• HI Brisa,

    I have been having bloating problems/digestive also and have been trialing out "Oil Pulling Therapy" using pure organic coconut oil. This is an oral cleansing technique but you can also use the coconut oil to take internally start off one teaspoon daily (melted) in the morning and if no reactions then up it to two a day (morning/midday) every day and even use this in your cooking as this will clear/kill etc bacteria and has great great healing qualities. Look up in google "benefits of coconut oil". You will be amazed at what it can do.

    The oil pulling is basically two teaspoons of coconut oil (melted) in your mouth and for 20mins continuouly moved around and through teeth etc. the oil will make the bacteria stick and after the timeframe then spit it into a bag something not the sink. If you need to stop and spit whatever out during the 20m then do so and have another two teaspoons and just continue until the 20m up. I have been feeling a bit fluey, headache and aches in my joints and this is from the oil as my body is ridding the toxins and with the oil pulling it is giving my immune system a break from the overloading of the everyday bacterias. Now I am taking it internally once a day and will see how it goes.Good Luck
  • When did this start? Is it connected to your diet? Is this connected to your family's genetic history? It could be food allergies and bloating could be a symptom. My food allergies were discovered when I underwent Bio-Energetic Stress Testing. Here is an example It could also be something more severe like an appendicitus. If you are very concerned or in pain you might want to get it checked by a doctor. CT scans or ultrasound may discover something serious within your digestive system.
  • I would recommend: Organic Spirulina, Chlorella, Barley grass powder. In small amounts.

  • Hello Brisa Catalina
    Your digestion represents the part of you that transforms matter into energy. You may be taking in more now as so much energy is active around the world in a profoundly powerful and transformative way. You and your husband may be sensitive to this increase and your body is attempting to compensate for this powerful transformation. For your digestion to do its job properly you must care for the whole body. Rest and remember to take only what you need and dismiss the rest. We are all a work in progress and there is no need to learn everything this moment and to absorb everything around you. Listen and learn to let go of all the excesses in what you hear. As babies we begin with milk and move to solids but we must only take in as much as we can safely absorb. Over feeding the soul with loads of new information means that your body and spirit must create a bigger space to break down the matter and transform it into a pure energy for the body and the soul.
    Learning to let go of excesses would help your body to properly digest what matters now. Overloading your body is overloading your mind and your soul.
    If you wish to join in healing I will send you healing attunements that you can do alone or with your husband and together you may both pick and choose from the buffet of life with better discretion and discernment.
    You may email me and we can choose a time to sit together in spirit and heal together in spirit, we are one and as you heal I heal and as I heal you heal, and together we are whole and full.
    Many blessings
    And powerful healing if you are ready and willing to receive, simply say yes, I want to receive healing now.
    Love and Light
  • I believe I can help you. Please give me more detail as to your condition. How is your diet?
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