8108555670?profile=original8108556060?profile=original8108555879?profile=original8108555896?profile=originalI put this group here to share music that makes you feel good. Music spreads love and light too. I love music and the many messages songs have in them. Are most of the singers I listen to lightworkers ? I think they are. Please feel free to post music videos here to touch and enlighten people. Lets bring some beautiful music to this site and show it for all to see and feel.

Also feel free to create a group

(spot) to post the music you love

and share with all of us.

We're all here to express ourselves through the music we love and share the music we love with the ones we love.


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  • 😎"Why Must You," by Souldoubt....A nice groovy number from 2006-04-01...Composer: Alex Dean

  • Released on: 2024-04-19 and produced by Eli Hurwitz for β„— Star Creature and composed by Donnell Pitman, with input from several other great composers, of modern 21st century funk.....πŸ˜‰

  • This is a Bargroove piece, named Mimosa......."Bargrooves curates bespoke soundtracks for discerning house music fans; compilations and playlists to suit your seasonal moods, featuring the best current dance music alongside well-loved classics.

    Mimosa kicks off the next quartet of bargrooves, 'taste and tastemakers'. The first port of call is the west coast of America, the epicenter of the best groovy house music around. If US deep funky house has a home then it has to be looking across the Pacific Ocean from somewhere between LA and San Fran. On Mimosa, you will be able to hear exclusive tracks from Ben Sowton & Groove Junkies in their mix-pivilege indeed!"

  • πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘½Contact😎🌟🌟🌟The secret to receiving quality data from the Spiritual Hierarchy and GFL, is NOT to take oneself so seriously....Put the ego on hold and just be yourself, not being someone else, or like somebody else, but BEING YOURSELF...(That way they know, to whom they may address, with mutual honesty and integrity..)

    Important to relax...Important to open up to new ideas and concepts, without making assumptions...Open up and be HAPPY and then make contact with the finest of cosmic minds and hearts...

  • Sod EVs, just keep driving petrol cars on that highway...whatever blockages they put in front of you. Whatever number of pot holes and roadworks, to slow you...Whatever taxes and tolls...Keep driving...LOL

  • Now you've had sonic therapy, back onto the galactic grooves....Enjoy...Love's High - Moon Bounce (Star Creature SC7022)

  • πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ‘½Sonic transmutations...😎🌟🌟🌟The power of sound....

  • Starts a little slow, but damn! it sure does get good. https://youtu.be/f-fS0KhqcZc?si=0mTCExlJNW82LeS2
  • This jam makes it feel like something big and important is coming up. Awesome tune. https://youtu.be/WsdvfklCyic?si=KNPOSxLeqEIXp1AY
  • Jai bashara e balik (good day & heartfelt welcome,) OK people, enough of the dark's gloom and doom, as we will not allow them to lower our vibes, though we like to be fully aware of them and what they try to do...

    Sooooo....Time for another musical interlude, for all you star creatures and cosmic funkstas.....Selamat kasitaram (Be blessed in heavenly love and joy.)πŸ˜‰

    This groove was released on 2024-03-22, Producer: Eli Hurwitz, Composer: Eli Hurwitz....Music Publisher: Star Creature Publishing

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