The Sirius - Venus StarGate ~ 04.11/12.2015.

If the ancient Maya and Egyptian were alive TODAY, they would probably be looking in AWE to our NightSky wandering at the marvelous spectacle that is occurring: The Conjunction of Venus and the Pleiades Constellation, a rare event that only takes place every 8 Years, and that has gone quite unnoticed by astronomers and astrologers alike, considering the fact that the alignment is FAR MORE SIGNIFICANT than originally thought.... Why?

If you go out TONIGHT and look at the night sky, you will be able to still see a PERFECT STRAIGHT LINE CONNECTING the 2 brightest celestial bodies in our NightSky: Planet Venus (brightest planet) and Sirius (brightest star). This connection passes right through ORION's belt.

ORION constellation (situated right in-between Gemini and Taurus) is represented by The Warrior, considered the guardian of the "GATE of Man" mirroring the Ophiucus Constellation, where the figure of the Serpent Holder/Wounded Healer acts as guradian of the GATE of the GODS/Dark Rift/Galactic Center at the opposing end of celestial dome axis in the direction of the Great Central Sun. Orion is a KEY COMPONENT of the AstroCartography in Egypt and other power places and ancient monuments around the planet, all holding a significant similitude with the 3-star configuration in the sky.

Venus and the Pleiades were KEY Astronomical Markers for the Maya, as their corresponding 584-Day Synodic Cycle and 26.000-Year Cycle are at the base of their Time equations and calibrations:

"In the case of Venus, Venus orbits the sun 13 times in 8 years, that is, during the period in which the earth orbits the sun 8 times. For this reason, Native Americans said the number of Venus was 13, while the number of the earth was 8. Thus, if Venus orbits the sun 13 times while the earth does 8 times, then Venus must pass us 5 times during those 8 years. Thus, Venus passes between the earth and the sun 5 times in 8 years, meaning that it completes 5 synodic periods in 8 years, or 5 complete evening/morning star cycles. The Mayans had carefully tracked the cycles of Venus, and had noticed that 5 Venus cycles of 584 days just equalled 8 years of 365 days (5 x 584 = 8 x 365)." ~ The Evening and Morning Star~ by John P. Pratthttp://www.johnpratt.com/items/astronomy/eve_morn.html

In the meanwhile The Pleiades regulates the 26,000-Earth-year seasons, 4 of which constitute a Hunab Ku interval of 104,000 Earth years (26,000x4).

If we now add to the equation the energy stream of SIrius via Orion Belt's alignment, we can realize then that this configuration IS a "VERY UNIQUE TIME-VORTEX / LIGHT CORRIDOR"; specially considering that the entire Galactic-Maya Time Science is based in the governing frequency of the Sirian 52-Year orbital period:

52, Number of the Sirius Code:

“The rotation period of small Sirius B around big Sirius A is 52 world years. During the time of the Hierarchical Order, since the direct Cosmic Currents used to fall directly on the orbit of your planet, Cosmic Awakening used to correspond mostly around these ages {52-year cycles} ... (The Knowledge Book, p.287)

“The Sirius Mission is responsible only for the supervision of your Milky Way Galaxy ... The Sirius Mission is responsible for uniting solar systems within itself, as a necessity of the Unified Field ...—

“By the Command of the Central System, Notice from the Section of the Unification of Matter,” Postulates 40 and 42, The Knowledge Book, p.146)

SOURCE: The Sirius Code Revealed: http://www.lawoftime.org/pdfs/Rinri-III-3.1.pdf

Please navigate the ALBUM to connect with deeper aspects of this alignment from a multi-dimensional perspective and understand how it may be impacting our perceptions of reality, as we move forward and at an accelerated pace through the Ocean of Space-Time on this evolutionary journey to find our Ancient Future Past...


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