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  • Biden is controlled. The masks mandates are a test to see if we are awake enough to end the movie. To pass, we need at least 70% to refuse to comply. It looks like we have a long way to go
  • i am not afraid of other influences. i am stronger than all including and especially satan. i am one of the 144,000 warriors of the rainbow. i fear nothing. i am here to teach fearlessness, lead by example. i will be right there to collapse the matrix and rebuild God's 12d tree of life grid. when i say that i will choose 6 years of torture over 5 seconds of mask wearing, i am not kidding. i am here to show how truth, authenticity are key and there can be no self preservation and no little white lies. there can only be 100% truth and 100% authenticity to master energy, frequency and vibration.
  • I always found it hard to believe that people thought the mainstream media was important. I think we have got to get to a point where everybody realizes the whole idea of a corporate media is a ridiculous conflict of interest. What a stupid concept
  • chinese people are good.

    ccp is evil

    democrats and republican politicians are both mostly evil

    it is government that is bad, not china

    the us government is just as bad

    both are deep state puppet governments
  • Ashtar Command Rama es Amar! Love You, too. Thank You. Who am I to be loved by you? I am honored. My DAD (R.I.P 2015) talks about this Webpage. He just ask me if i know this Webpage and that i am Blue Eye Cat. I do not understand why he say that to me, but well your Webpage was on his mind 😏...🤔
    I was think about if can i llove or not. It's not easy love the other one as they are, but I have been beloved by God and i did feel his love inside me, like it fill me complete. The love of God gives me the Power to love and accept me and the other ones. I think that is a Way to Peace, cause i have inner Peace. The Golden Ligth is the Love of God. It feels warm like a carey warm, you know like lovers do. Don't know how to say that. I use to share that with Children at my Working Place. I work with Children. I hope it is a good Investment in the Future. We need to feel beloved to love. Have the Heard inside. Who am I to say i love God? Can i? Jesus loves me first and just because of that fact i can maybe a littlebit love. The ligth inside me is the love of God wich shine the darkness of this Worldage. Ligth on!
    Love and Ligth for You all and Your Frinds and Family. 🌍🥰
  • ‘We respect humanity enough to tell them the TRUTH’ LOVE=TRUTH.
  • Ashtar Command Crew . net has been online for 15 years... <3 AWESOME!
  • The path to ascension is to always be present in the current 3D world we signed up for to bring down the evil matrix, shine the light of truth to extinguish all the subconscious programming, help people to heal and rebuild God's 12D tree of life, free energy grid to replace the matrix. The grid can be seen in all the sacred geometry in ancient architecture that we do not have the science to build today.
  • Don't compare yourself with others or worldly circumstances—choose to create from your heart instead of being a victim because you believe you have no power.
  • Ascension is not about going somewhere else or changing anything, it’s about waking up from the dream and helping others to wake up from the dream, and helping them realize that we are ONE, playing that we are many. It's so simple, because in Oneness there is nothing to change. It doesn't matter what you work with, because it’s not real, it’s just you who wants it to be real. You can wake up from the dream of judgment and separation. No matter how much you even want to change people and get them to understand, they will reject and even deny your help. It’s called unconditional love to accept this, to Be LOVE, but to not force it onto others. People will get all they need from Spirit when they are ready, through their guides, etc.
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