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  • As if anyone on Shan is currently capable of building a spaceship that can leave orbit! It is pointless to discuss it.
    I don't know why it was called cut-off wings. Ask the space brothers who have taken this up at some point in any contact with any people or something like that. I did not come up with this information myself, but read it in so-called worldwide UFO contact reports. Wich was on Vieversum's website. However, this website is be changed, so that the so-called UFO contact reports can no longer be found there. Yes, of course so that people like me who have read such nonsense are presented as stupid.

    Cheese i musst correct this Text, because of this stupid Translator in the Keyboard.
  • Thankyou Roaring....Your mind is as sharp as ever....😄

    Now, for my Bach appreciators on ACC...some more musical splendor...

    Fantasia and fugue in C minor BWV 537 - organist Wiersinga, of the Netherlands Bach Society...

    From the dulcet tones of the prelude (first half,) to the majestic celebratory tones of the fugue itself...Please do enjoy...!!
  • You have said it very well. The tail of a rocket is just similar to that of an arrow or a dart. It just ensures that the rocket, arrow or dart does not somersault. But it need a good atmosphere to do that. An arrow on moon will somersault, anyway!

    The other day we were talking about how and why a 'UFO' looks like a 'wavepacket', a 'Gaussian bell' or a soliton. I like this picture of UFO because it is at least not a concoction by someone who might have thought that wings are necessary even for interstellar travel!😆
  • Roaring Lovely...Agreed...Some people may have observed the control fins on Starship, the Elon Musk project...Of course, these are used in the atmosphere only, in order to attain the horizontal position, prior to firing the raptor engines for vertical decent...
    Musk calls this project a "starship," albeit it is planned for inner solar system ferrying, only...A true starship travels between stars...and as you suggest, wings are not
    Musk's rockets do need fins for landings, however...
  • Pedophilia in High School Books
  • Again I reasoned correctly.☺ Don't some of you guys have a clue how aeroplanes work?
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  • But neither can wings help to control direction in the inter-planetary space. Who is this talking of the earth flying through space using some wings (be it taking off or controlling its direction)? Who proposed such an idea??
  • I think shan's wings are much more for control direction than for taking off. It is clear that we are talking about interstellar space here. It was called wings, but perhaps wings for a planet cannot be compared to the wings of birds or other flying objects in the atmosphere.
  • Jeff Taylor asks the salient question; "Who Controls Joe Biden?! 🤔"

    Of course, we have stated the answer many times on these forums....It is good to see "conspiracy theory," becoming obvious fact....The President does not lead anything and certainly not the U.S. And certainly not the so-called, "free world."

    But then, you and I already knew these facts, didn't we....?? 😄
  • "😄 hehe..!! Correct Roaring Lovely...And at least Mars has got enough of an atmosphere to permit lift off, of the helicopter being used there..."

    It seems that the size of the planet matters. Bigger planets have denser atmospheres. Then planets bigger than Saturn cannot be solids on the surface. The 'atmosphere' is so dense that it looks like the surface begines at the atmosphere.

    But without a magnetic field on its poles navigation might be problematic in mars. If you fly around, you may not easily return to where you begun!
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