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  • As I said earlier, all this will be challenged in courts...These baddies are going to jail....They are breaking Nuremberg code...Yes I posted vids on this blog and my other one, which could help anyone seeking advice from a lawyer...
  • Let’s do some math:

    When you live in Austria and don’t get vaxxed, you will be fined €600 every 3 months. The max is €3600 and then you could end up in jail.

    So if you don’t get vaxxed and don’t pay anything, there is time until August 2023.

    I have to check the facts though. If it’s all bad, they will try to change or create laws to achieve what they want. If it’s not that bad it will be game over for the bad guys.
  • You have the wisdom I see...And DNA has light-encoded filaments, sensitive to cosmic photon impulses and development programs..

    Yes, imagine if a scuba diver ripped his essential equipment off, at depth...??

    I like the analogy of a human incarnation being a deep sea diver, with air hose pumping his precious oxygen, and his guides (angelic,) being the support team, on the ship, pumping down the air... ;-)
  • DNA/RNA is everything

    We are living a human experience.

    To use a metaphor, if we were scuba diving, DNA/RNA is the air, the mask, all of the tools to navigate the hazards of human existence
  • I was abducted by my soul family. It was a positive abduction where I revised my soul contract.

    I have not been abducted by malevolent races though I was sent a reptilian exwife to try and stop my mission
  • Actually, Human DNA/RNA is very important and people seem to forget that, too often...It is being cosmically impulsed to 12-strands....But cannot transform, if mucked about with by evil governments...mRNA vaccines, terra hertz waves in full body scanners, etc..

    Of course, death is meaningless, as we don't really die...Yet we may have soul duties to fulfil, in this plane...while in the dense body...Your guides may intervene to defend you, or ET allies, etc...

    Yes, be fearless, it is the sign of the Light Warrior...

    Also, which race abducted you...Was it the Zetas...??
  • Hi Drekx

    I would protect my DNA with my guns to the death also. I fear nothing. God will protect me. My higher soul will always protect me. Death is meaningless.

    I have had similar. I am now remembering my abduction when I was young where all of this was discussed with my soul family. I was 13. The memories are now clear. We discussed everything happening now. I am here to promote fearlessness and sovereignty as these are the simple answers of all.
  • I know where you are coming from, friend....Of course, they can never destroy our souls...Actually I have no fear of death, as I know what it's like on the other side...Recently I had an aetheric projection, towards a landed Sirian probe..It was really exhilarating...It was like a death, but without actual death...So marvelous.

    No, it's just that I have plans to remain in the flesh for longer..I have work to do in physicality... So I prefer to take measures to protect my vehicle and it's DNA....Of course, the body is meaningless, if that plan has ended...I still have plans at soul level...They are consciously known and understood...cheers bro...😇
  • Hi Drekx. They cannot destroy your soul with vaccine. They can only destroy your vessel, which is meaningless to your soul after this life ends
  • Well I could of course, but sometimes guerrilla tactics are best, if you want to survive and keep your DNA safe, for physical ascension...
    Many don't realize that almost all disputed fines, relating to masks, lockdown, restrictions, vax passes, etc, have been placed before Judges and thrown out of court...The legal process is still there....It can be used. You could die in a hail of bullets, but it really is not necessary...See my videos, posted, re legal processes...
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