8110381699?profile=originalThe truths about the Galactics & The Federation!

By Star


ok you get  2 blogs today ;) I was inspired into action:


here's a few hints about the Galactic Force:

  • there are Billions of them
  • they are up above the skies everyday, day & night
  • they go through star portals to heal earth and other places
  • they love to dance their ships around space with JOY, & on and above the Earth!
  • they love music & all art, all forms of source representation
  • they love true beauty: THAT IS OF THE HEART & beautiful highly vibration places, people, and are drawn to them like butterflys to grass!
  • they hide away from military and generally do not trouble humans,
  • they love PEACE for YOU & for THEM so it becomes WE
  • & they seek not fame or glory on Earth:


  • they love you so much
  • there is millions of their starseed incarnates who are here to help out during this fantastic time.
  • these starseed incarnates hold the healing codes and portal entry codes
  • the galactics are Angelic beings who are here to protect, heal, help, liftup the human race!!
  • they are intensily loyal , and that includes to the human race
  • they monitor this website, and read the good articles :)
  • The Galactics & angels respect Ben for starting this site & giving us the freedom to BE- which is RARE on other sites
  • they know each and every one of you reading this & your innermost thoughts
  • they call each other the most loving names
  • they respect our free will and all our choices
  • they do not judge , abduct, or harm
  • they ask your permission & acceptance for everything!
  • the first thing you notice when you see them, is their eyes; it dances with light & love!
  • the next thing you notice is their beautiful auric field,like a beautiful, innocent child's energy!
  • They are Pure innocence, immense love, light and of brilliant acceptance!

  • the last thing you notice is the impression they leave on you; which is a force of love & protection
  • They wear *suits* on duty, and off duty they dress whichever fashion is appropriate
  • they are healthy, and strong
  • they undergo fitness/health training
  • they enjoy every minute of their life!
  • they understand 3d stinks but they choose to send healing to stinky situations, :P

there are billions of angels in every country to help at this time, can you see them?

  • the pleadies are not just made up of a blonde race; they have all the races on the earth on the pleadies too!
  • the pictures / drawings of galactics; is not even 2% of how they ACTUALLY look. they look 101% better, BUT they seek not fame or glory, they dont really like pictures taken.
  • they are humble & loyal to serve the mission
  • they see themselves AS EQUALS to YOU
  • they love to keep *things* simple, easy, and with the divine flow! nothing should be complicated in life, not even learning!
  • the inner earth beings look like earth beings; would you notice an inner earth being? truth i think not; they are very human looking , the difference is they rediate a immense positive kind energy charge!
  • the love laughing and jokes!
  • the inner earth beings work with their galactic brothers/sister/family, up above via telepathy and teleportation contact
  • the inner earth beings keep a record of everyone's auric field on earth, they know our spiritual progress! they aim to help every human.
  • The federation loves to work together as a unit, and send each other msgs of LOVE everyday,
  • the federation is a family!!!!!!!!!! (not work.)
  • They are capable of walking into your house and standing infront of you
  • Once you open your pineal, this is YOUR KEY to discernment regarding Channellings!

they want u to have this information NOW so your hearts may grow in LOVE & Wisdom!






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  • :) :) :) <3

    • Thank you so much for your blogs, STAR! I feel wonderful when I read them! I'm still trying to open my pineal gland, I'll definitely check out that link above there. :)

    • glad the blogs make you feel wonderful :))

      yes tips on how to open the pineal gland on the other blog, check it out, and keep having fun! ;)


  • Heck yeah! :-)

  • Dear Irina,

    my pineal gland was slowly opening for a long time,

    since i was a child... & i am 31 years old now :)

    I have memory back to my first bday.... (on earth)...

    & pretty much i was able to keep myself on a high vibration until the age of 2 when i had a bad accident, where i burned myself with a hot iron by accident ;)

    thats when the density & reality really hit me, i cried alot alot!! lol.

    It was around then, the beautiful stars first conciously came to visit , to make sure i was looked after ;)

    Pineal gland must be activated before concious contact occurs,

    i have written a blog here which may help you :)


  • awesome star
    • thanks Kenya <3 !!! :)

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