Hello fellow travellers

I'm glad to be here amongst and within this earth experience.  I guess like many  I felt I did not really belong here so I set out on my spiritual journey many years ago seeking the TRUTH and meaning in this life.  Finally I feel like I am getting somewhere.  I've learned much from following my heart and inner guidance and learning to open myself up to others. For a long time I felt the need to isolate myself in order to find my SELF.  It is mainly through many years of listening to the silence within and surrendering to what "IS" that I came into a place of peace.

It is a WONDERFUL place to be and the only reason to be alive as I find life in the world as we have known it quite difficult.

Nuff said.....joining my LIGHT with yours,


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  • Thank you for your message, Enyiah. I really needed to read this today. It seems to me that the earth energies are becoming much denser and harder to deal with lately, which I'm sure is having an effect on those of us who are lightworkers/starseeds/truth seekers. Glad to see that I am not the only one who is struggling right now.

    • Hi, I'm in a good place in my heart but it took many years to learn and to get here!  I am a cat person and I love your sphynx.  Take care... oh and sometimes it helps to reach out too.

      With love


    • Thanks, Enyiah...I do have a very special kitty! Fortunately, things are looking up and I am surrounded by a lot of love and support, so I have faith that this, too, shall pass. 

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