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Many people wonder about what happens after 'Death', and since the dawn of time, we still haven't got a Real answer.
The reason for this is (according to my own analysis of the here-, the now- and the late), because it's the Wrong Question.

The Questions we need to answer in order to be able to understand 'Death' are:

'What is Consciousness?'

And... If it's a limited sphere of coherent energy, does it need a container (human material body) in order to function? Will it disperse when the container is broken?

If we can answer these questions, we'll KNOW what happens after 'Death'.

Let the discussion flourish! :)

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Well, some people have been dead for several minutes, have been revived  and have described the after world; some went to "Heaven" and some went to "Hell" 

as someone who experienced near death I can say with ease , who cares what happens at death , living in the now is more important . and just like you said , we still have no clue what happens after death ........................

Hello Friend , But feel so many good and bad versions the truth no one knows' But I think we accept that which is with confidence and without fear, So we have no choice, so CONFIDENCE,

hello to everyone jose '

No body ever came back to tell me. ;)

If consciousness disperses after death then how does it form inside a vessel?

Michael mentioned who cares. Living in the now is more important.

I completely disagree with that. As living in the now has got us stuck in this situation we are currently living. So self absorbed at the now and having no thought of the consequences of the future. For those living only the now will never help co create a future worth living for. When driving at night does one not have the headlights on.

When walking are you not doing so with eyes open.

For the blind they still use a stick to percieve the future. We have been given 6 senses for the sole purpose of perceiving our surroundings to better prepare for the direct future. Use them all 

I see dead people all the time-they have come back from they spirit worlds after death and the have solid-4 d- bodies, have jobs in alternate 4d dimensions-I haven't spoken to them about the spirit worlds yet-I'll let you know -( I'm not bs ing)

meanwhile try looking at Braco for awhile maybe that will be enlightening-not sure about braco yet


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