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  • Yet another victim of the covid shot.....This example is someone called Jamie Foxx of Hollywood.....A familiar pattern of multiple examples of the vaxx side effects noted in people....Even when some may be in denial, the pattern is unmistakeable...

    This is especially discussed when famous people suffer these effects...Best to be open minded, but it does look familiar...

    Allegedly ‘Paralyzed and Blind’ From BLOOD CLOT IN BRAIN.."
  • In NYC there is an extremely stupid "Mayor," named Eric Adams, who is asking city residents, who own their homes, to allow illegal migrants, coming in through the open southern border, to live in their private houses, within rooms, rent-free........

    Just imagine how stupid a politician, especially on the left, has to be, to actually consider this proposal a serious one...?? Many of the illegals are criminals, such as drug and people traffickers, with many bad and nasty habits....Just imagine such vile scum living in your private house...??

    Would you feel safe..?? Would your kids feel safe...?? Would you be safe...?? I think not.....

    And noting that because these migrants are illegal they have not been vetted, before entry....They may carry diseases, such as TB, or even leprosy....And all kinds of parasites.....
    Who in their right mind, running a city as "Mayor," would ask citizens to allow this....?? Only a low IQ politician, such as this Eric Adams jerk....LOL

    It's like a bad dream, a nightmare...WELCOME TO THE LOWER ASTRAL PLANE....
    Target LOSES $14 BILLION in market value as backlash over controversial “Pride” collection continue…
  • ACC members, friends.....LET THIS DATA SINK IN........!!
  • Members should be aware of this data coming from miltary whistleblowers, about "UFO" retrievals.....
    A former intelligence official turned whistleblower has given Congress and the Intelligence Community Inspector General extensive classified informat…
  • In spite of being hamstrung by globalist enemies, all around us and in the Treasury, the British economy still out performed the French and rises as Germany wanes, to boot.....So you can imagine that without the artificial constraints placed upon the UK, we would soar even higher and once this fiat system is dead, we will....👏🏻
  • Yes indeed, the global "warming" hoax is being exposed by several factors, not least by NASA data itself, which is indicating that "May 2023 is much cooler than May 1998, in spite of 66% more industrial era CO2.."

    The people are waking up to the scam and as I've already said, we are entering a cooling phase, with the GRAND SOLAR MINIMUM cycle....

    More evindence that the people are seeing through the green new deal well as the great reset, et al globalist baloney...
    Ep. 3085a - The Economy Is Imploding, The D’s/[CB] Will Take The Blame For The Collapse
  • Thanks for saying so, Ivy.....Let's hope all nations can reach better times, but we all need to break globalism first...Of course, the UK now has a WEF puppet as PM, but at least we left the EU and they would find that hard to reverse, now....Albeit, we also need to leave the WHO and the ECHR, to really get out from under the most egregious of globalist dynamics.....
    It seems that all globalist bodies can threaten sovereignty, even ouside the EU...

    One thing I have noted, as a saving grace, is that we in the UK cannot be fined by Brussels for not accepting migrants, any more, where as remaining EU nations are under threat from fines, if they don't accept alloted distributions of these invaders, coming in through Italy, under an EU migration pact....

    The Poles are standing up to this EU tyranny...I'll add this video for member's perusal....Cheers, Drekx x🤗
  • This is literally a globalist scam rolled out in several countries at once.

    Too bad that the UK is still suffering under a WEF puppet despite Brexit.

    I wish you guys and the rest of the world better times 🤗
  • Illegal migrants staying at a London hotel, display an incredibly arrogant sense of entitlement....British taxpayers are paying for these ungrateful jerks.....When will globalist Sunak sort this illegal migration mess out...?? 😡
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5G-Activated Zombie Apocalypse – Is It Coming? Military attorney says lipid nanoparticles contain pathogens that can be released by pulsed 5G signal. Zombie Apocalypse – Is It Coming?Greg Reese | Banned.videoSeptember 22nd 2023, 5:15 pm                            A look into the U.S. military's work with…

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"Yes rich, you are akin to a nursery toddler, inappropriately placed among erudite students and teachers, at a university....Out of your depth, to be sure...."
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"I mean Greta Thunberg actually OUT lol Doing something, to try and stop the pollution lol The environmental destruction, she's putting herself out there lol And what are YOU doing, jack diddly SQUAT lol That's wtf you doing lol

She's out, putting…"
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"Yea shame on you, and your mom lol Your MOM mfers, and tell her I'll see her tonight lol And get my pancakes ready lol

I mean is the fact we've had like the hottest summer on record lol All over the world, records were broken lol In 2023, I mean is…"
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"AINT THAT RIGHT, you 2 IQ mfers lol You FOX News mfers lol Parrot them FOX News points lol

No courage to face the truth lol No courage to change, even like going electric lol No courage to improve. Do the same shit every frickin day, while taking…"
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