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Reports of People in different parts of the World seeing TWO SUNS AND TWO MOONS [Video's to check out]

It was predicted that when we go into NEW EARTH we will have TWO SUNS instead of only ONE SUN.

People in different parts of the World reported that they have seen TWO SUNS. Some have taken Photographs.

Some have also seen TWO MOONS but i was not aware that there would be TWO MOONS as well.

Let us check it out on VIDEOS and please look up in the skies and see if you can SPOT THE SECOND SUN and THE SECOND MOON

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Thank you Ravinder for sharing.

IMHO , I think that it is some kind of optical illusion in these videos.

Our second sun ,that was ignited Nov 28 2009 (if I remember right) is Jupiter , and it will have a blue light, and is much smaller than our first sun.

Jupiter is well hidden behind the sun , and will probably be towed out visible for man in the nearest future.

Our visible " Jupiter" is a hologram.

remember the Hopi prophecy - first the sea will turn black then the blue star will appear.



TRUE OR FALSE it was predicted that we will have TWO SUNS when we go into 5th Dimension NEW EARTH and there would be daylight only as there would be no darkness



A couple of years ago, I had visions for several months of what appeared to be 2 suns & 12 moons around the Earth .... not sure what the message or insight was, that was attempting to be imparted.


I have always heard about the 2 suns prophecy .... but recently have been gaining insight that maybe the earth's divine potential is that of a sun/star ....


The other theory that logically comes to mind, is with Nibiru's passing through over next couple of years, maybe it will appear to be as 2 suns in the sky..... 


We are in times of endless possibilities, anyone who can feel or sense reality shifts ... these are occurring more & more humanity is literally manifesting new potentials.

The Second Sun could be Planet X but what about 2 Moons?


..yes .... the 2nd moon must be this...


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