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  • What you say about water and it's sounds, is naturally stimulating....For example I absolutely enjoy walking through forests, while it rains, heavily...This vid, likewise, offers that wonderful natural rhythm of rain drops hitting leaves and the ground...
    It is very relaxing and meditative, also...And is comparable to another natural rhythm of the sea shore, with waves crashing...
    I'll add this vid and note the scenic beauty of autumn in a French forest, during heavy rain....It's very similar to English weather and countryside, a place called Bordeaux....Famous for it's rainy weather and wine, also....😊👍
  • This sound from the water attracts me almost magnetically and it's like hypnosis. Fire has a similar effect on me. Strange. Why is that? Well, about Healing? Or? Why im so magnetic to it?
  • To assist anyone who is concerned about monkeypox I decided to locate and post a video by a qualified physician, on the matter...The history of monkeypox, transmissibility, sources, symptoms, vectors for infection, etc....
    In summary, it is not easy to catch....And any politician who demands masks to "stop monkeypox," should be totally called out and kicked out of office...New Yorkers, please get up off your knees....

    Luckily in my country, the government rightly supposes that the whole thing is overblown...

    For data and to comfort any who worry and lack the facts....

    "Monkeypox: Everything you need to know. In this video, Dr Moran reviews the history of monkeypox, as well as the symptoms one can get from monkeypox. he talks about how physicians make a diagnosis and what kind of treatment and prevention physicians have for monkeypox."
  • That's OK, Roaring....and I know how you feel about this divisive use of race labels. "Blacks" and "Whites."
    In truth, we are all part of the same HUMAN RACE (spiritual beings having a physical experience) and that is the only label worth using...

    I totally understand how uncomfortable such words, as race labels, make you feel.. I do too, and frankly wish this was dropped as an issue, by the establishment and lobby groups.
    Cheers bro, Drekx
    Report: Wuhan Bio Lab Carried Out Gain Of Function Research On Monkeypox Virus
    Here we go again...
  • Until now, no vaccine I received either as an adult or as a child has had any negative effect on me. When vaccinated against hepatitis B, high immunity would be noted in my blood. The value was over 1000...the zeros didn't want to end at all. Everything was checked in the laboratory and everything was done correctly, no mistake was made. After 10 years, my value was still at 400. No more vaccination necessary.
  • Drekx,
    Yes you got my point! Holding the factor of who is presently funding ANTIFA constant (which I did), ANTIFA becomes just like 'Twitter', with its literal meaning intact. There is nothing 'capitalistic', 'anti-sexism', 'antiracism' etc in 'anti-fascism'. Therefore there is no need to make such movements political. It is just like Twitter etc. What is it 'leftist' about social media? So what I was saying is that 'antifascism' perse needs not be seen as 'in the dark', but rather, like Twitter etc, it can be hijacked by 'the dark'.

    Yes, he who funds controls it. That is very true in everything from a church to a scientific research. This is the reason some 'anti-racism' groups amongst some 'black people' never allow any so called 'white pple' to give them any money!

    Sorry, I am being forced to use this words 'white people' and 'black pple'. I don't like these words!😆
  • Dear Friends,
    Time is the Great factor..
    Wisdom of a person has no value at certain time, when can't think when some serious problem comes !
    Many opinions and it disturbs the situation more !
    With Calm Mind and Peaceful Heart we can find the solution from within...
    Dr Sohini Shukla
  • Dear Friends,
    People are still afraid of Corona Virus...
    Now there are so many remedies and the person can survive and comes out from the illness very easily...Nothing to worry about !
    Dr Sohini Shukla
  • Dear Ben Arion,
    This website is for New Age People to learn the New Things from Scientists and Alchemists or the people who have develpoed Spiritual Sciences !
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