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Several years ago, I was introduced to the concept of a Gatekeeper also known as a Doorkeeper. This concept intrigued me so much that I started searching for information of what these guides are and their purpose. To my disappointment I didn’t find much and the information that I did find was varied and sometimes even contradicted each other. However, there is one piece that all seem to agree on and that is a Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper is a being that determines what energies or beings are allowed into your energy field /life or not. Where the differences lie seems to be whether the Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper are a main guide or not and it all depends on how you view your guides it seems.As based in my original posting: What is a Guide? A General Overview, I explained that everyone has one main guide that is with you from birth to death but that you can have more than one guide at any given time. At first a Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper seems to go against this thought for they too are there from birth until death. This is the reason why I think so many can come to believe that these guides are their main guides. But then upon reading many thoughts and ideas and conversing with people about these particular beings, I began to see something I had not seen before.You may have heard a saying; it takes a village to raise a child. Well if I think of our spiritual selves, this indeed would be true. We would have one main guide that will help us along our way as we move through our physical experience, but we also have teacher guides that come and go as we are ready for what they have to teach us. But there is another group I have not considered before and came to understand, that there are other energies that are constantly there, but play a support role which doesn’t make their jobs any less important than your main guide. These beings are there to support us, they rarely talk to us but they are there nonetheless.What does a Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper look like? Again this is determined based upon how your mind visualizes and understands their purpose. The most common description I have come across is that these guides are large and intimidating to look at. They aren’t the most prettiest of all the guides, in fact they can look like they have been through one too many battles. Many times, they are not seen as male or female but are genderless, they are whole. But it seems that most people will feel them to be male in energy which would be the energy of action and protection.What does a Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper do? As I have touched upon above, these beings are there to keep watch of who enters your field/life or not. Gatekeepers/Doorkeepers like your main guide knows of your predetermined plan you as a soul came up with before entering physical life. With the knowledge of this plan, they then determine who can enter your field of energy/life and who will not. They work with your main guide to determine when certain energies become present in your life, such as masters, mentors or teachers. They also let in energies, which will allow you to grow, the challenges you wanted to tackle before you came into this world. But their duty to be your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper is not ridged either. They listen to your free will and choices then abide by those decisions you make. They are the enforcers of law of attraction. They allow in the energies that come back to you based upon the energies you sent out infused with your intent.You may ask; if I have a Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper, then why do I feel like I am always being attacked by negative energies? There would be several reasons for this. The most common reason that will apply to most people is that these are challenges that are predetermined by the plan you made before coming into this life. These include any challenges that you wanted to complete that you feel like you didn’t finish properly from a last life or any new challenges that you wanted to face in this physical life. Another reason would be that based upon your current choices you are making, you invited those energies into your energy field. Your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper is not there to make decisions for you but to allow what you decide into your life. And let’s face it; we don’t always make the best choices in every situation we encounter. It is not for the Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper to determine what is good for us or not, but to allow what we invite into our lives and to keep out the rest. Another less common reason is based upon a mission of a soul. There are a few souls that come to this world whose purpose is to go into the deep negative energies and show the way forward, to shine a light and become a beacon to illuminate a path for other souls who wish to finally find their way out. Gatekeepers/Doorkeepers will give them opportunity by allowing energies in based upon their mission.If you haven’t noticed by now, Gatekeepers/Doorkeepers are very neutral based beings. They allow all things to happen that you want to happen or that you invite in. They have a very busy time keeping out all that you do not want in your life at any given moment based upon your life plan and your choices. Gatekeepers/Doorkeepers I have noticed are also fiercely proud of what they do. They know their job is important, without them, you could very well be bombarded by too much at one time.Can you talk to your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper? Yes you can, but don’t expect a vocal answer in return. They are very proud of what they do for you they just don’t feel it is necessary to keep in constant communication with you. That is your main guide’s job. They will usually answer in feelings or visualizations. Any answer is often short and direct. They aren’t very good for idle chit chat, but considering what they do for you, it’s understandable.When you understand who your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper is and what they do, you can then make requests that they can fill. For instance you can mentally reach out to your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper and demand that no being that is not in the best interest of yourself is allowed near you. If your intent is true, your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper will respond to you and enforce your new rule. It doesn’t mean, no new challenges will come your way, especially if it is in your life plan, it just means, no energies are allowed to slip in that are not in your best interest and it will not stop law of attraction either, so be careful with your choices. Where this request becomes most beneficial is for those learning to develop their extrasensory senses, such as clairaudience, being able to channel or automatic writing, telepathy. Because normally, when a person begins to fine tune these abilities, many energies will want to come and chat, for the betterment of you or not, therefore setting guidelines with your Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper helps weed out energies that can contact you.Because of the reasoning I have outlined above, I have come to the conclusion that our Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper is not the same thing as our main guide. Our main guide’s purpose is to do things that are in our best interest. Our Gatekeeper/Doorkeeper’s purpose is to keep watch of what goes in and out of our energy field and life. They are neutral for they allow all things to happen to us. But they are no less important than your main guide or any other guide that will come to you.© novaspirit 2010COPYWRITE:[Note: The above article was taken originally from A Spiritual Files Archive with the understanding that "There are no blanket copyrights on this web site because [the webmaster believes] the information on A Spiritual Files Archive can, and should, be spread freely, by any who wish to do so,as long as information provided is not altered in anyway" Such material is made available for educational purposes, to advance understanding of human rights, democracy, scientific, moral, ethical, and social justice issues, etc. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law. ]

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  • Never heard about this before, but I create a gatekeeper every day and leave them there to watch for unwanted energies and people.  Mine has a sword as well as a box of candy and some flowers . Most energies and people can be turned away simply by distracting them to another thought or the candy and flowers are usually all that is needed. This system works really well..

  • I see these gatekeepers more like a shield around us and every portal.

    Kinda like a protective sphere of energies programmed by ourselves to navigate through wherever we go.

    And the guide, yeah that is in my point of view a real being just out of our frequency range of view too.

  • Yes your right in a way there are people on your human life path that are sent to challenge your perspectives on this planet with many things its learning,they have a part to play in this holographic matrix as much as you have a part to play in it as well,with these type of people popping into your reality that's when the soul is either in chaos,or still searching,so its still ascending..but when these people stop coming into your life there is acceptance of all that is and every will be,your soul recognises this process,as its in peace and out of the earth bound ego traps..this is when you can say truthfully that you have ascended to a higher realm of consciousness,its not a place named Heaven either..each time a person 'pushes your buttons' so to say or prompts your thinking process's via their negative ego,then you can still say that you are still on your soul journey if that makes any sense,nothing to do with a GOD being real or showing you things,that's not truth that's a human perception & experience..that's when your relying on another invisible entity to show you signs or what ever,these things are not part of your souls journey they are placed instead to lure you in a direction that's not your souls main choice or direction, but only a human processed experience..I say this as there is no 'being', 'figure','entity' or 'man GOD' persay,...Actually real soul science understands that all that is perceived,is perceived in ones mind,your mind receives electron signals and tells you what you perceive. So in honest truth,all you see is electron signals. So, where does the world you see exist? There's a mind bender for yah... what is out there,is only energy and information. Within your mind, you see what you see. Plus the collective agreements. Your mind. You control it... interesting Mind can't understand. It wants explanation to all. But it's all just so simple. But the mind wants to make things complex,by adding beautiful words,& logic statements...but this is still limited 3D consciousness. Everything,e.g including the bible you've read tells you that you are bad. I say you are 99.999999% energy source pure & beautiful. "But" You are the driver of your own ship here on this planet. What you choose to believe,you still have been told by someone else,yet you know the truth within, if you will look in,deeper,deeper... Like the temple,with the outer court,the inner is a model,a model of you,and you have created many 'you's' in other dimensions also within the huge temple,but there is only one core you,your cosmic higher-self... 

  • I've also read very little on guides/gatekeepers, although I've seen a few videos by people who seem to have a little experience in the subject.  Doreen Virtue comes to mind, also Barbara Eden (channeled Arthur Ford).  Edgar Cayce and Sylvia Browne seem to have something to say also.   It was my impression that the guide is only limited by our own thoughts & intents, that negative, doubtful attitudes distort their ability to do what they would see as advantageous to our life experience/mission.  It's quite simple.  When we harbor doubtful fear containing thought forms ( I don't know if I can do this job), what they recieve is the energy of doubt.  The only ideation that can be mirrored back to us is what we have put out.  We're not sure, we doubt, we don't know, these energies.  When we concentrate on the positive, sometimes this takes training, they have more ability to bring better circumstances and challenging solutions into our space.  They can only work with what we supply them with in the thought realm.  I learned about this years ago, the thought life, that is, and it can be a real challenge when you make an honest effort to see how you view things and why.  We can be our own worst critics in this.

         There may be times when they say "enough is enough" and create a situation that will force us to change direction or paradigms.  This comes with the territory, and is part of the program we agreed upon.  Maybe you've had situations that played out with amazing coincidences that were obviously a "set up" - people you met, places you visited that jumped out at you with a certain statement.  They are what makes life interesting & lively, and sometimes more of a challenge than what we think we need at the time. 

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