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  • :) :)


  • Hi Vinny and the baby girl :)

    yes if your feeling disturbances such as neausea; its because we have alot of energy hitting our aura/ or magnetic field around our body.... its an acension symptom.

    I suggest u drink pure water; with no chemicals ,after blessing it :)

    along with that make sure you ground into mother gaia, and take small excersises when u feel tension in that chakra.... nothing too heavy; just enough so u get ur energy moving my friend... dont worry, this is good for you as you live in this beautiful time of soul evolution and opportunity, blessings my friend :)


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  • Hi vinny :)

    it depends how much energy u have flowing through the base chakra.... for example if your feeling disturbance such as high energy flow; this may mean overpowering, agression tendencies, irritation behavior :)

    if its underflowing of energy it will create lack of confidence; and little motivation.

    So i ask is the energy for you there (at base) caused by little flow of energy or a huge amass of energy? which is then causing your disturbance.

    I suggest you BALANCE this chakra by:

    1. grounding to mother earth/ gaia... walk barefoot into the earth and stand  some while until you are ready for meditation again

    2. sitting on the ground of gaia / mother earth

    3. excersising such as dance, or short run.... to balance energy

    i hope this helps you? :)

  • Hi Vinny, of course i want to see u blossom like flowers :) hehe!

    its great your doing this for your soul :)

    Have you practiced monitoring the thoughts Vinny? :) how do u find doing it? :)

  • Hi Vinny, im glad u joined the group; because its designed to make our lives easier :)

    we all need gentle reminders of our divinity ;) each and every one of us :)

    its excellent; your seeking your truth; thats lovely my friend... it will benefit you and all around u :)

    the first thing i ask you is; observe your thoughts... do u find your a positive person? a balanced person? because our thoughts is the first basic principle to focus on; when our thoughts are aligned and balanced to our divine within;

    we become divine in that moment... make sense? i hope i make sense :D

    love from your friend



  • aww, she is sooo cute!! i bet she is like her mom, lol

    your very blessed; beautiful girl u have :)

    her name is so pretty anagha :)

    its nice u keep the beauty spot on her (in india they keep it to keep off the bad eye) aha... i used to dot. all my cousins; i love children :)

    have a blessed day vinny! <3


  • <iframe width="480" height="270" src=";feature=oembe..." frameborder="0"></iframe>

    James Gilliand vid on ascension and ufo's.

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May 25

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Myself vinod kumar already member of pyramid spiritual society got oppourtunity t hear about lighworkes and salusa updates from my master and decided to get ascended . Bringers of the dawn and lightworkers information made me bold and happy that our mother earth is going to take new birth after december 21st 2012. Hope all of us take the path of our Mother Earth and enter in 5th dimension.

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Dattatreya,Osho,Patriji,Buddha and Lobsang Rampa

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i request you to  heal(attunement) my mother suffering from chronic throat pain.
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my mother is having serious throat pain, can someone heal her/tell me the methods to heal.
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