Finding yourself in odd places

One experience while projecting I will never forget. I ended up in some other world. It wasn't what I would call beautiful, by any means. And I surly wouldn't mind never going back, the energy was so weird, so BLAH, if that makes sense. I'll try to explain the landscape as best I can.
It was covered with gray rock, almost like the place was on top of some volcano. The plant life was so different as well, and there wasn't much of it that I remember. I do remember seeing some kind of humanoid life form, but it was so strange to me I couldn't even put into words what they looked like.

I know that's a horrible description! It was years ago that I experienced this, and the one thing that really sticks to me was the energy. It felt like I just randomly ended up there. Not that I wasn't supposed to be there, but that there was no point in it.

Has anyone else ended up in some weird place while projecting? I'd love to hear your experiences.

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  • I found myself in a similar place once.  It was completely barren, and the ground was cracked dirt and rock.  Completely desolate feeling.  I saw a very tall structure way off in the distance, but just when I noticed it, I felt a 'presence" come up behind me, which scared the crap out of me and I immediately jumped back in my body.  LOL.... this place was creepy, and I was left with a feeling that I shouldn't have been there.  Like I had broken some sort of rule by going there.  I don't know, but I have no desire to ever go back.

  • From my experience in earlier lives and the beginning of this one I often found myself in one of hells that speckle both the universe and my internal reality. The oddest experience was when me and friend actually met a collective demon ( I say collective demon because there are "demons" or programmed defects that make an impact of the "ocean of chaos" that is the current human unconscious), and easily tossed us about, looking to be that of atrophied humanoid dripping with blood. When we aborted I had thought I had failed an important test of something. Nay, it was just a REALLY bad trip ;)
  • I have dreams of the end of the world scenario. Not exactly how the world will end... But the people all get together and realize that the show is over and we are all in this together.And the mood of the people is apocalyptic I would call it. And how do we feel as a group for the apocalypse? Can we release and abandon our selfish egos and inclined trips for one moment to see we are all in the same dream?
    • I've had those dreams as well. Total eye opener, huh?
      Maybe if more unawakened individuals had those types of dreams, things would change faster. But who's to say they're not already? You can see clearly that things are changing. Things have to be destroyed in order to become something better. And America is being hit very hard right now! People are seeing, in many ways, that this crap is just not working anymore. Slowly, people are realizing we need change. And just by that small realization is what will bring that change into reality, whether the masses want to accept that or not. In the end, it will all work out perfectly, we just need not carry fear in our hearts.
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