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    Ep 3361b - Narrative Begins For Change Of Batter,Kenya,Trump:”We Are Going To Make It To Big To Rig”
    Ep 3361a - Fake News Begins The Recession Narrative, Biden/Fed Will Make An Economic Move To Counter
    Nature’s Morphine? Medical scientist Clint Winters discusses the incredible pain relief effects of 100% Drug Free Conolidine. This changes pain relie…
  • A military invasion requires careful planning and logistical support....And frankly, the PLA is not up to the task of SUCCESSFULLY invading Taiwan....
    They could try, at some stage and if the invasion went ahead, PLA casualties would be massive.....Another factor that is making the PLA hesitate, is the fact that Red Chinese troops are not battled hardened and do not conduct drills, as professionally as the Taiwanese....who are also well equipped with US ordinance...And possess many fortifications and mountain terrain, to hide in...

    The last attempt at an actual campaign by Red China, was in 1979 and the Vietnamese gave them a good drubbing...And the PRC was humiliated.

    Xi may want to invade Taiwan, but he won't be a soldier, himself, making such an attempt...And others are not that good at overcoming this challenge, as he would hope them to be....And remember all my other vids about Chinese incompetence and pretence at professionalism...?? Keep them in mind, as invading Taiwan would not be easy for the PLA, at all......Chinese troops are also highly-strung and would behave like the Italians in WW2, north Africa....And how can a soldier fight if he is a coward..?? PLA is not the behemoth, some assume it to be...But it could become a whale, trapped upon a beach, very easily...

    Let us look at some facts, relating to politics, finance and military logistics, in this video....

    "How China Got Too SCARED to Invade Taiwan"
  • This is awesome right here :) Trump 2024. Dark Cabal for Gitmo 2025.
  • The mainstream media in a panic over Trump continues to provide good comedy. They know once their masters lose they lose as well. Its gonna be awesome once all these Deep State rat bas#ards are exposed and the entire world sees them for what they really are and that would be criminals.
  • President Trump Warns Of New Bird Flu Pandemic: WE WILL NOT COMPLY...
    Breaking! President Trump Warns Of New Bird Flu Pandemic: WE WILL NOT COMPLY
    The Alex Jones Show As the MSM Fear Mongers ramp up the Bird Flu Hoax Alex Jones tells Trump to make another viral video stating we will not comply
  • Alex Jones interviews a, precious metals rep; Kirk Elliott, who confirms that many cabal honchos are resigning, or being pushed....

    What he says about silver, is what I had anticipated, back in 2022, when I purchased several silver bullion bars (100g 999.9 fine) from Baird & Co Mint, London, as well as a Turkish bullion merchant, Nadir....😏

    He confirms that silver has gone up in value, by 46%, in just 2 Months...

    My advice to readers, get on the precious metals train, before it goes even higher, which it will.....

    "BREAKING: Globalists Resigning In Mass Ahead Of HUGE Events - MUST WATCH"
  • some good news;
    POWERFUL — MUST WATCH: The Globalist System Is Collapsing In Real Time, Warns Bilderberg Expert Dan…
    Top Bilderberg investigator joins Alex Jones to give an expert breakdown on what the globalists have planned next.
    Ep 3360b - When The Riots Begin,The Real Threat To Democracy Will Be Exposed,ILS Approach Looks Good
    Find Out Which Olive Oil Is The Best For Your Health Watch the Short Video Got To The [DS] are panicking, they see the peop…
    Ep 3360a - Do You See What Just Happened With The [CBDC]?Biden Hiding The Fact We Are In A Recession
    Protect Your Retirement W/ A Gold. IRA or call 877-646-5347 Noble Gold is Who I Trust ^^^ Disclaimer: (there's always a risk of in…
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"If we are at 4.3 now and it only takes 4.5 for the dark to be completely gone and 4.7 to prepare for the 5th dimension then that means we are super close to everything happening. We indeed are well on our way :)"
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...The Lemurian Golden Timeline is the core template of the New Earth; balanced feminine and masculine energies, harmony with Nature, infinite resources, love, abundance, unity.'Join the Golden Lemurian Circle:…
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Message to everyone on this planet, is to move on up to the higher astral plane tiers...Keep awakening individual and collective consciousness...Let's make it beyond 4.3, so we can cause the dark to phase out from our rising…"
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"Top Democrat Says Local Pa. Police Afraid To Speak Out About Trump Assassination Attempt"
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"An interesting interview of US Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene, conducted by Alex Jones, in which she describes the obfuscation efforts, offered the committee by Kimberly Cheadle, who recently headed the USSS and has thankfully now resigned...(Of course,…"
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