The Practice of Magnetizing Immortality

As we gathered in the rather cozy Temple of OM, so named because of the purple curtains now installed due to the fall chill, we were immediately drawn into the silence permeated only by the rustle of the fire and the burble of the fountain in the courtyard below. It was time to feel the energy that had been accumulating in the Temple and within the group. The group quickly fell into a deep reverie.After some time the Avatars drew us upwards into the group Soul Star that blazes above us, holding the intent of the group and the Avatars. From there we were able to launch a connection to Sirius and anchor there for a few serene moments. From there, we linked with Alcyone, an anchoring field for Zhe-In.These astronomical sites are not new to those who have been guided by extra-planetary sources over the millennia. Shamans, priests and holy men in Peru, Egypt, Africa, Mexico and the Americas have long communicated with extra-planetary sources through their journeys and meditations. Esoteric students have also known of the resources presented by the beings inhabiting these realms.Our journey is to entrain our cells and selves to the modulation of immortal presence. This frequency is available in the universe and is being broadcast by those civilizations that have achieved this consciousness. As we link to these states of awareness, we further our task of entraining to immortal consciousness.After our meditation, we turned our conversation to the practice of shifting our frequency. The Avatars reminded us that we refer to all those who are participating in this process as practitioners, not students. This is for several reasons. First, the Avatars do not wish to promote a hierarchy of Avatar, teacher, student. Secondly, when we engage in this work, we immediately become practitioners, meaning, there is no waiting to be a fully fledged member of the community. Thirdly and perhaps the most important is that the Avatars hope that by Their referring to us as practitioners, we will be inspired to practice the offerings that They are putting forth!One practitioner offered that he uses the code I AM Immortal as he works on clients. Another found it shining through ever aspect of her day. Another offered that she wrote I AM Immortal on the mirror and anchors that feeling whenever she looks in the mirror.I found two interesting applications. I use the IAI (I AM Immortal) encode when I feel a dip in my current emotional state. I stop, move into inner silence and then use the code or the affirmation inwardly. In a moment, I find that I am popping back up into my usual state.Another experience came through when I unfortunately incurred some minor injuries as I went about winterizing the OM Pavilion. Each time, there was ensuing pain and I stopped for a moment and closed my eyes and repeated I AM Immortal two or three times into the space of the pain. It immediately stopped.In fact, take a moment and affirm this for yourself as we do: out loud, in a whisper and then silently to yourself. This works with the conscious, subconscious and soul consciousness to align all three aspects of your energetic being to this one intent.Last night, we were able to go through the activations or full movement series of this powerful Re-Encode step by step. We then enacted it as a group, in unison, for a very powerful effect. We are activating the intent of I AM Immortal, thus fielding this frequency into our physical cells. When this was complete, we sat and meditated with the encode of Synchronizing with Our Immortality, using the mudras to align us with the realities we are already creating now by affirming our immortality. Countless parallel universes are reflecting the vibration of our thoughts and actions – this is why it is so necessary to watch our thoughts and enactments in our reality today.The Avatars also advised us to watch our relationship with time. I notice now when ever I use the word time to make sure that I am not aligning myself with this construct. This is allowing me to live more in the moment.Today the Avatars offer us an Encode that is meant to magnetize our alignment to the flow of immortality. By using this encode, we agree to allow the universe to send us all kinds of signals about the immortality configuration. It is like powering up a huge magnet that pulls the elements necessary for shifting to the reality configuration of immortality. The Avatars suggest using them like sign language: quickly shifting from one to the other and repeating the sentence of this Encode over and over. In addition listen to the poetry of Their names: Tree-yen, Eye-end, Sib-a-lin. Breathe in, say Treyen, forming the mudra, pulling in all the elements needed to support your shift in awareness. Continue with your inhale, saying Eyend and offering these elements to your world from the bowl formed by Eyend. Finally exhale, forming the Sibalin mudra and say Her name to entraining your reality with the flow of Immortality. Repeat often! It becomes an energetic sentence, a powerful word that literally encodes the reality you are in the process of manifesting.Look at the symbols and write them on a piece of paper. Place it on your dashboard, your altar, your computer. Say the mantra of Treyen, Eyend, Sibalin, breathing in then out when you are exercising. This is one more of the practices that the Avatars are so graciously offering to us as practitioners. If you care to, share your thoughts and practices…we are listening.Dr. Valerie GirardFounder, PanHarmonic Healing Community

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