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Thought it would be cool to expand my Sheldan Nidle and GFL discussion and add even more info regarding anything that gets into the ufo et topic on this new discussion so if anybody finds anything ufo or et related feel free to post on here. Could be videos, pics, your own experiences, etc all are welcome. 

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  • Good job by Logan Paul having Trump on his show and good job asking the important questions about UFO's and ET's. Trump knows more than he's admitting here ;) Sometime during his next term we will get disclosure about UFO's and ET's and then the Galactic Federation Of Light will land and have contact with us not to long after.
  • This is from last summer, but still an important video. This confirms there are ET craft in US possession. Non Human pilots also confirmed.
  • Sighting from a few years ago at a military base in California.
  • This also does a good job at telling the story about what happened at Dulce and of Phil Schneider himself.
  • I remember hearing about the Dulce incident when I was a teenager. It definitely made me wonder what was going on in Dulce New Mexico. This video here shows Phil Schneider who was a structural engineer for the United States government talk about what he saw while working at Dulce. Phil was involved in helping create many of the secret deep underground bases that we have heard about which includes the base in Dulce. Phil tells his story here of an encounter he had back in 1979 while working at Dulce with one of the large Greys that are talked about a lot. Phil mentions that not only were the Greys there, but some Reptilians also. This was back in 1979 which was before the treaty of Anchara that happened in 1995 which saw the Greys and Reptilians change their ways. Sadly after this presentation Phil was found dead. It was said it was a suicide, but later evidence showed that his death was caused by strangulation.
  • Recent disclosure news here this time from Retired U.S. Army Colonel Karl Nell. Karl says not only do ET's exist, but they are interacting with Humanity.
    • Hi! I hope we get more disclosure from people like him and I'm sure we will in the long run scheme of things.
  • Lake Baikal UFO and ET sightings.
  • Interesting documentary about Skinwalker ranch. Much going on there which include constant UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, poltergeist activity, Bigfoot sightings, portals, and more.
  • This was just reported a few days ago which has a little bit of disclosure regarding the UFO and ET subject. As for Elon Musk I would say he knows more than what he's saying here in this video on the subject.
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