Sorry to anyone on this site if it insults you but it's been bugging me for a while. If the Creator really wants to expereince duality then why are we being led to the Golden Age? Has he had enough of duality? Or is it just that this has gone on for too long? If that's the case then why? Why try to lead us out when we'll leave anyway when we die? Does he even love us if he wanted us to experience pain or look upon others with disgust? To not live in harmony with one another? Why am I starting to question the agenda of my Father!?!?

I'm starting to question all of this....why? I don't want to question any of it! I'm really confused. Please...Someone help me!! I don't want all of this to go away!


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  • Hey Amanda-Love. I like your answer. I see it all as a cycle. Wash. Rinse. Spin. Some have described our physical reality as the creator's dream. All of this a dream, and we are just playing parts in pieces of creator's play. Many acts in this play, but after a while, you see a pattern. Golden Age, Silver, then Bronze and the spin cycle which would be the Iron age or Kali Yuga. Then back again. Wouldn't you get bored if all your dreams were the same dream night after night? Oh my goodness. I didn't know I was going to get all wordy. Just wanted to post how much I really like Amanda-Love's answer.

  • Before the beginning of the Universe, before God and Gods introduced them selves in Genesis from the 4th dimension, You were still there, above the 12th dimension.

    It to a Dimension of Gods and controller’s -- they created a book of code enforcement, thow  shall  Not this and that till it started choking the life out of the free spirit we came into this world with.  Now its been around for so long its become Gospel, untouchable dogma in the minds of men, falling in love to a God of slavery and devotion?  A mighty all knowing God who could not find Adam and Eve one night when they went into hiding from him? And at the Tower of babble the God’s got together and said unless we go down and change this one accord and single mindedness, they will be able to all that they think of?

    For I am a jealous god and thow shall not have other Gods before me, admitting He was not the only One around?

    God so loved the world he gave his only begotten Son? So he didn’t create us, the spirit not from this world but in it. And we are visitor’s from outside this God controlled earth.

    I love you so much that if you don’t love me back and keep my code enforcement “I” Will cast you into outer darkness, that sure is loving of a jealous demy god (one of many). You Were Still There -- before all this code enforcement and Here Now, And When gods are Left Behind in there silly Dimensional play ground of control and deceptions.

    Like a fancy car you got into a Cadillac or town car as long as your in it -- you drive around all over the place look at me see how great I look and feel you become the Cadillac.

    Your just the Driver -- you were never supposed to become a part of the car.  Or take over the car’s identity as a car -- your not the car, just in it, but not of it.  And code enforcement is only for the car your driving, not the spirit that’s in it.  Spirit was not manufactured by god or man - it came into it. Its not apart of any of this 3 dimensional horse droppings. Out of men’s mouth’s and soap box filibustering.  You Were There ! And Still Are ! Forever ! There is no end because you never can leave NOW.   Now is a forever thingy no one can escape.  Staying Centered in the concrete knowledge of Now - or be lead away into Code Enforcement slavery.  You Are Still Here.   


  • how can you love somebody truely if you never felth hate in the deepest of your chest?

    would we still be able to recognize it?.. 

    and i think were already dead, but we still have the chance to do stuff we really need to do before ascension, wich would be the death of our bodys, by then we will realize we never really died at all, but it was just a transition to another here and now.. and at that point im stuck, or we will be all knowing gods, or it started over again and we never really noticed it has ended anyway, to earn even more experience..

    its a paradox you shouldnt think about i guess, but if you want to make sure you dont get caught up in it

  • Herein lies the paradox of choice and predestination.

    In a universe filled with infinite potentials, we are karmically predisposed to follow a certain path. and if we make no changes to how we go about our business, that is the path we will follow. 

    The enlightenment process is that which allows us to discern a higher (vibrational) potential path. And then make the choices that lead us down, (up) that path.

  • Nicely said Helen.

    It is the step into the unknown that truly tests our mettle.

  • I agree with you.

    No one makes the choice for no reason. Nor did I say it was for no reason. The reason is out of conscious awareness. Until you go searching for that reason. 

    I don't believe in fault, or blame. I believe in accountability. And therefore that which happens in my life is as a result of the actions I have taken before and after incarnation. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the fatal. That is how see personal empowerment. And that is how I teat everyone. It is an absolute, in my world at least.

    I also agree with this, we are making people think.

    Giving them ammo so they may find their own solutions.

    Just like duality is supposed to. Namaste.

    Agreement number 3, i wasn't surprised you didn't agree.

  • Something I've come to realize Helen is if we aren't living the life we know we are capable of living, if we are not at peace with our situation, then somewhere, somehow, we are giving our power away. If we recognize a potential for ourselves that we are not fulfilling, there is something that we are failing to do. If we are honest with ourselves, we all know what it is that we must do. That we aren't doing. 

    And the only reason we don't take a particular action is because we fear the consequences. And consequences invariably relate to other peoples perceptions of us. It is here where we give other people permission to chose for us. By denying ourselves the choice. IMHO.

  • What is the point of suffering? 

    Why would an infant choose to die?

    \Why are there disasters where thousands of people die?

    There are principals at work here that need to be understood.. And so I will answer your question based on theses principals.. You can choose to agree with them or not. 

    Prior to incarnation into physical form you exist as spirit. As spirit, you have a multi dimensional perspective of time. which means you see all the potentials that may occur. the good, the bad, and the ugly. And so in conference with your soul group, a meeting is had to decide which potential you wish to experience. for the evolution of the soul through time, i.e, the learning of karmic lessons. Also taken into consideration is the impact on humanity and Gaia. 

    It is important to understand that spirit does not perceive of suffering in the way we do. spirit see the suffering as part of the schooling. The indicator that things need to be done differently.

    The lesson that spirit seeks to learn is the lesson that when learned will increase compassion, for all concerned.

    And so, the decision is made. to be born to parents that you know prior to incarnation have the potential to be good parents. Or they may be not so goo. However, as you all have the mind of God prior to incarnation, you understand that the love is always unconditional. Something that will be forgotten once you incarnate.

    Example 1.

    A child is born. Into a household bereft of love. And as per divine plan, that child dies, be it through natural causes, be it through abuse. What is the lesson here? The death of the child will, at some level, increase the compassion in the parents. It is inevitable.

    the parents have another child. that happens to be the same soul as the one that just passed on.

    Now the relationship between the family and child is one of love. Now the child goes on to fulfill its potential. A potential that it may not have fulfilled otherwise.

    Example 2. 

    What on earth could be the lesson learned from an incident like the 04 tsunami where a quarter of a million people died. those souls knew the potential of the tsunami occurring prior to their incarnation. The understanding being that their sacrifice would generate a compassion wave  on the planet , and consequent global co-operation in relief efforts  the likes of which has never occurred before.

    Tragedies are like that. They have a way of rallying people together. they cut through the hardened facades that we are so good at displaying to the world.

     It is not for anyone to question the path any individual soul has chosen for their path to enlightenment. To do so means we are denying, and thus neglecting our own.

    It is in our darkest hour, in the depths of despair, that we discover who truly we are. And what we are capable of. This is how duality works. There is the easy choice, the choices that we make as a child when we have power, and no understanding of the consequences of the easy, ego centric choice. which ultimately leads us to a dead end in our spiritual growth. It is what is known as a behavioural anchor. And then there is the more difficult, less intuitive choice. That leads us to our true solution. To a higher state of being. This choice becomes difficult to make because it requires you to choose against a well established behaviour.

    Deny making the difficult choice for long enough, and the higher self will take matters into its own hands. It will create the circumstances that make the difficult choice for you. And it will do it life time, after life time. Until you get it right.

    Remember, there are souls that have had hundreds perhaps thousands of incarnations. We've allbeen the good guy. We've all been the bad girl. we've been wealthy, poor, brilliant, vilified. It is the intentioj of spirit to experience all such circumstances. So that it may finally reconnect with the creator 

    It is our choices that lead us to suffering. Because the choice of greatness is always available. Just made karmically invisible. You are the only common factor in every experience you've ever had in your life. And so you either make the choices, or you choose to give permission to others to make the choice for you.

    Either way, you choose.


  • The enjoyment is witnessing the clearing of the confusion.

    Whilst the details of the life may differ, the path, (process), to finding peace is the same for everyone. 

    The effort is respected.

    It is a special moment in a life when the veil begins to lift.

  • Beato, there is only one thing wrong with any question that may arise.    Spirit is not of this world - but in it.  You what ever spirit is---- as there is no definition for spirit if its not of this world our definitions are all of this world God and Religions are of this world.

    We came to this world as spirit ---- aliens -- occupying a human avatar this alien has never been seen, nothing of this world affects spirit in any way.

    Duality exists because it just dose.


    Golden age is a construct a label of this world -- trying to make sense of some thing not of this world. 

    That’s why none of this make any sense, because your avatar, thinking, programs, matrix, everything of this world is of this world.  Spirit before this entering of a avatar was, and just is always in the now, and forever and ever.

    Until you can drop this world and all its concepts, programs, beliefs, dreams, scams that tell you oil and water can mix and here is how its done. Is all of this world and has no correlation to the 4th, 5th, and above spiritual realms - spirit came from outside and above these realm's to incarnate or possess a human body or 3D form . Its formless inside this human construct. But still not of it.

    That’s why none of this 3D stuff makes any sense or ever will you the spiritual alien with out form is in this world but not of it. 

    So all your senses are being tampered with, hypnotized, mesmerized, capitalized, lead away from this knowledge of who you are.  Spirit.  Silent watcher in this construct if it ever decides to leave -- you will just collapse into a pile of goo. 

    The undefinable -- spiritual -- alien not of this world is and always has been eternally in the now of every moment of existence.   All else is a 3D matrix scam of this world we entered at birth.  They want us to become part of this world when as spirit we cant.  So it’s the mind and thinking that’s been convinced we can and have to do something, when spirit is already completely not of this world and complete.

    And they will never convert -- not of this world spirit into a worldly thing.  Can’t happen,  even those still asleep are ok, as what is not of this world will not be trapped by it.    the so called awakend ones are what there after trying to lead there minds into this scam of the minds. 

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