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  • we are witnessing an attempted world wide human culling using the poison vax and the spike proteins-the vax people are spike protein chimneys
  • I would not go to hospital now even if I shattered my femur
  • Moreover, it is always better to find the most simple explanation to a problem first, before looking for "Tesla ray guns," UFOs, lizard people, et al....

    This pandemic 2020-21 is fake, because it is based upon fake medicine and fake science...

    It is highly significant that the normal approach to a supposed pandemic was never adopted, right from the start...The HERD IMMUNITY approach...
    It is also significant that for the first time in the history of pandemics, a healthy population has been locked-down to protect a health service...
    UNHEARD OF.....

    Also unheard of, to recklessly close economies around the world, causing small and medium businesses to fall...While allowing full reign by big corporations, selling online.
    Even during the height of WW2, the economy was kept running. It had to run, or lose the war...

    NOW, you must ask yourself, why is the pandemic, so-called, this time so different..?? Why are the politicians and "expert advisors" so hell bent on getting everybody, of all age groups and health statuses, to take a vaccine? And then threatening those who won't take said vaccine, with the loss of access to various social venues and services..??? Forcing skilled workers to lose their careers, because they choose not to take a vaccine and have no worries about health issues.
    And since the vaccine does not prevent the spread of covid, what is the point..?? THIS IS UNHEARD OF....

    Why is it so important to create a police state at this particular time in history...?? This drive to destroy human rights did not happen during the aftermath of WW1 and the Spanish flu...Nor the Hong Kong flu of 1968. Nor the Asian flu of 1974. Nor the Red flu of 1977.....Nor Bird Flu, etc...


    Answer: THE GREAT RESET.....

    It is not about health, it is about CONTROL>>>>>Public control by the elites who run the financial system.
    And yes, sadly these elites, so-called, are deranged human beings...They are not off worlders...They are not "reptoid invaders"...They are filthy rich human brats, who have gone way beyond insanity...Limited consciousness inbred families...

    KNOW THY ENEMY.....!!!
  • Logic must inform you, SAN 不滅 and also your intuition....I will suggest that as you seem unable to go within for answers, we are here to help with clarity...

    The salient point is that STATISTICS can be manipulated to suit hidden agendas..

    The number of covid cases and the number of deaths from covid, are being conflated into an overall picture of a "major pandemic," killing millions."

    What you seem unable to see, is that simply because a person tests positive, does not equate to a death by covid, if they are admitted to hospital...Most people die of other ailments, relating to a variety of causes, WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY TESTING POSITIVE FOR COVID....
    Most tested, will have had covid and the test is based upon the number of cycles of trace RNA, left over by the virus...The doctors really have to work hard to find covid, as the trace RNA is mediocre in most people.....Unless auto-immune compromised, then it replicates. But in most people, it is fought off easily....

    So covid testing is fakery....It is not genuine medicine...
    Of course, this cheats the patient and worries the family into believing that death was a covid death. Another covid statistic....YET, in truth, the actual stats for deaths has not changed, as with any flu season, plus pneumonia, plus cancer, etc...
    Even motorcycle crashes have been statistically listed as "covid deaths" if the patient was tested and found positive....EVERYONE IS FOUND POSITIVE....It is residual virus RNA in lungs, albeit, not an actual problem for healthy people, in general...YET MADE TO LOOK DEADLY FOR ALL..

    And cases increase, with increased testing...The more they test, the more covid they find....Yet, conclusions are erroneous...In countries that hardly test, the cases are low....This pattern is significant...

    Of course, by design, the number of people NOT BEING TREATED for other ailments, has skyrocketed, as all medical (and political) attention has been focused upon covid, these last 18-Months..

    Thus we have a backlog of undiagnosed cancers, heart problem patients and other serious ailments, who had previously feared being checked, for fear of catching covid...

    Moreover, the other killer is the vaccine for covid, which is causing an assortment of problems for people...In the long term, mass deaths will happen. In the short term, the victims think they are safe...If they have not seen symptoms, YET.....

    So what is it all about...?? It is an elite agenda to reduce the global population and anyone who received a covid vaccine is far more at risk, than anyone who caught covid and developed anti-bodies, to something which is actually no more serious than influenza...
    It is also about the Great Reset agenda and the restructuring of societies around the world.
  • SAN- Hospitals are literally murdering people for money

    This is not an overstatement

    Ask yourself---why do no people die of covid outside of hospital?
  • San you can look up Tesla Tower that apparently drew electromagnetic waves from Earths atmosphere/ionosphere -legend is , according to Edgar Cayce and others the Atlantis Firestone was something like the Tesla Tower except there was a quartz crystal array covered in copper and wifi signals were transmitted-fed gov etc have some type of electromagnetic wave/pulse weapon
  • Wicked witch of the west, Hillary Clinton, wants Boris Johnson to make vaccines compulsory in the UK.....😷
    Yes, you heard that correctly, the damnable demonrats are trying to get PM Johnson, to get tough on the British people....😉

    WTF has that American idiot got to do with us here, anyway...?? This intrusion into our politics, reminds me of the "Irish" ☘️Biden involvement in the GFA, Northern Ireland...Totally biased against the UK and pro EU/Irish republic..🤢

    It reminds me of globalist Obama's unwelcome and intrusive involvement in the 2016 Brexit referendum, in the UK, which was pro-EU and anti-England...👺

    U.S. DEMOCRAT PARTY...DEAR AMERICAN LEFTY OAFS.....JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP....!!! Your own country is falling apart, so leave us out of it and deal with your own domestic problems...🤠
  • (VIDEO) Joachim Kuhs: Member Of The European Parliament Pleads For The Withdrawal Of The Experimental COVID-19 Vaccines
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