What is Transsexuality? 4.18.11

What is Transsexuality?  What is a Transsexual?  Allow me to answer all of your questions with the TRUE definitions.

First know that life is NOT what culture teaches.  There is literally EVERY shade in the spectrum.  It is a continuum and everyone is different.


Transvestite is a heterosexual male who derives sexual pleasure from wearing "women's" clothes.

Crossdresser is a person who derives spiritual fulfillment from presenting themselves as the opposite gender occassionally


Transsexual is someone whose dna is gender ambiguous, despite genitalia and opts to live and present themselves as the gender that society did NOT label them as.  Transsexuals on average are 7 IQ points higher than the average human.  In the case of male to female transsexuals, the transsexual has literally the brain of a woman, when you scientifically study the brain and its functions, shape, etc.  In indigenous cultures, Transsexuals are often hailed as seers and the uniting force of the two genders, able to see and perceive the whole picture, when people more stereotypical to their gender archetypes cannot.  Native Amercian culture recognizes 4 genders.  Male, Female, a Female in a male body and a Male in a female body.  Within all of these, there is still vastly varying characteristics, traits, and biological identity.


Transgender is absolutely ANYONE and EVERYONE in all of the categories, a reference to anyone who does not feel they can be true to themselves, while limited in turn of the century euro-american cultural gender archetypes.


There are female to male Transsexuals, who upon becoming male, date females.  There are some that date males, living as a homosexual.  You will often hear them say that there is a difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.  There are also many bisexuals in the Transsexual community, who feel it is about love, not gender.  There are male to female Transsexuals of every varying combination as well.  I particularly am of the rare category of male to heterosexual female.  It is the type society often assumes a Transsexual to be, but if you explore the culture, is very uncommon.


Some male to female Transsexuals opt to grow breasts, have surgeries, etc and have S.R.S. (sexual reassignment surgery), in which the penis is hollowed and turned inside out, with the sensitivity of the head fashioned into a clitoris.  Some opt to present themselves as female, while maintaining their penis.  Some of them use their penis dominantly in sexual activity, some do not.  The same is also true of female to male Transsexuals, only surgery and technology are fused to create a functioning penis.  Note*  I don't like all of these terms like 'male to female transsexual', because I've never really BEEN male.  Everyone on sight always believed me to be a girl because of my face, petite, smooth body, and persona.  Often people refused to believe when I asserted I was male.  I actually babysat for a family for a considerable amount of time before they ever knew that I was a 'boy'.  But, I use these terms because they are popular in culture and understandable to communicate with.


If you explore Transsexual culture, you will find that it is EXTREMELY popular.  Many heterosexual men maintain romantic and sexual relations with Transsexuals.  In fact, more than many of you would ever believe.  Of the Transsexuals who do use their penises dominantly in sexual intercourse, they are often found partnering with heterosexual and bisexual men who have a profound biological impulse to be brought to orgasm through their prostate.  The male body is designed to be brought to orgasm through anal stimulation only or a penile/anal stimulation, but some heterosexual men feel a tremendous biological impulse for this, some do not. The ones that do are most likely to have sexual relations with dominant Transsexuals, bi/gay males, or using 'props' with genetic women.


It is my observation that the gender roles of our culture are an ABSOLUTE farce.  Total illusion, which  opposes human nature.  I believe the higher purpose for this is for humanity to break out of the confines of the illusory world to live in spiritual truth.  Much like the journey from 3D to 5D consciousness.  I also believe that perceiving me as male is a limited, 3D perception and to recognize who i truly am beyond the limitations of matter is the evolved, honest, real, accurate perception.


What is recognized as male and female, you must remember, is a creation of a tyrannical culture of repression and IS isolated to THIS time right now.  For instance, in Roman times, 'masculine' men wore wigs and makeup.  In other cultures and times, the changes are equally significant.  If a male has a spiritual passion to design clothing, does it make him NOT a male?  If a female has a spiritual passion to play sports, does it make her NOT a female?  Thinking along these terms, you can also suggest that a male can LIVE as a female, yet still be a male, but again, there is a difference between sexuality and gender identity.


People hide behind the illusions of their gender roles for comfort.  A woman can giggle, play stupid, and be the center of masculine attention.  This is not her truth.  It is a comfortable lie.  Just as easily, a man can hide behind his masculine role and not be honest with his feelings and passions.  Gender roles are counterproductive to human evolution.  Every person is equal.  Every person has the potential for equal empowerment.  Every human MUST be equally empowered.  It is the wise soul that realizes, we must learn to stop projecting our beliefs onto others for safety, clinging to a binding and limiting reality, and learn to accept people as they say they are.  Every human is alone inside their own mind.  Every human's brain works.  Every human is capable of defining themselves and it is our responsibility to ourselves and to our brethren of humanity to learn to accept and honor everyone as they define themselves, because the nature of life is infinite.  Nothing is any certain way.  Someone may define themselves one way and over time grow to become something else.  If that is their choice, that is amazing, too.  The point is that the concept of duality is a falsehood.  Gender duality is equally false, because no person completely fits in any mold.  We are all unique and infinite spirits.  We are not to be contained.  We are to be free to express through God, as God.  We must learn to accept each other and not fear that a conflicting belief will take away from our beliefs.  This is the way of the higher.

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