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Awakening Stories

The Veil Explained

Awakening from the veil is a collection of messages delivered in the form of visual thoughts that stand out to your soul. Operating as a part of a larger puzzle once you mentally zoom in on them.

Here we share our own. Setup in the format of personal, universal and progressive understanding. The goal is to make sense out of all the information delivered through channeled messages. Find common similarities to build an educative future about the immediate environment outside the borders of Terran consciousness.

Together, we strategize upon different paths we can take consciously here and now as we are able to brainstorm and seek for the potential of each portal that opens at the touch of a soul. As what me manifest, becomes a reality when it is fully settled in to the world around us. Helping us through the transition, our abilities are seen as gifts, not weapons. Unless we are unable to progress because of a psychic attack. Which in such eventuality, requires mental shields and a fairly decent understanding of clarity to avoid them.

Such instances of soul alignment and the barriers associated with material living will become less of a strain, more surreal and increasingly vivid as we go through our awakening. As you may or may not know, the veil is the amnesia process all life forms go through when they enter or leave this dimension. As it turns out, the veil is extraterrestrial in and of itself and is in the process of being removed altogether to help us embody conscious living.

Taking this a step further, it's now time to categorize and plan. So share what you know, based on something that stands out to you as any type of truth from the outline above. The more we can sort through the data being presented to us through psychic means, thought waves, half jokes and introspective reflections. The better we can help to paint a clearr picture and materialize and integrate the ascension process.

The mind is a mirror, and it's our ticket to understanding and seeing what all is going on out there beyond the veil. Together, we are building an archive of the ascension process on Earth as consciousness becomes ever clearer. Giving incarnate souls the direct ability to find and integrate their higher self as the alignment of cosmic history manifests itself to shift into being.

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