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  • Drex -I've had several memory dreams about tubes on the moon for traveling-no doubt in a different time line as thisand more than likely different from the one I go to after work and overnight. Everything looks the same-roads buildings, etc. for the most part but the people are different-vibrationally -you can sense it-they've returned from spritz worlds. I've been to so many channels on the dial that I've lost count. But the BEST for me by far is next door to Us-A! Picture this-I was comfortable! No insane pshycic attacks!!! No left insanity and no right insanity. Peace in the valley- for about 24 hrs then back to this misery-
    I know this sounds like fiction-and I'm pretty good fiction writer-but I'm in a crazy service and it's time to share this stuff-a paradigm shift in thinking for B stage is needed
    And stay tuned for my next short story-Atlantis Remembered -to be released first here at ACC!
  • mandells effect; The answer is yes, the moon rotates, but it does so much more slowly than Earth does. A "moon day" is around 29.53 Earth days, according to NASA. In other words, whereas Earth completes one rotation every 24 hours, the moon experiences a sunrise roughly every 709 hours.
    Talk about crazy!
  • Wind turbines having harm to health sounds strange. But I also know that the seemingly simple things we take for granted, thinking that we understand are usually difficult and no one fully understands! The sound is example of surch! How many, for instance, know of sonoluminescence?
  • They don't look very nice in the landscape. Does that still make sense?
    Wind Turbines and Human Health
    The association between wind turbines and health effects is highly debated. Some argue that reported health effects are related to wind turbine opera…
  • I like bringing this to illustrate the difference between science and technology, something many pple don't understand. Some scientists often points to technology when you question their nonsensical explanations of natural phenomena! Thus 'time must pass slowlier on top of a mountain' because we have a technolgy termed GPRS. Thus neo-Darwinism must be true because we have bio-tech and other similar fallacies! The fact that we can use a natural phenomenon does not mean that we understand it! Pple used gravity to roll things even when they thought the earth was flat!!
  • If you run with a turbine, it begins to rotate simply becuse it is tilted as compare to the direction of the wind, just like the way a plane taking off is tilted.
  • This is just one case in myriads where scientists don't seem to understand a very simple phenomenon! The flight is the particularly notorious one. They say that the wing is so shaped that the air moving at the top is faster than the one moving at the bottom. But it is not clear why it must do so. There is no rule which says 'the air branching off a region must arrive at a given region at the same time, so that if one part has to move over a longer distance, it must move faster.

    Why do they ignore the straight foward explanation: titling the 'nose' of the plane upwards makes the plane move upward just the same way the wind turbine is moved in a direction perpendicular to the air because of the similar tilting??
  • Why is the sky blue? The official explanation is that light is scattered off the dust and it so happens that the light of 'blue' frequency donnot attenuate much over distance. I don't like this explanation. It doesn't explain why not all planets appear blue! Why are some red, brown, green etc. It even does not explain why every distant object does not appear blue. A better explanation is that the earth's atmosphere itself is blue. The mixture of air at the ratio as is on earth is tenuous blue. It appears transparent because we see only a small portion of it. However, looking upwards, we see layers upon layers stacked together.
  • Strictly speaking, we mix the dies and the light, not the colors. A blue die absorbs the light of all the colors (frequencies) and reflects only the 'blue' frequency. So if you mix it with a 'red' die, some of the 'red' reflected by the 'red' die will be absorbed by the 'blue' die. Similarly some of the 'blue' reflected by the 'blue' die will be absorbed by the 'red' die. In a similar way, if you mix dies of all colors, any 'color' reflected by any die will be absorbed by all the others. So the resulting mixture ends up absorbing all the colors.
  • Today I thought about colors. If you mix them all, black is created, if you split white with a prism, a rainbow is created. When a new life is conceived, it first comes to a fusion and then to cell division, which is actually exactly the opposite. It's so strange and full of Wonders.
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