Share your images, videos etc on cropcircles here. What is your belief about cropcircles?
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  • Here's my film! Thought you guys would be interested. Go here for an awesome offer with tons of bonus giveaways, limited time.
    Oneness, Suzanne Taylor
  • The messages are symbolic expressions in divine universal equality. A link to the cosmic relationships that await us while we here on earth continue to make progress in unifying our collective consciousness. Until then, they let us know that they are da light, MAJ

  • this crop circle appeared in england.
    There is a similar picture somewhere in south America, do you know where is it?
    If I'm not mistaken this is also a symbol of "Teachers/Gods from the Heaven" do you know who they are?
    I think this is also a territory mark of the first great civilization on mother gaia had that disappeared 12,000 and its not Aztlan / Atlantis
  • It looks like a spinning galaxy
  • If you haven't been to this website yet (and seen the awesome images), please go to --
    to view the 2009 - Latest Crop Circle Images (246 new images!!!) photographed by Steve Alexander. I ran out of words to describe them; so, my suggestion is: let's just feel them. The meanings and significance of all the symbols that these images portray are already within us.
  • At around this time last year, I read two fascinating articles by Freddy Silva: 'Crop Circles: Messages From the Future?' and 'Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles':

    The 'Sacred Geometry of Crop Circles' is an excerpt from Freddy Silva's book, 'Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles' (2007).

    The last paragraph in this article says, "It is interesting that today we find ourselves at the final crossroads in our evolution. Since that day when we decided to abandon our faith in the universal way and follow the mechanical codes of science our consciousness has shifted from one of reverence for all things sacred to the worship of abstract materialism. Consequently, our change of attitude has endangered our living, breathing celestial sphere and it's perhaps why crop circles, with their foundations based squarely upon sacred geometry, have chosen to appear at this particular point in time, reminding us that if only we observe the fundamental laws of the universe we may still be in time to discover the secrets of universal harmony and salvage our very own symbol of eternal life, the Earth."
  • And literally an attempt to display to us that we and they have at least more than a few commonalities and interests. Perhaps a move to prepare us for a more expansive interaction between our peoples, which I strongly agree with. I might as well state here for any beings not of the human kind that are interested that I welcome a peer to peer meeting and exchange of cultural and other responsibly permissable knowledges and ideas. As well for all of you humans out there I would like to seek permission from you to be an ambassador for you to any other sentient beings. I who have always had a strong empathic understanding and the ability to reason beyond the surface understanding of cerian conditions believe I would be at least sufficient for the position of inter species representative.
  • Also i have noticed that some crop circles are actual diagrams of the basic functioning of technologies. For example i saw a video of one the flying lights and with the understanding i have of certian technologies which I dont want to discuss at this juncture I noticed the pattern of energy emanations and knew it to be a certian technology in use and it just so happens that the very warping of the energy fields it uses was literally revealed in a crop circle as a picture of the fields and what you would see if you could see the fields themselves. This is what leads me to lean toward a extra, co, or intraterrestrial sentient species communicating with us. As for the motives behind the circles i am not sure but could be a type of encouragement that we are headed in the right direction or circles representing cerain fields of research which they believe to be preporatory for stellar integration of our society. Also I do strongly believe the majority of these circles are the logic oriented species displays of art just as I believe our emotional nature is a strong factor of what we strive to integrate into our art along with our logic in some cases.
  • so much cooler than urban street graffs ;)
    crop circles are interesting beautiful wake up calls
    nature & energy speaking as more than just one
    because of all the distractions submerged in the world...
    i don't know how to play chess but cropcircles resound "check meets pawn"? hahaha
    like using ulterior motives for the center focus, playing spectacle within human urge, so graciously, to provide a bit more, a spark!
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