Words of Power and the Vortex

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Words of power are an important extension of the science of mantras—enunciated sound with spiritual intent. These words of power exist on all levels from the macrocosmic creation of our solar system to the microcosm of the humble disciple who attempts to verbally approximate some interior state of sound that is not yet known subjectively. In the third of the six stages of building the antahkarana bridge the student is given a word of power to enunciate on the high mental plane. It is this word of power enunciated through an act of will that drives the dual rays of the personality and soul and their unique coloring up onto triadic levels.

The enunciated word of power must be clothed in some type of divine or sacred geometry or symbolic form. It is this divine form that qualifies and characterizes the dual vortex-vacuum dynamic that we have expanded upon in Dynamic Symbols 2.


The different stanzas of the Great Invocation are great mantric formulas or words of power and are enunciated first on inner planes by the Christ or Bodhisattva before they are grounded in the world of humanity by a corresponding verbal and mental use on physical levels. Members of the Hierarchy swell the power of the mantra by passing it through their bodies of flame. The Tibetan also states that he had to first enunciate a great word of power before he could begin to coalesce the necessary energy to initiate his advanced group work with which we are all so intimately involved as students and disciples.

When the Christ overshadowed Master Jesus to carry out His high purpose, many of the statements that he enunciated verbally on the physical plane were words of power that came from a deep and divine source. The purpose of the science of invocation and spiritual contact is to create a direct and unimpeded line of descent from the highest interior levels of sound and energy right down to the most mundane and exoteric though the spoken word. This is why an initiate or master on the physical plane can be said to "occultly save the lesser lives" he has come to serve. It is because of the unbroken continuity of this sound. A Master can enunciate a word of power that is first and foremost a cosmic principle and later becomes a proclamation on the form side that can help build a bridge for those who can listen and be attentive to the greater revelation within. This bridge is essentially a radiation or auric vibration of the inner vortex of the initiate's life.

When a high initiate or master of wisdom speaks on the physical plane, his words will "be like fire" and have the potential to awaken the latent seeds of love that exist within all of humanity and all living organisms. There is much controversy surrounding the identity and name of "the one for whom the whole word waits" and why he has failed to manifest externally or publicly at this time. Perhaps the whole concept of avatars and the externalization of the Hierarchy needs to be reinterpreted in the light of a greater group dynamic or occult event in which many will participate simultaneously. If humanity is destined to become the savior of the planet, we must emphasize the power of the group when we think of the doctrine of avatars, and not just an individual person however advanced.

The consciousness thread which is attached to the head, the life thread which is attached to the heart are the dual threads which when conjoined with the thread of creative activity make up the completed rainbow bridge. When seen in their more esoteric and expanded context they are essentially threads of projected light that create the dual-vortex-sphere. There are seven levels of the vortex sphere, one for each of the rays and one for each of the planes. All seven of these different levels of creative life will be connected by these energy currents or threads. Eventually these threads merge into the One life.

There are three parts to every rotating and cylindrical life on the inner planes, which reflect the three aspects of deity: (1) the first aspect which is the initiating Will hidden at the center; (2) the second aspect which is the consciousness aspect, the divine builder, or the light-bearing intermediary; and (3) the third aspect which is the chalice-crucible-container that supplies the form to hold the other two aspects temporarily in time and space. All three of these interconnected aspects go into the creation, sustaining, and eventual dissolution of all occult spherical forms on the inner planes.

The various types of triangular geometric shapes and polyhedral forms that are presented in Dynamic Symbols Part 2 are very important for the advanced disciple to study, because they are the mediating link between the second and third aspects or principles, and if properly constructed according to certain occult standards become an invocative bridge that can direct the student towards intuitive realms.

A properly constructed symbol that is first rendered on the high mental plane and later infused with the soul's warmth and inner light can contain both the second and third divine aspects in some variation. Any sound—be it the OM, words of power, or some mantra—enunciated on the high mental plane with prolonged intention will galvanize these three principles into a spherical or toroidal form.

A "word of power" is an interior enunciation by the disciple within the meditative state. The three upper triadic notes—atma, buddhi and manas—must eventually become blended with the three lower notes of the personality. This "word of power" used by the disciple at this point to project his fused personality and soul rays up onto triadic levels should not be confused with the great "words of power" that are used by Cosmic or Solar entities to initiate some type of advanced work at the beginning or end of some major cycle.

The sounding of the Om on the correct note, the use of "ray words of power", and the use of ray mantras, although occupying somewhat different places in the hierarchy of invocative work, all have one common goal—to link the meditator, the invoking agent, via the creation of a dual-vortex-vacuum first to the soul and later to the upper triad and One monadic life.


"Gradually the antahkarana is built and in this way the 'greater Light and the lesser light' are consciously related. A path of light and energy is established or created between these two divine aspects. As time goes on, there appears in the egoic group what is technically known as the 'linking light' or the 'bridging radiance' . . .

"The point of light shines forth. It waxes and it wanes. The point becomes a line through the starting of a vortex and from the centre of the whirling force; there comes a voice—invocative and clear.

"The One Who sits in silent work, alone and unafraid (because the part is not alone and the group is unafraid) looks down, catches the light, reflects the whirling force and hears the voice." (DNA1:714-15)


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