christ Michael does not run Universe Four, for example.
It is a Creator God's job to dream and decide what IT wants for ITs Universe, exactly how all will manifest; what it will look like, and; what the living beings within it, both Souled and unSouled, will BE like.
Nebadon's Creator God decided to experiment with ITs Universe; to create in such a way as to "push the envelope" as to what had been done before by other Creator Gods. IT wanted to see how far and how fast duality would progress if all or most cautions or stops were removed and the participants were not allowed to remember just who they truly are... Conscious Spirits who volunteered to take on an Over-Soul, by way of Creator Source; hook up with Creator God/Lord Aton of the sixth Universe; and, by way of the Over-Soul, create lives and personal Life Plans that will fit into the Divine Plan for the Universe.
Lord Aton wanted to create a Universe which would extend the known boundaries of duality, of separation, to see where that would lead. Others Creator Gods had and were, in their NOW, doing this experiment also, however they were more cautious and conservative... NOT acting in the exaggerated, envelope busting degree that Lord Aton chose to create ITs Universe.
Lord Aton asked for and attracted some of the bravest, most loving and curious Spirits in existence within the All That Is. These Spirits are who you truly are in your "whole and complete" form, beyond you as Over-Soul; beyond Creator God and even beyond Creator Source.
As "Spirit" you are consciously aware of your individuality, but also are aware that you ARE everything, a part of the All That Is... yet you can choose to take on various bodies in billions of dimensions and worlds, just for the love of the experience and the desire to learn and contribute. ALL of these experiences are available to anyone and everyone within the All That Is, so that all may learn and benefit from everything you think, do and experience.
Now the only great difference between Souled beings, is choice. We all have agreed to play in this Universe for awhile, with this Creator God/Lord Aton, via Creator Source, so in that way we are ALL alike. What makes us different is what WE choose to do, choose to experience. We will usually choose something we find fun or interesting. No one seems to want to do the same old things over and over again. So, if we were or are male in one life, our Over-Soul will split so that we can also experience being a female during that same time period, but perhaps in very different circumstances.
Now, I'm not saying that each Over-Soul only splits into two Souls, when in fact they can split themselves into many, many Souls, just as long as an Over-Soul always retains at least half of the larger Soul it started out with. There are also always "comings and goings" as Souls sent from that Over-Soul die and return and new Souls are sent forth into new lives.
I think by now you have a pretty good idea what a Soul is. But to be even more clear, a Soul is a fragment of an Over-Soul which is an information and experience gatherer for the experiments of a Creator God.
Now, Creator God/Lord Aton has also created a hierarchy of supporters that IT can depend upon to accomplish specific goals. Hence, the groupings such as Archangels, Angels, Manus, Ascended Masters, Seraphims, etc., each which do specific jobs then, eventually, volunteer for or graduate into other jobs.
It should be obvious now that no ONE is more important than any other ONE. All are equally important and needed. Without even the smallest and seemingly least important of us, the ONE that we all are within, would be lessened and we would all know it and feel it in some way.
I will leave you now to ponder my words. I am Kata Daki and I wish you a most adventuresome life.
~Dhyana Markley~


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Back into the Palace.( Kagaya Callery )

Happiness is Moving Ahead

Wonderful delights are now making their way into the consensus. Non-divisive conversations and anchoring of light have increased. Acts of giving and clear channeling have also increased. When we began these messages only a few were aware of them. Now they are in many mailboxes and considered a gift by many. We are now ready to amplify our contributions that make a difference.

Many of you have accepted these messages as an ongoing guide. Give up that idea. They are not going to be available when matters get difficult and the internet is no longer open to revealing the cause of the difficulties being mentioned. My comments could be censored. May we all deepen our direct contact ability. No more energy for learning from my dialogs? Then get yourself capable of direct contact with me or your own angelic guides now
Face the controllers with open hearts that don't give rise any anger because of their attitudes. Love them, and don't act like they are the answer to your dance of Leela. They are not—YOU ARE. When you can accept that they are needed to bring more awareness to the dance, you can give up your anger and fear, and dance the current mass consciousness to the next level of awareness. Give me your controller anger because you need to negate it now. Freedom is not actually anything more than an act of declaring: I AM FREE and making this your mantra. I AM FREE of anger, desire, negativity, darkness, fear and all other "me against other" attitudes. Being FREE then becomes available. Cast them away, as none of it is worth keeping. Keep only what is love.

Practice this attitude changer when you notice you have some negative attitudes that are attacking anyone or anything: Declare I AM FREE and discard the attitude that has appeared to be discarded. Declaring I AM FREE will not eliminate your golden dreams and caring thoughts but you may still have some contractions that need calming and care. Treat them with chuckles and anecdotes. Allow them to consider themselves FREE to expand and awaken with new aliveness. Picture yourself as a living generator for caring. Give, give and give. When man gives without demanding compensation, a new consciousness becomes available. Eventually you will notice that the old control consciousness is gone.

When your control consciousness has been eliminated, the controller inner controller, your mind, can do nothing dark; it will just bring happiness to the world. Get on with your growth of awareness and consider contact with your guides as the most attractive option for guidance available right now. Frame a calling for yourself such as, "I AM a change agent." Do not make a list of all the details that this title might include, just keep giving from mastery and your non-controlling awareness. This is enough.
.Ascension consciousness needs more candidates. Are you opening others up to your newly discovered awareness? Are you distributing grace wherever you go? Allow laughter and your other creative abilities to erase the darkness that remains in you and those around you. Face any disturbances with  your attention only, and discard any negative attitudes that may appear as a test of your clarity. If you appear interested in them than more of this particular lesson is needed.

Maybe total FREEDOM is closer than you think

Ascended Master
Saint Germain

Channeled by Aruna ..
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Times of choice, is not a choice
Staying with the mind
of yours and mine
is not for the Devine.

Be always within one place
which is..the Heart space.
Choice of Unity and < ours >
is the reality of ego of ours.

Being with the mind for more
is not the choice..any more!
Thinking is like..sleeping,
hiding self
behind mind and the Devine.

The Heaven,s dream is our dream
and the shining stars in skies
is our destiny and Devine.

Choosing a path is not the choice
choosing The Path is the only choice. 
The valley of shadows is desappearing
illusions and mayia are no long appearing!

The clouded mountains are not for climbing.
The non-reality of inner-self
sustains evolving to the higher self.

Awakening and awareness
is the light for the stars,and Heaven.
Light and Love in our hearts and minds
is the pathway to our destiny and the Devine.

You are the flames of Heaven
the light of the Devine
Illusions are..ending as the final sunset
  and the rising of the new and magic
........ Reality.

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The Creator Writings : The Choice

8109146066?profile=originalThe Choice

The next time you’re feeling out of sorts, please remember this:

Before you came to your Earth-plane, you made a choice as to what lessons you wanted to learn. The good, bad and indifferent, the ups and downs, joys and disappointments were all chose by you! It was not a quick process, my love; you were given time to think about each one of them. The Universe celebrated your decisions,
vowed to support you, gave you the strength to make it through each and the wisdom to know it was possible. Out of the infinite number of energies created, you are one of the brave, courageous souls to join this ‘school of emotions’. You are amazing! ~ Creator

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God : The Truth of All Life


14. April 2014

channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

My Children,
Gods from the Light and Gods of the Light!
Everything fulfills itself in these days, everything
reaches conclusion in this time, and all is now given to you
– through me, who I am GOD.
Illusions are eliminated, the dense veils of deception
lift and God reveals himself to you – God who I am.
The long wait, mankind’s wait for salvation, has an end,
because those who have worked their fields now bring in
plenty of harvest!

I am Life, I am Love,
and I am Truth and Being.
And you are equal to me!
Any other truth and any lesser statement or lesser perception
of this truth is false and unworthy of an awakened one.
So come to me, now, as I command you to enter. Come and be,
and remain in my Kingdom that I prepare for you now.
Truth and Reality
Thence what is truth?
What is the truth that I am?
Are there many truths?

What God has breathed into Reality, is the Truth.
Everything that has distanced itself from the Source
through beings or forms of expression, and has been breathed
into reality, is part of the whole, a reality, yet not the
ALL-ONE-TRUTH that I am.
The divine Truth is pure Love, pure Light of the
Prime Source of all Being.
All forms of life, which have built themselves on many
lower vibrating levels, are part of the whole, a reality that
can be perceived as truth, yet is not the truth that I speak
to you of.
Here it is necessary to discern and to go to the root of
the question: Is everything that is real also true?
Have the courage to follow this trace in order to recognize
that there is only one, eternal, immutable truth in God.
And this truth is absent on many levels, which were created.
Truth is “relative” it is said?
I say to you that the truth is absolute and there is only one
single truth of all and your life, the truth that you are Gods,
Light and Love in Eternity.

All other forms of expression being manifested on
many of your journeys through time and space, are
further away from universal truth as you live further away
from the Source. Truth cannot be relativized, truth is what it is:
Truth and absolute. Why is the understanding of truth so important?
Search for this one truth within yourself without compromise!
Any relativization of the truth whereby you say,
“this is my truth” or “this is their truth”, let you stagger
in your attention toward the Source of all Being, because
who timbers in his own truth prolongs ignorance and remains

Search and aim for this one truth that I am and do not let
you be dissuaded by being satisfied with partial findings.
It is an important step that a human Being can take on his
way back home, as he recognizes that indeed there is only this one,
eternal, permanent and immutable truth – in me who I am God.
Take up this trace in your meditations and release yourself
from the false belief that there are many truths. Because it is true:
There are many realities and not
everything that is real, is also true.
And now we want to turn our attention to this reality
wherein you create your experiences presently.
You are Gods and you are also that, even if you are not
conscious of it. Meaning that you, each one of you,
constantly create new levels of Being. Each one of your decisions
or your “non-decisions” has an effect and become visible on
different levels. You are truly many, simultaneously live many
lives and even if you are mostly unaware of this fact, you are indeed multidimensional.

New 4D-Worlds and MPR
And so new worlds are constantly being created in these
days, 4D levels upon which several events can be discharged
and must discharge. Energy flows and manifests itself and
energy is everything. Every thought, each, even the most
unconscious, impulse of a Being is energy and attains
form and expression – always.
To understand this is of utmost importance in order to
understand this transformation. Meaning that this transformation
continues until the day when the final upheavals have also
reached your level.
Until then new worlds are being born and worlds perish
and everything, due to your power of manifestation,
has an effect even though you are not always conscious of it.
This means for the final time of the ascension:
All who enter into the Light ensure that the dark energies
will be distributed in different holograms on the permanently
newly created high 4D levels. Meaning that thereby certain
discharges on a specific level must not be forthcoming or they
will be weakened.
Meaning that this transformation therefore also
requires much patience from you, because you contribute
to keep the dramas on certain levels less severe.
Indeed events happen as follows:

1.) New worlds are being born – undeviatingly.
2.) Decisions have been made.
3.) Mankind on all newly created highly vibrating
4D-holograms wait for the magnetic pole reversal.
This event will conclude time and seals the ascension.
The waiting comes to an end with the event of the MPR
and this end is very close. What do you have to do until then?

1.) Live, love and wake up.
2.) Recognize the one truth that I am.
3.) Recognize your truth in me.
Thereby it is necessary to overcome two hindrances:
a.) Lethargy and
b.) Lack of courage.
I say to you: Those who seek me unfailingly will find me,
and those who devote totally to me, will find me already today.

Purify daily
Beloved Children,
Expect the day when the Heaven opens to you,
because this day is close. Until then remain centered in self,
remain anchored in me who I am God, and know: Today the
impossible is possible because we have reached an extremely
“fluid” level of Light. This causes that your manifestation
impulses become very efficient.
Purify your thoughts, and purify your feelings.
Do this daily!
Purify yourself from infringements of any kind.
Do this daily!
This time requires your total effort.
Be truthful, and then life will encounter you truthfully.
The truth of all life is: All-that-Is is God and all that you
are is Life that is awarded to you by God.
Go on, do not stop, your arrival in the Light is ahead.
I carry you, as you get tired, I hold you, as you may fall,
I lift you on the day of freedom liberating you from your
last shackles.

I am the Way, the Truth and Life.
Who knows this knows Self.
Come to me, I love you infinitely


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The Anunnaki and why WE matter!


Two days ago, I was looking through my cell phone files and found a recording I did not recall ever having made.  When I new, and it totally blew my mind! It is a seeing I recorded during or after olistened to it, I was shocked and surprised! For me, it was totally ne of my meditations.

The Anunnaki and why WE matter!

167px-AkhatenAlien8.jpg?width=200(a seeing by Inelia Benz, transcript) 


This is Inelia Benz for Today I want to share with you a recording that I found in my cell

When I go into meditation I sometimes will be looking at
something, a subject or question that somebody has posed.
And if some information starts coming through or the seeing
starts happening, I will switch on my phone and I will record it.
I found this recording today. I was quite surprised, because I
don't remember when I recorded it, so it's quite interesting. I've
listened to it and I thought that you may also find it interesting.
It covers the subject of the Anunnaki and also their influence on
the planet and something quite new, which is our influence on
their culture and their whole species and how that came about.
And also when I was looking at the DNA aspect of the question
we went, or I went into the architects of our species and the
intent behind the constructs of the human being.
So I think that that is the most important part of all this
Because it basically goes into how unlimited we really are.
I invite you to look at this information as you listen to it. Scan it
with your own authority, have a look and see what resonates and
how much further you can take it.
So if you like it, DO share it and put it on your blogs and I will
see you next time. Bye!
(the audio recording has been left unedited. There will be long
moments of silence and CAN induce an altered state of

I can feel their presence: the Anunnaki.
The importance, the science, technology, exploration, ownership,
glamor, beauty, luxurious, gold.
Energetic resonance of material well-being.
In their energy there is a dissonance. Their collective energy is
When I look into that dissonance I sense an error and fear.
(long pause)

They created a humanoid species on the planet. Taking DNA
material from a present species, which had been created by
others, changing that material, making it denser. Creating a new
A being that can house a very advanced soul. It feels very much
like that was not their intent, but the intent of the previous
architects, the ones that created the original bodies.
The Anunnaki did not see it, because all they could see was
simply DNA at a physical level, not the ultra-dimensional level.
They were creating drones, simple machines, to carry out a task.
Exploiting the land, harvesting minerals and gems.
After they were done, they left, leaving behind the drones and
the semi-rules that were programmed to give orders and to be
The error's nature is that they've used their own DNA to make
the drones that would accept orders and the drones that were
able to give [orders] and be obeyed.
By using their own DNA they created an energetic ultra-
dimensional link to their own species.
They were not aware of that link because there were not aware of
the ultra-dimensional nature of DNA.
For them it was very mechanical, very physical.
They should've... would've removed all of their creation as they
left the planet, but they didn't. Something happened and they left
it behind.
The DNA continued to evolve, grow, becoming more expansive.
Beings from around the universe were able to incarnate into three
dimensionality using these vessels, which in and of itself trigger
other strands, other aspects, of the multi and ultra-dimensional
Now the Anunnaki are coming back. Some of them never left, but
became complacent.
The ones who are coming back, they're puritans and they're
worried because our growth and awareness and power to affect
this 3D creation affects them too. Suddenly and spontaneously,
among their own people, are being borne awakened and
enlightened beings. Beings who can sense and be aware of and
existence beyond physicality.
An existence beyond the games that we chose to play.
Importances and attachments. And that is breaking apart their
once solid and everlasting society.
There is fear.
There are choices to eliminate the human race, yet they cannot
do it, due to the nature of agreement in the physical universe.
The program that they themselves wrote in the human species to
survive, live defend at all costs, is still running and does not allow
for an agreement of complete annihilation of this species.
(long pause)

Something is afoot on the planet. An expansion of awareness so
broad, so accessible to so many, never seen before.
It could change reality as we know it.
Yet, panic and fear, get triggered.
How to express that all attachments are illusions? That all
importances are insignificant?
How to express that any games we can play in physicality, all the
games we are aware off are nothing compared to what we can
play or what we can become if only we are allowed the possibility
of an alternative reality enter our minds and our field and our
Why not just pretend? Pretend that there is another possibility.
Pretend that it is YOU who creates the Universe moment to
Pretend that this physical environment where you find the
physical body in, is just an illusion.
And illusion that is pliable as a child’s play-dough set.
Do you dare to pretend that this is true? Just for a moment... a
And feel the winds of change as they pass through you...
Time space becoming a landscape moving.
Quickly passed.

Faster and faster.

So quickly that it becomes pure light.

Do you dare to choose not be a singular being?

Not to be the monolog of thoughts streams, importances,
attachments, problems, fears, joys and loves, and experiences. 

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