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Hello all! this is the first time i write at this forum..

and i come with some of my healing videos (being music, frequency and energy healing) ! if you are interested in these, i will upload more vids in the future. enjoy!

Brain Healing using tones:

Energy Healing:

Energy for releasing fears:

Energy for relaxation:

Stimulate the release of emotional trauma & energyblocks (using 15 hz as the main frequency)

Ascension Frequencies (396 hz:liberation from guilt and fear, 639 hz:integrating energetic structures & 963 hz: togetherness / anti depressive)

root chakra healing song:

Solar plexus chakra healing song:

throat chakra healing song:

and finally a song i made using the solfeggio frequencies for expanding consciousness/awareness of joy!

have a great day!

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Thanks Ki kaz, Do you have a YouTube channel where all of your video's are stored?  

I think I see it... --> Ki Kaz

Thanks for sharing these :) They are very cool :)



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