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It was this very concept of ’being’ or ’self-completeness’ which posed the ultimate problem for Enlil-Jehovah. In contrast, his brother Enki knew that humans who partook of the Tree of Knowledge (the Anunnaki wisdom) and of the Plant of Birth (the Anunnaki Star Fire) could themselves become almost like gods. Even Jehovah was said to have recognized this, and Genesis states that when Adam had taken the fruit of the Tree, Jehovah said, "Behold, the man is become as one of Us".

Enki the Wise, Guardian of the Tree of Knowledge, also had another name in the Hebrew tradition. They called him Samael (Sama-El) because he was the designated Lord of Sama in northern Mesopotamia. The teachings of the early mystery-schools were very specific about the Trees of Life and Knowledge, and they emulated the very teachings of Enki himself. It was said: Nothing is obtained simply by wanting. And nothing is achieved by relinquishing responsibility to a higher authority. Belief is the act of ’beliving’, for to ’be live’ is to ’believe’ - and Will is the ultimate medium of the Self.

The Sumerian records relate that Cain’s son, King Etana, partook of the Plant of Birth in order to father his own son and heir, King Baali - and the Plant of Birth was directly associated with individual longevity and the office of Cainship, or Kingship. It was itself related to Star Fire and to pineal gland activity, and partaking of the Plant of Birth was the ritual of ingesting the Star Fire - the pure Anunnaki female essence, the Nectar of Supreme Excellence.

In this regard, the Anunnaki ’flow-er’ (flower or lily) was held to be the Cup-bearer, the transmitter of the Rich Food of the Matrix. In this capacity, she was called the Rose of Sharon (from the word Sha, meaning ’Orbit’, along with the words Ra and On, relating to the ultimate temple of ’Light’). The significance of this highly venerated station is actually made apparent in the Bible’s esoteric Song of Solomon wherein the Messianic Bride proclaims to the King,

"I am the Rose of Sharon and the Lily of the valleys"

A Star Fire recipient King was considered to have become qualified for Kingship when he reached a pre-destined state of enlightened consciousness - a state when his aptitudes for wisdom and leadership had been enhanced to a realm of Kingship called the Malkû. It was from this Mesopotamian word Malkû that the Hebrews derived their words Malchus (King) and Malkhut (Kingdom).

Only in very recent times have medical scientists identified the hormonal secretion of the pineal gland, finally isolating it in 1968. The essence was called melatonin, which means ’night worker’ (from the Greek, melos, meaning ’black’, and tosos, meaning ’labour’). Those with a high melatonin output react strongly against sunlight because it affects their mental capability; they are essentially night operatives. Melatonin is called the ’hormone of darkness’ as it is produced only at night or in the dark. Exposure to an excess of sunlight actually makes the pineal gland smaller and lessens spiritual awareness, whereas darkness and high pineal activity enhance the keen intuitive knowledge of the subtle mind while reducing the stress factor.

At this stage, it is of interest to note how it was that the Christian Church eventually demolished the true significance of the Star Fire ritual by maneuvering it into the realm of sinister Gothic legend. In the old tradition, the ultimate holders of the Malkhut were known as Dragons or Pendragons, and the reigning head was always known as Draco.

By virtue of their bodily conditioning through supplementary melatonin and other hormonal secretions, they were in fact Princes of Darkness; and they gained their heightened awareness, above-normal powers and longevity from the Star Fire - the lunar blood of the Anunnaki Queens and the priestly Scarlet Women.

As detailed in Bloodline of the Holy Grail, the brutal Catholic Inquisitions of the Middle Ages were set against all the so-called heretics who in one way or another supported the Messianic Blood Royal (the Sangréal) of the Dragon Kings against the corrupted dogma of the bishops. Many of the victims were classified as occultists and witches, and they were charged with upholding the ancient and heretical cult of Draco, the Prince of Darkness. They were proclaimed by the Church authorities to be vampires!

I previously mentioned the significance of the ancient Egyptian Court of the Dragon, pointing out that after some 4,000 years this Sovereign Order is still operative today. Back in the 15th century, a prominent Chancellor of the Court was Prince Vlad III of Transylvania-Wallachia, who built the citadel of Bucharest. Vlad is perhaps better remembered, however, as Count Dracula, meaning ’son of Dracul’ - a name by which his father was known within the Court from 1431.

Vlad was a prince of harsh disciplines, and his method of execution for crimes against the state was impalement upon wooden stakes. This was quite compatible with other hideous punishments of the time (boiling in oil, burning at the stake, drawing and quartering, etc.). But Vlad’s particular method became reversed against him in a later Gothic-novel tradition which claimed that Dracula should be killed by impalement with a wooden stake.

The establishment’s real fear of Dracula, however, was not his savage treatment of enemies (such things were commonplace in their day), but his in-depth knowledge of alchemy and the ancient Star Fire customs. Having attended the Austrian School of Solomon in Hermannstadt, he had an in-depth scientific understanding of the bodily effects of melatonin and serotonin which enhance longevity and increase consciousness.

Clearly, as the Romanian annals determine, he was a high melatonin producer, and, as we have seen, such people are adversely affected by sunlight. They are night workers (melos tosos). Consequently, the Transylvanian myth was born, and in Bram Stoker’s novel (published in 1897, with its centenary last year) Vlad-Dracula was portrayed as a vampire - a Prince of Darkness who imbibed the blood of virgins!

Notwithstanding this, a good deal of truly early folklore was actually based upon the Grail and Dragon traditions. The very concept of ’fairies’ (’fair folk’) was born directly from this base, being a derivative of fée or ’fey’ and relating especially to ’fate’. In the Celtic world, certain royal families were said to carry the ’fairy blood’ - that is to say, the fate or destiny of the Grail Bloodline - while the Grail Princesses of romance and history were often called ’elf-maidens’. They were the designated guardians of the earth, starlight and forest, as beguilingly replicated by the elven race in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

In the old language of southern Europe, a female elf was an ylbi, and from this word derived the town name of Albi, the Languedoc centre of the Gnostic Cathars (the Pure Ones) in the Middle Ages. When Pope Innocent III launched his brutal thirty-five-year military assault upon the Cathars from 1208, his campaign was called the ’Albigensian’ Crusade because it was set against the supporters of the albi-gens (’elven blood’).

Melatonin enhances and boosts the body’s immune system, and those with high pineal secretion are less likely to develop cancerous diseases. High melatonin production heightens energy, stamina and physical tolerance levels and it is directly related to sleep patterns, keeping the body temperately regulated with properties that operate through the cardiovascular system. It is, in fact, the body’s most potent and effective antioxidant and it has positive mental and physical anti-ageing properties. It is manufactured by the pineal gland through the activation of a chemical messenger called serotonin. This transmits nerve impulses across chromosome pairs at a point when the cell nuclei are divided and the chromosomes are halved (a process called meiosis), eventually to be combined with other half-sets upon fertilization.

Pine resin was long identified with pineal secretion and was used to make frankincense (the incense of priesthood). Gold, on the other hand, was a traditional symbol of kingship. Hence, gold and frankincense were the traditional substances of the Priest-Kings of the Messianic Bloodline, along with myrrh (a gum resin used as a medical sedative) which was symbolic of death.

In the ancient world, higher knowledge was identified as daäth (from which comes our word, ’death’). In fact, as we know very well, the New Testament describes that these three substances (gold, frankincense and myrrh) were presented to Jesus by the Magi, thereby identifying him beyond doubt as an hereditary Priest-King of the Dragon succession.

Yoga teachers suggest that the pineal gland (which they call the ’third eye’ or ’eye of wisdom’) is significant in the process of becoming ’aware’, for it is the ultimate source of the Light. Illuminists and other Rosicrucian adepts have long referred to the pineal as the secret ayin - an ancient word for ’eye’. This spelling (a-y-i-n) is actually quite important because the original spelling of Cain (whether with a ’C’, a ’K’ or a ’Q’) was not ’C-a-i-n’ as we now know it, but ’C-a-y-i-n’. The name Cain, in its various forms, actually denoted One of the Inner Eye. Hence, from Kayin with a ’K’ derived the word ’King’, and from Qayin with a ’Q’ derived the word ’Queen’. Indeed, Cain’s father Enki-Samael was himself the Sumerians’ designated Lord of the Sacred Eye.

It is said that a truly spiritual person can automatically perceive with the third eye (the subtle eye of insight), rather than be duped by mundane eyes which reveal only physical presences. Such presences are defined by their place within arbitrary time; but to pineal graduates there is no time to calculate, for they live in a dimension where time and space are of no consequence. This dimension is not a new discovery of modern science: it was known about thousands of years ago as the Plane of Sharon, the Plane of the Orbit of Light.

And so the Cainite Kings of Mesopotamia (the first Pendragons of the Messianic Bloodline) while already being of high Anunnaki substance were fed with further Anunnaki Star Fire to increase their perception, awareness and intuition so that they became masters of knowingness, almost like gods themselves. At the same time their stamina levels and immune systems were dramatically strengthened so that the anti-ageing properties of the regularly ingested Anunnaki melatonin and serotonin facilitated extraordinary life-spans. All records of the era confirm that this was the case, with those of the kingly line living for hundreds of years. And in this regard there is no reason to be over-skeptical about the great ages of the early patriarchs as given in the Book of Genesis.

In addition to the Star Fire ritual, the Bloodline Kings were also said to have been nourished with the Milk of the Goddess, and it would appear that this ’milk’ contained an enzyme that was itself conducive to active longevity. Today’s genetic researchers call this enzyme telomerase. As recently reported in the journal Science [vol. 279, 16 January 1998], corporate studies and those of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have determined that telomerase has unique anti-ageing properties.

Healthy body cells are programmed to divide many times during a lifetime, but this process of division and replication is finite, so that a non-dividing state is ultimately achieved. This is a crucial factor of ageing. The division potential is controlled by caps at the end of DNA strands (rather like the plastic tips on shoelaces). These caps are the telomeres. As each cell divides, a piece of telomere is lost, and the dividing process ceases when the telomeres have shortened to an optimum and critical length. There is then no new cell replication, and all that follows is deterioration.

Laboratory experiments with tissue samples have now shown that application of the genetic enzyme telomerase can prevent telomere shortening upon cell division and replication. Hence, body cells can continue to divide way beyond their naturally restricted programming (just as do cancer cells which can achieve immortality through being rich in telomerase). Telomerase is not usually expressed in normal body tissue; but apart from being present in malignant tumors, it is also apparent in reproductive cells. It seems, therefore, that somewhere within our DNA structure is the genetic ability to produce this anti-ageing enzyme, but that the potential has somehow been switched off and probably exists within those aspects of our DNA which scientists currently refer to as ’junk’.

In the canonical Bible we are told that, during the lifetimes of Noah and his sons, Jehovah issued the edict which forbade the ingesting of blood - at least this was the time-frame applied to the edict by the Old Testament compilers in the sixth century BC. It is unlikely, however, that this was the correct time-frame, for at that time Enlil-Jehovah would have had no such final authority over Enki and the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki.

Nevertheless it is apparent that, from that time, the given ages of the patriarchal strain begin to diminish quite considerably, so that from the days of Abraham and Isaac we are presented, in the main, with rather more normal life-spans. In contrast, though, the life-spans of the Sumerian Kings in descent from Cain and Etana continued at a generally high level.

What we do know beyond doubt is that whatever the realities of the edict and its chronology, a major change in the Star Fire practice became necessary in about 1960 BC. This was when the Bible tells us that Abraham and his family moved northward from Ur of the Chaldees (the capital of Sumer) to Haran before turning westward into Canaan.

Contemporary historical texts record that at that time Ur was sacked by the King of nearby Elam soon after 2000 BC and, although the city was rebuilt, the power centre moved north to Haran in the Kingdom of Mari. But Haran was not just the name of a flourishing city; it was the name of Abraham’s brother (the father of Lot). Existing documents (discovered in 1934) also reveal that other cities in Mesopotamia were similarly named in accordance with Abraham’s forebears - cities such as Terah (Abraham’s father), Nahor (Terah’s father), Serug (Nahor’s father), and Peleg (Serug’s grandfather).

Quite apparently, in line with all the Sumerian evidence which supports the kingly line from Cain, these lately discovered reports confirm that the immediate family of Abraham (in the succession after Noah) were also great commissioners of the region in general. Clearly, the Patriarchs represented no ordinary family but constituted a very powerful dynasty. But why would such a long-standing heritage of prominence and renown come to an abrupt end and force Abraham out of Mesopotamia into Canaan?

The answer is to be found in clay tablets which can be dated to about 1960 BC. They detail that, at that time, everything changed in the hitherto sacred land of Sumer when invaders came in from all sides: Akkadians from the north, Amorites from Syria, and Elamites from Persia. The text continues:

When they overthrew, when order they destroyed; Then like a deluge all things together consumed. Whereunto, oh Sumer! Did they change thee? The Sacred Dynasty from the Temple they exiled.

It was at this stage of Sumerian history that the empire fell and Abraham was forced to flee northward from the city of Ur. But what had happened to the Anunnaki, the Grand Assembly of Gods who had established everything? The text continues:

Ur is destroyed, bitter is its lament. The country’s blood now fills its holes like hot bronze in a mould. Bodies dissolve like fat in the sun. Our temple is destroyed. Smoke lies on our cities like a shroud. The gods have abandoned us like migrating birds.

In historical terms, this total collapse of the Sumerian empire follows the founding of Babylon by King Ur-Baba in about 2000 BC. Indeed, the story of the Tower of Babel and the resultant wrath of Jehovah precisely fits the time-frame of the Sumerians’ own abandonment by the Anunnaki.

The story in Genesis relates that the people, who were hitherto said by Jehovah to be "very good", were severely punished because of a strange transgression which had not previously been ruled upon. The apparent transgression was that they all spoke the same language, and the unique language which they all spoke was, of course, Sumerian - the first written language on Earth.

For a reason which is not made clear in the Bible, the Genesis text explains that Jehovah was not happy about the Tower of Babel and so he "did come down, and did confound the language of all the Earth".

The Sumerian historical documents tell much the same story, except that the confounding of language is far better explained by the hordes of foreign invaders who came into the region. It transpires that this invasion was the direct result of friction among the Anunnaki, for at Anu’s retirement from the Grand Assembly his eldest son Enlil-Jehovah assumed the presidency. He proclaimed that he was master of all the Earth, although his brother Enki-Samael could retain sovereignty of the seas. Enki was not at all happy about his brother’s claim because, although Enlil was the elder of the two, his mother, Ki, was their father Anu’s junior sister, whereas Enki’s mother, Antu, was the senior sister. True kingship, claimed Enki, progressed as a matrilinear institution through the female line, and by this right of descent Enki maintained that he was the first-born of the royal succession:

I am Enki... the great brother of the gods. I am he who has been born as the first son of the divine Anu.

As a result, the people of Babylon announced their allegiance to Enki and his son Marduk - but this was all too much for Enlil-Jehovah. Having lost his popularity, he opened the gates of Sumer to let in invaders from all sides. The scribes recorded that he, the vengeful Enlil-Jehovah, brought about the "great and terrible storm" which caused the annihilation of all the Sumerian culture so that their language was no longer predominant and there was a "great confusion of tongues".

All the work which had been accomplished in building up a unique civilization over thousands of years was destroyed in one fell swoop by Enlil-Jehovah, simply because he would not share authority with his brother Enki. The records confirm that, at that moment in Sumerian history, the Grand Assembly of the Anunnaki vacated their seats and departed "like migrating birds".

For all that had occurred up to that point, an urgent and significant change in kingly procedure was necessary because the Anunnaki Star Fire was no longer available. A substitute had to be found. As previously mentioned, the priestly Scarlet Women had been purpose-bred for this; but it was clear that, however carefully mated, their essence would weaken through the generations.

In the event, the creation of a more permanent and versatile substitute was not a problem, for this was the province of a group of previously trained metallurgists whom Enki had called the Master Craftsmen. The first of these great metallurgists to be trained was Tubal-cain the Vulcan - a sixth-generation descendant of Cain, who is remembered even today in modern Freemasonry.

In consideration of the Bible’s New Testament symbology, it is of particular interest to note that Jesus’ father Joseph was himself recorded in the early Gospels as being a Master Craftsman. In modern English-language Bibles, Joseph is described as a ’carpenter’, but this is a blatant mistranslation. The word ’carpenter’ was wrongly derived from the Greek ho-tekton which actually defined a Master of the Craft - not a woodworker, but a learned alchemical metallurgist in the manner of his ancestral forebears.

In the Old Testament Book of Exodus, at the time of Moses we are introduced to a certain Bezaleel (the son of Uri Ben Hur) who is said to have been filled with the spirit of the Elohim in wisdom, understanding and knowledge. We learn, furthermore, that Bezaleel was a skilled goldsmith and a Master Craftsman, and that he was placed in overall charge of building the Ark of the Covenant. In detailing how Bezaleel should manufacture various crowns, rings, bowls and a candlestick, all of pure gold, the Bible text adds to the list something called the Shewbread of the Covenant, and without further explanation the deed is seen to be done.

Although the word ’covenant’ has come to be identified with contractual agreements, it originally meant ’to eat bread with’, and it is pertinent to note that the Lord’s Prayer (which was directly transposed from an Egyptian equivalent) specifies "Give us this day our daily bread". This is often taken to relate to sustenance in general terms, but in the original tradition the reference was more specifically directed to the enigmatic shewbread - the Golden Bread of Bezaleel.

The Book of Leviticus also refers to the shewbread:

And thou shalt take fine flour and bake twelve cakes thereof... And thou shalt put pure frankincense upon each row.

The use of the word ’flour’ in English translations is actually incorrect. The word ’powder’ would be more accurate. The records of the mystery schools cite rather more precisely that shewbread was made with the white powder of gold, and this is particularly significant because in Exodus it is stated that Moses took the golden calf which the Israelites had made "and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to a white powder". In this instance, the correct word ’powder’ is used, but firing gold does not, of course, produce powder - it simply produces molten gold.

So what was this magical white powder? Is there a way of using heat to transform metallic gold into a white powder which is ingestible and beneficial? Indeed there is, and it is here that the foremost alchemical principle of the Master Craftsmen was applied:

"To make gold, you must take gold."

Gold is the most noble of metals, and gold was always representative of Truth. Through the regular use of Anunnaki Star Fire (the Gold of the Gods), the recipients were moved into realms of heightened awareness and consciousness because of its inherent melatonin and serotonin. This was the realm of advanced enlightenment - the Plane of Sharon - and the Star Fire gold was deemed to be the ultimate route to the Light. Hence, the heavy, mundane person (lead) could be elevated to a heightened state of awareness (perceived as gold). This was the root of all alchemical lore thereafter.

The shewbread (or, as the Egyptians called it, scheffa food) was a traditional entitlement of the Israelite and Egyptian Messiahs, for the early Pharaohs were themselves fully consecrated Priest-Kings of the Grail Bloodline, having descended through Nimrod in the Cainite succession.

In ancient Egypt, the scheffa food was always depicted as a conical cake. According to the records, this metallic bread was used to feed the Light-body, as against the physical body, and the Light-body was deemed to be the consciousness. As far back as 2200 BC, the Pharaohs were using this supplement to enhance their pituitary and pineal activity, thereby to heighten their perception, awareness and intuition, but only the metallurgical adepts of the mystery schools (the Master Craftsmen of the Dragon Court) knew the secret of its manufacture.

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead (the oldest complete book in the world), the Pharaoh in search of the ultimate food of enlightenment asks, at every stage of his journey, the single overriding question, "What is it?" - a question which in the Hebrew language (as explained in The Antiquities of the Jews) was asked with the single word, "Manna?".

When the Ark of the Covenant was completed, Moses’ brother Aaron was said to have placed an omer of manna into the Ark. This sacred manna was commonly associated with a mystical form of bread - the shewbread - or, as it was called in Tubal-Cain’s Mesopotamia, the shem-an-na.

At this point, we come to a particularly important definition of the shem-an-na, for according to the Master Craftsmen this conically shaped (or shem-shaped) food was made of what the Sumerians called Highward Fire-stone.

In the New Testament Book of the Revelation it is said:

To him that overcometh, I will give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone.

Before we look at the precise nature of the white stone of the shem-an-na - the bread made from the powder of alchemical gold - let us firstly consider the famous statue of Priest-King Melchizedek at Chartres Cathedral in France.

The statue portrays Melchizedek with a cup containing a stone in representation of the bread and wine which he apparently offered to Abraham, according to Genesis. The wine, as we know, was emblematic of the sacred Star Fire (just as Communion wine represents the Messianic Blood today), but the true importance of the imagery is that the bread-stone is held within the cup, thereby signifying that Star Fire was replaced by its substitute nourishment at the very time of Melchizedek and Abraham. This substitute was made from shem-an-na - the white powder of gold, the highward fire-stone.

The object of the substitute was very straightforward. Instead of feeding the recipient with a direct hormonal supplement, the powder had its effect on the endocrinal system (particularly the pineal gland), thereby causing the recipient to manufacture his own super-high levels of hormones such as melatonin.

In the famous Middle Ages Grail romance of Parzival, by Wolfram von Eschenbach, it is said of the Temple Knights of Grail Castle:

They live by virtue of a stone most pure. If you do not know its name, now learn: it is called lapis exilis. By the power of the stone the phoenix is burned to ashes, but the ashes speedily restore it to life. The phoenix thus moults and thereupon gives out a bright light, so that it is as beautiful as before.

Many have wondered about the name lapis exilis because it appears to be a play on words, combining two elements. Firstly, it is lapis ex caelis, meaning ’stone from the heavens’, and, secondly, it is lapis elixir, the Philosophers’ Stone by which base elements are transformed to higher states of being. Either way, or both, it relates directly to the highward fire-stone - the shem-an-na of the exotic Star Fire substitute.

The key to the Parzival allegory lies in the description that the phoenix is "burned to ashes", but from those very ashes comes the Great Enlightenment. So, what exactly is a phoenix? It is a mythical bird, we might answer. But we would be quite wrong! The word ’phoenix’ is far older than the Bennu bird mythology, and it is in fact ancient Graeco-Phoenician. ’Phoenix’ means ’crimson’ or ’red-gold’.

Even today, within the confines of the Ordo Templi Orientis, the ancient Mass of the Phoenix is performed as a symbolic Star Fire ritual. It is pertinent to note that Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was an officer of this Order - as a consequence of which, much of his novel is a coded representation of the secret knowledge. The two emblems of this ninth-degree ceremony are: the upright triangle of Gold and Light (representing spirit), and the downturned triangle of Blood and Water (representing matter). Interlocked, one upon the other, they form the familiar Seal of Solomon which contains the formula that is known as the Gem of Alchemy.

An old Alexandrian alchemical text makes particular mention of the weight of the Philosophers’ Stone - which it calls the Stone of Paradise. It states that:

When placed in the scales, the stone can outweigh its quantity of gold; but when it is transposed to dust, even a feather will tip the scales against it.

In terms of a mathematical formula, this relationship is written as: 0 = (+1) + (-1). This appears to be a very straightforward sum at first glance, because (+1) + (-1) does indeed equal zero. But when applied to physical matter it is actually an impossibility because it relies upon using a ’positive’ and an equivalent ’negative’ to produce ’nothing’. The moment one has a positive piece of something, it is not possible to add an equivalent negative of that something to produce nothing. At best, one could move the ’positive’ something out of immediate sight - but it would still exist, and it would therefore not be nothing.

The only way to turn something into nothing, as far as the material field is concerned, is to translate that something into another dimension so that it physically disappears from the mundane environment. If that process is achieved, then the proof of achievement would lie in the fact that its weight also disappears.

What, then, is it that can outweigh itself but can also underweigh itself and become nothing? What, then, is it that can be gold, but can be fired and transposed to dust? It is the phoenix - the red-gold that will fire to ashes but will then be restored to enlightenment. It is the golden calf that Moses burned to a powder. It is the highward fire-stone of the shem-an-na. And we know from the Sumerian records that this was not made of stone at all, but of shining metal.

In the alchemical tradition, the Philosophers’ Stone is said to be that which translates base elements into gold. This is deemed to be the case in both the metallurgical sense and in the spiritual sense of higher enlightenment. In the physical sense, however, we must return to the oldest of all alchemical rules of the earliest mystery school:

"To make gold, you must take gold"

Hence, it is determined that there are two distinctly separate forms of physical gold:

the straightforward metal as we know it, and

a much ’higher’ state of gold - that is, gold in a different dimension of perceived matter, and this is the white powder of gold, the hidden manna whose secret manufacture was known only by the Master Craftsmen.

So, what precisely is the ’highward’ or ’high-spin’ state which converts gold (and platinum-group metals) into a sweet-tasting, impalpable white powder?

A normal atom has around it a screening potential - a positive screening produced by the nucleus. The majority of electrons going round the nucleus are within this screening potential, except for the very outer electrons. However, the nucleus goes to the highward or high-spin state when the positive screening potential expands to bring all of the electrons under the control of the nucleus.

Electrons normally travel around the nucleus in pairs: a ’spin-forward’ electron and a ’spin-reverse’ electron. But when these come under the influence of a high-spin nucleus, all of the spin-forward electrons become correlated with the spin-reverse electrons. When perfectly correlated, the electrons turn to pure white light, and it is quite impossible for the individual atoms in the high-spin substance to link together. Hence they cannot reform as metal, and the whole remains simply an impalpable white powder.

The truly unusual thing about this white powder is that, through various applied processes, its weight will rise and fall to hundreds of per cent above its optimum weight, down to less than absolutely nothing. Moreover, its optimum weight is actually fifty-six per cent of the metal weight from which it was transmuted. So, where does the other forty-four per cent go? It becomes nothing but pure light, and translates to another dimension beyond the physical world. This conforms precisely with the ancient Alexandrian text - that the Paradise Stone, when placed in the scales, can outweigh its quantity of gold; but when transposed to dust, even a feather will tip the scales against it.

Some of you may recall the NEXUS publication of a lecture given by David Hudson of ORMES LLC, Arizona, in 1996 [see NEXUS 3/05, 3/06]. In this talk, David explained how he came upon the white powder production by pure chance when running laboratory tests on soil and ore samples.

During the course of his extensive research, he discovered that not only is the powder of the highward fire-stone capable of raising human consciousness, but it is also a monatomic superconductor with no gravitational attraction.

As a point of warning here, I should add that this particular powder of gold has absolutely no connection with the substances currently marketed under the labels of Etherium Gold, Isis Gold and Manatau Gold. Whatever their advertising material might suggest, none of these products contain chemically measurable gold in the highward state.

One of the great researchers into gravity from the 1960s period has been the Russian physicist Sakharov, and the mathematics for Sakharov’s theory (based on gravity as a zero-point) were published by Hal Puthoff of the Institute of Advanced Studies in 1989 [Physical Review A, vol. 39, no. 5, 1 March 1989]. With regard to the monatomic white powder, Puthoff has made the point that because gravity determines space-time, then the powder is capable of bending space-time. It is "exotic matter", he explained, with a gravitational attraction of less than zero!

To put things into perspective, it is important to recognize that just about everything we now know about the life and civilizations of the distant BC years has been learned since the late 1800s. Prior to that, the Old Testament was one of very few documents of record. But the Old Testament was never intended to be an accurate reporting of history; it was actually a book of scripture designed to underpin a growing religious movement.

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  • Hmmm more interesting data to share.... recommend the link :-)

    Gnostic Christians used to call their religion Synesaktism – another word for Agape – which means ‘The Way of Shaktism’, referring to Tantric Yoni-Worship.

    One of the most important rituals was preparing a ‘drink of immortality’ made from menstrual blood, which is full of healing stem cells, which can actually activate our cellular capacity to regenerate and transport us to endocrine states of rapture. Or in a spiritual sense open us to the Frequency of Love and Eternal Life, transporting us to another Dimension – called Heaven, Paradise, Nirvana etc.

    This ‘Love Feast’ or ‘Sacred Marriage’ – a core part of the Menstrual Mysteries – was eventually declared a heresy and women were barred from participating in Christian rites.

    However the ‘Power of Renewal, Rebirth, and Resurrection’ previously associated with the Holy Womb and Menstrual Blood of the Divine Mother was transferred to the story of Jesus and his ritual of Eucharist – ‘hic est sanguis meus – this is the Chalice of my Blood’ – where worshippers ‘drank his blood’ to gain the power of Rebirth through him.

    In most ancient myths and religions, throughout the world dating back hundreds of thousands of years, the power of rebirth had always been a blessing of the Feminine Womb – embodied and gifted by Sacred Womb Priestesses across many cultures. It had never been held by a man. Although there are many legends about the ‘menstrual powers of female shamans’ being stolen by male gods.

    The Holy Grail, in its true original essence, is the Womb.

    Women born many, many thousands of years ago in what we might called ‘Original Innocence’ – before many of our genetic capabilities went offline, held this power naturally, as a birthright, shared with their tribes in renewal rituals.

    Since those times, once the birthright was lost, women across many lineages and cultures – Womb Priestesses – have practiced many varied ways to heal, clear and open the Womb, so it can once again embody the frequency of Love, of Original Innocence, so that the energetic and physical stem cell capacity can activate purer states of consciousness and activate incredible regenerative healing. This knowledge has been almost lost over the last thousand years, as it has been fragmented, scattered and deliberately destroyed.

    Now it is desiring to return, to ‘renew our lands’ as the myths go.

    Earlier this year Fountain of Life met with a top international research scientist working with menstrual blood stem cells. His research indicated they had the capacity to work ‘miracles’. He described how the first time he used Menstrual Blood Stem Cells he felt like he had been ‘reborn’ – an unfit man in his late fifties, he’d had to run around the block because he had so much energy.

    Another research scientist in his sixties working with stem cells had experienced his hair change from grey to the black of his youth in a matter of months. Throughout the world, in secret, these experiments are happening – in China, Russia, India, and more.

    Whilst women are giving their power away to patriarchal ideologies, taking drugs to stop their menstrual cycle, using cancer-causing chemical bleached tampons to stem the flow, seeing their Menses as an inconvenient ‘curse’ they are ashamed of, male scientists around the world are using the power to experience states of physical and spiritual high.

  • A little bit of research, interesting....

    The esoteric secret of the gods was that their mystical powers of longevity, authority, and creativity came from the same female essence. The Norse god Thor for example reached the magick and of enlightenment and eternal life by bathing in a river filled the menstrual blood of "giantesses" that is of the Primal Matriarchs, "Powerful Ones" who governed the elder gods before Odin brought his "Asians" (Aesir) out of the east. Odin acquire supremacy by stealing and drinking the "wise blood" form the triple cauldron in the womb of Mother-Earth, the Triple Goddess know as Kali-Maya in southeast Asia.

    Odin's theft of menstrual magic paralleled that of Indra, who stole the ambrosia of immortality in the same way. Indian myth called the sacred fluid Soma in Greek, "the body", because the word's eastern root referred to a mystical substance of the body. Soma was the object of so much holy dread that its interpretations were many. Soma was produced by churning of the primal sea "ocean of blood" or sometimes "sea of milk". Soma was drank by priests at sacrificial ceremonies and mixed with mild as a healing charm; therfore it was not milk. Soma was especially revered on somvara, Monday, the day of the moon. In an ancient ceremony called Soma-vati, women of Maharashtra circumambulated the sacred female symbolic fig tree whenever the new moon fell on a Monday.

    A combination of honey and menstrual blood was once considered the universal elixir of life, the "nectar" manufactured by Aphrodite and her sacred bees, which kept the very gods alive. Similarly, the great secret of Norse mythology was that the gods nectar of wisdom, inspiration, literacy, magic, and eternal life was a combination of honey and "wise blood" from the great Cauldron in the bell of Mother Earth trough a late patriarchal revision claimed this hydromel or honey-liquid was a mixture of honey with the blood of a male sacrificial victim known as Wisest of Men. The honeymoon of a lunar month would inclue a menstrual period, the real source of what ws euphemistically called the moon-honey or honeymoon. The honey moon spanned a lunar month, usually in May, the month of pairings, named after the Goddess as the Virgin Maya. In an archaic period, sacred kings seem to have been destroyed after a 28 day honeymoon with the Goddess, spanning a lunar cycle, as the queen bee destroys her drone-bridegroom by tearing out his genitals. A bridegroom contacted the source of life by copulating with his bride during menstruation, according to the oldest oriental belief. Even the Great God Shiva was helpless unless his phallus was baptized in blood from the vagina of Kali-Maya, his Shakti and mother, in the Tantric ritual known as Maharutti.

    Egyptian pharaohs became divine by ingesting "the blood of Isis", a soma-like ambrosia called sa. Its hieroglyphic sign was the same as the sign of the vulva, a yonic loop like the one on the ankh or Cross of Life. Painted red, this loop signified the female genital and the gate of Heaven. Amulets buried with the dead specifically prayed Isis to deify the deceased with her magic blood. A special amulet called the Tjet represented Isis's vulva and was formed of red substance jasper, carnelian, red porcelain, red glass, or red wood. This amulet was said to carry the redeeming power of the blood of Isis.


    Kundalini Developmentalism: The different stages in kundalini and spiritual awakening. Excerpt from Words From the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality and Psychotherapeutic Narrative (pgs. 162-165) by (pgs

    In Hindu mythology and Buddhist mythology, Amrita is the drink of the gods, which grants them immortality. The word itself literally means "without death": In Yogic Philosophy (see yoga) amrita is a fluid that can flow from the pineal gland down the throat in deep states of meditation. It is considered quite a boon: some yogic texts say that one drop is enough to conquer death
    Amrita amrita (Sanskrit) (from a not + mrita dead from the verbal root mri to die)

    Immortality; the water of life or immortality, the ambrosial drink or spiritual food of the gods. According to the Puranas, Ramayana, and Mahabharata, amrita is the elixir of life produced during the contest between the devas and asuras when churning the "milky sea" (the waters of life). It has been stolen many times, but as often recovered, and it "is still preserved carefully in devaloka" (Pur E 32).

    In the Vedas, amrita is applied to the mystical soma juice, which makes a new man of the initiate and enables his spiritual nature to overcome and govern the lower elements of his nature. It is beyond any guna (quality), for it is unconditioned per se (cf SD 1:348). Mystically speaking, therefore, amrita is the "drinking" of the water of supernal wisdom and the spiritual bathing in its life-giving power. It means the rising above all the unawakened or prakritic elements of the constitution, and becoming at one with and thus living in the kosmic life-intelligence-substance.


    There are many versions of the story of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk. In all of them certain key elements are shared in common. The most important to our investigations is the connection to the production of the 'Elixir of Immortality' known as Amrit, or Amrita (also known as Soma, Haoma, the Elixir of Life, etc.) from sedimentary mineral deposits of dolomite laid down by the world's first photosynthesizing organisms, blue-green algae' (technically, cyanobacteria).

    The story of the churning also encodes real history, including a record of the comet disaster which occurred in 4200 BCE, and also again in 3114 BCE. This first event — which caused the antediluvian flood — was a global paroxysm. Following this event mankind — those who survived — were afraid of venturing out on the ocean again. There appears to have been a great effort expended on behalf of the esoteric members of the cosmo-religion, to reactivate the earlier work of global education. However, another comet disaster rocked the world once more in 3114 BCE.

    It is from this period through about 1500 BCE, that most of the story of the Churning of the Ocean of Milk appears to have been referring to. It is also after this period (by about 1500 BCE) that the knowledge of the manufacture of AMrita seems to have been lost, at least to the majority of the non-esoteric peoples of the world. From the widespread knowledge of the Elixir of Life recorded in s many of the ancient myths of antiquity, we believe that there existed a rather widespread knowledge of the use of this mineral medicine prior to this time.

    As the effort was made to reunite the planet's traumatized populations, the use of this healing elixir was made available to many esoteric initiates living on the American continent. The story of the Churning of the Ocean, is really their story.

    From what records exist — both in Indian epics and pecked into the rocks of North and Central America in particular, Amrita appears to have been made from the mineral dolomite, almost exclusively.

    Egypt allowed for self-initiation for some levels. All cognition, after all, comes from the inside. We are therefore initiated only by ourselves, the master or teacher gives us the Key. In some Egyptian initiations the goal is the receive the Sa, the innate virtue or power of the gods as a sort of fluid (or magnetic fluid or aura). It is transmitted by the God's (I will sometimes say God, but take it as either God or Goddess) hands through touch or passes on the neck or spine of the individual. This operation is called the Satapu-sa.

    Satapu is the living wisdom, virtue and essence of the god, given by touch.

  • Teehee, yes, I enjoy it too :)  I monitor my comments now on my blogs but it seems like the groups don't have that issue so a member doesn't need to get comments approved.  I confess I don't like monitoring because it dulls the energy of the thread but I am tired of the drama everytime I blog. 

  • Thank you for the links, Clifford, I will be researching again today, every little bit helps :)

  • I understand, Aly, this has more to do with my own memories perhaps, I have complete faith in the divine plan and am eager to step up and help as much as I am able :) 

  • Do you see the pattern, Clifford?  We're following the kundalini path, lol.. the peacock ceremony, the djed, the triangles... it's all about training and evolving, we're being groomed for our roles but we have to use all the tools given us, certain of us are "antenna's", there are thousands of us all over the globe, our awakening is the human awakening, Sechat is the GATE KEEPER, divine flame to Thoth, God of the Moon/Wisdom... she is also looking to be the keeper of Starfire and more... if we can Transmit with her, tune into her... she'll help us wake up the world and unleash the Akashic, that is why group meditation is so important, if we link together- we'll be that much stronger, Together we are victorious :) 

  • Yes, and a shapeshifter, in theory, would be an illusionist because we know dense matter cannot change mass - lol, not that I care about such things, lol... there's so much garbage about reptilians on the net, people feed off of such things... Your heart will always tell you what sort of being you are dealing with, people just don't listen to their hearts much, I think...

    Yes, I think the link for the crystal palace is in Padawans, lol, I have a meditation called crystal cave... Tom Kenyon is very good too, love that guy, did you see his documentary? 

    I'll be correlating this information hopefully tomorrow, into something more organised.. but to tell the truth there are so many side jaunts that I may have to break this up in a few pieces... nice to have a mission and a goal though :)

    You see, the djed was activated with the "keys", and if we follow "as above, so below"... we'll be reaching the "egg" within the mouth of the kundalini snake :)  ... the egyptians had it all, I'm retracing their steps to find myself, somehow I have to remember who I was back then, hopefully this helps :)


  • Yes!  I relate :)  The TRINE energy ... the threefold flame... all sacred geometry runs on threes... the Triangles are sacred symbols of infinity.. we have triangles in our brains, teehee- just figuring the rest out :) 

  • I don't really know about starfire, just learning about it... I think the baddies took something cosmic and used it against us, shame on them. 

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