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The Arcturians ~ TRUST IN YOUR PROCESS OF TRANSFORMATION ~ Ute - January 18, 2012

We encourage you to trust in the process of your transformation and to consciously say “yes” to this process, because if you do your path will be much smoother and happier, with no hindrances of your opposing ego in the currents of change, which are sweeping your earth now...This might mean for many of you to let go parts of yourself and your world, it also could of your old world will not match your new vibrations so that they start to disappear.





Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians!



Today we come to you to inform you that in reality your old world does no longer exist.


What you see, is the shadow of it while you are still dreaming in your old world, so that it seems, that this world continues.


We, from the higher dimensions, can see clearly from our greater point of view that this is indeed so. As you are tucked with your vision still in a 3D density, your brain is still wired to continue your view in the old ways just because it is used to it.


If you all only could see, what we see! But you all will see it - and the sooner the better - when you are changing your point of view, when you start living in your heart, when you start to allow the new energies which are the substance for the creation of your new world, to enter you, to change your carbon based body into a crystalline one, and when you allow all your cells to be transmuted, and so your brain waves and the glands in your head, and everything that comes with it.


You, who are here to allow this transformation to occur, are already in the midst of this change. Although you still might be not aware of it, and although you might still hang on to the old view and perception of your world in its 3dimensional appearance.


We tell you this, so that you become aware what is already happening, and so that you change your disposition to open up your vision, to ready yourself to receive the gifts of light and higher consciousness from heaven, and to allow to be changed by it.


To exercise Love, to open your heart, is certainly a way to prepare, dearest ones. What you have forgotten so long, now returns: your capacity to see your world from your heart and embrace all beings and things with your heart. This is so because it is your heart which is taking over your life, but for this to happen you must be explicitely and willingly invite this change and your transformation.


This might mean for many of you to let go parts of yourself and your world, it also could mean to let go some of your friends and your usual way of living. Naturally so, as with your agreement your vibration changes, and parts of your old world will not match your new vibrations so that they start to disappear.


But do not be concerned! What you are leaving behind, is only what does no longer serve you, and what your deeper self wants you to let go. It is only your limited identity which desires to hold on to what no longer is in synchronicity with you.


Dearest ones, you should know that you are protected in this process of your transformation, and that you are guided by your many invisible friends of the christed light, who are assisting you when you ask for it. But asking is necessary, you must know, as they do not intrude upon you.


When you have gone through most of your transformation, you will start to acknowledge that all what happened, and even the seemingly most difficult experiences, has been for your own best and highest good, as you awaken to a new and radiant and much more fulfilling presence of yourself, one that radiates as love and as light in a consciousness that reflects your Higher Self. What you “gain” will be unlimited joy, in which all doubts and all your suffering and fears have vanished.


We encourage you to trust in the process of your transformation and to consciously say “yes” to this process, because if you do your path will be much smoother and happier, with no hindrances of your opposing ego in the currents of change, which are sweeping your earth now.


This agreement, this being in congruence with the streams of new conscious energies of love and of light, carry you quickly to your new destination of your greater Self and into the higher dimensions of your new world.


Remember, that you are not alone, you are taken care of and supported in your process by the forces of light and therefore you will not fail.


We love and bless you!
We are the Arcturians!


Message conveyed by Ute

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Comment by Marco100pc on January 25, 2012 at 2:09pm

Im saying a BIG YES!!!Bring it on!!!Been waiting for this time for millenia!!

Comment by janette on January 21, 2012 at 12:34am

I am so looking foward to the transormation but i am confused when it comes to family.I have 3 young children,what will happen to them?do they ascend with me?also my partner thinks i am a complete nutcase and does not believe any of this what will happen to him?

Comment by Phylos on January 20, 2012 at 9:33pm

I was led to be in Mt. Shasta city, it would seem, in the year 2000 through 2002.  I didn't have a specific intention to move there, rather, I was travelling in my old, beat-up camper truck to the Oregon coast to look for a cheap apartment.  On the way up I-5, I stopped at Shasta to visit the cool old guy who was volunteering to host the I Am reading room there at that time.  Although not personally a "devotee" of the "Ascended Master" paradigm, I always felt that that organization was relevant and worthy of my respect.  Anyway, after a pleasant visit I started to drive back to the freeway to continue north to Oregon.  I noticed a property-management office and thought, "why not ask if they have a cheap apartment, after all, I don't have to live in Oregon and I'm only looking for an abode for a while to finish a project that can't be done in a camper, preferably in a pleasant and natural area".  Suprisingly, they had one that had just been vacated and cleaned the day before AND it was a couple of hundred dollars cheaper than expected.  Now, I should say that people come to Shasta, and try for months to find housing unsuccessfully, but this was like incredibly synchronistic as if the Mountain had drawn me to be there for a while.  I spent 2 years there and it was a healing time for me.  I had a couple of vivid obe's there and one in particular is relevant to this post about Arcturians.

      I found myself awake and seeing what evidently was a lightship hovering off of the southeast slope of the mountain.  It was disc-shaped, quite large, and pure white light.  There were smaller points of the light both leaving from and returning to this large disc (mothership, perhaps).  The whole scene was underscored by a fundamental, deep humming sound.  As I was looking at the scene and the landscape, I was thinking:  "Wow, I'm finally seeing a saucer, a ufo, a spaceship!"  Then I noticed that some things were different.  There was no paved roads, only trails and horse-drawn wagons, a few log cabins, some tipis and a scene of unspoilt beauty.  It seems that I had slipped out of time and was visiting a higher frequency dimension.  This was when I first realized that I wasn't actually standing there in "the real world" of waking reality, rather I was having a fully-conscious obe or lucid dream-vision.  I was just as real as anything, or even more so.  I have come to feel that this was a gift,just as was the circumstances that presented me with housing when I wasn't really trying to be in Shasta at all.  Evidently, these "ships" are higher dimensional and that is the method of interstellar travel, since the higher dimensions are beyond 3D space-time and transcendental spiritually.  Some have surmised that this was an Arcturian vessel, possibly the "Athena".  I don't know, but, I know I saw it, whomever was the pilot.  This was back in 2002.

Comment by SirValiant on January 19, 2012 at 10:44pm

May I ask, what if, I should find my female soulmate, and lover, in the near future, how am I to ensure that she will also be a part of the ascension?  It seems to me very cruel to belove a soulmate, and then to vanish from her.

Comment by Barbara Hathaway on January 19, 2012 at 7:36pm

KEWL!! <3

Comment by Butterfly on January 19, 2012 at 6:37pm

Thanks Karma's Helper!


Comment by voula on January 19, 2012 at 1:24pm

πολυ καλό

Comment by Montanawolf on January 19, 2012 at 5:22am

Can you tell me how much longer this Telepathic Issue is going to occur...It has been active since Sept-2006...I dont think the Aliens that cut it on know how to turn it off...The humans that I have been connected to cause me more problems then all the Beings that I can see..there are two totally seperate issues..I have no human privacy..and the humans that I am connected nothing but attempt to create Games..this is not what this ability was suppose to be use for..Sincerely, AMy in NC

Comment by krissi9314 on January 19, 2012 at 1:13am

very beautiful. <3

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