Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation 03/26/2013

5 Men, 3 Mac, 9 Eb

Dratzo! We return! We come to explain what we are currently doing and why it has not yet manifested. As you can clearly see around you, the dark's minions are still in power across this precious globe. We have worked hard to create a working alliance between our sacred secret allies and ourselves, and this union has produced a new monetary system and secured huge amounts of unaccounted-for gold and silver to back the new financial system. In addition, we laid the foundation for a new banking system and set up the legal instruments that terminate the tyranny of the large private banks, as it is vital that this global, octopus-like institution be no longer able to suck the life out of your world's economies. Furthermore, a new international system of governance is shortly to be in effect. The final arbiter of all things connected to this scenario is Heaven. The agreement between the Light and the dark that was put into effect some 13 millennia ago is winding down and a series of celestial events will terminate that agreement, taking with it the conditions which hold you in thrall to limited consciousness. This sequence of events is now underway and will shortly allow a new era on your world to begin.

We do not speak lightly to the dark when we state that its time in power is about to end. Our appearance around the planet in ever greater numbers heralds that time in the divine plan when our personnel are to conjoin with our sacred allies and ensure the detention of those who have kept the brutal reign of the dark in power for millennia. Those who have kept you trodden underfoot in so many ways are finally to be held accountable. We inform them daily that a list has been drawn up and passed on to our various allies as we wish them to be fully cognizant of all aspects affecting their immediate future. Above all we emphasize to them that the final countdown on Heaven's clock is shortly to begin and also that the global conflagration that they so determinedly seek will not be permitted. And still these men and women persevere with their stratagems for triggering just such a deplorable scenario. They are still as resolute as ever to use every means at their disposal to gain their ends. Because of this utter recalcitrance they leave Heaven with no choice but to remove them from further involvement in Earth affairs. This will allow all that is being prepared to finally see the light of a new day!

Neither Heaven nor we have announced these times of disclosure and change, but this divine event does not need to be known in order for it to happen. Indeed, this series of heavenly proclamations is to happen suddenly and will remain unannounced by Heaven's grand champions. Long ago, the dark threw you, biologically speaking, in chains and made you believe that its rule over you was permanent. But this is not so! The sacred purpose for this experience was for you to acquire an excellent memory about the nature of the dark. This knowledge is to stand you in very good stead when you come to meld it with your soon-to-be-reacquired innate abilities to transform the various members of the dark Anchara Alliance into the Light. It is this specialty of yours that makes these once-dark star-nations anxious to get you started on this exceptional and sacred assignment, one that is to bring a true, permanent peace to the Milky Way Galaxy. A large array of Alliance craft sits just beyond the outer confines of your solar system awaiting your return to full consciousness, so be ready and know that a grand shift in your reality is at hand!

There is so much for you to wrap your heads around in the times ahead and we wish to prepare you as much as is possible at this point. We monitor the dark governments and watch the way they use their bag of tricks to manipulate you. Their sleight of hand has become most refined over the millennia: their news media proclaims an economic recovery while their associates arrange for an economic crash intended to thrust you into war, dictatorship, and other assorted miseries. Each of their politico-economic instruments is a tool for pulling the wool over your eyes, and the joint effect is like a shadow play where all the action is orchestrated and sticks to a predetermined script. You believe the performance to be real, which entrains you into beliefs that are of most benefit to the dark and its minions. Because of these beliefs, many of you may be shocked when the new governance ends this contrived economic oppression. Moreover, you will need to be open to what our sacred allies have to tell you as it will lead to liberation and a new state of permanent prosperity!

Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today with some wondrous tidings from our heavenly directors. Events are beginning which will shortly lead to a new era of Love and Light for your world. The dark drew you into their realm nearly 13 millennia ago, bringing you misery, slavery, and an ever-increasing amount of despair. Now these times are over! A new period will bring about your release from the dark realms and your transformation into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation will formally begin with the injection of new, beneficial governance on your world. Heaven instructed us to look at the selected days ahead and prepare a message to be given by our sacred associates. They are now setting them up and will announce them shortly. As always we cannot give a specific date but we fully intend to announce this to you on the date we have selected. Until then we watch the heavens in glee knowing that your time of freedom gets closer each day.

As we have told you before, our associates are to broadcast a series of special messages that will set the stage for our appearances before you. We will appear all across the planet and begin a range of general teachings which will expose the huge lies and distortions that deliberately produced the dogma used by the dark to prevent you from knowing many sacred truths. These truths, which we shall elucidate, will be wide-ranging, beginning with the nature of Spirit and Love and proceeding to introduce the knowledge that will prepare you for the wonders of the state of full consciousness. Basically, we are humanity's wayshowers, and our messages are the keys to a divine destiny that each of you possesses. At the duly appointed time, Gaia intends to join you in your moment of transformation and integrate herself into a single, unified, magnificent realm of Light!

It is this brilliant, unified realm of Light that you will awaken into in your fully conscious state. At this point our sacred role changes and we become, initially, your heavenly supervisors. We are to guide you lovingly through your first days as sacred Beings of Light. At this time we are to divulge to you the immense realms that are found in the highest regions of physicality. You will reacquire the wisdom of these realms which will prepare you for your first assignment of divine service to the Light. Your galaxy is in need of special exercises and miracles which are to transform it forever. Galaxy upon galaxy wait upon your immense talents and abilities! You are to co-create the instruments that will help Heaven in unfolding the Supreme Creator's plan for this creation. What we describe is only the merest beginning of the wonders which lie ahead for you!

Today we talked about what is shortly to happen. You are a great collective which has been encouraged by the guile of the dark to temporarily lose its way. Now you are to be given the truths which will return you to your sacred paths. Together we will remake this reality and forge a true realm dedicated in all aspects to Love and to Light. Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun!

Planetary Activation Organization



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  • He had plenty of time to reply, and he has obviously just ignored you once again. Sorry Amanda but when One is face with uncertain questions outside isolated lies they'd been blind or giving to. They just won't answer it.

    Unless, of course... Mr.Ed is developing a grand display of fireworks (explanation) for you as you finished reading this. 

  • no no kelly not like that was meaning it with excitement haha, hope all is well namaste <3

  • Hi Ed, what do you think of this fellow?  Have you seen this video before?


    • The day it becomes illegal for these guys to take payment for their ''webinars'' or their snake oil/emperor new clothes shenanigans, is the day when these guys finally tell us the truth.. that the oils Fake!! }
      Its BS. Stop scamming people Nidle. Shame on you! But to be quite fair the jig has been up for a long time now even before 12-21-12 was a major floppy willy. I would love to be wrong and apologize to the people that love these kind of people and their messages.. but unfortunately i am not.

  • thanks for sharing folks.

    i.m.h.o.  speaking for myslef, i want hope in the times of despair, but i can't stand liars, who intensifles the fear of living in this hell hole planet of dog eat dog instincts.

    those who whip us with shame of our flesh and emotions as sin, is just i.m.h. are complete control tactics of church and state brainwashing.

    i do feel there is some merit in our animal instincts of within the hard wiring d.n.a. scipt to claim territory,food, mates, and only for the alpha bullies liars slick talkers of the herd or  person etc  they always seem to take more than they will ever need by lieing and crude force.

    i still look for hope, i guess it's the little child in me wanting to have a all knowing, protective adult to lend me a hand from my fear of harm. still i feel my e.s.p. is not that wrong that there is real hope, and promise of divine intervention to protect us all from the bullies who always want to be the king of the herd and  want all the resouces, for their thirst for bullying others never ends to make them feel better or their egos of who knows what demons they have.

    i still want hope not lies. we all know we are not alone,it is a fact, that this cannot be lied about much longer by the bullies telling the herd to shut up and obey or they will get to the break out of the whip or worse.

    i still want hope, i can feel it my soul, for when i seem to need it, things or events really do happen that i do not cause, and i cannot deny are real around me.

    i still want hope for all of us, for i feel i will not have my piece of mind  only untill when all of us that are around me get their share also, then i will have piece of mind.

    example i cannot talk to coworkers about anything about e.t. families or e.s.p. or history of mankind being written by the victor. for i will lose freinds, my income, my safely, just like the herd of any animal does to its old, weak, dumb, or the acting differant in their actions from the herd norms in that period of time they get kick out of the food supply and the protection among being within the herd.

    i still want hope. as much as i want this, in my heart i know that i cannot take that away from anybody in words or deeds, no matter what, this is too golden and be too crude to do so.

    blessings to all of us for we are all one

  • They're big, stupid jellyfishes!==quote from a sci-fi video game.

    For real Kelly, I haven't a clue why... maybe it's blind hope to keep them in a state of pathetic desperation for happiness but one they didn't need. Wouldn't blame them though, most of them are simply not happy with their lives and pretend this GFL is real.

  • Love light and stay POSITIVE as always, you will find the changes and answers your looking for, never forget that what we see around us are the frequencies that our mind/body/soul are currently capable of processing and allowing ourselves to make sense of, when we start to tap into these other extra senses then you will see 5D, little besides the point but something to think about and take on mind ;)

  • I promise to give you a 2 headed pet llama if any of that comes to frution this year. ;)

    • Make it an alpaca and we got a deal ;)

  • Thanks for posting Mr. Ed... here's something very interesting from Sheldan that got posted recently on American Kabuk, maybe you got something to add:


    He basically says that OPPT is " an embodiment of the changeover in societal structure, as an expression of the New Galactic society..."

This reply was deleted.

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