How to find out who your spiritual guides are?

Hello guys,

I would really know who my guides are, what they look like and how they are called.

I tried seeing them through meditation but somehow it seems locked to me...

I would really like to know.

I use to talk to them using a dictionary, they guide my fingers and I write the words, but they never showed me who they are.

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  • I guess I needed to be here!

    Yours and  SuperDave's responses have a muffled resonance here too. I took the messages well but I could see myself within it to a point still. Growing pains...can't love em, can't hate em...just accept em.

    Two birds one stone ;-) I always appreciate a reality check.

    That's not arrogance Dave. It's called tough love. Sometimes we need it to really pay attention to the true meaning.

    I'm in the same stage of growth Minerva. I have conversations and even actually email(?) my guides in my sleep yet have never seen them or got a name I can remember upon waking. Product of technology LOL Like you, I come up with concepts (truths if it can be so called) few can grasp upon awaking. For a moment I completely understand everything...then I reemerge with the physical plane and forget most details because like you said, NOW is not the time.

    What seems to be working for me is I talk to them out loud. Saying what I think out loud brings the energy of thought into manifestation and shows my guides I'm not just thinking but truly attempting to establish communication.

    If I see, say,  repeating numbers or such (with love) I inform them I don't understand and ask them to speak in a form I can recognize and give suggestions like, repeating song lyrics on radio or a sentence in a book or commercial even a non usual thought and then keep a clear a mind as possible(little mental chatter). You will know what is right for you. I've had a number sequence (ex. #333) appear on a license plate with a plate frame with my last name on it and a bumper sticker next to it which stated :Do more with less. If you choose to interact with faith they will communicate in a way YOU understand. I guarantee you will be pleasantly amazed.

    Advice: Don't always expect an instant answer or one you want to hear.

  • Minerva,  why is your picture slanted sideways so I have to turn my head to see what you look like?

    Some people may choose to simply not respond to someone's question because of that.  Many times life's mysteries remain hidden to those who are too busy to question things more deeply.  Quite simply, could the reason you're using a dictionary be because, like myself, you want immediate answers (nothing wrong with that, is there?) to profound questions that a word list (dictionary) could never yield?  Why ask questions within a context so restrictive? Imagine yourself in the place of the person (guide) who is desperate for you to find the correct answer -  Sometimes you must pose the right question to get the right answer.  I also have the slight feeling you may be approaching this as a game/form of entertainment.  Am I right?  If so, remember it's your life you're treating as a game.  Do not do this. Movies, news media, magazines, etc.  - In other words, the people who are running the control grid are screaming for you to do this - because they wish to hide answers from you.

    Answers that they themselves don't possess because they are being controlled by their lower instincts.  They will never let you find that we are all capable of finding our own answers, initially meant to be found with help from others also.

         Also, quite possibly you are a "feeling" person; meaning you feel your way to the answers.  Sometimes this can be a laborious, tedious process or an extremely easy one, all up to you.  I apologize for sounding arrogant, I'm just trying to help.

  • Perfect. Big Mahalo!

  • Oh yes I know who you are and where you've come from even, and its a fresh of breath air and a pleasure to meet you again in this incarnation...distracts oneself humbly and burrowing my awareness into the perpetual motion of the worms in the soil beneath me, feeling their incessant movement changing the form of the earth. It is like standing in the surf at the beach and feeling the sand being sucked out from beneath my feet, but if I concentrate on it, lose myself in it, it is all around me....I can feel it nibbling at the edges of my own form,your gifts are the same I can sense your essence and energies also.. I'm a gifted Indigo to and your English is fine Minerva your well versed in it your just humble in addressing the fact..and no need for formalities of calling me Sir either gees Vlada is far more informal..and more real and down to earth yes? You have to listen to your dreams that is how the Light beings will share the knowledge of ages also as a Seer/Medium you bought much past knowledge through the time Matrices with you it appears,so you'd understand our mortality has become our mortal weakness. We know neither safety nor happiness so long as we give in to illusions of safety and of danger. We are never as safe as we feel we need to be, nor are we in as grave of danger as we often think we are and I also have seen great things that some humans woudn't comprehend also and not until disclosure will they fully be accepted though in these sites here I feel a bit more relaxed to unfold with those I make trusted connections with,the time has come to breathe though.. To realize that, while this need for safety that drives us is a positive thing, it is not being used to drive us down paths we need not tread. Safety has never been anything but an illusion and that lack of grounding is used against us every day of our lives by our governments, our media, our businesses and even others on the street,we stand alone don't we many times misunderstood by mass's,but that's all for a good purpose you know..anyway I'm rambling for the sheer sake that I'm delighted you understood my words fully,and if you wish to talk some more,share some spiritual knowledge do feel free to friend request,safe journeys to you..Inlakech..

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Yours and  SuperDave's responses have a muffled resonance here too. I…"
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