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  • Maybe the wannabe Bond villain Klaus Schwab knows his days are numbered as are the rest of his WEF and the entire Dark Cabal in general.
    Ep 3358b-Comey Panic,Cyber Attack Narrative Building,Pause,Setting The Stage,Optics Are Important
    Chuck Norris Made A Special Video Learn What He Discovered Go To The [DS] is now panicking, Comey says if Trump gets bac…
    Ep 3358a - California Ranks Dead Last In Opportunity, End The Fed Narrative Building
    Nature’s Morphine? Medical scientist Clint Winters discusses the incredible pain relief effects of 100% Drug Free Conolidine. This changes pain relie…
  • A little bit I did not know about China. I knew it was bad with tons of corruption like I mentioned earlier, but after seeing those videos you posted Drekx it's way worse than I thought. Thanks for sharing those. I learned a little more today thanks to those videos. Keep em coming whenever you get the chance. I'm always up for learning more about what's going on in different countries.
  • More evidence is here for all to view:
    Red China is actually a fake nation, in which it's psychopathic leadership seek to impress outsiders, with their "competence," by pretending to be "modern" and "civilised," when in fact, they are backward and truly counterfeit.....

    Their leaders seek world domination, through the BRI, but cannot even provide their own people with a functioning city sewerage system, with real drains...And thus, when floods strike, as they will, the water destroys all and sundry....
  • Justin, you have a good heart regarding China.....However, July-August, 2023..."Nature" has been working hard, as in biblical times...In this era, a severe karmic penalty is due China, rather than the ten plagues that vexed Pharaoh...Red China is receiving many apocalyptic revelations, taking the form of disasters, not unlike those in biblical times....Earthquakes, floods, locusts, bats, fish, birds, geysers, tornadoes, sink holes, ants, insects of all types...Signs in the skies, also, such as a blood RED moon...More bloody than ever....Bridges, cars, roads, buildings, dwellings, factories destroyed...Even a flooding of the forbidden city..

    Maybe we can quote the Han book, Dong Zhongshu's biography...??

    "The heavens warn through disasters and anomalies, when a state strays from the path...!!" end quote...

    And Red China has become a very evil state, seeking destruction and control, of all people in the world....Covid 19 was a gain-of function virus, manufactured and released by China....That terrible regime should pay reparations to all nations, struck by it's acts of wickedness....I've been saying this since 2020....

    Red China released covid19 and gave an excuse for the bio-weapon vaccine, which caused 2.2 billion human beings to be injured, globally and 20 million dead, globally...The dark cabal financed them and they greedily accepted the blood money...
    They won't pay the world, so must be punished in other ways, as we saw last year..
    This terrible CCP leadership is evil and corrupt and WILL fall......China must fall..It is happening....
  • Yeah it's sad the situation over there that's for sure. Who knows maybe they get lucky and turn things around. The way it's looking right now though they are gonna need a huge miracle. They gotta fix things over there quickly. Change the way they live over there.
  • The problem with Chinese authorities is that they cover up any and every disaster, to "save face." They also lie constantly to their own people and certainly to foreigners....Truth is, China is totally mismanaged and the people are too afraid to challenge the CCP....It is corrupt and frankly, unredeemable...I foresee a future world, in which China no longer exists...Remember Atlantis...!!
  • Yeah the chart I was looking at of life spans by country has China ranked number 52 out of the 201 countries mentioned with a lifespan of 78.79 years. Very surprising they live close to 80 there considering the conditions over there at the moment. I actually did not know about the mining going on over there. If that's the case then somebody might want to tell them the mining will destroy them if they don't stop.
  • Well, let us hope the situation in China improves....The whole place is actually sinking into the ground, as a result of excess mining....Sinkholes are everywhere, now...And it is so polluted, I'm amazed if the average lifespan is even 78.....Another thing is that the CCP residents of Beijing, seem to believe that they are immune and above it all and cannot be effected, but with the radioactive rain, from that inner Mongolian coal and uranium mine, spreading into water supplies, too, even Xi Jinping will get a stunted lifespan....Hope he wakes up from his psycopathy, soon....he needs to....
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The CIA will do whatever it takes to undermine the United States and it’s citizens. JFK was butchered in Dallas for a reason. He wanted to end the treasonous organization.
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