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Dear diary,Last night I had a beautiful dream about ASHTAR;The dream started that I met Ashtar, we where both etherical.. so we could fly around in this beautiful transparant, bleu colourd body's. Very loving.After that there was a meeting in my town: I was in physical body in a big room with other people, some of them I knew really good: friends. But in the middle there was a big table. I walked to that table and there was Ashtar sitting and talking too in physics!!!! He looked at me and smiled. I could not believe it, that he was realy there.In this meeting we talked and dicussed about a Ashtar congres... about ET's. How we can bring it out to the world. I was preparing a reading...after the dream:I wake up and with this close feeling to Ashtar, I went out in my garden and look up to the dark sky with his beautiful shining stars. And I start talking to Ashtar (telepathic), to thank him for this amazing dream. Than a few minutes later I saw a falling star...................... WAUWThis is the third time that I saw a falling star when I talked to Ashtar.........

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  • coool dream !! I came across a transmission from him the other week......... on a website, and when i went back to check it out again, it could not be found any longer, weird huh.......... was only there for like a short while.......... but i was able to download the transmission......... so in ur dream, did you actually speak to him with words, and do u think he actually spoke words in english?? or what also do you think he just is a light body with out any physical body or just light........?

    peace n love.... spaceturtle ,)
    • Hallo Spaceturtlle,
      For Wath I know there is a lightbody and they can make themself visible in a fine material form, than they look like us. I never had seen him in a physical form in front of me, in our reallity.
      I speak to him with words in english or dutch...... telepathic, I see him in my head as a person. Sometimes I feel his energy with me when I talk to him. But also without words I can feel or notice him.
      When you like to contact him,(only if you want this) you can try with a picture of him. Look at the photo-picture and talk
      ( in toughts) to him with a warm and loving hart. Or you can think about him with love in your hart..when the time is right he will contact you.
      I think he will contact you, because you have this experians with his transmissions. You can invite him first, than he take the next step. Sometimes it can take a while. It is different with everybody.
      With me it started with a dream. I was in space at "school"and he (a man with long blond hair) was teaching me.... I didn't know nothing about Ashtar.. but than I was looking on internet at the white brotherhood...and then suddenly I saw his picture: Universal white brotherhood. WAUW Than the talking telepathic begon...and the lessons!!! The awakening for who I am and what I am doing here..
      I hope this information will help you, maybe you are a starseed like I am.
      Warm Hug Arthura

    • you know, perhaps I am, i mean, i have no idea, but i also have no doubt either ,) I mean, we all come from space! this is the fact! and well I have found waht I think is a transmission in his words, which came top me thru the internet, but it sounds like dusty cosmos transmission and not one from earth strangely enough the website where i found it is not there on the net anymore, weird huh.......... well i will send u this transmission if i can find on my database here, if you would like me to send u, maybe we can figure out its authenticity, i mean perhaps I am a contactie who knows, i was think to make a song with it sampled but then i thought maybe not such good idea, but then again maybe it is, what i am suppose to do, but then again im not sure.... i will post it on my page and we shall see what ppl think.............. whynot, i am extremely busy today but for sure i will get to it soon........... let me know if u want me to send u a copy of the sound file ok??

      All the best, and thank you for the picture, you know the way i found this site, was via a google search for the name.... ashtar...........

      with Love Light and Peace............. Spaceturtle ,)

      ps..... Thank yOu for Being!
    • HOi, most of the time this are very personal messages.You have your own symbols...What means spain to you as a symbol or in feelings????? A while ago he show me cards with symbols...
      .I realy had to think about it, what he want to tell me. Like a riddle. After a while I understands it.. Dreams are like that to, sometimes you do not know what the dream means, but after a while you understands it.....EUREKA!!!!
      With telepathy you can use words (slowest way), but this is not nessecary......there are other ways without words, without pictures that goes faster.....from soul to soul. There are different ways to telephat.
    • Yes I know!!!! WAUW, so much love
      I sent him twice....not on purpose... because it is so WAUW
      warm hug Arthura
    • Hallo Joram,
      I realy don´t know what you are talking about: You don´t believe in Ashtar??? Or my experience??? OK!!!!......... but then I think what are you doing on this website Ashtar Command???? Will you warn want to discus this????
      Why don't you just search for someting that fit you better.... I don't ask you to believe or something else.
      .......... For me it is so BEAUTIFUL and LOVING it touched me deeply..........

      You don't have this experience I understand that you think or feel different..
      We are free to love who we want, you to!!!
      Warm greetings Arthura
      What about the future????? Is this a warning????
    • Hallo Spaceturtle,
      Yes,ok send the transmission if you want to.And Yes music I like....copy of the soundfile ok
      You must follow your hart. Do what you have to do. If you don´t know or have doubt. Wait till you know it.
      Nice to talk with you
      Warm greeting Arthura
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