Please can I get a healing off whoever!!


Ive been really excellent lately and something happened at work today  then whammo I just went into angry upset mode and have been all day! Right at this moment Im still angy and now really upset and finding it hard to let this one go. If any one on linenow can you send me something to help level me out as something major came up and my throat is so hurting! Havent had this type of hurt in my throat from when I started expressing.





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  • U could be an empath. This happens to me all the time. I'm an intuitive empath. Study all u can on symptoms of being an empath. Love&Light Mystic :)

    • My Mystic,


      Yes I am very much an empath and being in a not so nice environment I seem to just take some crap on even when I dont think I have. I will look at those empath symptoms again and check out more info on it.


      Thankyou Mystic for being here!



  • Have you thought of what it was that made you this angry?


    Sometimes it is a past memory that was triggered and the reason for the anger and the hurt.  You need to release it and I think singing will help, release that.  Put on a song that speak to you and sing with the music really getting into the feel of the music.  While you sing move, you need to move with your feelings.  While you do this close your eye and let your mind wonder in no particular direction.  Eventually the reason will come to you there, or later in a dream.


    Don't forget to breathe deep steady breathes.  I know my methods are rather strange, but they are effective.  Don't think Feel.


    Love and Light

    Anush (Marshal Law)

    • Hi Anush,


      Yeh I know what the reason is, to do with work I am overloaded and have asked for no more jobs to be given to me and basically the nail was hit on the head when I was given a really really crappy job to sort out cause other officers dont want to deal with it "too hard basket" and instead palm it off for someone else to do. I am the one that goes in to sort out the crappy situations which I really just don't want too to anymore. They don't mind giving me the hard "draining" jobs but don't have trust in me to do higher duties. Its just all manipulationa and I know I can do better it's just moving out of it and financially too. I think Im dribbling on here.


      Thankyou and I will give the singing and movement ago, just feel really depressed.


      Susn xx


    • Oh, I get all that, it is the same in my job as well.


      Get paid half a salary to do 4 peoples jobs, but I have to be grateful that I have a job. LOL the Irony.


      Being given the crap to do the difficult people, the fixing it, and the Oh you do it so well. Yes I get that down here and the Spiritual realms.  Fixing stuff always fall to me.  LOL, well I do it so well.


      The singing work, it lightens the load a bit.  And the sunset.  It helped me through many bad days.


      See my newest blog, Life is like the view from my balcony.  I think my balcony can tell many stories of many tears that fell on it.


      Don't loose heart, tomorrow the sun rise again, and we do it all over again!


      Love and Light

      Anush (Marshal Law)

    • Aw thankyou for understanding Anush! I just had a really bad day like really bad emotional wise (it was so full on and so fast) I am feeling alot better today and decided I will just be my diligent self and not worry about any kick backs from it! I will check out your balcony blog!


      Thanks Again!



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