Do you have any Experiences of Astral Projection? How did it feel? Where did you go. Can we learn to Astral Travel? There are many questions within this topic. Your sharings is highly appreciated.
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  • Good morning Reiz,

    Thankyou for shareing your thoughts on Astral travel :O)

    When I am channelling Healing or doing Trance work I step completly out of my body and let the spirit enter.

    For me this is when trust comes into the situation.

    And I completly trust my guides.

    I know my guides will not let anyone take over that would harm myself.

    Once the messages have been given the spirit will then step back and let me once again re enter my body.

    But we all have different abilities and to be able to share these is truely wonderful.

    We live in a three dimentional world spirit live in a five dimention so for them there is no limits.

    It is only us as human beings that have limits :P

    Love light and peace

    Serenity xx

  • Hi all,

    Hello Jason.

    Astral travel is  becoming free of the body.

    All you have to do is relax breath deeply and just let yourself go.

    Its a bit like day dreaming.

    The first time you do this there is a cord that stops you from going to far and your guides will help you as they will be with you the first times you do this mine were :O)

    The first time you astral travel you may come back to your body with a slight bump its normal :O)

    Practice relaxing your body and just letting yourself go.

    Like you would do when meditating.

    I have done astral traveling for 20 years and now im able to walk in the spirit realms as well as walking in the here and now. :O)

    When im called to do healing this is what I do astral travel to the person and then give healing.

    I hope this has helped and if you want to know more just ask.

    Love light peace and joy to you all

    Serenity xx


  • I had my first Astral Projection last night. it was sleeping with Black Tourmaline. if i sleep with it long enough i start to develop vibrations after maybe 1-2 weeks. then when i vibrated in the past i shook it off and was kinda freaked out. and once i decided to let the vibrations take its course. so... i almost ended up projecting out of my body! it was scary at the time cuz i been watching this dudes videos of his obe experiences encountering lower beings, etc.. so i like hell nah i aint projecting right now! and stopped. but last night i had one again and let go with it.


    i ended up being in my bed seeing things around me totally different. things werent the same. i saw through my eyelids or maybe it was my senses?? i dont konw.. i thought i could move my right astral arm, but it kinda felt like my real arm. so i dont which one i moved. i couldnt turn my head, or move any other limbs. i was stuck to my body. then heard loud bang in the closet. dont know if it was real or in obe? damn... and i dont know... i just snapped out of it from being stuck.


    any tips, advice? Black Tourmaline is AMAZING! it really "strengthens astral travel" like this crystal book i got says...

  • Helllooo all,

    with much love, light and joy. Anyway I am really into OBE and Astral Travel and I would like help in doing this and advice and guides in steps for me.

    Because I been interested in OBE and Astral Travel for sometime now and I think it would be a joy to do these things.

    Anyway I do exercises when laying down on my bed, like breathing ones and I have been told to do it when you wake up after a nap or sleep, because your body is then in relax state of mind and also say to yourself my mind will stay awake while goes to sleep.

    Anyway I would love everyones feedback please with love, peace and joy


  • hello everyone
    i would like to introduce myself to this group.
    i have been doing astral work for a couple of years now, since i learned the technique about 7 years ago.
    for me it is the most interesting way to experience the world(s) and come to a better understanding of the cosmos we live in.
  • Nice share Alejandro ~ Thank YOU and Bless YOU !!! ;p)

  • Since I was a child I always experienced pre astral projeccion. One of the experiences I will like to share is this: I was in my bedroom sleeping suddenly I woke up with a very strong vibration all over mu body so I knew I was going to have an OBE. So there I was in my backyard just standing there then a big UFO took me inside of it and I meet this purple lady called Luigi so I asked only one thing:"what is my light work on this life" she said I already knew it and that was to teach and spread LOVE. Then I returned to my body and went back to sleep.
  • thanks for the info.
  • Zen - I really enjoyed reading your story :) the way you approach Astral Projection. The thing that struck me about your story is the part about bi-location. I often do this now so that I can see the differences in how my lower/higher self merge is taking place. I usually use the person I am journeying to, to see myself spirit self as I am now, through their eyes. Basically, I put myself, while in the journey mode, in their shoes and then look back at my spirit self that I have projected. I agree with you about not learning it from a book. We have to "kick the tires" of the vehicle we are driving and get to learn it in our own time and in our own way because each path is unique.

    Thnx for sharing

    btw - we also have a site that I will plug:
    Collapsing Duality/Twin Flames
    Collapsing Duality into Oneness
  • Hi Eve,
    I have just read your comment.
    I have had the very same experiance as you.
    By shareing my experiances with you all I hope it may help.

    I was sittingin my living room and this child manfested he asked me to come with him and was taken to a nursery also this ways by an Angel.
    These children are watched over by Angels until it was time for them to come to Earth.
    As i sat there watching these children they came to me touching my face and arms before letting another child do the same.
    They asked lots of questions about Earth.
    I was shown what it looked like there. And it was both wonderful and emotional.
    When it was time for me to leave i was asked to return soon.
    My second visit I astral traveled there and sat telling them stories and singing to the children.
    The child who came to me the first time sits on my lap when i visit and it is just pure love.
    Astral traveling is a way for myself to give healing to others and also to visit other beings from differet planets.
    Once you learn how to do this there is no limits and you can travel anywhere in the universe.

    Thankyou for letting me share these experiances with you all.
    Love light and peace to you all
    Serenity xxx Выставлен на продажу
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