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There are two classes of living beings...The classes are caused by polarization

and attitude.

One attitude is love and the other hatred and enviousness.

Hatred is accompanied by anger

Love is accompanied by bliss.

In the sattva yuga the first age---- the demons and the devas each had their section of the universe....

The yugas are like seasons like quadrants on a clock.. as time progresses the momentum dies slowly down.

The next season dwarpura yuga the devas and the asuras  were on different planets .

Basic peace continued but interplanetary war became an emanent possibility...

The third age tretya Yuga the devas and the asuras were on different continents..

Waring became the norm and big battles ensued where many people were killed.

All for the sake of Dharma.

Now the 4th age kali Yuga is progressing

the asuras and the devas live within the same body..

Everyone walks with an angel on one side and a devil on the other...

Its your choice who you want to listen to.

They sit on your right and left shoulder

its you that decides its up to you

Its what you value-

See Yourself



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We all walk with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other...Make your personal choice

which way do you want to go?

Return to your personal choice...

Wars have been going on since ancient times...

the Battle of Kurukshetra

Dear Eddie when i come in communication with Arch. Michael i feel hew presence at my right shoulder.......................John


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