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Dear diary,Last night I had a beautiful dream about ASHTAR;The dream started that I met Ashtar, we where both etherical.. so we could fly around in this beautiful transparant, bleu colourd body's. Very loving.After that there was a meeting in my town: I was in physical body in a big room with other people, some of them I knew really good: friends. But in the middle there was a big table. I walked to that table and there was Ashtar sitting and talking too in physics!!!! He looked at me and smiled. I could not believe it, that he was realy there.In this meeting we talked and dicussed about a Ashtar congres... about ET's. How we can bring it out to the world. I was preparing a reading...after the dream:I wake up and with this close feeling to Ashtar, I went out in my garden and look up to the dark sky with his beautiful shining stars. And I start talking to Ashtar (telepathic), to thank him for this amazing dream. Than a few minutes later I saw a falling star...................... WAUWThis is the third time that I saw a falling star when I talked to Ashtar.........

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  • thank you for the sweet picture,Alexandra.
    You to a strong and spiritual 2010!
    About Spain, let me know, when you know.....
    sometimes fantasy is a start to go on, on your spiritual pad..make always your own choices.
    If things not feel good..stop........follow your hart!
    When Ashtar repeat things so strongly, I don't think its a fantasy. But you find out by yourself.

  • Is just amazing I love you
    • Hallo Fenny,
      Thank you for your reply, it help me to talk about this experience!!

      warm hug Arthura
    • thank you moonchild for your reaction
      love and light Arthura
    • Hallo Joram,
      That´s ok too, just go your own way. It´s good to follow your own instinct. Follow your hart is the best way for everybody......
      There are many ways, more than i can understand.
      I think you are very special, you don´t take things for granted, thats something else...most people follow to easy.
      But i also think you realy need a lot of love, and that´s what i get from Ashtar........... that makes everything different. And yes you `` must```go also trou pain and other stupid feelings before you get the enlightning.
      When Ashtar came at first i feel this beautiful light and love for a few months. I didn´t know that i could feel this way or be this different person....but then my kundalini get started and than i go trou this emotions. To clean myself. Growing pains... That's hard.. But now I'm nearly there... That's my know that this pad is ok for me Ashtar was and is for me the bridge to go there..
      Love to you from my hart

    • Not only Ashtar is with me also Sananda or Jezus has come to me lately.

    • He give you no honest answers.......well....DID YOU GIVE HIM HONEST QUESTIONS?????

      sometimes he talk to me....and he say to me;, he is like a mirror, he is holding it up and I look in it and what do i see???????????????? I see than a part of myself that i never looked at, or a part I do not like ...So i get upset, because that is not what i want to hear or see. But later on i get the message and than i understand what he try to say to me....
      And than you have this lesson and it make you a other, better human-being. So that is how it works with me.

      You know what a HEYOKA is??? It's an Indian medicin man, a clown, he gives you lessons with jokes.....::sometimes you get angry, sometimes it's a laugh....but it's always a serious lesson he gives you. If you understand that the trick is the game.... to learn...
      It's not easy to understand when the trick is on you!
  • I live in Marina del Rey CA and within the last month while praying outside on my Balcony I was thanking Ashtar for the wonderful connection I have with him and I also saw a shooting star (very close to me). I am glad to hear this is happening to other Lightworkers. I am that I am Lovelight Samara
    • Hallo Samara,
      Thank you for sharing this with me... because this is for me now unconvertible.
      A part of my task is to bring my experience outside, but I am still shy about it, In Holland we have this site and now we have created groups over the country: to share but in the first place to bring it out about ET´s, UFO etc...and also here Ashtar asked me to tell about this dreams and so on..........
      I'm a little less shy now, because now i know there are others that share this to. It means a lot to me..

      You know i was very early this morning and than i read your reply
      Warm Hug Arthura

    • I am thankful to have a new friend. Please stay connected with me. Healing and Love
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