Earth changes and uncovering lost histories...?

Do you think with all the earth changes...earthquakes and such , that some of the things we are ready to learn about our past will resurface? things that have been buried for sooo long? Wasnt there supposed to be something at the foot of the shynx? Did we find it and has anyone heard of  any other new discoveries? 

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  • Everything happens for a reason..and so are secrets revealing themselves for reason or not revealing for a reason...this 3D world has a significant feature - there is a right time for everything...:) And the biggest secrets and discoveries are burried deep in the soil...actually very deep...when the all big catostrophies was occuring,it was a power,which hid all evidences very deep - some as 40km deep...
  • yes! things are "surfacing"! the earth is either shaking herself, or being jostled with a little help from our own beloved science and industry, and "ancient artifacts" are popping out of the mud and ocean! a new skeleton here, an unprecedented scripture there! you have to wonder though, what is fabricated and what is truly being "discovered". it is true that only a tiny percentage of the earth's ground has even been excavated by archeologists (and not for nothing! there's unimaginable amounts of political and technical blue tape/ permissions etc. that must be had prior to even getting access/permission, let alone funding!) i had heard that there are a series of tunnels & "secret chambers" beneath the sphinx that either house or lead to the "lost books of creation" horus? ptah? enki? ... something like, scriptures/tablets/scrolls or even what would have been ancient artifacts evidence of prior technologies..?! unfortunately, rockerfeller, and his buddy zawi hawass et al. will have made sure such a pandoras box would be excavated, bought, sold and hidden away by the "chosen" groups long before the history channels cameras even get there! however, i have faith that all shall be revealed- ALL in good...time!
    • Yes I believe this is a time of revealin secrets wether they want them revealed or not. I f they do hide stuff away its only a matter of time...
  • Always welcome,Star Spirit!...:)
  • On times of change there always are lot to well a things from past...Sphinx is mystical in many ways,but actually is beyond our understanding,because it's exisist in many realities and is a Akashi archive,Guardian of Gaia,holder of emeral tablets etc....just not all of it can be found in our 3D world...and by rising of the lost continents,like Atlantis - the meaning is more to re-discover ancient knowledge,than a physical landmass itself...Atlantis exists and always exists in his pure form in other order to retrieve some ancient knowledge,I suggest to meditate and try connect with the dolphins - they are great holders of Atlantis acient wisdom...:)
    • Thank you. its a little easier to understand when someone a bit further on the acension path can explain.
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