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 Hi all!,

          I have been connecting dots for a long time and have been down a few rabbit holes.

My awakening although gradual has led me to a myriad of realities that may or may not be pertinent as the consiousness of people and the planet affect the factors of our perception of reality.

I have followed the light keepers as well as many others.

Well warned about Denver airport as well as Benton Harbor MI and other places.

The gist I got was there are many scenarios.

1: A false flag involving Alien Hybrids and remnants of the Nazy Regime from Antartica.

2: The landing of aliens wanting to take us to a new life    [food, subservience]

3 The freedom of choice living on Gigantic city ships.

4: The ascension to a higher dimension in the service of others.

5: The choice of joining other races to advance our knowledge and help others.

 This list goes a long way in our reality perception.

6: The ascension to a higher vibration level as crystalline forms and the ability to manipulate our environment and future.


So where do we go from here?

Who really knows the direction of this reality?

Be well , be free, life in whatever form is an adventure!


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Don´t think about where we are going from now on just surrender yourself to the Light and you will be guided to the right place it is a matter of trusting fully the Light . The inner choice your soul has already made, so keep going straight into the Light through our Hearts and let our mental body goes for a rest

much love in your Heart


There is really no need to go anywhere because even when you are going no where you are still 'here' ..sometimes the answer is in the word itself...anywhere, nowhere, here, there  and everywhere - the word here is always there. Even nowhere is NOW HERE:)
Where are you Explorer?  I stay centered in my heart, I will remain in my heart, and I will share my heart as I feel fit, as I do now with you.  That is all I need to know.  But I also know our direction.  Like the shape of the universe, gorgeous spiral into the heart, the center of itself.  We are the creators, we are the directors, power to the people .  It's fun to not know, the mystery unfolds, the adventure wouldn't be much of an adventure otherwise.  Adventure to me is just another word for loving in the moment.

I an here in the now,and certain that  in my heart I know that I can ascend as my direction is one of universal love,

sharing my energies in the service of others. As this quest shall bring me to a new beginning that I can alter,

I will continue living the adventure. Peace !

Benton Harbor Michigan?? My immediate family lives near there. What do you suspect? The world is such a confusing place sometimes. I'm just rooting into my spirituality so I feel unawares.


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