Dearest All,

I have been noticing weird things happening lately.   My energy is causing all sorts of weird stuff, as I ascend.  Some of it is a bit frightening.

I invite you all to share your own weird energetic ascension signs and symptoms with me if you so desire help me let go of my fear of my own signs and symptoms.......

Help me release...let go...and forgive my own fear.....

In foresighted gratitude to All

I Love Every Part of Each of You

Lori Scott Kaiser


These are my personal signs and symptoms of ascension to 5D:

  • my computer keeps daughter is a computer tech and cannot find anything wrong with it
  • at first I thought it was dark I know it is God Energy
  • pages are crashing to lead me elsewhere
  • the whole damned thing crashes when I is time for me to do something else
  • just now, I clicked sign out in error and the page crashed
  • when I tried to sign back in it said that my account did not exist  and told me to create a new acct
  • (I have created a new account inside myself lol).....thank you God for validating this  lol
  • I am causing havok in my home as my increased energy plays with the technology in my house ie, cable tv going all wierd when those I love invite me to watch something with them (I rarely watch it otherwise...My Beloved won't let me touch the remote control
  • phone calls are happening as I need to talk to people with out me having to dial them, I just think about wanting to talk to someone and they call me
  • I dropped a glass on my ceramic kitchen floor and it bounced like it was made of rubber and was unharmed
  • I hardly need to eat
  • I need only 2 to 3 hours sleep to attain the rest of 8hrs sleep
  • my body is healing all over
  • I cut my finger deeply and it did not bleed
  • others are posting identical videos and sayings that I just finished posting
  • Every problem I have ever had is dissolving at lightening speed
  • My high blood pressure has disappeared, I no longer need medication for it
  • as I drive down the street I smile at people and they immediately turn to look into my car and smile back

Is anyone else experiencing signs and symptoms such as these?

Love Lori

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  •  hi lori

          am experiencing all of these so you are not on your own much love&light8114531686?profile=original

  • My simptems are that i have none, as I was ascended when i came to this planet.  and a long prosess this planet has taught me to believe that i'm something other than what i came in with.  the opening of this video is very telling and powerful or should i say selfempowering.

    in a nut shell.   listen to what is said in the very beining of  this video, you are complete.

    Read more:

    Here you'll fine more proof of this cover up we are in as a human condition.


  • Hi Lori, well i do have sometimes funny things going on with my PC to,but mostly i experience vibrations on the top of my head wich i believe has to do with the crown chakra.And also feelings of a very happy feeling that comes out of nowhere and that is such an incredible feeling.I believe earth is changing and so are we!


  • ~Breathe in... Light, Healing Energy, & Unity-Consciousness ~

    ~Breathe out... Darkness, Destructive Energy, & Victim-Consciousness~



    Nature loves courage. You make the commitment and nature will respond to that commitment by removing impossible obstacles. Dream the impossible dream and the world will not grind you under, it will lift you up. This is the trick. This is what all these teachers and philosophers who really counted, who really touched the alchemical gold, this is what they understood. This is the shamanic dance in the waterfall. This is how magic is done. By hurling yourself into the abyss and discovering its a feather bed.” ~Terence McKenna

    Temet Nosce 555

  • Yes! little sparkles of dancing light! this is going to end in one way only.. the fun way. :D

  • love the anomalies/new normalities, Lori.

    Share that eating/winds/tech crashes into divine guidance/Smile impacts....  Also:

    Detachment to the body/vehicle - if I bump my hand - I don't really need to feel "pain'" - and I don't

    An inability to think about the future or past - A quick return to the present moment with angelic pat on the head feeling.

    Sleep is weird - takes awhile to get back into body - and this world seems less "real" each time I awake here

    Moving about quickly - makes me dizzy - very mild vertigo...

    Feel semi-invisible to some people...  I like this.

    Can't obtain words - convey thoughts with images - ex. This post - English in my primary language

    Really feelin' like a creator god - in almost any and every way...

    Love you all!


  • My experience with the Ascension process as been quite interesting.  I keep seeing tiny little particles of light in the air and feel as if I'm floating half the time.  My dreams are very strange and I feel as if I travel to the Astral Plane when I'm asleep but only remember fragments of what happened.

    Good times, huh?


  • Too funny Lori...ALL of that has happened to me with mild variations. I have a small child and my husband puts to monitor next to my butt because that's the only place where the sound is clear. I cannot make a phone call while the phone is next to my head (three years now) and have to dial the phone, wait for the ring and then start talking. This year however, the phone got really staticky on the left side so I always had to hold my ear on the right side (I'm not big on phones and don't use them to talk longer than 2 minutes, but my best friend lives in Germany so we spend hours on the phone sometimes)...

    I walked into different stores and caused shortages. I know it was me because everything would work fine and as soon as I walk through the door it "blinks". I do it at home all the time, but this last store was huge. 

    The other day I was lying down with my husband and I felt myself vibrate, It felt like I was going to leave my body...I got scared and I held onto my husband's arm like I was a balloon..

    I see rainbows everywhere, rainbow orbs...the other day I saw a rainbow circle in the sky, it was a sunny day with some dark clouds. I was so excited I wanted to show my husband...but he didn't see it :( 

    Then today...I looked up at the moon and there was a rainbow around it. So I guess It's time to start pooping rainbows? 

    I did have a dream where someone warned me not to tell people what I see yet, because not everyone sees it and they will call me crazy. So here I am ranting about it online...8114524668?profile=original

  • Nice symptoms!

    I have had some wierd experiences myself, it started back in october 2011 when i woke up my hole body was vibrating very high and i felt like my soul was trying to get out. and same thing november the same year. i once passed a woman with a red dot in her forhead and meditation like clothes, i had eye contect with her for max 1 sec then i took the next step. As i tourned around it felt like i walked straight into a wall of energy. My hole body got a energy bomb i could cleary feel all my chackras spinning very fest and strongest was the heart chackra. it was hard to walk, but the feeling was great trust me. the energy was left in me after 5min but it had grown weaker. and now when i'm outside even if its cloudy or sunny i see tiny light sparkels, flying around in all directions. As if i can see the light? once i saw two huge light balls in my room, as big as a tennis ball, First one showed up then vannished then second.

  • Love always has and always will confuse the dark!8116274883?profile=original

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