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Hollywood has already planted seeds of fear into the mass population in regards to Alien Attacks through movies.

Now, National Geographic - a media that most people believe is legit & well respected  is offering this special. When Aliens Attack 

Planting further seeds of fear into the subconscious mind of the mass population. Media manipulation at it's best - are they preparing for a false flag attack?

It will be the responsibility of  the Starseeds, those awoken, those aware to discern truth and to lead others through the chaos and fear.  It will be the Starseeds that will need to speak and live their truth, be a shining beacon of light.

The energies are shifting and more and more people awakening .... but remember how confused and doubtful you were when you first awoken. We need to be aware, discern and make ourselves available to assist others in accordance to our soul contracts and the divine will.

We have now enter a time where illusions unfold, deceptions roar and truth will ultimately manifest. Until the truth shines fourth for all .... stand in your heart, in love and remember your divinity.

Be of service through the highest vibrations of living love,  living light and peace.


In Loving Service ....




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They're an apocalyptic cult amassing members that now number in the thousands. They are a global force. Their goal: overthrow the governments of the world, and spread their rhetoric to the populace. Tonight . . . on the History channel . . . Gandland: Ashtar Command.


Yeah, I could feel my frontal lobe rotting or something when I saw that video. And then the guy who wrote a book about my state's motto had to foam at the mouth about aliens using "shock and awe." National Geographic integrity +1000!



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