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this is a vision ive recieved this winter, its happened 6 times now each time identical

this has been by far the most powerful experience in my life, ts stopped me dead in my track and completely flipped me into another direction, its a message that needs to be shared

they are both similar videos but taken at different times and have different elements in them

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i think that the most important thing about this message is just let it settle and take from it what you need to. i believe its an activation process to certain people on a certian path. Activiating out soul plan and knowing >

the jungle video was taken in palenque a few months ago on spring equinox and it was a litle brook behind me

thanks for sharing San ...;) it resonates ... and as any vision it's very difficult to put it into the words, so you did great ... and with sincerity.

Much peace and love

I would prefer no catastrophes to happen...

I am very sensitive to energy vibrations and I would have to say I did pick up some energy thru your video as you said.  That you would talk to people and that would start to awaken them.  I looked at your second video and felt some energy, not as strong as the first.  I looked at the first one a second time and felt even more energy.  Felt it lifting my vibrational energy.  So I would have to say "Yes, you are doing what you are suppose to do, getting the message out".  100 percent!   Althou, you will get some slack on your facial attire so expect some negetive comments and brush them off.  You can, if it feels right to you, look at others who are promoting messages and follow their approach.  Continue what you are doing.  Talk to us if you need assistance, advise or help and keep us posted.  Thanks, friend.  Scribed to your youtube page.   

I'm not a pesimistic person but I resonate a lot with what you're saying. In fact it isn't a pesimistic message, is good to know that at some point the ones who will choose to go further will be helped to escape the upheaval. It is clear that what is happening now is getting somewhere, all this turmoil and negativity must be released somehow. You cannot stay in the house with a madman! How long can Gaia stand the wars and craziness that is going on? I too had some visions in my dreams, the first one around 1995, when everything was going great, everybody were having great lives and expectations. It was about a reddish plague spreading aroud all over the world, consuming everything on its path. As I was runing away from it I could catch a thought saying that the only place I will be safe is up in the mountains. I was going up there, meeting a lot of people, and being so happy that we were fine. Back then I couldn't understand what it meant, but now is becoming more and more apparent. As a matter of fact, I was travelling around the world working on cruise ships, but I was always hounted by this dreams I had, so now I'm back in my mountain feeling a lot more peaceful

love it! very sincere and beautiful...great energy


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