Now is The Time to Engage Your Triangles

I have not written a personal blog in a long time now, but I felt that I should communicate to you all as widely as possible and figured you would likely get this notice in your email boxes.  

In a nutshell, we are in a very fruitful time, the energy couldn't be any better to engage your Triangles and either link up with your Trine or use a Triangle during your meditation.  Use whichever color you are drawn to, they all lead to infinity ;-)  

I have been sooo hyper, lol, it is awesome.  Can't stop singing and dancing...  Right now I am listening to Mozart so that I can concentrate on communicating this to you before I get up to change the tunes and boogie a bit more, lol.  

The equinox and eclipse doorway was very good for us all and for Gaia, it is sort of like a giant pinball game and as these alignments occur the board changes and the possibilities change.  Right now we are in a triangle shaped grouping that acts a sort of doorway or portal, if you will, to higher frequencies... 


As you can see, we are in a powerful state, this is a time to make changes to the reality programming system, you can input changes for yourself and the world.  

A brief reminder about why this is important from the Lightweaver site:


ACCORDING TO THE TIBETAN THE TRIANGLE IS THE GEOMETRIC FORM behind all manifestation and underlines all spiritual development. It represents the divine triplicity of will, love and intelligence. Each disciple as well as any greater form of life including the planetary logos must eventually replace its etheric body of squares with a finely knit grid of triangles. By pouring powerful spiritual forces into the existing grid of squares that now surrounds the planetary etheric body and the creation of many triangles in its place these old energy patterns are dissipated and new and more powerful spiritual energies can now flow in.

It has been said that one of the main purposes of the Masters and Hierarchy at this time is to build and maintain on etheric levels a grid of lighted triangular substance that surrounds the earth with a protective envelope.


By surrounding the planet with buddhic light and magnetism the Hierarchy prevents the influx from cosmic evil or decaying constellations on etheric levels from periodically overflowing onto the planet. The only cure for "magnetic corruption" according to DK is "purification by occult fire". When the idea of "sealing the door where evil dwells" is linked with all of the information given here on the vacuum, vortex, and the triangles, a key hint will be provided for advanced individual and group work.

Follow the link for more information :-) 

We have a great opportunity right now to tap into something beautiful and powerful, it is all about the vortices... woohoo, so much fun.

I've been having experiences with my guides and energies that are new to me... last week I met one of the goddess archetypes that I wasn't familiar with, Hestia or Freya...whatever name you call really gentle, a very kind energy...she is the one who grows things, the essence of spring, I guess you could say, but she is also the hearth mother, which has a significance to those of you who study alchemy (fire).  

During meditation last night I used the violet triangle to tap into somethings enormous, energy was running up and down my chakras, but it felt different than usual...something extra is in the mix now.  

I've been getting angel wing ache and headaches recently, so I thought I was blocked...but it was more like a temporary dam to prevent premature use of this amazing energy, trust your higher self to use your body to its best advantage... it feels awesome now and it's like being in an electrical rainbow thunderstorm, lol... so many colours!  

Sigh... I admit that I chickened out during my meditation... I used to be able to astrally project easily- too easily- so I blocked that part of me off and I thought I was ready to go back consciously, but I could feel it happening and backed away... I know how to do it, when you sense or see the vortex, bring it to yourself by "knowing" that it is the one moving and that you are the stationary one, it's like hopping a train.  It comes to you, not the other way around :-) But to me, it feels like cliff diving, that final jump scares the bejesus out of me... so any tips you astral experts have would be appreciated for me to get over it.  I have a lot of communication with the otherside, so you would think I would be okay with it, but it makes my heart jump too much, lol.  

So I ended up sending all the energy to Gaia and she loved me for it, remember the link above and how triangles change the grids of the earth.  It's like an astral toilet, lol... but it creates a vacuum effect for fohat, electrical cosmic fire(transformative) to come to you and raise your frequency.  

So, that is the happenings- I would just love for you all to get a lift from this wonderful time- and thought I would give you a reminder of the possibilities with Triangles.  There is also a Djed Tower for those of you in the know- what Obi calls the Holodeck (heehee)... that is available if you can envision it.  :-)  I'm not asking for a time to do a link up, but if you all decide on one I will try to make it- living in the Now is hard to make plans in, lolz.... But I will be meditation and Triangles daily, at least till this energy burns me out.  

Much love and diamond light! 

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