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  • I noticed that when I first watched the variety of crop circles I thought my computer was getting hot but nope, it was not... I also scrolwed down to view all the circles together forming a picture and then again here comes the "Heat" incredible transmissions... I am very visual and do add music in the back ground to actually enhance the moment as if the info is being encrypted into me... To close my eyes and feel its presence....
  • Source:


    Diagram Credit: Bertold Zugelder (c) 2011


    For photos/other illustrations, please see the discussion above: 'CROP CIRCLES: The Sanctuary...'

  • Crop Circles:  I think they are related to past lives.  At least one crop circle I know of is.  It is open ended at the beginning and forms a circle and more circles in the circle until you see the dot in the center which is you.
    Coincidence or Synchronicity
    How often lately did you say "What a COINCIDENCE that was...."  and then you realize that really there is no such thing as a "Coincidence". ...
  • These places have inspired some of my artwork. Jazmin, that one was one of my favorites because of it message.
  • Has anyone noticed the human face in the middle of the circle of codes (next to the ET image) below??
  • Krissy, I would recommend

    (1) 'STAR DREAMS' (dvd)

    (2) 'SECRETS IN THE FIELDS: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles' by Freddy Silva



    Photo credit: Lucy Pringle


  • I love crop circles yet I know so little about them, I'm curious about finding out their true meanings and symbolisms because I sense they're very important messages :)
  • Am headed for my movie showing for a week in New York.Here's info: Please pass the word!

    And here are great reviews it's getting in the magazine everyone in New York reads:


    Suzanne Taylor, Producer/Director, "What On Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery" 


  • Would you get mad with me? Still no press reports about whether the Indonesian crop circle was the real deal, yet the AP story that got widely circulated immediately said, "Though clearly sculptured by humans..." Please pass this along.

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